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Woman Claims She Is Allergic To Wi-Fi, Gets Disability Pay

One French woman has won a landmark disability case with an unusual topic. Marine Richard claims she suffers from a rare allergy to Wi-Fi. The allergy consists of having a condition recognized by the World Health Organization. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, also known as EHS, only affects a small amount of the population, but the effects are […]

Republicans Explain Why They #FeelTheBern

As Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders catches up to Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, he’s drawing bipartisan support from Republicans and Independents.   hen Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy early this year, few thought he’d have a shot at beating Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. That perception has gradually changed as Sanders closes in […]

#FreetheNipple: Protesters March for Gender Equality on NY Go Topless Day

New York’s Times Square came to a screeching halt as hundred of women marched down its streets bare-chested in protest in their own Go Topless Pride Parade. going bare-breasted has been legal in the city that never sleeps ever since 1992, but for these advocates, the fight for #FreeTheNipple is far from over. The topless […]

Mysterious Cloaked Figure Haunts N.C. Community, Drops Raw Meat in Playgrounds

A mysterious cloaked figure who has been dropping raw meat in children’s playgrounds has one North Carolina community on edge. t’s a case as strange as it sounds on the surface: a mysterious, cloaked figure has been spotted hanging out near children’s playgrounds, apparently dropping raw meat to the ground. Photos of the mysterious figure […]

Animal Rights Activist Beaten with Live Duck

A Spanish animal rights activist was beaten with a live duck while filming an annual event known as a “duck chase”.   pain is something of a battleground for animal rights activists, who criticize traditional entertainment like bullfighting as abusive to the animals involved. One of the lesser known festival traditions is an annual event called the […]

3D Printing Lets Parents Hold Baby Before Its Born

3D printing technology is giving expectant parents the chance to print a model of their unborn fetus. ltrasound technology has come a long way from the hazy black-and-white images of the past. Take Baby:Boo, a London-based company that specializes in 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasound scans. The company is now offering 3D printed versions of expectant parents’ […]

8 Year Old Boy Accidentally Given Topless Poster at Charity Event

An 8-year old Australian boy was accidentally given a very adult prize at a charity event. hen the Logan family attended the Bargara Strawberry Fair in Bundaberg, Australia, their son Bailey bought himself a lucky dip (grab bag) prize and was ecstatic when he opened the bag and saw a copy of the motorcycle magazine […]

You Can Improve Memory by Climbing Trees, Study Suggests

One of our favorite childhood activities may be a great way to improve cognition. here may be more value to playing outside than we thought. According to a study conducted by researchers in the Department of Psychology at the University of North Florida, climbing a tree or balancing on a beam can dramatically improve cognitive […]