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Instagram Page Shows Off Rich Kids Of London Lavish Lifestyles

Bathing in champagne, private jets, weekends in exclusive destinations. No, it isn’t a movie, this is reality for some of the richest kids of London. While many of will never live these lavish lifestyles, we can experience them through Instagram. Dubbed the page for the “life of the untouchable rich kids,” this page features some […]

Hodor Holds Door; Twitter Grieves, and You Need To Cry, Too

Hodor. Hodor. Hodor. *Ugly-sobbing* Oh, George R.R. Martin, why?! Why did you do this?! Whatever did the sweet, innocent, mono-word vocabularied Hodor ever do to you?! I mean, it was great that we learned his original name was Wylis — Wylis is a cool name; Wylis is a hip name — bu why’d you have to go and […]

David Bowie and Sea Slugs Go Well Together On This Tumblr

David Bowie may just met his flamboyant match in an unexpected family of critters. The iconic pop star has lived his life to the fullest as one of the most prolific, moving, and influential artists in our century. He created memorable characters such as Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and The Thin White Duke, and has composed song that […]

Man Trolls Mountain Dew On Twitter; Gets Deep

Hey, Mountain Dew, did you see that coming? Neither did we. There are trolls who mess with your head and your patience, and then there are trolls who eventually stop being trolls just end up being that buddy you hang around when you’re buzzed or high. Take this exchange between Twitter user Joe Veix and Mountain […]

Dear People Who Hate Exercise; Love, Twitter

Dear people who loathe exercise — you are not alone. We know how it feels like having to scroll through countless #EatClean and #GetFit hashtag post, only for another one to pop up on your dashboard. Oh, as if your gym thing never happened without the rest of the world having to know about it […]

Kids Name 90’s Wrestlers; Hilarity Ensues

LET’S GET READY TO RRRRRRUMBLEEEEEEEE! (an hour before bedtime.) Sean Leahy is a children’s-book author and a dad who, according to his Twitter profile, “eating pasta by myself makes me canneloni”. Sometimes, (and just like most writer-parents who struggle with writer’s block), he turns to his three-year-old for inspiration. The days’ special was to have […]