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Find out Why These Women Are Photoshopping Men’s Nipples over Theirs

In 2013, police officers in New York City were issued department-wide memos with a simple reminder: do not arrest women going topless in public. This came after the NYPD paid $40,000 to Holly Van Voast, a performance artist who had been unlawfully arrested multiple times for exposing her breasts in public. Across the Western world, steps are being […]

One Guy, Two Guitars: Amazing Sweet Child O’ Mine Cover [Video]

Some people have trouble patting their heads and rubbing their stomachs at the same time. Up-and-coming Italian guitar player Luca Stricagnoli can do something most of us have a hard time imagining: tap out a pitch-perfect and harmonically beautiful cover of Guns n Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with not one, but two guitars—simultaneously. Yesterday, he uploaded a […]

The 5 Best Dressed Dogs of Instagram

Let’s face it: love them or hate them, dressed dogs have their share of OOTD posts on Instagram. Instagramers have elevated the dog fashion shoot into an art form, where their pooches sit, stay and smize for the camera in sartorial splendor. So let’s get started and look at the best looks of the five […]

A Streetcat Named Bob: How One Feral Cat Saved a Man’s Life [Video]

James Bowen was down and out with his luck. He found himself homeless, surviving the chilly nights alone on the streets, struggling against his own addiction problem. All he had to his name were a guitar, and what little money he had left. However, his life changed for the better, thanks to an unexpected friend. […]

The Best Memes To Celebrate Fourth Of July

There is no better way to show your American patriotism on Fourth of July than posting memes to social media. So, with the fourth of July being the day to show your pride, we have you covered. The Internet has tons of memes just waiting to let freedom ring. And, lucky you, we have tracked […]

Thanks To KFC, Pizza Fried Chicken Is Now A Thing

Fried chicken is pretty amazing. Pizza is great too. So, a combination of the two is enough to make your taste buds explode. Well, KFC has answered our food prayers and created crispy pizza fried chicken. Yes, you read that right. KFC restaurants in Hong Kong are now serving Napoli Crispy Pizza chicken. Advertised as […]

Stephen Colbert And Eminem Take Over Public Access Show

MICHIGAN, United States (SND) — Talk show host and political satirist Stephen Colbert surprised the Michigan town of Monroe with a temporary takeover of the local public access show “Only in Monroe”. The hilarious 41 minute program originally aired at midnight on Michigan’s Mpac station, but went viral on YouTube soon afterward. The show began with […]

Dead in Eight Seconds: Body Cams Capture Police Shooting

Warning: this article contains disturbing content, including graphic video.   PALESTINE, Texas (SND) — James Bushey moved to Palestine, Texas after “losing everything”. He had been through a divorce, was abusing alcohol, and needed a job. “He was just a good guy and down on his luck,” Said his brother, Jeff. The Bushey brothers had been living together while […]