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Poll Shows Most Millennials Reject Free-Market Capitalism

Millennials Are Increasingly Skeptical of Capitalism A recent Harvard poll of young adults between 18 and 29 years old found that Millennials are increasingly skeptical of free-market capitalism. A whopping 51 percent of respondents said don’t support capitalism, compared to only 42 percent that say they do. The results of Harvard’s survey are in-line with other research indicating […]

Hillary Clinton Supporters Coordinate to Remove Bernie Groups from Facebook

Pro-Clinton Facebook Group Coordinates To Shut Down Large Bernie Sanders Groups on Facebook Last night, supporters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched a coordinated attack on pro-Bernie Sanders groups, in an apparent act of mass reporting that was meant to shut down the largest Facebook groups supporting Sanders. In a press release, an admin of the Bernie Believers Facebook group […]

#PotLuckForBernie: Dine With The 99 Events Flood Social Media

If you’ve spent a few minutes perusing social media this weekend, you might of noticed the flood of pictures of small dinner parties celebrating Bernie Sanders’ campaign. #PotLuckForBernie and #DineWithThe99 quickly started trending on social media as Sander’s supporters responded to another candidate’s lavish fundraising dinner. George Clooney hosted a dinner in support of Democratic […]

Bernie Sanders Joins Picket Line At Verizon Worker’s Strike (VIDEO)

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders may be hard at work trying to win the presidency, but he hasn’t lost touch with his roots. On Wednesday, he joined striking Verizon workers at their picket line outside the company’s headquarters in New York. He told the cheering crowd: “I know that going on strike is not something that’s easily […]

WikiLeaks Had Some Snarky Tweets About the Panama Papers

WikiLeaks Blasts Panama Papers Journalists On Twitter The pro-government transparency activists at WikiLeaks have been critical of the decision to curate the massive Panama Papers data leak instead of creating a publicly searchable database. Over Twitter, they took the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) to task for allegedly shrugging their journalistic integrity in favor of their funders. The […]