Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: I Screwed Up Against Facebook

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt came out and told his audience at the Wall Street Journal‘s D: All Things Digital conference on Wednesday that when it came to taking Facebook head on he screwed up. As Facebook crosses the 700 million member mark and Google spends billions to catch up the company’s heavy hitter said: “Three […]

[Social Studies] Researchers Use Twitter to Test 150 Friends Theory

In the 90’s, British anthropologist Robin Dunbar discovered that our ability to connect in groups tops out at about 150 people. Sounds like a lot, but these innate limits have been seriously put to the test by the inception of online social networks. In the past, people came and went from the landscapes of our […]

Twitter Unveils New Photo Feature

At D9 today, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo gave a preview of the new Twitter photo-sharing service. The new photo-sharing service will be rolled out over the next few weeks, and will coincide with new improvements to Twitter’s search feature. Here’s a screen cap of what the new feature looks like. Photos will be hosted by […]

Twitter Announces New Search Functions, Partners With Photobucket

Twitter is jumping into the photo hosting and sharing arena full force, on the same day that the company revealed their new photo setup they have also announced two new search capabilities, the first which improves overall search capabilities and the second which allows for photo searching. The first bit of good news is a […]

Twitter Releases “Twitter Follow Button” For Websites

Following in the footsteps of the Facebook Like Box for websites, Twitter today rolled out the “Twitter Follow Button” an option that allows site visitors to click on a single button to follow companies and individuals directly. In order to gain followers in the past Twitter users had to redirect their site visitors to their […]

[Infographic] Is Facebook Affecting Your Relationship?

Courtesy of AllFacebook comes this fascinating infographic about the impact of Facebook on relationships. Like the advent of AOL and its impact on infidelity in the mid-90’s, Facebook has been to blame for a lot of relationship drama since it became a household name. The social network undoubtedly opens channels for communication that may not […]

Twitter To Launch Photo Sharing Feature, But Will Users Trust It?

Twitter is rumored to be working on a new photo sharing and hosting feature that will launch “very soon” but the real question is, who in their right mind would trust Twitter to store their photos, after all this is the same company who has failed to properly archive and allow for searching of basic […]

Next Tech Bubble Disaster? Social Media Valuations Are Out Of Control [Infographic]

LinkedIn rakes in revenue of $200 million per year, yet the company was recently valued at $9 billion when their IPO was made available to investors. On the private market SharePost has recently reported Twitter to have a $7.7 billion valuation on just $150 million per year (50x valuation), while Facebook is valued at an […]