WordPress.com Integrates Twitter and Facebook Commenting With Traditional System

WordPress.com blogs are now offering visitors the option to sign in with their Facebook and Twitter account to leave comments. Users still also have the option to leave a “Guest” comment without logging in or to leave comments as a WordPress user. The new option is meant to provide a much more robust commenting system […]

Facebook Changes Privacy Policy, Turns On Facial Recognition For Millions Of Visitors

Facebook facial recognition technology was revealed towards the end of 2010 and offers users the option to have photographs automatically tagged, at the time of the announcement the program was not made available so users couldn’t choose to turn it on or off at will, however many users are not reporting that the program is […]

[Infographic] Airlines and Social Media Today, At a Glance

Simpliflying did a study about the use of social media by airlines- and they’ve compiled the results into a handy infographic. The infographic is just an overview, but fascinating. It will be interesting to see the more detailed information when it’s released. Do you follow any airlines on social media? Which sites and which airlines? […]

Foodspotting Offers Trip to Ireland to One Lucky User

Sharing pictures of food on social networks is a kind of “love it or hate it” activity. As an early food-pic-sharer, I happen to be quite fond of the practice. (Which leads to several “WTF?” comments on Facebook when I post a new pic of my disco fries.) Which is why I was so impressed […]

German Teenager Accidentally Invites 15,000 Facebook Users To Birthday Party

When you accidentally invite 15,000 Facebook users to your 16th birthday party you probably worry and when 1,500 actually show up it’s still not the best of circumstances, but that’s exactly what happened to a girl in Germany. Users of Facebook quickly received word of the party which was happening at the girls grandparents “undisclosed […]