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“Chef Jaques La Merde” Pokes Fun at Ritzy Restos on Instagram

Chef Jaques La Merde is a culinary force to be reckoned with on Instagram. A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on Nov 20, 2015 at 8:38pm PST This faceless food virtuoso has plated amazing and elegant delights that are a feast for the eyes. A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on Oct 17, 2015 at 7:00am PDT […]

Who Says Money Can’t Buy Love? [Infographic]

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. That means many will empty their wallets to shower their loved one with gifts. Flowers, chocolates, expensive dinners… what exactly makes up the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Thanks to our friends over at The Shelf, we know exactly where all that money goes.. The creative minds over at […]

Meet Dr. Evan, Instagram’s Hottest Veterinarian

With the influx of hot doctor in 2015, you may find yourself wondering, “where’s a hot veterinarian when you need one?” Meet Dr. Evan Antin. He’s an animal expert as well as an exotic animal veterinarian working at  Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in California. Armed with his expertise, kind demeanor, and dashingly handsome looks, he’s […]

Muslim Women Show David Cameron What #TraditionallySubmissive Looks Like

Nope, David Cameron, Muslim women aren’t as “traditionally submissive” as you might think. Oh yeah, and a good number of them can speak and understand English very, very well, kthnxbai. Earlier this January, David Cameron blamed the growing Daesh recruitment on “traditionally submissive” Muslim women who should “learn English to prevent their sons from turning to extremism”. […]

Man Has Fear of Lemons, Shoots Coworker

Okay, we know life is tough. When it hands you lemons, you just don’t, you know, murder someone. Unfortunately, that’s exactly one forester did in Turkey. Why? His co-worker, a Ramazan Kavakalan, a 42-year-old forestry worker, knowing full well he had a deep-seated phobia of lemons decided to prank him and present him with a […]

Restoes Shuts Down After Lacing Food With Opium to ‘Hook’ Patrons

We’ve heard how the spiciness of Sichuan-style cooking can get addicting, but lacing your Chinese takeout with Opium? That’s just taking it too far. 35 Chinese restaurants have been found with evidence pointing to the illegal use of opium in their recipes as seasoning, experts report. 5 establishments have been prosecuted, and 30 more are […]