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Hilarious: Puppy’s Escape Attempt Backfires [video]

This puppy thought he found a flaw in the system, but it turns out he’s a little too hefty to make it work. o a puppy, a simple room blocked off by a baby gate might seem like Alcatraz. But if there’s anything to be learned from the real Alcatraz, it’s that there will always […]

Watch Guys React To Their Partners Get Catcalled [Video]

Catcalling really, really has to stop. It’s cheap, it’s rude, and it’s just not doing anyone any favors. Cosmopolitan put three volunteer couples in uncomfortable situations in more ways than one. The boyfriends sat and watched as a camera went ahead of their partners to record the cheap jeers and catcalling they were subjected to, […]

Watch Son Lose It Over Dad’s Drift Skills [Video]

Oh, dads. You teach us, raise us, feed us, bathe us, and help us get things done. You wow us with your fantastic skills, you make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us feel. And sometimes, you scare the living daylights out of us to show us how to have a good time, […]

Hold on to Your Pumps, the Jurassic Park Box Set: High Heels Edition is Here

Love the Jurassic Park films but feel something is missing? Perhaps it’s the overall lack of sexy footwear. In this year’s blockbuster smash hit Jurassic World, lead actress Bryce Dallas spends much of the film shod in stilettos, even when running through the jungle. Much like George Lucas updating the previous entries to the Star […]

This Father-Daughter Dance Puts all Other Father-Daughter Dances to Shame

It’s the happiest day of this bride’s life, so why ruin it with one of those dull, sentimental father-daughter dances? very girl dreams of this day. Every boy, too. Some fathers secretly hope it’ll never come. Others, like the father of the bride in this viral video, celebrate their daughter’s love with style. No schmaltzy […]

Bouncy Sphynx Kittens “Help” Make Bed [Video]

Veterinarian Vanda Santos is one happy cat mama. She’s found herself with a litter of healthy sphynx kittens who want nothing more than to spend every waking moment playing with her and helping her around the house. These babies are just too adorable for their own good, and sometimes trying to get things done around […]

Laura the Lizard Pops Bubbles, Gives Us Life [Video]

In a world that seems it’s out to stress you to an early grave, it’s often the simpler pleasures in life that bring us back to some semblance of calm and sanity. A cupcake. A coloring-book break in your cubicle. Or maybe even just blowing bubbles out on the office porch. The next best thing […]

Professional Videographer Makes Epic Video to Sell His BMW

ATLANTA, Georgia (SND) — When you have a skill, use it. Rett Thompson of Atlanta, Georgia used his skills as a professional videographer to sell off his 2010 BMW, and the results are pretty impressive. You can watch the two and a half minute clip below: “So it really breaks my heart to sell this car, […]