[Social Geography] Global Map of the Facebook Empire

Although Facebook has seen some significant decreases in traffic over the past few months, it’s interesting to look at how far the social network has come on a global scale. The maps below, via AllFacebook, illustrate Facebook’s global dominance over the past few months and years. While there are notable exceptions in Russia- parts of […]

Mark Zuckerberg Launches Facebook Page…For His Puppy!

I have questioned The Social Network since the movie debuted, after all how could a guy who has already pledged to give most of his money away to charities be the mean jerk he was portrayed to be and now Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has softened his image further, launching a Facebook page for his […]

Twitter As An Educational Tool? This Teacher Proves It Works

A recent survey found that nearly 2,000 teachers thought of Twitter, Facebook and other social networking tools as nothing more than a distraction to their students, calling it a “harmful experience towards learning,” however Los Angeles teacher Enrique Legaspi not only disagreed with those educators, he decided to implement social networking into his classroom as […]

[Infographic] Online Education is Outpacing the Classroom

Via Mashable, a stunning infographic from OnlineEducation.net illustrating the impact of online learning. The basic processes of education are quickly changing due to the availability of online learning materials and organizations like Khan University. The infographic below breaks down just a few of those staggering numbers- like that 67% of colleges cannot keep up with […]

Foursquare Product Boss Pokes Fun At Facebook “Happening Now” Feature

Facebook’s new “Happening Now” feature is meant to act as a “live” version of the News Feed and in fact it sits right next to the users current news feeds, a fact that made Foursquare product boss Alex Rainart Tweet: “Yo dawg, I heard you like newsfeeds so we put a newsfeed in your newsfeed.. […]

BeeTV HD iPad App Makes TV Watching A Social Experience

With a bazillion network and cable TV channels to choose from it can become quite easy to get lost in the mess of shows currently available to watch, however BeeTV hopes to rectify that situation with their new iPad app which allows users to receive personalized recommendations and share the shows they watch with friends. […]

Iceland Crowdsourcing New Constitution to Facebook

What better way to find out what the people want than to, you know, ask them? Iceland is opening the floor to anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account in order to help draft its new constitution. Iceland is recovering from a massive financial collapse that shut down its banks and government. Now that the […]