The Social Platforms To Keep An Eye On This 2017

Social networking is a dominant part of today’s society, and that has made social networks great investments. The start of 2017 comes with an inherent need to evaluate the social media world, and although it can be hard to lay out concrete facts, some trends paint a clear enough picture of what to expect. Online […]

Scientists Ask Twitter To Find The #BestBeard In Nature

A group of scientists are causing a riot on Twitter. You might of seen the trending #BestBeard, but it has nothing to do with the manly man in your life. The Scientific Community is looking to social media to help them find the best beard in nature. The organization is known to bring the burning […]

Swish And Pay: Leave Your Wallet At Home With This High Tech Scarf

A UK-based payment company has put contactless payment technology in a scarf to help ease the Christmas shopping queues this festive period. Working the same way contactless debit or credit cards, the Swish and Payscarf is designed for the consumer already laden with bags at the checkout. Rather than rummaging for their wallet or purse, the […]

4 Key Areas of Focus to Start Selling More through Social Media

Social media has changed a lot of things. Not only has it changed how we connect with millions of people around the world and also instantly receive news as it breaks, it’s also changed the way brands connect with their audience, while also turning regular conversations and content into lead generation machines. Today there are […]

New Feature Uses Shoppable Instagram To Turn Those Followers Into Dollars

For those businesses looking to get the most out of their Instagram pages, the latest Yotpo’s feature can help turn your posts into profits. Shoppable Instagram is the latest feature to be released by the visual marketing company, Yotpo. The feature will allow you to turn your Instagram account into a one of a kind […]

Sad Kermit Meme Is All Of Us in 2016

Oh, Kermit. It was all supposed to start out so innocently. This particular tweet was supposed to be reassuring, but it seems the internet always has it ways of taking things off the beaten path — and into darker territory than we care to admit. Case in point, this original post: when u give urself a […]

The Newest Trend Has People Dying For The Perfect ‘Killfies’,

Some people are literally killing themselves all for the sake of the newest selfie trend: killfies. These dangerous snapshots consist of the person taking a selfie while doing something death-defying, such as hanging of a cliff or holding a gun to their head. You might be thinking it is all fun and games, but hundreds […]

7 Tools for Increase Social Media Engagement and ROI

Social media has completely changed the way people use the internet and businesses connect with customers around the world. Do you remember the internet before the days of MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter? If you do, it was more of a one-way conversation than anything else. You would have a website, create content and then just […]