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Muslim Women Show David Cameron What #TraditionallySubmissive Looks Like

Nope, David Cameron, Muslim women aren’t as “traditionally submissive” as you might think. Oh yeah, and a good number of them can speak and understand English very, very well, kthnxbai. Earlier this January, David Cameron blamed the growing Daesh recruitment on “traditionally submissive” Muslim women who should “learn English to prevent their sons from turning to extremism”. […]

Facebook Launches Campaign to Stop Hate Speech

On Monday, Facebook launched a campaign against hate speech and extremism called the “Online Civil Courage Initiative,” or OCCI for short. The campaign will focus on helping existing organizations that are fighting hate speech, along with building “best practices” for those organizations and putting money toward research. The move comes after a United Nations panel and others called on […]

Twitter Creates Emojis for Paris Climate Change Summit

The evidence is clear: climate change is here, and it’s happening. Joining the fight can start with a few simple emojis. Twitter has revealed four new emojis you can access with hashtags in preparation for the UN Climate Summit happening this December in Paris, France. Big players and world leaders such as President Obama, Indian […]

These Grannies Spend Their Days Tagging Walls with Graffiti

What would you like to do when you retire? Move to a tropical climate, perhaps? Live it up in a private resort community? How about making kick-ass street art with other retirees? Thanks to Lata65, an organization that runs workshops for people over 65, those interested in the last option might get the chance to do it—and […]

Humane Society Teams Up with Uber for Kitten Deliveries

Kittens. They’re fluffy balls of happiness that will one day grow into a ten pound mini-dictator who claims your computer keyboard as its own sovereign property. But they’re more than the baby versions of those things that think they own your house, they’re also fantastic for stress relief. For National Cat Day—and yes, that is […]

This Bikini Could Save The Ocean [Science]

Yep, you read that right — this bikini could save the ocean. Literally. We’re not making this up. Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan are two professors at the University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering. Together with Ph.D student Daisy Patino and Ph. D graduate Hamed Bay, they have developed a material named Sponge, designed […]