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Obamacare Open Enrollment Deadlines Loom Over Americans

Open enrollment for the insurance marketplace may end on February 15, but if you want coverage starting on January 1, 2015, the deadline is Monday, December 15. After the February 15 deadline, applicants will have to qualify for life changing events in order to apply for plans. Make sure you #GetCovered for 2015! There's #1DayLeft […]

Woman ‘Catfishes’ Niece, Discovers Murder Plot

A Woman stumbled onto a plot by her niece to murder her and the rest of the girl’s family, including the dog. 19-year-old Marissa Williams of Fosters, Alabama has been arrested and is awaiting trial for soliciting murder after she allegedly asked a fictional boy to kill her aunt, her aunt’s fiance, her cousin and […]

Social Media Prenups Are On The Rise

In the age of instant gratification and social media, one hardly thinks about the positive or negative consequences when posting something on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Maybe it is an unflattering photo of someone you know, don’t know, or your significant other. According to ABC News, couples are now signing a “Social Media Prenup” which […]

Facebook Fight Over A Boy Leads Teen Girl To Shoot And Kill Peer [Video]

Chicago, IL – A Facebook fight over a boy led a 14-year-old to shoot and kill another 14-year-old on Monday afternoon. Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy confirmed that murder charges had been filed against a suspect who used a .38-caliber handgun used to kill Endia Martin earlier this week. The gun had been stolen from […]

Man Kills Facebook Girlfriend After Being Catfished

After a 22-year-old man, Vineet Singh, from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar, realized his Facebook girlfriend had catfished him, the suitor shot and killed her, and then took his own life. The unfortunate event occurred Friday when the online lovers rendezvoused – meeting in person for the first time. It was then that Singh realized his virtual […]

Firefighter Shared Child Porn On Twitter While At Work

A firefighter who works at the Miami-Dade fire department in Florida was arrested for sharing what authorities allege are underage girls engaging in sexual acts on Twitter. Authorities also determined that most of his sharing was done from his work computer. Gabriel Diaz is a 38-year-old father of two and was arrested on Thursday on […]

Judge Coming Under Fire For Friend Request

Judges are supposed to remain impartial. So it is probably not a good idea to announce to the world that you want to be friends with someone whose case you are about to rule on. A circuit court judge in the Florida town of Sanford, is coming under fire for doing just that. Judge Linda […]

Twitter Blocks Accounts Responsible For Turkey Leaks

Twitter has blocked the accounts that posted the sensitive information that caused  Turkey to being its war on social media. Twitter apparently was responding to a court order issued by Turkey’. According to their policy account, Twitter will not remove information simply because a government authority asked them to. Instead,  they only remove content or […]

Researchers: Twitter Can Be Used To Predict Crime

Twitter posts can be used to predict crime, says researchers. They aren’t talking about #420 posts either. It isn’t as simple as looking for tweets where people talk about committing crimes. Outside of some incredibly stupid exceptions, people rarely tweet about crimes they plan to commit. Instead, researchers at the University of Virginia demonstrated that […]

General Mills Reverses Social Media Artibration Policy And Apologizes

General Mills has reversed its arbitration policy in regards to social media and other online interactions with the company. Last week we reported that General Mills had altered its legal policy to demand arbitration with any customers who visited one of their brands websites, or even interacted with the company’s brands on Twitter, Facebook, and […]

Disney’s Maker Studios Acquisition Faces Yet Another Lawsuit

Disney confirmed it was acquiring major YouTube network Maker Studios last month, and is battling an uphill battle to completely close the deal. Earlier this week, we reported that Relativity Media attempted to counterbid Disney, but ultimately couldn’t hook Maker. Now, just one week after Maker Studios Co-Founder Danny Zappin and three executives sued in an attempt to […]

Cops Raid Home, Seize Computers And Cell Phones Over Satirical Twitter Account

The war against freedom of speech in social media isn’t limited to China and Turkey. Cops in the city of Peoria, Illinois have brazenly seized computers and cell phones from a home suspected of being connected to a satirical Twitter account that mocked the city’s mayor, Jim Ardis. Three people were  taken into custody at […]

Turkey To Put 29 Twitter Users On Trial

China isn’t the only government putting social media users it finds undesirable in jail. Turkey, as you likely already know, has been on a  warpath against social media. You have probably already heard about its since overturned Twitter ban and its ongoing ban of YouTube. Now, 29 Twitter users are facing trial over their alleged role in […]

General Mills’ New Policies To Prevent Online Followers From Suing Could Backfire

General Mills is behind some of the largest food brands on the planet, and yesterday published a questionable update to its Privacy Policy and Legal Terms. First reported by the New York Times, the company implemented new clauses that forfeit online followers’ rights to sue. According to the updated Legal Terms, you accept the agreement by doing any […]

Chinese Weibo Blogger Sentenced To Three Years With No Chance For Appeal

While  Sina Weibo is issuing its IPO in America, back home it is still dealing with the Chinese government’s continued censorship of the social media network. Today, a major figure on the microblogging network, Qin Zhihui (aka Qin Huohuo which translates to Qin Fire Fire) has been sentenced to three years in prison without the chance […]

Police Catfished By Missing Child That Only Exists On Facebook

You’ve probably heard (in movies at least) that police only have about 48 hours to find a missing child before the trail goes completely cold. So naturally, as soon as a child is reported missing, the authorities throw every resource they have at finding him or her before its too late. Many times it is […]

It’s Officially Legal To Say Someone’s ‘F***ing Crazy’ On Twitter

This just in: You can say someone is “f***ing crazy” on Twitter to your heart’s content, according to a little something called THE LAW. “Of course I can say someone is ‘f***ing crazy’ on Twitter,” you protest. “I can call 10 people a f***ing derpnugget before breakfast and still be well-within my Constitutional rights!” You’re […]