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Portrait of Vladimir Putin as Simpsons Character Stolen from Gallery

A portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin as a Simpsons character was stolen from a Moscow business center on Tuesday.   ladimir Putin is many different things to many different people. The polarizing politician has sparked debate and curiosity at home and abroad. Love him or hate him, he’s an icon of Russia’s modern history. […]

WDBJ Shooter Still Alive After Suicide Attempt

UPDATE, 3:35pm: WDBJ7 has confirmed the shooter has died in the hospital.   BREAKING: The former WDBJ employee who shot and killed a reporter and cameraman on live TV has survived a suicide attempt, contrary to previous reports that he was dead.  ROANOKE, Virginia — Vester Lee Flanigan, also known as Bryce Williams, shot and killed a reporter […]

WDBJ Shooter Posted Video of Attack from His POV on YouTube

BREAKING: Former reporter Bryce Williams (legal name Vester Lee Flanagan) shot and killed two reporters for Roanoke Virginia local news station WDBJ.   Roanoke, VA — The alleged shooter of reporter Allison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward uploaded a video of the assault from his POV to YouTube. Former reporter Bryce Williams has been described as “disgruntled” by Virginia […]

Solving Crimes Through Social Media

We know as an unfortunate truth that the Internet can be a really cruel place. We’ve been constantly bombarded with warnings here and there about “don’t use your credit card online, someone might snitch your number” or “don’t make friends with strangers online, they  might be a sex offender”, and sometimes, these warnings may seem […]

Ohio Trooper in Trouble for Advertising “Traffic Stop Sex” on Craigslist

An Ohio state trooper, now serving five years in prison, was found to be using Craigslist to advertise “traffic stop sex”. ormer Ohio state trooper Bryan Lee is currently serving a five year prison term for sexually harassing women he pulled over. This week, records revealed just how extensive the trooper’s violations were. In addition […]

Woman Fined for Facebook Photo of Police Vehicle in Handicapped Spot

Spain’s new gagging law was invoked in the fining of a woman who uploaded a picture of an illegally parked police vehicle. he highly controversial Citizens’ Security Law, which went into effect across Spain in July, was invoked in the fining of a woman who uploaded a picture of a police vehicle to Facebook. The law, which limits […]

Man Sues Restaurant, Claims Bread Roll Lacerated His Cornea

A Missouri man is suing a local restaurant famous for throwing rolls to dinner guests, claiming he sustained severe injuries when the flying hunk of bread hit his face. t’s all fun and games until you put an eye out. A Missouri man has filed a lawsuit against Lambert’s Cafe, a local restaurant known as the “home […]