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Monica Lewinsky on Shame and Cyber-bullying [TED Video]

After more than a decade of public silence, Monica Lewinsky comes out into the open to share her story in the context of public shaming and cyber-bullying in a TED Talk this week. Lewinsky opens her talk with a short anecdote of a man who tried flirting with her: “You know what his unsuccessful pickup […]

Zooey Deschanel Talks Pregnancy With Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

“Congratulations! Either you’re pregnant or you’ve smuggled a cantaloupe out of the green room,” quips Jimmy Kimmel. “I’m pregnant?!” Zooey Deschanel good-naturedly kids on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last Thursday. Zooey came on the show looking adorable in her red frock and black tights, and we are so glad her style translates so well into her […]

‘Star Wars’ Tatooine Has Become Way Station for ISIS

Authorities have begun to warn “Star Wars” fans from real-life Tatooine, as ISIS activity has been spotted near the area. Tatouine, which lent it’s name to George Lucas’ desert planet Tatooine, has unfortunately become a way station for terrorists entering Libya to join the terrorist group, sources report. CNN reports that two cahces of armaments […]

Justin Bieber Roast a Success

Justin Bieber, dubbed “the King Joffrey of Pop”,  got it real good with the taping of his roast over at Comedy Central. Kevin Hart played roast master, and the audience cheered as the zingers and drinks flowed free and wild that night. Guest celebs and comedians held no punches as they delivered their own brand […]

Twitter Users Make Boy’s Birthday a Success, Goes Viral [Video]

Odin Camus was supposed to have a fun 13th birthday. He and his mom Melissa were set to go bowling, his favorite sport, at an open bowling event at Lakeview Bowl in Peterborough..  They sent out invites, hoping people would drop by, wish him happy returns, and join in the fun — an no one […]

Avalanche Buries Man, Dramatic Rescue Caught On Camera [Video]

An avalanche is every skier’s worst nightmare. For one man, that nightmare was very real after being buried by an avalanche for more than an hour before being rescued. The unnamed man was skiing with friends in the French Alps in January when disaster struck. (Warning: The video contains graphic language) Immediately after the snow […]

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer Announce Pregnancy on Twitter

Oh happy happy day! We extend our congratulations to Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, as they have announced they are in the family way. What a lovely, creative baby this will be! Proud dad Neil first broke the news on Twitter: I just took a photograph of beautiful, three months pregnant @amandapalmer: — Neil […]

Man Known As ‘Angel Of Death’ Fights Against Islamic State

With more than 300,000 followers on Facebook, the story of Iraq fighter, Abu Azrael as gone viral. Known as the ‘angel of death’, Azrael is known as a fighter against the Islamic States. As many militant armies are armed to fight these threats, Azrael is the most well-known. Photos have circulated of the bearded bald […]

#Wearyellowforseth: Why You Need A Yellow Tee For Next Friday [Video]

Yesterday, you might have been donning all green for your festivities. How about dressing up in a certain color for a even better cause? On March 27th, a movement trending as #wearyellowforseth will have people dressing up in yellow to support a little boy fighting for his life. Seth Lane may only be five years […]

Mom Tells Boy “No Means No”, Goes Viral [Video]

What if you were a parent, and you notice a very persistent would-be suitor doggedly pursuing your daughter in school — what would you do? For Dr. Lindsey Doe, a 33-year-old clinical sexologist, the answer cam quite naturally — take it to the Internet. Dr. Doe is Youtuber DoeEyes, and her brief video message entitled […]

Thai ‘Semi’ Celebrity Posts Complaint About Chinese Tourists, Goes Viral [Video]

Thai celebrity Duangjai Phichitamphon posted a two-minute rant of her complaining about the lack of manners from a group of Chinese tourists at the airport. With more than 130,000 followers on social media, the video has gone viral. It is currently a trending Reddit thread. Recorded at a Korean airport, Thai native, Phichitamphon loudly complained […]

Internet Explorer Set To Bid Adieu

Internet Explorer is now in the throes of death, and it’s been a long wait. (Kinda like that drama or sitcom we’ve found ourselves wondering “when will it ever end?!”) But yes, the end is nigh for IE, and Microsoft has got a bright and shiny new browser ready for Windows 10. We probably should […]

How to Make Money From YouTube

It’s not an exaggeration to say that practically everyone is on YouTube, or at least a YouTube viewer, is it? The statistics of YouTube users are rather astounding: YouTube has more than 1 billion users Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views The number of hours […]

Jessica Lange Is “Done” With ‘American Horror Story’, Twitter Reacts

The news we never wanted to hear… even with all of Ryan Murphy’s hints. Jessica Lange confirmed at PaleyFest in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 15 during the American Horror Story: Freak Show panel that she is leaving the AHS franchise. She struggled to get out the words everyone was sadly expecting. “I’m done. You know, we’ve […]

Renowned Author, Sir Terry Pratchett Dies At 66

Fantasy author, Sir Terry Pratchett has died at the age of 66. According to the BBC, Terry Pratchett had battled Alzheimer’s disease for many years. He passed away peacefully surrounded by family. Diagnosed in 2007, the author had decided to continue writing. He finished his latest book this past summer. Pratchett wrote 70 books during […]

Did You Cry? 365 Day Marriage Proposal Divides Social Media [Video]

A marriage proposal should be well planned and romantic, which is exactly the case for the latest viral wedding proposal video. Dean Smith wanted his proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer to be extra special and creative. It is safe to say he exceeded everyone’s expectations. Over the course of a year, exactly 365 days, […]

Woman Posts Photos From Airline Cockpit, Internet Goes Crazy

Airline security has been very strict since the 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks, but it seems one attractive woman can break even the strictest rule. Ada Ng boarded her flight from Taipei to Hong Kong in February. She was assigned to seat in the business class jump seat, which is used for flight crews […]

Game Of Thrones Opera Cover Performed By Forte Tenors [Video]

The hit HBO series, Game of Thrones has inspired many artists and musicians. Most recently, opera trio, the Forte Tenors recreated the show’s theme song in a very creative way. The group uploaded the video to YouTube. Despite the incredible talent shown in the video, the song has only a little more than 200,000 views. […]

Woman Arrested After Caught Performing ‘Sex Shows’ At Library [NSFW Video]

It seems like a trip to the library really gets one’s libido going. In January, Oregon State University’s library garnered the media spotlight after it was discovered a former student filmed a solo pornographic video inside the building. The video was uploaded to Pornhub and reached record views. Well, the library is once again the […]

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ on Netflix Will Rock You

If you miss “30 Rock”, and your heart broke watching the finale of “Parks And Recreation”, don’t go crying into your popcorn yet. Netflix is now streaming the newest, funniest smart lady-centric comedy you could ever hope for. “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is created by the dynamic duo of Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. It […]