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Can Science Explain the Rise of Bernie Sanders?

Jeremy Corbyn, Justin Trudeau, Bernie Sanders, and even Donald Trump all have something in common: nobody was expecting them. All four are part of a populist phenomenon that’s sweeping political circles in this worldwide election season. For Corybn and Trudeau, their respective chances at victory were largely shrugged off by political pundits and the media, and yet […]

New Poll Predicts Landslide Victory for Bernie Sanders Against Republicans

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders may be locked in a polling stalemate with chief Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, but he’s coming out on top in new head-to-head mashups with top Republican contenders. A McClatchy-Marist poll puts Sanders 12 percentage points above Donald Trump, who is currently battling popular favorite Ben Carson for first place in the […]

Ben Carson Releases Rap Song to Woo Young Black Voters

Straight outta Carson! Republican presidential candidate and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson is releasing a rapping radio ad in an attempt to woo young black voters, The Guardian reports. The ad will feature the vocal stylings of Christian rapper Aspiring Mogul, interspersed with audio clips of Carson’s campaign speeches. The 60-second ad is entitled “Freedom” and cost […]

Texas Supreme Court to Decide if Home-Schoolers Actually Need to Learn Anything

Home school. It’s like regular school, only you can go to class in your underwear. There’s another important difference: home school kids don’t have to contend with any educational standards whatsoever. At least in the state of Texas, anyway.  That’s right—in Texas, a state so renowned for its apparent lawlessness that Norwegians have taken to […]

Guatemala Elects TV Comedian President

Guatemala went to the polls to choose a new president. They chose Jimmy Morales, former comedian.   I t’s a season of global political change. In the United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn defied corporate media’s predictions and became the leader of the Labour Party. In Canada, populist hearthrob Justin Trudeau has been elected the country’s new Prime Minister. […]

Bernie Sanders Wins the Internet After Democratic Debate

After a passionate performance at the Democratic debate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders may have just won the internet.    I  t’s no secret that the internet loves Bernie Sanders. But after his passionate performance at the first Democratic primary debate, that love may have exploded into full-fledged Bernie fandom. Despite TV pundits claiming Hillary Clinton won […]

Donald Trump to Host Saturday Night Live in November

The controversial Republican frontrunner will once again host the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live on November 7. Oh boy, this should go over well. Republican frontrunner and professional media troll Donald Trump will be hosting Saturday Night Live‘s November 7th show. The controversial presidential candidate has made quite a splash in politics this year […]

Bernie Sanders’ Master Plan is Working

A new Quinnipiac poll puts Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders slightly ahead of Clinton in Iowa as his campaign prepares to seize his grassroots momentum. ast week, we wrote about Bernie Sander’s bipartisan appeal. Critics of his campaign strategy say he may not have enough support within the Democratic party to secure the nomination, but that […]