2013 Sundance Shorts Receive 2 Million YouTube Views

2012 Sundance Shorts are all the rage this year and thanks to YouTube those shorts from promising up and coming directors have racked up 2 million views. YouTube on Tuesday began features 12 of the festivals 65 shorts in a special online screening room and users have flocked to the short form flicks. According to […]

‘Gangnam Style’ Achieves Historic Feat: 1 Billion YouTube Hits

South Korean rapper PSY’s viral hit “Gangnam Style” has made history yet again. Several weeks ago, it beat the record for most viewed video on YouTube, and now, it has become the first video to ever cross 1 billion hits. When all is said and done, PSY is officially the James Cameron of YouTube. According […]

‘Golden Eagle Snatches Kid’: Exactly What It Sounds Like, Goes Viral [Video]

A video of a golden eagle snatching a baby has gone viral on sites like Facebook and YouTube. The video was uploaded on December 18, 2012 (yesterday, as of this posting) by user MrNuclearCat. In just a day, it has racked up 1,233,517 views and approximately 23,000 likes. We can’t say whether or not the […]

YouTube Users Upload 7000 Hours Of News Videos Every Day

YouTube is a major source of news thanks to users and news agencies who upload more than 7000 hours worth of news footage every single day. News sharing on the website has become so popular that YouTube created an infographic just to show off its pretty cool news stats. Millions of viewers have tuned in […]

Google+ Rolling Out Deeper YouTube Integration

Google+ is fresh off a big announcement and has started rolling out deeper YouTube integration to all users, a process that will be completed over the next few days. When visiting the YouTube upload section you will now have the option to share your video direclty to your Google+ account. Simply check the appropriate box […]

YouTube Rolls Out Completely New Design

YouTube has been testing a new design for a few months now and has now officially launched its brand new look. The new design is very sleek and puts more focus on subscriptions. Even the main video feed on the homepage is still in place but has been slightly tweaked. The feed has been widened […]

YouTube Adds 6 New Languages To Automatic Caption Support

YouTube has offered automatic caption support since 2009 and today the social video website added six new European languages. The websites new language support includes Russian, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese. YouTube now support 10 languages. Automatic caption support allows viewers who may be hard of hearing to read along to speech in videos. […]