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Police In Indonesia Get Entire Neighborhood High By Burning Drugs

Citizens in West Jakarta, Indonesia were feeling a little buzzed a few weeks ago. It seems they received a contact high from 3 tons of burning marijuana. The burning was part of a ceremony to destroy tons of confiscated illegal drugs. Ironically, the ceremony was attended by politicians and other officials. Police officers were prepared […]

Lee Kuan Yew Dies at 91

Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore and who iron-fisted it from a backwater colonial trading post to the Asian seat of economic power, passed on quietly in his room in the Singapore General Hospital int the wee hours of Monday morning. He was 91. An official statement was released from the prime minister’s […]

Terminator-inspired 3D Printer Could Revolutionize Tech

“Hasta la vista, baby.” With this new form of 3D printing, we could be saying that to the old method we’ve just barely come to know. The innovative geniuses over at Carbon 3d created an entirely new approach to custom three-dimensional printing as we know it. The inspiration? A vision of T-1000 rising from a […]

Ashley Judd To Press Charges Against Twitter, Responds To Trolls [Watch]

Actress, Ashley Judd has announced she plans to press charges against social media giant, Twitter. The Guardian reports she cites her reason as the many instances of other Twitter users sexual harassing her. She isn’t the first female celebrity to feel this way. Rapper, Iggy Azalea handed her Twitter over to her management after she […]

BREAKING NEWS: Two Ferguson Officers Shot Outside Station

The trouble continues for Ferguson, Missouri. Amid the protesting and violence, two police officers were shot outside of the police department. The story was first made public through social media outlets, such as Twitter. One officer shot in shoulder, one shot in the face outside #Ferguson PD headquarters per St. Louis County Police Chief. #fox6wbrc […]

Malaysia Airlines Towel Washes Up On Coast, Linked To Missing Flight

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished without a trace a year ago, but the first found piece of debris is rekindling interest in the search. A Malaysia Airlines branded paper towel, still in packaging, washed up on an Australian shore. A couple walking the beach in Western Australia came across the discovery and immediately contacted […]

Lebanese TV Host Rima Karaki Shuts Down Sexist Guest

When he told her to “Shut up so I can talk”, this woman knew she wasn’t taking any of this, not on her time, not on her watch. When Lebanese TV show host Rima Karaki put London-based Islamic scholar Hani Al-Siba’i, it was to have him share his thoughts on the recent waves of Christians […]

Study Says Alcohol May Be Worse Than Psychedelics

We’ve been taught time and again that booze and drugs are just as bad , but a study in Norway might just prove that alcohol is not all as harmless as it may seem. A group of scientists created a study funded by the Research Council of Norway, demonstrating that psychedelic drugs are no linked to suicidal […]

Scientists Discover Exercise Hormone

Hate exercising? Is Lycra = Death in your book? Does the thought of spending an hour on the treadmill send you running for the hills? Don’t fret, because the benefits of a grueling afternoon at the gym could simply be an injection away, thanks to science. (And you thought you’d have to try that new […]

Twitter Investigates Possible ISIS Threat To Co-Founder

The social media giant is taking reports of possible threats very seriously. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey may have been the latest target of terrorist group, ISIS. NBC News is reporting that Twitter is working with several law enforcement agencies to check out the validity of threats against Dorsey. The alleged threats come after Twitter shut […]

Mayor Marty Walsh To Adventurous Idiots: Stop Jumping Out Of Windows

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh would really appreciate it if the residents of Boston would stop jumping out of their windows into the snow. Boston has seen a little bit of snow this winter and apparently people are dealing with it by leaping out of their windows. While we don’t have an exact number of people who […]

‘Skunk’ Cannabis Linked To Risk Of Psychosis

A potent type of cannabis, called ‘Skunk’ has been linked to 24 percent of new cases of psychosis, according to a new study by King’s College London. The BBC reports “the risk of psychosis is three times higher for users of potent “skunk-like” cannabis than for non-users.” King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and […]

Congressman Aaron Schock Fires Senior Adviser For Racist Facebook Posts

Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) fired Benjamin Cole, his senior adviser for policy and communications, this week after several racist Facebook posts were unearthed. In one post, Cole compares African Americans to zoo animals. In another, he talks about the “hoodrats” that live in his neighborhood. Cole writes: “So apparently the closing of the National Zoo has […]

#BrianWilliamsMisremembers: Twitter Mocks News Anchor After Apology

Have you ever heard Brian Williams tell the story about how he was rescued after his helicopter was downed by an RPG during the Iraq war in 2003? Well, apparently it was a lie. Williams was not traveling in an aircraft that was downed by an RPG. He was traveling in an aircraft that was […]

Horrific Plane Crash Caught on Dash Cam [Video]

A terrible moment was captured by a Taiwanese driver’s dash cam. The video shows the dramatic moment TransAsia flight GE235, a turboprop ATR-72, crashes into a river. The accident happened near the Taiwanese capital of Taipei on Tuesday. The video shows the large aircraft making a sharp roll to the left before slamming into the […]

Facebook Promotes Israeli Ads To Palestinian Users, Epic Fail

Facebook Ads can be a bother to any user, but the social media giant is facing backlash after a recent incident. Palestinian Facebook users were shocked to find promoted ads for Israeli settlement real estate on their feeds. Written in Hebrew, the ads featured luxury Israeli homes. The Washington Post was sent screenshots of the […]

Groundhog Day 2015: Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow, Predicts #SixMoreWeeksOfWinter

Are you ready for the cold season to end? Well, according to groundhog Punxsutawney Phil we’re going to have six more weeks of winter. Just in: #PunxsutawneyPhil sees his shadow #SixMoreWeeksOfWinter — Robin Meade (@RobinMeade) February 2, 2015 This Groundhog day prediction shouldn’t be much of a surprise for the midwest. The Chicago blizzard, the […]

Mother Accused Of Injecting Her Son With Shocking Substance

Candida Fluty seems like a doting mother. She has devoted her life to taking care of her 9-year-old son, who suffers from Hischsprung disease. Hischsprung is a rare congential blockage of the intestine. The child was staying at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital for treatment. Despite being his full-time care taker and making sure he had the […]