Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talks National Security, Immigration And ‘Super-Grounded’ Wife

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took part in a question and answers session for a Newseum crowd on Wednesday. The billionaire social network investor talked to the crowd about national security, immigration issues, and even about his “super-grounded” wife Priscilla Chen, Speaking for an hour with interviewer James Bennet of The Atlantic Zuckerberg opened […]

Ottawa Train Crash Levels Double Decker Bus [Twitter Pics]

An Ottawa train crash in Canada has leveled a double decker bus at Fallowfield Road and Woodroffe Avenue. Multiple people died in the crash according to fire department spokesperson Marc Messier. News agencies and citizen journalists showed up on the scene of the accident and posted photos of the destroyed bus to their Twitter accounts. […]

GOP Uses Free Willy Poster, Gets Bitch Slapped By Jesse

Jason James Richter, the actor who played Jesse in the hit movie Free Willy is not happy. The actors movie poster was recently used for a GOP attack campaign against ObamaCare. Earlier this week Republican Congressman Tim Griffin of Arkansas posted a remixed version of the poster with the words “Free America From ObamaCare.” At […]

Seaside Park Fire Destroys Jersey Shore Boardwalk [Photos]

The Jersey Shore has spent the last year rebuilding after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. And just as they were getting things back to normal, a massive fire in Seaside Heights has destroyed much of the Jersey Shore boardwalk. #BREAKING: Massive fire destroys 80% of #JerseyShore‘s boardwalk In Seaside Heights. Boardwalk was just rebuilt after […]

Tea Party ‘Ebony Boycott’ Over Trayvon Cover Spawns Meme [Twitter Reacts]

Over on Twitter, the Ebony “We Are Trayvon” series of covers sparked intense discussion — and like much of the case, it was pretty firmly divided on party lines. As such, a hashtag suggesting the “Tea Party” was “boycotting” Ebony magazine (a title I think we can all admit anyone affiliated with the Tea Party […]

Jenna Fischer Actually Reads Texas Abortion Bill, Live-Tweets Concerns

Actress Jenna Fischer wants Texas lawmakers to fully read the abortion bill that they will vote on tomorrow. The abortion legislation passed through the states House of Representatives early this week and now it’s going in front of the Texas Senate. Without getting into the meat and bones of bill H.B. 2 it would ban […]

Defense Of Marriage Act Defeated By Supreme Court, Celebrities React With Funny Tweets

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on Wednesday with a final vote of a 5-4. The courts decision is a historical victory for gay rights activists. In the majority decision Justice Anthony Kennedy says DOMA violates a gay persons Fifth Amendment rights for due processo. Kennedy decides: “DOMA singles out […]