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Why Ranking for Your Name in Google and Social Media is Important

Have you ever Google’d yourself, or searched for your name on Twitter or Facebook? You likely have. Even more so if you are a business, brand or famous personality. No matter who, where, what and why you are searching online… there is a good chance a lot of people come up for your name in […]

This Awesome Unicorn Halloween Costume Is Taking Over Pinterest

Halloween is right around the corner and many of us procrastinators will soon begin searching for a costume. If you are anything like me, Pinterest quickly becomes your best friend. There are literally thousands of photos for plenty of costume inspiration. However, one costume seems to be catching everyone’s interest. This magical unicorn costume is […]

The Newest Selfie Trend That Has People Risking Their Phones For A High-Five

The Internet has done it again, yet another selfie trend that has left us scratching our heads. The high five selfie trend has swept social media and left many with broken or cracked phones all in the name of likes. The strange trend seems to have all started after one college student’s selfie went viral. […]

Doug the Pug is on an Insta London Adventure

When you’ve got a dog as cute as Doug the Pug taking on the grand city of London, you’re sure to come away with a dozen Instagram shots that’ll be exactly your cup of tea. Doug is taking London by storm promoting his book Doug The Pug — King of The Internet, and fans just […]

Letting Small Businesses In On The New World of Video

People love watching videos. In fact, watching videos has recently become the most popular online activity. From drunk people to furry animals, we seem to just really enjoy seeing and hearing moving things. People are now spending more time watching digital videos than they do on social media. According to eMarketer, as of 2015, users […]

StreamSpread Ushers in a New Wave of Web Advertising

Have a quirky live stream video to share with the world? Then you’ll understand the struggle that comes with the daunting process of finding suitable websites to place your video. Well, it’s time to bid an adieu to the days of manual livestream uploads. StreamSpread is here to serve as the bridge between livestream channels […]

Why Is Everyone Changing Their Phone Background To Kanye West?

Your phone’s lock screen says a lot of about you and your personality. So, whether you choose to use a picture of you and your friends or a hilarious picture, make it count. One Twitter user showed off his choice of lock screen image: a snapshot of Kanye West. You might of seen the image […]