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Ron Paul Explains Why He #FeelsTheBern

Libertarian Ron Paul might seem like an unlikely supporter of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, but in a recent FOX News interview, he described Sanders as the most “free market” candidate running, while disavowing his rival Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Ted Cruz. “You take a guy like Cruz, people are liking the Cruz,” he told […]

Chelsea Clinton Accidentally Calls Bernie Sanders ‘President’ [Video]

Chelsea Clinton made the mother of all Freudian slips while speaking at a rally for her mother’s presidential campaign. That’s right—Chelsea referred to Hillary’s rival (some might say archenemy) Bernie Sanders as “President Sanders.” Awkward. Hillary Clinton’s daughter accidentally called Bernie Sanders, her mom’s rival in the Democratic race for the White House, “President Sanders.” She […]

Parliament Debates Banning Donald Trump From UK

Oh, Donald Trump. You used to be as harmless as Simon Cowell—a snarky business mogul and reality TV star that everybody loved to hate. Now people just hate you. Well, there are people who actually like you, but they’re all the kind of people the rest of us would rather not be around. Now it seems […]

Bernie Sanders Confident He’ll Win Iowa and Sweep Primaries

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, once considered a long-shot (or even fringe) presidential candidate, surprised the media (and even himself) when his poll numbers surged earlier this year. The self-described Democratic Socialist forced Hillary Clinton‘s campaign to move to the left–an accomplishment many seem happy to dub his one and only. But Sanders remains competitive. He […]

Donald Trump’s Doctor Says He’d Be Healthiest President Ever

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is on a mission to prove he’d make a good president. Apparently, Trump believes his superior physical attributes are as big a selling point as his outrageous statements and policy ideas. This week, his campaign released a letter from his doctor proclaiming Trump would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to […]

Craig Mazin Tweets How Terrible Ted Cruz Is

It seems Ted Cruz is slowly climbing up the presidential charts lately. He’s inching his way past Ben Carson (and his unfortunate pronunciation of the word “Hamas”) and even surprisingly, Donald Trump. It’s not hard to see why: Cruz is brilliant, humming with energy, and can give a presentation like there’s no tomorrow. So what’s […]