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It’s 2016: Is Being On Your Phone At A Party REALLY Rude?

It’s 2016. Is browsing your mobile phone at a party really all that rude? It used to be rude to ignore a phone call. Now it seems the tables have turned—answering a call or sending a text is considered rude in certain company. But that recent piece of social etiquette already seems to be changing in […]

5 Things We Can Learn From Teens on Instagram

Teenagers make up one of the most prodigious users of Instagram, and we grown-ups wouldn’t be amiss to take a few notes from them. I’m not kidding. with a plethora of photo-editing apps and options and their fingertips, they’ve lifted Instagramming into an art form on its own, their galleries an array of manicured, curated […]

Travel Tips from the World’s Most Dangerous Cities, Part One: Mogadishu

Learn about the world’s most dangerous cities, and what precautions residents and travelers take to protect themselves. Part one: Mogadishu, Somalia.   n front of me are copies of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey (the wonderfully condensed Samuel Butler translation, if you’re wondering). All three are hailed […]

Up Your Smartphone Photography Game With These DIY Hacks [Video]

Selfie monopods getting you down? Yearning for the days of ingeniously hardcore hands-on approach to photography? Fret not, because we’ve got something that could give your smartphone phone photographer street cred a big boost. (Or, you know, just give you some cool skills to use in your photography.) The really cool folks at Cooperative of […]

Want To Help Greece Out? Take a Greek Vacation

No, seriously. Taking a Greek vacation is actually one of the best ways to help their economy out. We’ve previously covered Athenian street art decrying the country’s economic crisis, and many reports have so far discussed the enormous “NO” vote from Greek citizens on the Eurozone’s demands for austerity measures, sparking another round of negotiations […]

How to Improve Your Offline Social Networking Events with

Expanding one’s social circles plays a big role in most people’s lives, and online networking has only made it easier – whether for personal reasons or for networking for business. While online networking has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, the value of offline social networking cannot be ignored. Marketers create seminars, workshops, and other […]

How to Kickstart a “Dull” Website / Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

We all know the importance and power of having a website, and depending on how far reaching or great an impact your brand has, you’ll even need a mobile app. If you don’t at least have a website, your business in the eyes of potential customers, practically doesn’t exist. And with the Yellow Pages being […]

How To Find Out What Social Media Sites Know About You

Social media holds a treasure trove of data not just based on what’s happening around the world, but nearly every detail about our own personal lives. In fact, a study published in October 2013 found that Facebook can help predict when couples are about to get divorced. Today, major social networks have advanced learning mechanisms that know what you’re […]