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Mice Prefer Action Movies to Porn, Study Suggests

Mice may prefer watching mouse-action movies to mouse-pornography, according to a team of Japanese researchers. Led by Shigeru Watanabe of Keio University, the team played videos for mice on iPods and noted how long the mice paid attention. The subjects were shown three different videos: one was sniffing related, another pornographic (for a mouse), and another […]

10 Percent of Graduates Think Judge Judy is a Member of the Supreme Court

Statistics have the power to make us act, make us angry, or make us sad. This poll conducted by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni will certainly provoke the latter two feelings. Conducted in 2015, the researchers found that America’s college graduates are depressingly ignorant of American history, politics, and law. The most damning of the […]

Fighting Crime Through Instagram

In one of our previous articles, we’ve focused on how social media can be used as a viable tool for tracking and locking down on crime. However, did you know that Instagram can actually be used as a tool for crime-fighting? Officer Eduard Ochoa of the San Francisco Police Department is currently its “Instagram Officer”. His […]

What the #@&? People Who Swear Might Be Smarter [Science]

Oh, #@&$! According to new research, people who are good at swearing might possess an important ‘verbal advantage.’ These findings stand in stark contrast to the long-held notion of “poverty of vocabulary,” the notion that people who use swear words often do so because they lack a large enough vocabulary to “properly” express themselves.

Analysis Ranks Presidential Candidates By Their Supporters’ Grammar

What does your political affiliation say about your grammar? A lot, according to a new study by Grammarly. The proofreading app decided to conduct an experiment wherein they ranked 2016 presidential candidates by their supporters’ grammar. The results won’t be surprising to some, but must come as a shock to others. The result that stands out in […]

Eating Alone? Want a Better-Tasting Meal? Get a Mirror [Science]

When you’re used to making meals for two and suddenly find yourself having to eat your meals alone, life can get very miserable indeed — and your brain sure knows it. Suddenly, the world loses its color, everything tastes of paper, and there’s just no more joy to eating even your favorite dishes. It’s all […]

Blind People Not Immune To Racism, According to Study

Using simple, black and white logic, it may seem odd that blind people are just as capable of making racial assumptions as sighted ones. But there’s more to racism than meets the eye. ome people claim they don’t “see color”, meaning they don’t use race to distinguish individuals. Some people can’t see at all, and it […]

PornHub Reveals America’s Top 5 Searches [Safe for Work]

Learn what Americans have been searching for on the world’s most-watched pornographic website. ver wondered what your fellow countrymen (or countrywomen) are getting off to? Maybe not, but you have to admit to being at least a little bit curious. Now, that question has been answered in the form of this totally safe-for-work educational video, […]