Now Offering Gowalla, Foursquare, Meetup and Other Social Integrations

Head on over to the new and you’ll not only find new photo sharing and hosting capabilities, you’ll also discover closer integration with Amazon, Gowalla, Foursquare, AOL Video, Meetup, Plantcast and numerous other social platforms as part of the company’s new strategy to offer more features for their users to interact with. The move […]

Google Snaps Up PostRank, Part of Social Strategy Penance?

Earlier this week, we posted about Google’s regrets in parlaying its search engine prowess into social media power. (We will refrain from the obligatory rehash of the massive, flaming disaster that was Google Buzz.) Google’s fortunes in the social media realm could be set to change, with the announcement today that the company has acquired […]

[Women in Social Media] Are Females Afraid of Location Based Apps?

Obviously, I am female. (Well, I hope that’s obvious.) And I clearly have a vested interest in the study of social media, as evidenced by my role in editing this site. Ahem. Personally, I’ve used and written about social media for quite awhile. To say I was unaware of some concerns (ones I personally feel […]

Facebook Wins Big In Court: Social Networking Privacy Bill Shot Down, Ceglia Under Fire

On Thursday, Facebook and several of their large social networking competitors stomped out the social networking privacy bill known as SB 242 which would have required all social networking sites to default personal information to private while forcing users to set their own privacy settings before being allowed to use such sites. The bill, which […]

France Outlaws “Facebook” and “Twitter” Mentions On TV

In what can only be described as one of the dumbest network broadcasting rules we have ever heard, officials in France this week banned the words “Facebook” and “Twitter” from the television. Under the strange law newscasters may only refer to both social networks if the networks themselves make the news, while they can not […]

Twitter Photo Hosting: Don’t Worry You Own Your Photos

If you heard news today that Twitter will own your photos it’s time to take a deep breath and relax, it turns out that information is 100% false. Rumors of Twitter photo ownership started today when Courtney Boyd Myers at The Next Web asked Photobucket CEO Tom Munro who owned the users work, to which […]