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Please Touch the Art: Prado Makes Exhibit for the Blind

Ever since we’d first been brought as youngster to a museum or an exhibit, the very first rule seared into our consciousness is “DO NOT TOUCH THE ART” — quite often,  accompanied with an image of stern eyes glaring at you from behind a security visor. However, the Prado museum in Spain has opened a […]

Blind Man Miraculously Plays Through ‘Legend of Zelda’

YouTube user MegaTGarrett does what many would think of as impossible, and does so without complaining or without issue. He is a man with a set back who does not use that set back to define him. Mega Tgarrett is visually impaired, but is still a huge fan of video games and gaming in general. Though […]

Good Karma Comes Back to Selfless Sikh [video]

The good you do sends ripples into the world, and somehow the ripples come back to you. That’s how Karma rolls. A few weeks ago, selfless Sikh man Harman Singh thwarted a strict tenet of his faith by taking off his turban to save a young boy’s life. He kept his humanity above religious protocol, and […]

NY Bakery Gives Ex-Inmates a Second Chance

Society today can be pretty tough on people who have made mistakes. Ex-Inmates who have done their time are finally free to walkaway from jail often feel sincerely afraid and unsure about their futures. Quite honestly, we can’t blame them for feeling this way. Many thoughts run through their minds: will my family still accept […]

Batkid Begins: The Trailer That Will Make You Cry

A while back, many of us caught wind of an incident that warmed our hearts. For the Make-A-Wish foundation, a young boy with cancer named Miles Scott who wanted nothing more than to be Batman for a day. Make-A-Wish banded together with a great many San Francisco locals to help this young boy realize his […]

Veteran Smashes Car Window To Save Dog

It’s said that every dog has its day, but when a dog was found left alone without water inside a Mustang under temperatures climbing up to 105 degrees in the parking lot of a shopping center in Athens, Georgia, Desert Storm veteran Michael Hammon didn’t have to think twice. “I just did what had to […]

Selfless Sikh Uses Turban To Save Boy’s Life

Kindness knows no religion, knows no creed. Harman Singh, 22, was when he suddenly heard the screeching of automobiles and a loud hubbub happening outside his home along Manuroa Road in Takanini, Auckland, New Zealand. He went out to investigate, and found a young boy bleeding on the road, sorely in need of medical attention. […]

Elderly Man Calls 911 for Food, Watch What Happens [Video]

A little human kindness makes every meal a feast. Clarence Blackmon, 81, had just come back from the hospital after months of chemotherapy and other treatments for his cancer. He came home to see an empty refrigerator, with absolutely nothing to eat — and he was hungry. Frail, alone in his home in Fayetteville, California, […]

Video Game Explores the Experience of Alzheimer’s [Video]

Imagine waking up to what seems to be an unfamiliar yet cozy living room. the grandfather clock chimes the hour, and a fire crackles with warmth in the hearth. You decide to get up and explore the place for clues — sympathy greeting cards on the lintel, wedding photographs of couples, a voice message recording […]

Jon Stewart Buys A Farm — Literally

Jon Stewart has recently announced that his 16th year as host of The Daily Show will be his last. Fans are sad to see him go and wishing him well, and Trevor Noah is well aware he’s got pretty big shoes to fill. As for Stewart, what are his plans for the future? It’s pretty […]

Mr. Burger & Ms. King to Wed; BK Foots The Bill [Video]

Their names may have gotten them a lot of ribbing through the years, but it certainly hasn’t stopped them from having a wonderful life together. And now, guess who’s coming to the wedding to make it extra-special. Meet Joel Burger and Ashley King. These two certainly seemed destined to be together, and other people could certainly […]

Moms Creates STEM-Inspired Fashion Line For Girls [Video]

Jennifer Muhm’s and Malorie Catchpole’s daughters are reaching for the stars with their dreams. One of them loved trains; the other wanted to become an astronaut. The little was so excited for Halloween, and wanted badly to go in a tiny NASA orange jumpsuit. However, the costume catalog that arrived on their front door broke […]

Cards Against Humanity Creates Pack For a Good Cause

Ah, yes, Cards Against Humanity. That wonderful, wonderful card game that brings out the sleaziest, dirtiest, goriest sides of our humor, all in the name of good, clean, harmless fun. (of course, your mileage may vary for what,”good, clean, harmless fun” is, but we’ll leave you to decide on that.) For all the sniggering and […]

Trans* Visibility Day Creates Beauty and Love on Social Media

On March 31, the Trans* flag flew free and proud over social media skies as users on Twitter and Tumblr came forth in all their glorious, resplendent selves this International Transgender Day of Visibility. Before we continue with this post, first, a quick primer from our friends over at It’sPronouncedMetrosexual: Got it? Great! Let’s continue. […]

Indiana Signs Anti-LGBTQA Law, Twitter in Uproar

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has a lot of explaining to do — primarily, to Twitter. Despite public outcries and vetoes from Indiana residents and companies alike, Governor Pence signed a religious freedom bill law Thursday morning last week. Critics have warned the governor that this bill would allow discrimination against the members of the LGBTQA […]

Twitter Users Make Boy’s Birthday a Success, Goes Viral [Video]

Odin Camus was supposed to have a fun 13th birthday. He and his mom Melissa were set to go bowling, his favorite sport, at an open bowling event at Lakeview Bowl in Peterborough..  They sent out invites, hoping people would drop by, wish him happy returns, and join in the fun — an no one […]

Boy Who Cried Books Peddles Printed Page On Streets

If you walk along Tomas Morato Avenue and Scout Lazcano Street in Quezon City, Phillippines, you just might be able to get your Harper Lee or George R. R. Martin fix for cheap — and help a worthy cause. Justin Adriel de Castro, 19, peddles books along these two busy streets with nary but a […]

This Girl Is On Fire: Aryana Sayeed Sings Out for Afghanistan

Aryana Sayeed is a force to be reckoned with.  When she sings, women listen, and her songs are about to bring positive change in the Land of Fire. Sayeed has brought a powerful energy into the Afghan music scene, and people have begun to stand up and take heed. CNN has dubbed her “The Afghan voice […]

Fastfood Patrons Defend Employee Against Racist Customer [Video]

ADELAIDE, Australia — When a customer angrily demanded his order be completed by a “white person” and continued to malign an employee for his ethnicity, the other patrons gave him his just desserts. In the footage below recorded  at the Hungry Jack’s Rundle St. store at 5.10pm on Friday, a man in a black shirt […]

5 Ways How DIY Experts Can Increase Leads Using Social Media

To provide help to people with their home improvement needs or personal projects, DIY experts – from people who do plumbing to those who perform asbestos removal – will need to effectively reach out to their target market. One of the better ways of doing this is by connecting with online users using social media. If you’re […]