SEGA Pass Network Hacked

SEGA’s Pass Network has been hacked by a party or parties unknown, although a message on the SEGA Pass website has cited “improvements” as the reason for the outage: Hi SEGA Pass is going through some improvements so is currently unavailable for new members to join or existing members to modify their details including resetting […]

Zynga Hires Nearly 100 Employees In Dublin

Cityville creator Zynga has amassed more than 250 million monthly Facebook gamers and now the company has made plans to expand their social gaming empire by hiring nearly 100 new employees in Dublin. The nearly four year old company has announced the launch of their European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland a move seen as a […]

[Social Gaming] Hanging With Friends, Reviewed

I’ll cop to the fact that while I love certain social media services, like Facebook, I never really jumped on the social gaming bandwagon. I hated the idea of haranguing my friends for a plank for my barn or some kibble for my virtual pet, and I also thought that it would look kind of […]

Telltale Games Announces: The Walking Dead Game Coming To Facebook

Telltale Games, makers of the upcoming The Walking Dead game will also be releasing a Facebook game based on the popular comic book and TV series of the same name. The software developer has not revealed what the game will feature for the social network, however they have said that it will feature a connection […]

Marriott Launches Lame Lemonade Stand Style Facebook Game, Compares It To Farmville

Hotel chain Marriott International is the latest company to jump on the Facebook gaming craze with a new lemonade stand style game they boldly claim “is similar in concept to the highly popular Farmville and Cityville games.” “My Marriott Hotel” is said to allow users to manage a “virtual” hotel restaurant kitchen before eventually moving […]

The Sims Are Getting Social With New Facebook Game

The Sims are coming to Facebook. EA announced today that a new version of the popular online game, called The Sims Social, will be hitting Facebook later this summer. The Sims Social already has a Facebook page with a few built in incentives. Exclusive in-game prizes will be unlocked when The Sims Social Facebook page […]

McDonald’s Invents Giant Social Gaming Billboard, Players Win Free Food And Drink

A new McDonald’s Campaign in Sweden is drawing a lot of attention by allowing players to participate in a “digital Pong” game right on their smartphones. Players of the game literally play for their supper in 30 second games between other passerby’s. The system works by using a players Smartphone location to determine if they […]

Namco Bandai Games Launches Pac Man And Pac Man S For Facebook

Namco Bandai, the company behind the hugely successful arcade game Pac Man has released their popular game in the form of a Facebook app. Actually it gets better, users can play the original or download Pac Man S (Social). In the original game users play the standard version of Pac Man, attempting to gobble up […]