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Young Adults Trust Twitter Less Than Traditional News Sources

“They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true” Or so says the pretty girl in an old State Farm commercial. It is a perception that many of us hold. Not that all information on the internet is true but that someone, somewhere actually does think that, even though I doubt any of us have […]

Teachers Report Being Cyberbullied By Students And Parents On Social Media [Study]

It appears teenagers are not the only ones subjected to cyberbullying on Facebook and Twitter, as more teachers are reporting an increase in abuse from students, and some parents, on social media sites. A recent survey, conducted by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) in the UK, found educators are facing […]

Facebook Influences Veil-Wearing Trends In Iranian Women

The use of social media, sites like Facebook and Twitter, can sway attitudes and behaviors across vast cultures and religious groups worldwide. For example, a recent study found trends among veil-wearing Iranian women have been influenced by Facebook, as many express a liberal wiliness to post pictures sans the headdress on their profiles. There are […]

Facebook Photos Still Receiving Most Engagement For Brand Pages

Having a hard time gaining engagement on your Facebook page? You might want to consider using more photo posts. A new study by SocialBakers finds that Facebook photos still receive the highest level of engagement among all forms of posting on the network. To conduct its survey SocialBakers looked at three different Facebook page sizes […]

Twitter Reveals America’s Beer Preference

Researchers have used data from Tweets from the 48 continental United States (but oddly, not Alaska or Hawaii) to determine what Americans are drinking by region. The study was revealed in a chapter of the book The Geography of Beer. Researchers looked at data from over a million geotagged tweets and used that data to figure out […]

Moviegoers Are Taking Their Cues From Social [Nielsen Study]

These days moviegoers are not just relying on movie critics to give theatrical releases two thumbs up in their local newspapers. Instead, they have started to gravitate towards Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Regular viewers, movie reviewers, and others, are now using tweets, hashtags, and even photos, to attract attention to their impressions […]

Twitter Users Are Highly Engaged With Tweets About Their Favorite Shows

Twitter has become a major source of “second screen” engagement for TV show producers. In fact, some lower rated shows, such as Community, have only managed to stay on-air because of their highly engaged Twitter demographics. A new study by Twitter, Fox and industry-backed group the Advertiser Research Foundation, showcases the importance of Twitter. According […]

Social Media Platforms That Drive The Most Sales

Shopify has published an infographic created by compiling data from the merchants on its platform to determine which social media channels contribute the most to ecommerce sales. They sought to help business owners answer questions such as if tweeting is really doing anything for their bottom line, and if they should be on Pinterest and […]

Facebook Tracked 185 Million Real-Time Super Bowl XLVIII Interactions

Facebook has collected data from its network to conclude that 50 million football fans engaged in 185 million interactions during Super Bowl XLVIII. Over the last year Facebook has really been touting its ability to engage in real-time communications about live events. Tracking live events is an area dominated by Twitter. According to the social […]

Study Shows How Memes Evolve On Facebook

A recent study shows that memes on Facebook evolve much like a game of telephone, distorting their original intention for something else. Using a specific example, Facebook’s data scientists were able to show how one meme was distorted into 121,605 variants that appeared in 1.14 million status updates. Here’s the original meme: “No one should […]

Social Media Hasn’t Enabled Us To ‘Scale’ Friend Capacity, Oxford Study Suggests

The illusion social media presents of streamlining friendships may have something to it — allowing us to pare down on rote announcements, invites or shares — but it hasn’t increased our capacity to connect meaningfully on a larger scale, new research out of Oxford indicates. Social media has often been analyzed in regards to its […]

[Update] How Morton’s Steakhouse Won Over Social Media After Cancer Patient Controversy

Popular chain Morton’s Steakhouse found itself on the losing side of the power of social reviewing this week, when a situation at their Nashville branch was described in a Yelp review that later went viral and caused big headaches for the chain. Social News Daily covered the initial Morton’s Steakhouse social media firestorm, which looked […]

Google+ Unmasked: User Base For Not-Facebook Detailed

Poor Google+ has been the butt of endless jokes since it was released … sometime in the past, we can’t really remember when. Alas, Google+ has not caught on in the same way lots of other social networks have managed, remaining a sort of afterthought for users who are in more of a Facebook cycle […]

Social Media Is Destroying Sex, Claims U.K. Study

If you live in the U.K. there is the very real chance that you are having less sex these days. A new study commissioned by the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, claims that U.K. residents are getting their groove on less because of social media use. The poll asked 15,000 Brits about their […]

JP Morgan Joins, Flees Twitter After Cyberbullying

JP Morgan learned the hard way this week to stay off social media if you don’t want to engage with the community on their terms — and a hashtag, #AskJPM, remains in play following the epic social media firestorm. While JP Morgan’s Twitter experiment didn’t last long or end well for the company, the lingering […]

Tweets With Images Receive 150% More Retweets, New Data Shows

Twitter recently introduced new media previews on the web and via its mobile apps, and images or Vines now appear by default. According to social sharing service Buffer, this has lead to a 150 percent increase in retweets for tweets that contain images. There was also an 18 percent increase in clicks, and an 89 […]

College Admissions Officers Are Checking Social Media, Could Deny Your Application

What you post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks could hurt your chances of getting into your college of choice. A new study from Kaplan has found that 31% of college admission officers check social media to see if an applicant would make a good fit at their educational institution. That number is […]

Social Media Meets College Admissions, Suddenly SAT Is Less Important

The role of social media in college admissions is one that there’s no prep class for — but a growing trend of using Twitter and Facebook as part of an overall candidate profile is one prospective students can’t ignore. Of course, much panic surrounds the issue of social media propriety in work and in education, […]

Digg Drives 3x More Traffic To Site Than Top Social Networks

Digg was once in its prime, boasting millions of monthly unique visitors, but a string of bad decisions had users leaving the social bookmarking service in droves. Acquired for just $500,000 in July 2012, it has since been completely rebuilt from the ground up. While many have written off Digg, according to Marketing Land Editor-In-Chief […]

Facebook Knows Who You Are Dating With 50% Certainty

The Facebook social graph is able to predict with a great level of certainty who you are currently dating, sleeping with, and more. A new study published by Facebook and Cornell University suggests that the social network can determine with about 50 percent accuracy who you are in a relationship with at any given time. […]