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Batkid Begins: The Trailer That Will Make You Cry

A while back, many of us caught wind of an incident that warmed our hearts. For the Make-A-Wish foundation, a young boy with cancer named Miles Scott who wanted nothing more than to be Batman for a day. Make-A-Wish banded together with a great many San Francisco locals to help this young boy realize his […]

From ‘Jaws’ To ‘Paws'; #SoftenAFilm Is Giving Movie Titles A Cozy Twist

Yet another creative hashtag is getting Twitter users to post their hilarious creations. Yesterday, we were treated to #RejectedPairings, now we have #SoftenAFilm. The trending hashtag has users take a scary or negative movie title and transforming it into something happier and friendlier. For example, American Sniper would become American Snuggler American Snuggler #SoftenAFilm […]

“GOT, That Was Not Okay”: Twitter Reacts to #BlackWedding

Okay, GOT fans. Let’s assess. First, there was #RedWedding.  then there as #PurpleWedding. And now, we have #BlackWedding. Clearly, social media felt it was absolutely, irrevocably not okay. Did Sean Bean (Daddy Ned Stark himself) knew what was coming all along? and more importantly, was he trying to warn us?  Feminist Geek site The Mary […]

Vagina Weight Lifter Begins European Tour And She Needs Your Help

Kim Anami is a well-known weightlifter, only her choice of lifting is a bit… unique. She lifts various objects using her vagina. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Bali Series. Backbend with Lady Finger bananas. These tiny bananas, which grow in a fan shape, are the sweetest you’ll ever taste. One of my favourite tropical fruits. In Ubud, Bali. […]

Drunk Driver Arrested And You Won’t Believe What Else She Was Doing

Talk about multitasking… An Orlando, Florida woman was arrested for drunk driving, but authorities say there is much more to the story. A Volusia County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over the 33-year-old mother early Tuesday morning for an altered temporary tag and a child unrestrained. The police officer discovered much more. The deputy said he immediately […]

Why Shredded Wheat Is The Most Hated Brand On Social Media

Brands and companies have begun a social media war. It is a battle to get the most likes, the most interactions and hopefully, the most positive feedback. This online interaction could result in huge financial gains for these companies. According to CNBC, a new study is taking a look at who’s winning and who’s losing. […]

Peanut Butter And Nelly? #RejectedPairings Trending On Twitter

What exactly is a #RejectedPairings? Rachel and Joey. Rachel and Joey #RejectedPairings — FriendsShow (@FriendsShow) May 19, 2015 Star Wars and Star Trek movie. A Star Wars and Star Trek Movie #RejectedPairings — Fusilli Jane (@spencedbyus) May 19, 2015 Getting Away With It and Those Meddling Kids #RejectedPairings #ScoobyDoo — Kevin F. Smith […]

Veteran Smashes Car Window To Save Dog

It’s said that every dog has its day, but when a dog was found left alone without water inside a Mustang under temperatures climbing up to 105 degrees in the parking lot of a shopping center in Athens, Georgia, Desert Storm veteran Michael Hammon didn’t have to think twice. “I just did what had to […]

Selfless Sikh Uses Turban To Save Boy’s Life

Kindness knows no religion, knows no creed. Harman Singh, 22, was when he suddenly heard the screeching of automobiles and a loud hubbub happening outside his home along Manuroa Road in Takanini, Auckland, New Zealand. He went out to investigate, and found a young boy bleeding on the road, sorely in need of medical attention. […]

Cheese Expert Insures Nose For Millions — Again

This man certainly nose a lot about cheese. Nigel Pooley, 69, has been sniffing and nibbling different kinds of cheeses for a living, working as cheese expert at Wyke Farms, one of the biggest dairy product manufacturers in Britain. His finely-tuned sense of smell has helped him determine when a particular type of cheese has […]

6 Top Celebs That Have a Samsung Phone

Even if you’re not mad into social media, it’s hard to miss celebrity selfies. Let’s face it: Kim Kardashian’s selfie skills are the stuff of legend and draw thousands of social media interactions. Smartphone makers are taking notice, too. Legendary marketing guru Mitch Kanner partnered with Samsung to promote its new line of Galaxy phones […]

Elderly Man Calls 911 for Food, Watch What Happens [Video]

A little human kindness makes every meal a feast. Clarence Blackmon, 81, had just come back from the hospital after months of chemotherapy and other treatments for his cancer. He came home to see an empty refrigerator, with absolutely nothing to eat — and he was hungry. Frail, alone in his home in Fayetteville, California, […]

Yet Another Billionaire Playboy Strives To Be #KingOfInstagram

The battle for the title of #KingOfInstagram is getting a little larger. We’ve all seen the decadent social media displays of wealth from Dan Bilzerian and Tony Toutouni, two billionaire playboys who love to show off their plethora of money, women and ultimate luxuries. Well, it seems one Australian man is looking to claim the […]

Domino’s To Launch Tweet-a-Pizza

See that pizza up there? the one with all the delicious bubbly cheese, sizzling peperoni, and that knee-weakening glaze of 100% tastiness that’s absolutely hard to beat? Soon, you could be having that party in your mouth right now — and it’s as simple as a tweet away. Domino’s will launch its newest campaign to […]

Video Game Explores the Experience of Alzheimer’s [Video]

Imagine waking up to what seems to be an unfamiliar yet cozy living room. the grandfather clock chimes the hour, and a fire crackles with warmth in the hearth. You decide to get up and explore the place for clues — sympathy greeting cards on the lintel, wedding photographs of couples, a voice message recording […]

Missing Cat Found In a Shipping Container Across Australia

One cat’s unbelievable and extraordinary journey across the Outback will end in a little girl and a joyful homecoming. No, that isn’t the tag line for the latest adventure family coming to you on DVD, but something that really happened earlier in Brisbane, Queensland. The story all starts with a little girl and her cat. […]

Olympian Uses Javelin To Pull Daughter’s Tooth [Video]

Olympian decathlete champion, Bryan Clay practiced some amateur dentistry with his daughter, Ellie. The athlete tweeted out a video of him using a javelin to help remove his daughter’s loose tooth. What you use javelins for once you're retired. — Bryan Clay (@bryanclay) May 6, 2015 The 2008 Olympian and gold medal winner captioned […]

New Tinder Trend Has Guys Sending Girls Free Pizza

Let the Tinder games begin! It seems a new trend has girls using Tinder to get free food. Basically, these girls made up a competition. Who could get the most guys to send pizza, some even got the guys to send sushi. Tinder must be where desperate people go, because these girls received tons of […]

Pizza Hut App Saves Woman and Child From Hostage Situation

Pizza seems to always save the day. One lady used the Pizza Hut app to get help for her and her son after her boyfriend held them hostage. Cheryl Treadway had been arguing with her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson. Nickerson became enraged and pulled out a large knife. He then refused to allow Treadway or her […]

Director, Joss Whedon, Leaves Twitter Amidst Death Threats

Film director, Joss Whedon has decided to leave Twitter behind. It seems his latest film, Avengers: Age of Ultron has been receiving some serious criticism. Whedon reportedly has even recieved death threats via Twitter from Marvel fans angry at the film’s new plot twist. Whedon made the decision to leave the social media world after […]