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Dog Returns Home Seven Years After She Was Stolen

A 10-year old Jack Russel terrier named Molly was taken from her home in 2008. Seven years later, she has been returned to her original family. rian Berry is ecstatic to have his best friend back in his life. Seven years after his Jack Russell terrier Molly was stolen from his home, she has finally […]

Woman’s Facebook Post Moves TopShop for Body Positivity

Laura Kate Berry wanted to celebrate on payday, and decided a brand new pair of Topshop Jaime jeans was the best way to treat herself. However, something in the shop displays made her pause to think. She later gave voice to her opinions on Facebook. The post features the lower torso and legs of one […]

Simon Pegg Wants You For Star Trek

Yes, you read that right. Simon Pegg wants you — YOU! — to join him on a quest to boldly go where no man has gone before. You. Yes, you. And you. and specially that guy over there. Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, and the entire cast and crew are cordially inviting you to hang out […]

Kid-Friendly Books Can Be Vended from Machines for Free

Reading is absolutely fundamental. It takes you to places you’ve never been, meet people past, present, and future, and learn things you never knew inside you. It provides hours of entertainment with host of actors, stages, and drama, all in the comfort and safety of your head. And the best part is, reading is an […]

‘Earfies': How Instagram And Ear Selfies Are Helping The Needy

A campaign in Hong Kong is introducing a new form of ‘selfies’ all for a good cause. A Hong Kong startup called PhatRace is urging people to snap ‘earfies’, a snapshot of their ear and upload it to Instagram. Strange, right? Once you hear why, you’ll understand. According to PhatRace, half of Hong Kong’s elderly […]

Bus Driver Brings Cheer to Passengers and Lemonade Kids

A little bit of unexpected kindness can be quite refreshing, as the passengers of this bus found out one hot summer afternoon. John Lohan is an MBTA bus driver, and has been at his job for almost 19 years. One day, he looked back at a handful of his passengers and chirped an unexpected question: Who […]

Students Create Food From Expiring Fruits, May End World Hunger

This could be one of the best ways ever invented to put value into food. A group students stationed in Sweden have come up with the ground-breaking idea of saving fruits from an untimely demise in the garbage bin and turning them into healthful fruit powder. FoPo Food Powder takes near-expired produce and spray-dries them […]

Taylor Swift’s GoFundMe Donation Makes Social History [Video]

Oh, Taylor Swift. you’ve been taking the internet by storm these past few days, and it’s been so rocking our socks off watching you do it. First, you convince Apple to pay musicians during Apple Music’s free-streaming trial period. Now she’s gone ahead and made history by pushing to do some social good, one website […]