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She Was Kidnapped By Terrorists, But Escaped With Her Baby

Kidnapped Nigerian Teen Found Alive With Her Baby One of the teenage girls kidnapped over two years ago by the Islamic-terrorist organization Boko Haram has been found with a baby and reunited with her mother, a doctor said Wednesday. She’s the first of the Chibok girls to be recovered since the mass abduction two years ago from […]

Second-Life Toys To Raise Awareness For Children Transplants [Video]

Second Life Toys is aiming to give a toy a second chance at life and raise awareness about a very important topic. This project aims to fix broken toys and make a metaphorical point about organ transplants. The creators of Second Life Toys hopes that more people will educate themselves on organ transplants and help […]

Blind Man Experiences Self-Portrait For The First Time Thanks To Tactile Art [Video]

One blind man’s life was forever changed as he was able to experience his own self-portrait. George Wurtzel discovered the power of tactile art. As he stumbled upon the work of Andrew Myers, a screw artist. The blind artisan and teacher fell in love with the tactile elements of Myers’ work. Myers considered this one […]

#PhonesDownEyesUp: Honda Launches Unique Safety Campaign

#PhoneDownEyesUp is a new campaign launched to help raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. With April being distracted driving awareness month, there is no better time to voice concerns. Distracted driving is one of the top reasons of auto accidents and traffic fatalities and one of the biggest distractions while driving is using […]

Good News For Tigers: Wild Population Increases For First Time in 100 Years

Good news, animal lovers. For the first time in 100 years, the wild tiger count has increased. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, around 3,890 tigers now exist in the wild, which is up from an estimated 3,200 just six years ago in 2010. “This is a pivotal step in the recovery of one of the […]

Georgia’s LGBT Community Celebrates As Governor Strikes Down Anti-Gay Law

Georgia’s LGBT+ community is celebrating after Governor Nathan Deal announced his intention to veto the ‘religious freedom’ bill that came under fire from LGBT activists for being anti-gay and broadly discriminatory. This follows threats of a statewide boycott by prominent entertainment companies like Disney and the NFL. In a statement to the press, Governor Deal said […]

Syrian Refugee Children Wind Up at Furry Convention

Talk about culture shock. The Canadian government housed Syrian refugee children in the same building where the fifth annual VancouFur convention was taking place. The furries in attendance, being the respectful folks they are, made sure to inform convention-goers that the refugees would be occupying the same space, stating: “A major concern that VancouFur has is ensuring that […]