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Analysis Ranks Presidential Candidates By Their Supporters’ Grammar

What does your political affiliation say about your grammar? A lot, according to a new study by Grammarly. The proofreading app decided to conduct an experiment wherein they ranked 2016 presidential candidates by their supporters’ grammar. The results won’t be surprising to some, but must come as a shock to others. The result that stands out in […]

Eating Alone? Want a Better-Tasting Meal? Get a Mirror [Science]

When you’re used to making meals for two and suddenly find yourself having to eat your meals alone, life can get very miserable indeed — and your brain sure knows it. Suddenly, the world loses its color, everything tastes of paper, and there’s just no more joy to eating even your favorite dishes. It’s all […]

Blind People Not Immune To Racism, According to Study

Using simple, black and white logic, it may seem odd that blind people are just as capable of making racial assumptions as sighted ones. But there’s more to racism than meets the eye. ome people claim they don’t “see color”, meaning they don’t use race to distinguish individuals. Some people can’t see at all, and it […]

PornHub Reveals America’s Top 5 Searches [Safe for Work]

Learn what Americans have been searching for on the world’s most-watched pornographic website. ver wondered what your fellow countrymen (or countrywomen) are getting off to? Maybe not, but you have to admit to being at least a little bit curious. Now, that question has been answered in the form of this totally safe-for-work educational video, […]

Dogs Will Snub People Who Are Mean To Their Humans [Science]

We all know the phrase “Love me, love my dog”. However, be mindful not to cross this if you’re the type who wants to keep seeing your ex’s dog, because you could find yourself getting down on your knees and begging for mercy from the pooch more than the person. A recent study in Kyoto […]

Extroverts Least Likely to Go Green, Study Suggests

Extroverts are principally concerned with their fellow human beings and all matters outside of the “self”. But new research published in Futures suggests older extroverts may be “too busy” with social matters to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The study was conducted by the University of Portsmouth Business School, and surveyed 204 older consumers in the UK. The study’s […]

Scientists Find RBCs in Dino Fossils — Hello Real-life Jurassic Park?

With the recent release of the movie Jurassic World, it seems Time has played one elaborate and rather timely joke on us. (badum-tish!) A recent finding shows that soft tissue and red blood cells has been discovered in a 75-million-year old fossil. And what’s more than that? The fossil had been sitting in the London […]

McDonalds Branch Uses Classical Music to Diffuse Violence

It’s said that music can calm the savage beast, and that’s exactly what this McDonald’s branch is set to put to the test. The McDonald’s branch on Glasgow’s Argyle Street has suffered a bad rash of rowdy behavior from patrons for far too long. They’ve practically had to call in the police 200 times in […]