Did Debbie Wasserman Schultz ‘C*ckblock’ Bernie Sanders?

Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz Been Fair To Bernie Sanders? Bernie Sanders supporters and even some outside observers have noted the apparent bias of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz toward the candidate she worked for in 2007, Hillary Clinton. During an interview on The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah asked the question everybody was waiting to hear: “A […]

Hillary Clinton Loses Her Cool, Yells At Greenpeace Activist About Bernie Sanders

Did we just witness Hillary Clinton’s “Dean scream?” A video of Clinton snapping at a Greenpeace activist has been going viral on Facebook and Twitter, and it certainly doesn’t show the Democratic presidential contender in a positive light. In fact, Clinton comes across as rather angry and unpresidential, especially when she brings up the Bernie Sanders campaign […]

Babe-Alon 5 Serenades Bernie Sanders Barbershop-style

Bernie Sanders, bring me a dream Make it the strongest that I’ve ever seen The middle class will stop bending over and that’s when all the lonesome nights are over Sanders I’m so alone Don’t have a country to call my own Please turn on your magic beam, Bernie Sanders bring me a dream Love […]

Man Proposes To Girlfriend After She Gets Cochlear Implants

Getting cochlear implants is often an emotional experience for patients. The devices allow deaf individuals to hear, sometimes for the very first time in their lives. Andrea Diaz, a patient of UMMC ENT and Communicative Services, had her implants turned on for the first time by Dr. Vicki Gonzalez. Joining Diaz was her mother and […]