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Researchers Map 100 Previously Unknown Regions of the Brain

The Brain as We’ve Never Seen It Before As much as great minds look outward to understand the universe around them, the giants whose shoulders we stand on also turn inward—seeking to understand the finite matter wherein a billion possibilities exist. Scientific progress has, debatably, eliminated the dichotomy of the mind and the brain. In […]

Republican National Convention is Total Chaos

It’s finally here, and it’s every bit as entertaining as we hoped. The Republican National Convention is total chaos, with desperate rank-and-file Republican delegates trying desperately to stop the official nomination of Donald Trump. One GOP delegate, Gordon Humphrey, a former U.S. Senator, blasted the Trump campaign during an interview with Jacob Soboroff of MSNBC. Humphrey said […]

Bernie’s HRC Endorsement Polarizes His Supporters

Enraged Bernie Supporters Apparently Missed the Point of His Campaign As my colleague Alex wrote on Tuesday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president after a protracted battle to reshape the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform. Were it not for the endorsement, the progressive concessions Sanders scored would have likely been rejected, convention […]