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Racy Hillary Clinton Mural Causes Instagram To Ban Artist

Hillary Clinton is everywhere lately and it seems one artist took it one step farther. The artist, based in Melbourne, Australia, discovered his Instagram page had been deleted after posting a snapshot of his latest creation: a racy Hillary Clinton mural. @kevin did u donate today ? A photo posted by Lushsux (@lushsux2) on Jul […]

This Man Singlehandedly Revived A Rare Butterfly Breed In His Garden

Save the Whales, Save the Gorillas, Save the Lions… What about “Save The Butterfly”? That’s exactly what Timothy Wong, a California Academy of Sciences aquatic biologist, did with much of his free time. The California pipevine swallowtail butterfly is a rare breed of butterfly, sporting incredibly delicate and iridescent blue wings. Wong noticed that these fluttery creatures […]

The Most Hilarious Parents On Facebook, This Week

It’s Friday and if you are a parent, you are thanking your lucky stars you have made it through another week. Put the little ones to bed and send the bigger ones to their room. Pop open a bottle of wine and take out the hidden gallon of ice cream from the back of the […]

This Instagram Takes A Look At Public Transit Seats From Around The World

The Instagram user behind “idontgiveaseat,” actually does. A lot, really. French film director, Julien Potart, is the creator of the unusual Instagram page that features pictures of the patterns on different public transit seats. For almost two years now, Potart has been taking pictures from buses, trains and subways from around the world. 91 – […]

PBS Characters, ‘Arthur And DW’ Trending On Twitter Because Of Incest?

There are Twitter moments that really don’t make any sense. No one knows where they come from, like this current trend involving Arthur and DW, two popular PBS cartoon characters from the show Arthur. If you have watched PBS cartoons any time in the past nineteen years, then you know all about Arthur. Well now, […]

Twitter Beyhive Reacts To Jay-Z in this Beyonce Pic

In the tradition of famous husbands, it seems Jay-Z is making a break to get back to relevancy. After the huge explosion that is Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’, the rapper husband has gone quiet. (remember that time Beyonce showed up at the Met Gala with a noticeably absent Jay-Z? Yyyyep.) So now, we see a sign of […]

Motorcylist Arrested After Bragging About Crime On Facebook

Crime doesn’t pay, especially if you post it to Facebook. One Michigan motorcyclist learned that the hard way after being arrested after bragging about committing a crime on Facebook. In a lengthy Facebook post, 33-year-old Michael Brown posted about getting away from the police during a high-speed chase. “OK its been three days f**k it […]

The Fine Art of Adulting In Your 20’s, According to Twitter

Aaaah, yes, once you hit your 20’s, Life rolls out the doormat for you that says “Welcome To Your Adult Life”. And this time, you finally get to practice the fine art of Adulting all you want. The thing is, you kinda have to nail it from Day 1, because isn’t that what Adults are […]