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Man Accused of Performing Sex Act with Shrubbery

An elderly Connecticut man has been charged with public indecency after getting caught on video shagging a shrub.   he recent story of the Florida man who was caught having sex with an alligator may have been a hoax, but there are plenty of weird sex-related crimes out there. Take, for instance, this 81-year old […]

Japanese Journalist in Hot Water Over Pornographic Text

A Japanese journalist teaches us the value of double checking your To: field. hailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an official chat group through Line, a mobile app popular in Asia. But as anyone who uses social media will tell you, it’s all too easy to get your contacts mixed up, which is apparently what […]

Facebook Mob Raids Hemp Field Looking to Get High

There’s no psychoactive properties in hemp, but that didn’t stop these people from trying to get high. SUSSEX, England — A legal hemp field was raided by several people apparently looking to smoke the plants and get high. Unfortunately for them, there’s no significant amount of THC or any other psychoactive in hemp. “They can […]

Texas Police Officer Threatens to Break Teen’s Neck “to calm him down”

DALLAS, Texas (WFAA) — Police officer Terigi Rossi, who formerly appeared on a reality TV show about Dallas cops, was caught on camera making abusive statements toward a 14-year old boy. In the video, Rossi uses profanity and threatens to break the boy’s neck. After putting his mother in handcuffs, he called the boy a “piece of f**king s**t […]

Drunk Man Climbs atop Police Van to Eat M&Ms

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom (SND) — Manchester police report arresting a drunk man they found snacking on M&Ms and drinking a milkshake atop their van. At 10:56 PM, the Greater Manchester Police tweeted about the amusing encounter, saying: “Odd arrest early hours Sun; drunk man climbs on top of police van Piccadilly Gdns, happily tucking into his food + drink. […]

Man in Wheelchair Robs Bank, Outrolls Police Helicopters

NEW YORK CITY, United States (AP) — Shortly after 2:00pm, a man in a wheelchair rolled himself into the Santander Bank in Queens, NYC. He slipped the teller a threatening note demanding money and claimed he had a gun. The teller gave him over $1,200 in cash. He then calmly rolled himself out of the bank and […]

Well-Being of Children Was a Key Aspect in Marriage Equality Ruling

WASHINGTON, United States (SND) — In a major blow to opponents of LGBT rights, the Supreme Court ruled existing bans on same-sex marriage illegal. The fourteen states where these bans are in effect will be required by law to recognize same-sex marriages. The language of the ruling runs counter to the anti-equality narrative about children with […]

Same-Sex Marriage De-Facto Legal after U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

WASHINGTON, United States (AP) — The long and turbulent battle for marriage equality ended today when The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States. The 5-4 ruling by Justice Kennedy began with a statement about personal identity. “The Constitution promises liberty to all within its reach, a […]