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#GotDumpedBecause Is Trending On Twitter And Its Hilarious

#GotDumpedBecause, the hashtag quickly became a trend after Comedy Central’s late night comedy show, @Midnight announced it as their weekly topic, urging Twitter users to answer the loaded question. From depressing loners to hilarious memes, #GotDumbedBecause is spreading like wildfire. I wasn’t into him. He wasn’t into me. #GotDumpedBecause .. oh wait I didn't get […]

“The Book of Mormon” is Smash Hit in Salt Lake City [Twitter Reacts]

The hit Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” has at last come home, and Salt Lake City theatre-goers are loving every minute of it. Welcome home @BookofMormon, welcome home — Alanzo Rizzo (@cheesus_crust) July 29, 2015 “The Book of Mormon”, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of “South Park” fame, is a rollicking […]

Dog Returns Home Seven Years After She Was Stolen

A 10-year old Jack Russel terrier named Molly was taken from her home in 2008. Seven years later, she has been returned to her original family. rian Berry is ecstatic to have his best friend back in his life. Seven years after his Jack Russell terrier Molly was stolen from his home, she has finally […]

Tech and Fried Chicken: KFC Introduces The ‘Memories Bucket’ [Video]

KFC is known for their famous buckets of fried chicken. Their newest product takes the bucket to a whole different level. The Yum! brand restaurant is taking your fried chicken binge into the tech world. As part of KFC’s 60th anniversary in Canada, the fast food chain is introduced the ‘Memories Bucket’. The memories bucket […]

#ChangeTheWorldIn5Words: From Peace To Blowtorches?

#ChangeTheWorldIn5Words is trending on Twitter and the answers vary from the normal pageant answer to straight-up weird. With more than 48,000 tweets, the hashtag certainly as people talking. From charities that want world peace… Make sure every child thrives! #ChangeTheWorldIn5Words — UNICEF (@UNICEF) July 29, 2015 To those that just wanted to achieve a […]

Woman’s Facebook Post Moves TopShop for Body Positivity

Laura Kate Berry wanted to celebrate on payday, and decided a brand new pair of Topshop Jaime jeans was the best way to treat herself. However, something in the shop displays made her pause to think. She later gave voice to her opinions on Facebook. The post features the lower torso and legs of one […]

#100Days100Nights: Los Angeles Gangs Using Social Media To Threaten Violence

Various social media platforms are warning of gang violence in Los Angeles after more than six gang-related shootings have taken place. One person is dead and at least a dozen are wounded after the violence. It seems as warnings of violence are flooding social media, even though it is hard to tell what is true […]

Unveiling the Detroit Satanist Statue, As Told By Social Media

As an unspoken rule of the Internet goes, do not read the comments. Even Satanists would agree. Earlier this week, The Satanic Temple of Detroit unveiled a one-ton heavy, nearly-nine-foot statue of a Baphomet gazed at lovingly by two children, bearing the sigils of their worship, at what was called one of the “largest Satanic […]