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Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer Announce Pregnancy on Twitter

Oh happy happy day! We extend our congratulations to Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, as they have announced they are in the family way. What a lovely, creative baby this will be! Proud dad Neil first broke the news on Twitter: I just took a photograph of beautiful, three months pregnant @amandapalmer: — Neil […]

Mom Tells Boy “No Means No”, Goes Viral [Video]

What if you were a parent, and you notice a very persistent would-be suitor doggedly pursuing your daughter in school — what would you do? For Dr. Lindsey Doe, a 33-year-old clinical sexologist, the answer cam quite naturally — take it to the Internet. Dr. Doe is Youtuber DoeEyes, and her brief video message entitled […]

Girl Feeds Crows; Receives Gifts — Faith In Humanity Restored

Meet Gabi. Gabi Mann is eight years old. Every day, she goes out to put peanuts in a number of bird feeder trays around her lawn, and scatters dog food in the grass and among the bushes. It’s a daily ritual she and her very special guests have come to look forward to, and they […]

The Dangers of being a Smartphone “Zombie”

Smartphone addiction is a serious problem. Of course, there are the obvious phone-related problems such as not getting enough sleep, becoming easily distracted, losing touch with the present, decreased face-to-face social skills, and depression that are often attributed to too much internet usage… but people don’t realize that cell phone usage can actually be rather […]

Do you have a Facebook Addiction?

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites. It’s an incredibly useful website but, like all good things, too much can be a bad thing. Specifically, do you have a Facebook addiction? If the first thing on your mind is Facebook, if you’re skipping hanging out with “real life” friends to Facebook […]

#WomenAgainstFeminism Tumblr Account Is Kicking the Hornet’s Nest

Feminism has always been a hot issue, with both camps passionately standing up for their beliefs. It’s a whole complicated issue, with men who are feminists, and women who are anti-feminists. And that’s over simplifying it. Then there’s this anti-feminism campaign going on, #WomenAgainstFeminism. It’s a Tumblr account that was started back in 2013, but […]

#MarriedWomen Hashtag Is Full Of (Terrible) Marriage Advice

If you’re looking for some relationship advice you should probably steer clear of the #MarriedWomen hashtag. Twitter has been mocking Tony Rapu, who calls himself a “Husband, Father, Pastor, Medical Doctor, Mentor, and Reformer” on his Twitter page, for using the #MarriedWomen hashtag to dole out bits of wisdom to women. If you want to […]

Explore Your LinkedIn Connections: LinkedUp! App Lets You Hook Up

Have you already found your dream job using LinkedIn? How about using the platform to also find your future Mr. or Mrs.? That’s the idea behind the recently launched LinkedUp! app. If history is any indication, this app will soon find itself without a leg, or API, to stand on, but for now it’s worth […]

#SheCantBeBae: Twitter Lays Down Relationship Rules

Twitter has some pretty high (and low) standards for a relationship. The hashtag #SheCantBeBae has been trending on Twitter today and the reasons range from a person’s choice of phone, to the way they eat cake, to the amount of curves they have compared to a school desk. BAE, if you don’t know, is an […]

[Social Love] Why People In Long-Distance Relationships Want To Throat Punch You

  Social media and long-distance relationships are certainly not specifically interdependent circumstances — the latter provably far predates the former, and social networks have little to do overall with LDRs in as much as their purposes are legion. However, we can safely say long-distance relationships have both changed and increased in both prominence and status since […]

These Sex Obsessed Social Media Apps Might Just Get You Laid

We live in a culture that is becoming increasingly dependent on social media networks for our daily personal interactions. Browse Twitter and you hear about your buddies cup of coffee in the morning or a recent milestone in someones life. Check your Facebook wall and you find information about the news your friends enjoy reading, […]

Nearly Half Of Sexters Admit To Faking It

A survey of young adult college students revealed nearly half of those who sext (sexters) admit to faking it, lying about what they were doing and what they were or weren’t wearing. Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit or suggestive messages as well as pornographic images primarily between mobile devices (smartphones or on […]

First Comes Social Networking, Then Comes Marriage

Meeting a potential partner through social networking sites and dating-specific sites carries less of a stigma than it used to. And many of these online interactions do lead to marriage. Last year, an eHarmony sponsored study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences determined one-third of married couples in the US had met online. […]

Boyfriend Twin: Dating Your Doppelganger Is Perfectly Normal On This Tumblr Site

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, it helps when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. The Tumblr site Boyfriend Twin is going viral this week thanks to a bunch of people who are dating their doppelgangers. Yes, the two people pictured above aren’t brothers. They aren’t twins. They aren’t even […]

Don’t Suck At Facebook #387: Frenemies, Unfriending, And Hate Reads

  We struggle with the “Don’t Suck At Facebook” series on Social News Daily a little, and today’s topic is part of why — by and large, we have a strong position against being a Facebook hater, unfriending, or the practice of hate reads and adversarial interaction as a means of overall social media interaction. Trolling […]

Don’t Suck At Facebook #385: Death, Dying, And The Facebook Notification

The latest installment of Social News Daily‘s “Don’t Suck At Facebook” series is a weighty one, inspired by a post on the popular Facebook page “God,” addressing the issue of death, tragedy, and other bad news in a social media adapted world. You can’t really tell people they suck at Facebook when they’re enduring grief, and […]

Don’t Suck At Facebook #384: Baby Shower And Wedding Greed Is Tacky And Crass

When we saw a recent mommy blogosphere controversy over gift grabs, the already politeness-sticky convention of baby showers, and one pregnant lady’s ultimate rude Facebook messages, we knew there was a “Don’t Suck At Facebook” Social News Daily rant in there somewhere. In case you missed it, the post stemmed from a secondhand Facebook report […]

Don’t Suck At Facebook #383: Don’t Gaslight Your Facebook Friends

Usually, Social News Daily‘s “Don’t Suck At Facebook” series addresses Facebook behaviors that suck, like tagging people in random pictures or using Facebook to passive-aggressively call out your significant other for forgetting to call you. Today, we’re going to go slightly offline to address a Facebook habit that well and truly sucks, and you’re being […]