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Love Their Looks? Get Them for Less

Our favorite stars are living the life in more ways than one. They not only grace the red carpet with their presence and turn into visions of elegance and style in their haute couture gowns and suits, but also have all the luck of wearing wonderful wardrobes their stylists have hand-picked for them in their […]

Groupon G-Pass Has Been Redeemed 1 Million Times

The Groupon G-Pass has been redeemed by one million buyers. G-Pass allows buyers to surpass box office lines at their favorite venues. A Groupon spokesperson said of the platforms success: “Gaining momentum, G-Pass has already issued more than 700,000 tickets so far in 2013. It has been adopted by hundreds of merchants across the United […]

Groupon Q4 Earnings Report: $81.1 Million Net Loss

Social shopping website Groupon has posted its fourth quarter earnings report and its not promising. The company posted a new loss of 12 cents per share, well below street expectations of a two cent per share gain. Groupon posted revenues of $638.8 million with a net loss of $81.1 million. In comparison the company lost […]

Groupon Reveals Merchant Impact Report, Shows Small Businesses Their Expected Profits

Small business owners who want to determine the efficacy of their Groupon campaigns can now determine their deals profitability. Groupon on Wednesday rolled out its Merchant Impact Report, a Merchant Center app that recently underwent beta trials with the help of more than 1,000 merchants. Using the Merchant Impact Report business owners can tell how […]

Groupon Goods Now With Free Shipping, Returns

Groupon Inc. is taking its Groupon Goods platform to the next level, offering free standard shipping and free returns for its discounted products offerings. Orders of at least $15 before tax in the United States and Canada are eligible for the free shipping options. Expedited shipping will come with an additional fee. Groupon Goods will […]

Groupon Ad Campaign Attempts To Rebuild Image

Social shopping website Groupon is hoping to rebuild its shattered image through the use of a new ad campaign. According to Ad Age the social buying website is talking to a “select number” of ad agencies about the creation of new ads for its network. The ads will launch sometime in 2013 and could possibly […]

Groupon Debuts Credit Card Swiper For Merchants App

Groupon has debuted a nifty credit card swiper device for its merchants app. The plug-in device turns your iPhone into a point of sale terminal, whilst still serving as a scanner for redeeming your Groupons. Taking the cost of a merchant account with any major bank into consideration, Groupon’s merchant app credit card swiper is […]

Groupon’s Troubles With The SEC Explained [Infographic]

Groupon has come under increasing scrutiny from the SEC since going public as the company continues to issue updated financial statements in which its accounting practices, specifically how it deals with customer acquisition and refunds have come into play. The team at have come up with a simple to understand infographic that showcases the […]

Groupon Revises 4th Quarter Results, Stock Falls 8.5%

Groupon on Friday revised its Q4 results, citing an unexpected number of refunds in the latter part of 2011. The company’s bad news led to an 8.5% drop in Groupon stock during after-hours trading. The company’s performance revision cut Q4 revenue results to $492.2 million, a loss of $14.3 million from the company’s original $506.3 […]

Groupon Acquires E-Commerce Data Collector ‘Adku’

In an attempt to gather more consumer data Groupon on Monday announced the acquisition of Adku, a company that describes itself as an “early stage startup working on big data for e-commerce” with the goal of giving users “a more personalized experience.” Groupon went public in November and has placed much of it’s efforts on […]

Groupon Subscribers Reach 115 Million [Report]

Social savings site Groupon is now serving a user base of 115 million subscribers according to a recent report. If that number is confirmed it would mean that the site is now double it’s size from the previous year. Reuters cites an unnamed source who says the Groupon user base has grown by 38% since […]

[Infographic] Should You Invest in Groupon?

Groupon famously turned down several garbage trucks full of money from Google a few months back, and VentureBeat has broken down some interesting data points about their recent IPO in an infographic. (“Grouponzi” scheme. Heh.) In their very thorough breakdown, VB notes: But the Chicago-headquartered company is still running at a loss despite the astonishing […]

Groupon Begins Competing Directly With Foursquare

Groupon is about to enter the loyalty cards business, a move that could help the company land more national retailers. The company’s business plan up until this point has been fairly straight forward, convince local businesses to buy into their coupon discount program, however that plan has rarely allowed the company to land the Walmart’s […]

Groupon Files for $750 Million IPO

Groupon will be launching as a privately traded company very soon. Groupon has just filed for an initial public offering with the SEC. Groupon hasn’t said how much money they expect to raise, but a few sources are pointing to a sum of around $750 million. Here’s a look at some of the numbers behind […]

Groupon Has 8,000 Employees, Nearly Half Work In Sales

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason revealed at the D9 technology conference today that the company now employees more than 8,000 employees, 6,500 more than they employed just one year ago an annual increase rate of 433 percent. Mason also revealed that of those employees almost half of them are sales people who work i the 46 […]

Foursquare and Groupon Get Cozy

This should be interesting- location-based, deal-offering mobile game Foursquare and group-buying app Groupon are reportedly hooking up, according to “several sources.” AllThingsD first reported the liaison between the two niche services, and if it takes off, the collaboration could be hugely beneficial to both services and bridge a big gap in each. While Foursquare has […]