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Great White Sharks Surround Surfers in California [Video]

CALIFORNIA, United States (NATGEO) — Surf’s up! A video posted Friday shows some great white sharks surrounding a group of paddleboarders. How could anyone be that calm when surrounded by one of the ocean’s top predators?  Gregory Skomal, a marine fisheries scientist and shark expert, chimes in: “I think where these guys were and what they were […]

Karma Caught on Tape at Confederate Flag Parade [Video]

Warning: This article contains language some may find offensive. It’s a bad time to be a Duke boy. In the weeks following the racially-motivated Charleston massacre, activists across the United States have been working to get the Confederate flag, which they say represents racially insensitive attitudes, removed from public property. Politicians and members of the […]

Insane Acoustic Guitar Cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ [Video]

Update: Check out our exclusive interview with Miguel.   Musically speaking, some are more gifted than others. Then you have those rare freaks of nature that can play every part of a multi-instrument song, including the vocal and backup vocal melodies, on one acoustic guitar. That’s the kind of freak Miguel Rivera is, as demonstrated […]

House Cat Faces Down Mountain Lion, Doesn’t Care [Video]

Apparently between these two cats, one of them knows who’s boss around these parts. Comedian Youtuber Tom Mabe, who gave us viral prank videos such as the Extreme Puppy Makeover and the Homeless Dog Rescue with Prank It FWD, brings us another vid where this time, it’s Mother Nature who seems to be pulling his leg. […]

Why is Light ‘Bouncing’ Over the Sky in Indiana? [Video]

GREENWOOD, Indiana — Strange things were afoot in the skies above Greenwood, Indiana yesterday evening. A video uploaded to YouTube shows what appears to be a ray of light “bouncing” repeatedly. It was supposedly captured by a local cyclist, who was quoted as saying: “I had no idea what it was until I did some research […]

Fathers Hook Kids up To Lie Detector Machines; Hilarity Ensues

Happy Father’s Day! Distractify has done it again with another zany video to share just in time for Father’s Day. They’ve taken a number of father and kid pairs and set them up in what might be dad’s dream prank: have their kid in the lie detector hot seat and shoot all the awkward questions […]

‘SpiderDad’ Releases Tribute To Son Who Died of Cancer [Video]

Some of you may recall that amazingly sweet video of a dad suprising his five-year old son Jayden Wilson with a visit from “SpiderDad” on his birthday. Jayden was diagnosed with Cancer in August 2013, but dad Mike Wilson was determined to keep his smile right where it belonged. The above video instantly went viral […]

Kittens Recreate Scenes from “Psycho” and “The Lion King” [Video]

The internet: a vast web of information and an archive of human progress. It’s a system which allows ideas and knowledge to be shared across the globe in the blink of an eye, a revolutionary technology that has changed the face of education and communication forever. It’s also the home of cat related media. A […]