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Students Organize ‘Anti-Gay Day’, Investigation Underway

It was the brainchild of bigotry and ignorance. A group of students at a Pittsburgh area high school organized ‘Anti-Gay Day’. The group wore color-coordinated flannel shirts and wrote anti-gay on their hands in protest of same sex relationships. The protest was held on ‘The Day Of Silence,’ a day that is meant to give […]

Pregnant With Quadruplets At The Age Of 65

Finding out your pregnant can be a shock. Discovering that you are pregnant with quadruplets, even more shocking. What about discovering you are pregnant with quadruplets at the age of 65? It was a reality for one German mother. Berlin schoolteacher, Annegret Raunigk is already a mother of 13 children, ranging from 9 to 44. […]

First Ever Head Transplant To Be Performed Despite Concerns

It seems like something out of a sci-fi novel, transplanting a head onto a living human. One Italian doctor says a head transplant could become reality by 2017. Transplant trials on animals, such as dogs and monkeys, have shown that the procedure is possible. Dr. Sergio Canavero has dedicated his work to experimenting with this […]

Anti-vaxxer Abandons Cause After Her 7 Kids Get Whooping Cough [Video]

Tara Hills, a mother of seven children in Ottawa, Canada, has had it with the anti-vaccine movement. She writes on The Scientific Parent Blog, “I’m writing this from quarantine, the irony of which isn’t lost on me. Emotionally I’m a bit raw. Mentally a bit taxed. Physically I’m fine.  All seven of my unvaccinated children […]

Barack Obama To Ban “Conversion Therapy” For LGBTQA Teens

Barack Obama has been true to his word of being a president to make important social changes in America. Now, he is taking another step forward to protect Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Teens in the US. In response to the Leelah Alcorn Petition online, Obama has condemned conversion therapy, psychiatric programs that are designed to […]

Dino-lovers Rejoice! The Brontosaurus Is Back

In the recent past decades, Science has said a few things that have sent the kid in us crying. First, they’ve had to tell us that Pluto was no longer a planet (aaww!), and that the Brontosaurus, beloved long-necked herbivore giant of the dino-world, wasn’t a real dinosaur. (double-aawww!) However, paleontologists are now doing a […]

NFL Hires First Female Official

Sarah Thomas’ dream came true as soon as she saw a New York number pop up on her caller ID. It was the NFL calling to say she would be hired as the first female referee. It was a huge milestone for women and the NFL as Thomas will be a line judge for the […]

Chocolate Can Now Be Tastier & Healthier, Because Science

The month of April has brought us two very good reasons to celebrate with chocolate: Easter, and #Chocobatch. However, a good number of you out there are probably thinking there can be too much of a good thing, specially  with our favorite cocoa in question. News has it, thought, that chocolate lovers can now have […]

Scientists Say Psychedelics “Safe and Harmless” [Video]

According to an open letter published in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal this week, psychedelic drugs are harmless and as safe as “riding a bike or laying soccer”, and that the bans on the use of such drugs is “inconsistent with human rights”.  Scientists are now beginning to question not only the prohibitions against such drugs, […]

GPS Tells Man To Drive Off Bridge, He Does

The old saying goes, “If you were told to jump off a bridge, would you?” Well, one man did just that after his car GPS led him to a collapsed bridge. The driver was 64-year-old Iftikhar Hussain. His out-of-date GPS gave him directions to a bridge that was no longer in operation. Hussain was in […]

Indiana Signs Anti-LGBTQA Law, Twitter in Uproar

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has a lot of explaining to do — primarily, to Twitter. Despite public outcries and vetoes from Indiana residents and companies alike, Governor Pence signed a religious freedom bill law Thursday morning last week. Critics have warned the governor that this bill would allow discrimination against the members of the LGBTQA […]

Germanwings Conspiracies Abound In Crash Investigation [List]

The crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 has shocked the world, not only because of the 150 innocent lives lost, but the reasons why the aircraft crashed over the French Alps. Transponder data shows that the Germanwings aircraft’s autopilot was reprogrammed by the copilot, Andreas Lubitz. The plane’s altitude was changed to 38,000 to 100 feet, […]

Police In Indonesia Get Entire Neighborhood High By Burning Drugs

Citizens in West Jakarta, Indonesia were feeling a little buzzed a few weeks ago. It seems they received a contact high from 3 tons of burning marijuana. The burning was part of a ceremony to destroy tons of confiscated illegal drugs. Ironically, the ceremony was attended by politicians and other officials. Police officers were prepared […]

Lee Kuan Yew Dies at 91

Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore and who iron-fisted it from a backwater colonial trading post to the Asian seat of economic power, passed on quietly in his room in the Singapore General Hospital int the wee hours of Monday morning. He was 91. An official statement was released from the prime minister’s […]

Terminator-inspired 3D Printer Could Revolutionize Tech

“Hasta la vista, baby.” With this new form of 3D printing, we could be saying that to the old method we’ve just barely come to know. The innovative geniuses over at Carbon 3d created an entirely new approach to custom three-dimensional printing as we know it. The inspiration? A vision of T-1000 rising from a […]

Ashley Judd To Press Charges Against Twitter, Responds To Trolls [Watch]

Actress, Ashley Judd has announced she plans to press charges against social media giant, Twitter. The Guardian reports she cites her reason as the many instances of other Twitter users sexual harassing her. She isn’t the first female celebrity to feel this way. Rapper, Iggy Azalea handed her Twitter over to her management after she […]

BREAKING NEWS: Two Ferguson Officers Shot Outside Station

The trouble continues for Ferguson, Missouri. Amid the protesting and violence, two police officers were shot outside of the police department. The story was first made public through social media outlets, such as Twitter. One officer shot in shoulder, one shot in the face outside #Ferguson PD headquarters per St. Louis County Police Chief. #fox6wbrc […]

Malaysia Airlines Towel Washes Up On Coast, Linked To Missing Flight

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished without a trace a year ago, but the first found piece of debris is rekindling interest in the search. A Malaysia Airlines branded paper towel, still in packaging, washed up on an Australian shore. A couple walking the beach in Western Australia came across the discovery and immediately contacted […]