Father Of Slain Muslim Soldier Challenges Donald Trump To Take A Naturalization Test

The feud between Khizr Khan and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may be the strangest tale in an election season with no shortage of weirdness. Evocative of Joe the Plumber, himself a foreshadowing of the illiberal populism the Trump brand exploits, Khan represents the concerns of another demographic: American Muslims, and indeed all minorities under […]

Chris Christie Staffers In Trouble Over Recovered Text Messages

Forget SnapChat—the only messages that disappear after you send them are whispers. If you want to keep something secret, don’t give into convenience. You must avoid the digital realm, for it leaves behind too many artifacts. This principle of secrecy has been demonstrated numerous in recent history; from the Sony and DNC leaks to the hawkish cables of […]

Twitter Reacts To The Donald Trump Second Amendment Comment

Donald Trump really is the gift that keeps on giving, or at least the politician that keeps on slipping, and the Donald Trump Second Amendment comment has Twitter and the rest of the internet in a tizzy. For those of you who aren’t very familiar with The Constitution, the Second Amendment states: “A well regulated […]

A Ukrainian Man Faked His Age With Terrible Results

Artur Samarin is a twenty-three year old Ukrainian man who faked his name and age in order to attend high school in PA and made headlines a few months ago when he was arrested. For having sex with an underage girl. He attended John Harris High School in Pennsylvania for three years, from September 2012 […]

Webcam Hackers Demand $10K Ransom For Catching Man Wanking

Remember that post when we talked about why covering your webcam is actually pretty important for your privacy? There’s a brand-new case out there that just might compelling enough to convince you why it matters. A man in Melbourne recently was shocked to receive an email containing a link that led to a video of […]

A Brief Reminder Of How Awesome Bill Clinton Once Was

Alright, Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment but everything else aside, Bill Clinton was pretty awesome. He’s probably one of the best public speakers in American history. And last night we were reminded of how great he still is in front of a crowd, he was a shadow of his former self but there were peeks […]