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Wife of Deceased Country Music Singer Posts Heartbreaking Love Note

On January 4, 2016, the body of Backroad Anthem lead singer Craig Strickland was found. He had died several days earlier while out on a hunting trip with his friend, Chase R. Morland. Bad weather capsized the pair’s boat. Morland’s body was found the day after the search began, along with the capsized boat. It would take almost […]

Hilarious Reactions to Celebrity Break Ups

What is it about celebrity couples? Why do any of us really care? I mean, I don’t care, myself. I wasn’t absolutely devastated when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split up, or anything. It’s not like they were a match made in heaven, and my own personal hopes and dreams were tied into their success as […]

5 Rules for Handling Your Breakup on Social Media

Breakups. We’ve all been through them. Most of the time, they aren’t fun or easy. Of course, I say most of the time because sometimes breaking up with someone is, indeed, fun and easy. It’s safe to assume most of us have been there, too. In the age of social media, word of a breakup […]

You Might Be a Hipster If… [Quiz]

Are you a hipster? Find out right now, man. Or whatever.   The word “hipster” gets thrown around quite a bit. But the definition seems to change depending on who you’re talking to. There are, however, a few basic tenants of hipsterism, so take a look at this list in case you’ve been wondering if […]

This Couple Has a Cautionary Tale About Quitting Your Job to Travel

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger quit their lucrative careers in advertising to travel the world, but they warn not everything is as idyllic as their Instagram account makes it seem. any of us have dreamt of leaving everything behind to travel the globe, perhaps with our life partner by our side. That’s exactly what Chanel […]

Toddler Has Personal Injury Lawyer-Themed Birthday Party

Morris Bart is a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans, and the subject of a two year old’s birthday party.   efore he could even talk, Grayson Dobra was obsessed with a local personal injury lawyer named Morris Bart. When his commercials came on TV, young master Grayson made it absolutely clear he did not […]

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer Announce Pregnancy on Twitter

Oh happy happy day! We extend our congratulations to Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, as they have announced they are in the family way. What a lovely, creative baby this will be! Proud dad Neil first broke the news on Twitter: I just took a photograph of beautiful, three months pregnant @amandapalmer: — Neil […]

Mom Tells Boy “No Means No”, Goes Viral [Video]

What if you were a parent, and you notice a very persistent would-be suitor doggedly pursuing your daughter in school — what would you do? For Dr. Lindsey Doe, a 33-year-old clinical sexologist, the answer cam quite naturally — take it to the Internet. Dr. Doe is Youtuber DoeEyes, and her brief video message entitled […]