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Mom Posts The Brutal Truth About Motherhood on Facebook

Motherhood as advertisements, TV dramas, and romance novels will tell you, is one of the sweetest things that can ever happen to a woman. However, real Life begs to differ. (No, seriously. We don’t blame you moms if you feel the deep-seated urge to down some wine during your down-time.) Take this Facebook post, for […]

Confused Fans Think Jay-Z Had An Affair With Rachael Ray

Rachael, or Rachel? To a frenzied mob of enraged fans, it seems there isn’t much difference. Rumors have begun circulating that Jay-Z has started an affair with Rachael Ray — celebrity chef, creator of the 30-minute meals, and speaker of catchphrases such as”Yum-0!”. That is, that’s what it seems to look like on social media. […]

Bragging About Your Boo Online? You Just Might Be Insecure

While posting the occasional couple selfie or squeeing on Facebook over your last date can be a good thing from time to time — and why not? It’s good to be in love — doing too much of this just might show you’re actually terribly insecure about this relationship. A new study published on Personality and Social […]

5 Super Cute First Date Stories for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means two things: kids will be giving each other cards, and adults will be giving each other… presents of their own. In honor of the occasion, here are seven first date stories sure to hit you in the feels. Butterflies I took him to the butterfly exhibit at the Natural […]

Wife of Deceased Country Music Singer Posts Heartbreaking Love Note

On January 4, 2016, the body of Backroad Anthem lead singer Craig Strickland was found. He had died several days earlier while out on a hunting trip with his friend, Chase R. Morland. Bad weather capsized the pair’s boat. Morland’s body was found the day after the search began, along with the capsized boat. It would take almost […]

Hilarious Reactions to Celebrity Break Ups

What is it about celebrity couples? Why do any of us really care? I mean, I don’t care, myself. I wasn’t absolutely devastated when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split up, or anything. It’s not like they were a match made in heaven, and my own personal hopes and dreams were tied into their success as […]

5 Rules for Handling Your Breakup on Social Media

Breakups. We’ve all been through them. Most of the time, they aren’t fun or easy. Of course, I say most of the time because sometimes breaking up with someone is, indeed, fun and easy. It’s safe to assume most of us have been there, too. In the age of social media, word of a breakup […]

You Might Be a Hipster If… [Quiz]

Are you a hipster? Find out right now, man. Or whatever.   The word “hipster” gets thrown around quite a bit. But the definition seems to change depending on who you’re talking to. There are, however, a few basic tenants of hipsterism, so take a look at this list in case you’ve been wondering if […]