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Google Celebrates Lucy the Hominid’s 41st Birthday

41 years ago today, paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson discovered an unusual shin bone buried in the loose, dusty rock formations of Hadar, Ethiopia. He couldn’t have known it at the time, but this initial discover would be monumental to our understanding of human evolution. A year later, Johnson and his team returned to Hadar. Over the following weeks, […]

Can Science Explain the Rise of Bernie Sanders?

Jeremy Corbyn, Justin Trudeau, Bernie Sanders, and even Donald Trump all have something in common: nobody was expecting them. All four are part of a populist phenomenon that’s sweeping political circles in this worldwide election season. For Corybn and Trudeau, their respective chances at victory were largely shrugged off by political pundits and the media, and yet […]

Male Pregnancies Could Be Five to Ten Years Away [SCIENCE]

The headline “Pregnant Man Gives Birth” has long been misleading. Although transgender men have been giving birth to children for quite some time, it’s all somehow less impressive once we realize these men were born biologically female, and thus had all the necessary equipment already. According to one researcher, however, the day is coming soon […]

New Poll Predicts Landslide Victory for Bernie Sanders Against Republicans

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders may be locked in a polling stalemate with chief Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, but he’s coming out on top in new head-to-head mashups with top Republican contenders. A McClatchy-Marist poll puts Sanders 12 percentage points above Donald Trump, who is currently battling popular favorite Ben Carson for first place in the […]

‘Turd-shaped’ Building Poses Serious Problem for Scottish City

Make no mistake, architects are artists. There’s a hitch, though — they have to work together to create cityscapes that appeal to both the critics observing them and the people who use their buildings every day. For decades, the Scottish capital of Edinburgh has been seen as one of Great Britain’s most beautiful cities. Now, that status […]

Ben Carson Releases Rap Song to Woo Young Black Voters

Straight outta Carson! Republican presidential candidate and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson is releasing a rapping radio ad in an attempt to woo young black voters, The Guardian reports. The ad will feature the vocal stylings of Christian rapper Aspiring Mogul, interspersed with audio clips of Carson’s campaign speeches. The 60-second ad is entitled “Freedom” and cost […]

Hunger Games Theme Park to Open in Atlanta

On Monday, Lionsgate Entertainment announced it may open a Hunger Games-themed amusement park near Atlanta, Georgia. That’s right—a theme park based on a dystopian future where a totalitarian ruling class forces children to fight to the death for the general amusement of television audiences. Now that’s fun for the whole family! The New York Times reports: […]

Oldest Tree in Europe Undergoes Apparent Sex Change

At 3,000 to 5,000 years old, the Fortingall Yew is Britain, and likely Europe’s oldest tree. It was long thought by botanists to be male, due to the fact that it produces pollen. According to botanists, the male yews produce pollen while females produce distinctive seeded red berries. Now, it seems the centuries old tree […]