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Add Pizazz To Your Message With PingTank [Video]

With emojis being all the craze, a new app is taking the fun to a whole new level. PingTank for Messenger allows users to overlay their posts with lipstick kisses, rage faces, an animated 3D puppy licking the screen, a pop star like Taylor Swift walking across the photo, and scores of other animations that […]

Ben Hardy in X-Men: Apocalypse, Character Confirmed

It isn’t news that Ben Hardy has been cast in the upcoming film, X-Men: Apocalypse, but it was unclear which character he would play. Finally, X-Men’s director, Bryan Singer has announced that Hardy will play Angel. As the Montreal production gets closer, many were speculating if Angel would appear in the movie and who would […]

Ed Sheeran Goes Nuts over “GOT” Gift [video]

Ed Sheeran is into swords. Like, really, really into swords. He’s had a bit of an almost-fatal accident with Taylor Swift and an authentic replica of a sword from Lord of The Rings (and those replicas are as real as they can get, mind you, including sharp edges and all), but T-Swizzle’s cool with it, […]

Diverse Emojis Introduced To Iphone

Emojis have become a text message staple, so iPhone users were thrilled to hear a new set had been released. When iPhone users update to the new iOS 8.3, they can access a very diverse set of emojis. The set includes mostly people emojis and are a change from the tradition options. “There are new […]

Mr. Burger & Ms. King to Wed; BK Foots The Bill [Video]

Their names may have gotten them a lot of ribbing through the years, but it certainly hasn’t stopped them from having a wonderful life together. And now, guess who’s coming to the wedding to make it extra-special. Meet Joel Burger and Ashley King. These two certainly seemed destined to be together, and other people could certainly […]

Moms Creates STEM-Inspired Fashion Line For Girls [Video]

Jennifer Muhm’s and Malorie Catchpole’s daughters are reaching for the stars with their dreams. One of them loved trains; the other wanted to become an astronaut. The little was so excited for Halloween, and wanted badly to go in a tiny NASA orange jumpsuit. However, the costume catalog that arrived on their front door broke […]

Carly Rae Jepsen Debuts “All That” on SNL [Video]

Carly Rae Jepsen is really, really into 80’s music nowadays. After she’d graduated from the meme-tastic and earworm-worthy summer anthem “Call Me Maybe”, she next graced us with “I Really Like You”, the song we all wish had been on the playlist at our prom — or at the very least, the song that played […]

Cards Against Humanity Creates Pack For a Good Cause

Ah, yes, Cards Against Humanity. That wonderful, wonderful card game that brings out the sleaziest, dirtiest, goriest sides of our humor, all in the name of good, clean, harmless fun. (of course, your mileage may vary for what,”good, clean, harmless fun” is, but we’ll leave you to decide on that.) For all the sniggering and […]

Joni Mitchell’s Condition Gets Better, Fans Relieved

On March 31, Folk Music luminary Joni Mitchell was found unconscious Tuesday afternoon in her home, rushed to the hospital and placed in an intensive care unit.  Fans the world over sent wishes and love to the 71-year-old musician, and hoped for the best of the situation. “Light a candle and sing a song, let’s […]

YouTube Security Flaw Gave Researcher Ability To Delete All Content [Video]

Mass chaos would ensue if the world woke up one morning to discover that every video on YouTube had been deleted and apparently, it almost happened. Due to a security flaw, the massive video sharing website was let open to destruction. In the hands of the wrong person, this could of been devastating. Fortunately, one […]

James Corden Falls for Katie Couric’s Prank on April Fools [Video + Poll]

James Corden was in for a bit of a shock when Katie Couric, Best-selling Author and Anchorwoman extraordinaire, tripped as she fixed her shoe and came tumbling down the entrance stairs on his talk show. It as a surreal moment on late-night TV as the personality fell helplessly as the band played on, the audience members […]

Trans* Visibility Day Creates Beauty and Love on Social Media

On March 31, the Trans* flag flew free and proud over social media skies as users on Twitter and Tumblr came forth in all their glorious, resplendent selves this International Transgender Day of Visibility. Before we continue with this post, first, a quick primer from our friends over at It’sPronouncedMetrosexual: Got it? Great! Let’s continue. […]

Dad Uses Camaro To Help Kid Lose First Tooth [Video]

Call it child abuse or creative dentistry, this dad used his beloved Camaro to help pull his kid’s first tooth. Doorknobs are so last year, so this father takes it to the next level. He ties a string around his 8-year-old son’s loose tooth and attaches the other end to his fender. Note that his […]

Mother’s Apology For Kids’ Behaviors Goes Viral

One Alabama mom’s actions after her children misbehaved at a movie theater has gone viral. Kyesha Smith Wood, of Birmingham, Alabama dropped her son, daughter and stepdaughter off at the local theater to see Cinderella. Her son is a teenager, while the girls are 13. When she picked her children up, her son revealed that […]

New ‘Daily Show’ Host Already Surrounded By Controversy, Twitter Reacts

Just yesterday, Trevor Noah was a seemingly unknown comedian, who was named the new host of Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show.’ Overnight, he became one of the most talked about comedians and now, it may not be for the best reasons. A look back into his past social media activity uncovered some pretty tasteless jokes. […]

Indiana Signs Anti-LGBTQA Law, Twitter in Uproar

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has a lot of explaining to do — primarily, to Twitter. Despite public outcries and vetoes from Indiana residents and companies alike, Governor Pence signed a religious freedom bill law Thursday morning last week. Critics have warned the governor that this bill would allow discrimination against the members of the LGBTQA […]

Rowling’s “The Casual Vacancy” is now an HBO Series [Video]

J.K. Rowling’s heart-pounding whodunnit novel “The Casual Vacancy” is coming soon to your late-night viewing as a three-part series on HBO. “The Casual Vacancy” revolves around the charming, idyllic town of Pagford and its residents. On the surface, Pagford is pleasant and all is well, but there highly-charged tensions and rivalries roil underneath the facade. […]

Monica Lewinsky on Shame and Cyber-bullying [TED Video]

After more than a decade of public silence, Monica Lewinsky comes out into the open to share her story in the context of public shaming and cyber-bullying in a TED Talk this week. Lewinsky opens her talk with a short anecdote of a man who tried flirting with her: “You know what his unsuccessful pickup […]

Zooey Deschanel Talks Pregnancy With Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

“Congratulations! Either you’re pregnant or you’ve smuggled a cantaloupe out of the green room,” quips Jimmy Kimmel. “I’m pregnant?!” Zooey Deschanel good-naturedly kids on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last Thursday. Zooey came on the show looking adorable in her red frock and black tights, and we are so glad her style translates so well into her […]

‘Star Wars’ Tatooine Has Become Way Station for ISIS

Authorities have begun to warn “Star Wars” fans from real-life Tatooine, as ISIS activity has been spotted near the area. Tatouine, which lent it’s name to George Lucas’ desert planet Tatooine, has unfortunately become a way station for terrorists entering Libya to join the terrorist group, sources report. CNN reports that two cahces of armaments […]