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These Girl Scouts Returned $100,000 to a Transphobic Donor and Doubled Their Money

SEATTLE, United States (SND) — When the Girl Scouts of Western Washington received a  $100,000 donation, it seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately, it was. When the Girl Scouts of America publicly reiterated their long-held policy of allowing transgender girls to join their organization, the donor wrote a letter to the Scouts’ Washington chapter. It […]

Ted “Golden Voice” Williams is Running for President

OHIO, United States (AP) — Four years after a viral video helped lift Ted Williams out of homelessness, he’s announced plans to run for the presidency. In 2011, Williams was a homeless former voice actor whose life had been torn apart by substance abuse. Trying to get back on his feet, he stood near a busy […]

Retired Schoolteacher Pays $1K to Save Dogs From Yuelin Festival [Photos]

The Chinese Yuelin Festival, where thousands of dogs and cats are either plucked from the street or stolen from sleeping households to be butchered and sold as meat in marketplaces has raised much outrage on social media, sparking shared photos, videos, and petitions. Even personalities such as Ricky Gervais have spoken out against the festival, […]

#NationalKissingDay Goes International

June 19th marks a yearly holiday in the UK known as National Kissing Day. That name might have to change after #NationalKissingDay went international this morning. The sweet holiday dedicated to planting one on your special someone got started about ten years ago today. So, what’s National Kissing Day all about? You know, aside from the […]

#EndChildMarriageNOW: A Former Child Bride Shares Her Story

The human rights organization Unicef arranged a “Youth Takeover” of their Twitter account in honor of International Day of the African Child (#DAC2015), an annual event dedicated to raising awareness to the plight of impoverished African children. This year, the focus is on the exploitation of young girls in parts of Africa where child marriage is still practiced. Unicef’s […]

Buy a Font, Help the Homeless [Video]

Handwritten typefaces have their own unique energy and charm. The vigor you feel in the passionate strokes, the gravitas of bold lines and bars, the solitude or coziness in the kerning, and even the fragile and delicate sincerity in fine stems and arms — all these are just some of the things that make handwritten […]

Ben & Jerry’s Releases New Flavor to Fight Climate Change

Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s is not one to shy away from making statements with their ice cream, and how. From salient issues such as LGBT marriage rights and even marijuana legalization, the company is now making a step forward in the name of Planet Earth — and they’re saying it with a pint […]