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#DrivingSelfies On The Rise And Having Deadly Consequences

The selfie has become a part of our daily lives, but it could begin to harm it. A recent study by the Auto Insurance Center has discovered some scary social media trends. After monitoring Instagram posts for the past five years, the study discovered the rise of some pretty scary hashtags, like: #ihopeidontcrash, #drivingtowork, #drivinghome, […]

Mom Decks Sons’ Lunches with Geeky Fun Art And Puns

Remember that one time when we covered how one dad packed his daughter’s lunch bags with epic geekery? Well, brace yourselves, because we now have a mom who turns the geeky art lunch factor up to eleven. Meet Jenn Aguilar. Jenn lives with her two sons Kale (14), and Konnor (12) in Calgary, Canada. She’s […]

Dropbox Adds New Scanning Functionality to App

Dropbox just made managing your files a whole lot easier, courtesy of their new app functionality. The company has now added a document-scanning feature together with the new updates for the iOS app. All you need do s snap a photo of a receipt, sketch, business card, or any other kind of document, and the […]

Mom’s Viral Facebook Post Defends Her 6-Year-Old Son’s ‘Girly’ Personality

With the recent events and conversations about gender and stereotypes, one mother has had enough. The mom’s viral Facebook post is powerful message of defense of her son. The Pennyslvania mother found out that her 6-year-old son was being teased at school because of his love of nail polish and other ‘girly’ things. Upset, the […]

Mom Posts The Brutal Truth About Motherhood on Facebook

Motherhood as advertisements, TV dramas, and romance novels will tell you, is one of the sweetest things that can ever happen to a woman. However, real Life begs to differ. (No, seriously. We don’t blame you moms if you feel the deep-seated urge to down some wine during your down-time.) Take this Facebook post, for […]

Anton Yelchin, Star Trek Actor, Dies at 27

Dying young isn’t cool.  Anton Yelchin, a young up-coming actor who portrayed Anton Checkov in the new “Star Trek” films, died in freak car accident early Sunday according to police and publicists. Yelchin was on his way to meet two friends for a rehearsal. He got out of his car for a short while, and […]

Donald Trump ‘Asks the Gays’ and It Backfires Gloriously

So, remember that time when Trump made it look like the LGBT community adored him from head to toe? And actually wanted his help? Well, there’s only too many times you can stick your foot in your mouth before it backfires, and it just did. Take this video, for example. He just kept saying “Ask […]