A Brief Reminder Of How Awesome Bill Clinton Once Was

Alright, Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment but everything else aside, Bill Clinton was pretty awesome. He’s probably one of the best public speakers in American history. And last night we were reminded of how great he still is in front of a crowd, he was a shadow of his former self but there were peeks […]

Democrats Tepidly Nominate Hillary Clinton Amidst Concerns About Her Viability

On Tuesday, delegates to the Democratic National Convention nominated Hillary Clinton for president. The raucous political convention had been shaken by the revelation that senior DNC officials plotted to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign and have long favored Clinton. On Friday, Wikileaks published nearly 20,000 emails from DNC officials. The content of these leaks outraged Sanders supporters […]

NPR Prints Wrong Twitter Handle, Random Blogger Deals With The Hate

One random blogger became the victim of hateful tweets after his Twitter handle was mistaken for that of ousted Democratic Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. NPR accidentally posted the Twitter handle of blogger Dave W. Smith instead of Schultz and it is easy to see why. Smith’s handle is @DWS, while Schultz’ is @DWSTweets. NPR quickly […]

How Cockroach Milk Could End World Hunger

Researchers Think Cockroach ‘Milk’ Could Feed Our Growing Population Try to contain the urge to vomit as we build toward a conclusion. Over population is the concern that advances in healthcare and quality of life are causing population growth that our planet’s limited resources can’t support. As nobody can argue the morality of forcible castration, […]

DNC Planned To Reward Big Donors With Cushy Government Jobs, Leaked Emails Reveal

Democrats Face Bad Optics as Democratic National Convention Kicks Off The Democratic National Convention is already underway, but optics for Democratic Party insiders are looking increasingly bad after leaked emails uncovered widespread and systematic favoritism among committee members. And the scandal doesn’t end at Bernie Sanders. Chuck Ross, a reporter at the conservative Daily Caller, unearthed […]

Researchers Map 100 Previously Unknown Regions of the Brain

The Brain as We’ve Never Seen It Before As much as great minds look outward to understand the universe around them, the giants whose shoulders we stand on also turn inward—seeking to understand the finite matter wherein a billion possibilities exist. Scientific progress has, debatably, eliminated the dichotomy of the mind and the brain. In […]