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Twitter Creates Emojis for Paris Climate Change Summit

The evidence is clear: climate change is here, and it’s happening. Joining the fight can start with a few simple emojis. Twitter has revealed four new emojis you can access with hashtags in preparation for the UN Climate Summit happening this December in Paris, France. Big players and world leaders such as President Obama, Indian […]

Santa Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good Because Of Twitter

He sees you when your sleeping, he knows if your awake. Now, he knows what you are doing on Twitter. You might want to think twice about your next tweet, unless you want a lump of coal for Christmas. For the second year in a row, Social Santa is using his troop of digital elves […]

#NaNoWriMo2015: Thrills, Chills, and Word Spills

Writing a novel takes more than just blood, sweat, and tears. It takes a steady dose of willpower, fortitude, guts, and maybe just a bit of delusion and a willingness to believe this is all going to be worth it. It’s timetables, word counts, cups of caffeine, and ugly-crying well into the wee hours of […]

#BrusselsLockdown: Netizens Confuse Terrorists with Cat Pics

#BrusselsLockdown has won the Internet this fine day, and Belgian netizens have a lot of reasons to be proud of their countrymen. Sunday morning, the Belgian police force entreated to the populace to take extra caution. Aside from urging residents to steer clear of windows for safety reasons, they asked people to refrain from tweeting […]

In Other News, It’s Snowing In the UK [Twitter Reacts]

It’s snowing in the UK, and Twitter users in the UK just can’t seem to get enough of it. Why yes, dear readers: it’s snowing right now all over the United Kingdom. In the middle of November. Last time we checked, snow wasn’t supposed to behave that way, and the tweets can prove that this […]

Why Twitter Users Are Saying, ‘Hey Snowden, I <3 Catfacts’

With social media’s prevalence in our lives, many users are forgetting the importance of keeping some details private. For example, many have accidentally posted private details of their life, such as a drivers license or email address. This information can be used against you, as many Twitter users are finding out the hard way. don't […]

‘Facebook Thinks I’m A Terrorist’ Because Of Unfortunate Name

One woman discovered her Facebook page was deactivated after the social media giant froze her account, mistaking her for a terrorist, all because of her name. Isis Anchalee is far from a terrorist. She lives in San Francisco and works as an engineer. As Facebook joins the fight against ISIS and terrorism sources, Isis became […]