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Disney CEO Bob Iger Completely Misses the Mark When Responding to Bernie

Bob Iger Dodges Sanders’ Criticism of Low Wages On Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders criticized Disney at a rally in Anaheim, California. “Anybody make a living wage working for Disney?” Sanders asked. “It’s an example of what we’re talking about when we talk about a rigged economy.” “Disney pays its workers wages that are […]

The Fascinating Future of Human-Pig Hybrids

The Quest For Human/Animal Chimeras In genetics, a chimera is a single organism composed of cells from different zygotes. In mythology, the Chimera was monstrous hybrid creature with the head of a goat, head and body of a lion, and snake for a tail. The word has disparate definitions, but the one concerning ethicists these days […]

Chinese Government Creates 488 Million Fake Social Media Posts A Year

Researchers have uncovered a “massive secretive operation” that shows just how far the Chinese government will go to control the country’s information flow. Harvard University has released the findings of their study on China’s “Fifty Cent Party.” The name refers to a group of people that are paid fifty Chinese cents by the government each […]

Canadians Are Outraged That Justin Trudeau Elbowed Someone And Hasn’t Apologized Enough Yet

Some are calling this Canadian faux pax Elbowgate, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found himself at the center of controversy over what qualifies in Canada as a heated physical exchange. After apparently giving a female member of parliament an elbow to the chest, many were outraged at Trudeau’s actions, described by another MP as “physical molestation.” […]

National Academy Of Science Confirms GMOs Are Safe To Eat

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it: Monsanto may be an evil company, they may eat kittens and sacrifice babies atop flaming piles of stolen wages, but that doesn’t mean genetically modified food is unsafe to eat. Despite the scientific consensus that GMOs are safe, the public retains a negative view of them. In fact, a […]

Scientists Worried ‘Finding Dory’ Could Lead to Clown Fish Extinction

Australian scientists are worried about the upcoming Pixar film Finding Dory. It’s a sequel to the massively popular 2003 film Finding Nemo, which starred a plucky young clown fish and his neurotic, over-protective father—thrust into a whirlwind adventure across the sea. But even as people fell in love with the story of a father trying to […]

First Penis Transplant Performed In United States

In a Facebook post, the Massachusetts General Hospital announced the nation’s first genitourinary reconstructive (penile) transplant in the United States. “Massachusetts General Hospital is making history today,” the post reads, “with the announcement of the nation’s first genitourinary reconstructive (penile) transplant.” “The result of more than three years of research, a team of 30 physicians, anesthesiologists, […]