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How to Improve Your Offline Social Networking Events with

Expanding one’s social circles plays a big role in most people’s lives, and online networking has only made it easier – whether for personal reasons or for networking for business. While online networking has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, the value of offline social networking cannot be ignored. Marketers create seminars, workshops, and other […]

How to Kickstart a “Dull” Website / Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

We all know the importance and power of having a website, and depending on how far reaching or great an impact your brand has, you’ll even need a mobile app. If you don’t at least have a website, your business in the eyes of potential customers, practically doesn’t exist. And with the Yellow Pages being […]

How To Find Out What Social Media Sites Know About You

Social media holds a treasure trove of data not just based on what’s happening around the world, but nearly every detail about our own personal lives. In fact, a study published in October 2013 found that Facebook can help predict when couples are about to get divorced. Today, major social networks have advanced learning mechanisms that know what you’re […]

Facebook’s Declining Organic Reach: How To Improve Your Page’s Performance

A recent study found that major brands on Facebook are finding it hard to reach more than 2% of the Facebook fans they have attracted. In some cases that number has fallen below 1% or even 0.5%. While it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract eyeballs to our posts, at least organically, there are some […]

Tripling Your Facebook Reach With Post Planner CEO Joshua Parkinson

Facebook saw a 48 percent increase in ad clicks over the first quarter of 2014, and concerns of declining engagement were realized with a nearly one percent drop on text posts. However, images and videos continue to rise to the top of the News Feed, providing the highest engagement of any other post. Post Planner is […]

3-Column Twitter Profile Dimensions: How To Setup Header And Profile Pics

Have you just logged into your Twitter account, only to find out that a new 3-column Twitter profile has debuted? You might notice that your profile pic is a little bit fuzzy and that you are now being urged to upload a header image. Fear not Twitter users, we are here to provide you with […]

How To Increase LinkedIn Engagement By 386%

Increasing your LinkedIn engagement could be an important move for your career or your brands presence. Were you aware that one in 27 people around the world are now on LinkedIn? That’s a total of 259 million users. Every month LinkedIn hosts 184 million unique visits, that means a majority of its users return to […]

How To Not Spam Your Social Media Channels [ToS Infographic]

Figuring out how to use social media to its fullest has its many pitfalls. The climate is dynamic, social mores arbitrarily change almost overnight, and if you’re honest with yourself, you’re constantly worried about “engagement,” i.e. whether your social campaigns are paying off or whether you’re just speaking to a brick wall. While we’ve seen […]

Don’t Suck At Facebook #380: Don’t Be A General Dick

Today’s “Don’t Suck At Facebook” tip involves being a dick, which is sort of a big directive — but apparently, there are some people who have not grasped that even if being the biggest dick on Facebook gets you traction, attention, or engagement … you’re still a huge dick. The dickish behavior that inspired this […]

Dr. Seuss Explains Twitter To Busy Executives

A CEO, COO, or other top executive at a company can make a great impact through the proper use of social media. Unfortunately, many executives find themselves unable to keep up with their own accounts. As the COO for a tech company, I often find myself with very little time left for my own social […]

Best Times To Post On Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

Posting to social media accounts isn’t just about throwing your message out to the world and hoping for the best. There is actually a science to the process, and that science has been broken down by the team at internet marketing firm Fannit. So when should you post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest? […]

How To Lock Your Social Media Accounts Down Like Fort Knox

Social media is the number one time waster online activity with Americans spending an average of 37 minutes per day, according to a recent report. Here at Social News Daily, we understand just how valuable social networks can be, and just how annoying it is when jerk faces hack into an account. From Twitter to […]

Don’t Suck At Facebook #379: Stop GoFundMe And Kickstarter Panhandling

In the second installment today of our “Don’t Suck At Facebook” series, we’re taking a look at a topic not many feel comfortable broaching in the social sphere — the abuse of crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter. (Earlier, we explored the habit of exploiting friends financially in a similar fashion in regards to marketing […]

Don’t Suck At Facebook #379: Seven Facebook Hoax Busting Tips

Here at Social News Daily, we’ve been examining how a Facebook hoax gets its hooks into the social web, and we recently spoke about the spread of these shares with TV news professional Matt Besterman. Afterwards, we took a look at some of the common versions of a Facebook hoax we see each day on […]

Twitter, Stop Killing My Articles With Stupid White Boxes In Tweets

Today, we’re going to talk about white boxes in tweets and why they are not only the bane of every content writer’s existence, but incontrovertible proof that Satan exists and loves to make us suffer. For anyone out there who hasn’t lost hair, sleep or loved ones over the white boxes in tweets crisis, this […]

Snapchat Hacks For Brands Who Just Don’t Get Teenagers [Infographic]

Snapchat, a mobile app used to send instant, temporary photos to your friends, is prime real estate for brands looking to target the youth demographic. About 400 million “snaps” are sent within the app among 26 million active U.S. users every day. Like we said, prime real estate. The app has surpassed “startup mode” and […]

Don’t Suck At Facebook #377: Don’t Amway It Up

In today’s Social News Daily installment on how to not suck at Facebook accidentally, we’re tackling another obvious, glaring issue with Facebook use — one that is clearly still a hard balance to strike for Facebook using entrepreneurs. Yes, we’re talking marketing and interests, specifically content and multi-level marketing. Facebook is a dynamic mashup of […]

Double LinkedIn Connections Organically In Just 5 Minutes A Day [Infographic]

You’re here because you want to double your LinkedIn connections, and hopefully, you understand that the only way to do it is organically. If not, there’s nothing I can do for you. Here’s fiverr, go buy fake connections for five bucks. LinkedIn can be a bit tricky to navigate. It’s sometimes (reductively) regarded as the […]

Double Instagram Followers Organically In Just 5 Minutes A Day [Infographic]

Instagram has over 150,000,000 users. You need more followers. With the help of our pals at WhoIsHostingThis, we’re going to help you get some. In fact, we’re going to show you how to double Instagram followers organically in just five minutes a day. Before we get too deep into this, we have to make one […]