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Silverback Charges At Family In The Gorilla Exhibit At A Nebraska Zoo [Watch]

This was one trip to the zoo a certain family at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska will never forget. Originally posted on Reddit, the video has gone viral. A male silverback gorilla charges at a family in the gorilla exhibit and cracks the glass barrier that separates them. Good job, glass barrier, you did […]

Video Of A Robin Williams Impersonator Goes Viral Online [Watch]

Double take. Triple Take. Not only does the actor Jamie Costa sound like Robin Williams, he kinda looks like him too! In the newly viral video “Never Had A Friend Like Him,” Costa does 20 brilliant Robin Williams impressions from the late comedian’s most famous movies. A very touching tribute to such an iconic person. […]

Anna Hathaway and Emily Blunt Slay on Lip Synch Battle [Video + Poll]

Lip Sync Battle saw all-out epicness that night courtesy of mega stars Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt. Many viewers do solemnly believe their lip-synching nights are never going to be the same again. The Devil Wears Prada tweosome started off with some friendly banter and ribbing, and Anne Hathaway got the party started with her own take […]

“Dumb Ways to Die” & “Game of Thrones” Mashup is Pure Gory Fun [video]

This is the mashup Westeros has been waiting for. In the world of Westeros, death — in all its visceral, bloody, nauseous goodness — is pretty much run of the mill here. Today, a beloved honor-bound character is beheaded, tomorrow, a mighty badass warrior gets felled by a badly-treated infection (and his wife’s heartbreaking compassion.) […]

Madonna Debuts New “Ghosttown” Video with Terrence Howard [Watch]

Madonna explores a dystopic, post-apocalyptic city in the aftermath of a nuclear bomb in the music video for her single Ghosttown. The single is one of the tracks off her thirteenth album, Rebel Heart, her newest collective offering of rebellious ballads and fierce love songs. Earlier this year, the a number of the albums songs and […]

These Pre-Chandelier Sia Videos Will Amaze You [Videos + Poll]

Once upon a music video, before Maddie Ziegler and Shia LeBoeuf, before Chandelier, and before the iconic platinum blonde wig — there was Sia. And this Sia could never be more different from the more public, popularity-shy Sia we know and adore right now. As a matter of fact, the pre-Chandelier Sia may perhaps be […]

Model On ‘Price Is Right’ Accidentally Gives Away A Free Car [Watch]

“The Price Is Right” came to a screeching halt last Thursday when one contestant didn’t have to do hardly anything to win a car. One of the generous models, Manuela Arbelaez, accidentally revealed the winning price tag on a Hyundai Sonata SE and the show really couldn’t do anything to stop it, so WINNER WINNER! […]

Sia Releases Video for “Big Girls Cry” [Watch]

2014 and 2015 have been good years to Sia. The pop icon of the platinum blonde wig and heartbreakingly meaningful lyrics has once more made us feel all the feelings with her latest music video for Big Girls Cry. Her team-up with twelve-year-old Maddie Ziegler is still going strong and has proven to be a formidable […]

James Bond Returns in Teaser Trailer for “Spectre”

James Bond’s been harboring a deep dark secret, and it’s back to haunt him in the teaser trailer for “Spectre“, the newest film feature in the 007 franchise, screening in cinemas November 6 2015. Daniel Craig reprises his role as James Bond, who receives a cryptic message hidden in a box Moneypenny hands him. Freshly […]

Man Pretends To Like One Direction; CBS Airs Video [Watch]

The Directioners, They can’t. They can’t even. This one guy also couldn’t even, after his crying face went live on national TV. In the light of the announcement that Zayn Malik was quitting One Direction, fens the world over have taken their grief to social media. Tweets ran rampant, and the Internet felt the overwhelming […]

Man Releases Rat To Get A Free Meal, Plan Backfires [Video]

People will go to great lengths to get something for free. One man is learning the hard way, sometimes you should just pay. Chris Baker was dining at a bistro when he pulled a rat out of his pocket. He then dropped it on the floor and begin yelling. The commotion alerted the other customers, […]

Ariana Grande + Jimmy Fallon = Celine Dion Impression [Video]

“Thank you for having me; I’m so nervous,” Ariana Grande flusters as she settles into the couch on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It’s her turn in the hot seat as Fallon pulls out two mikes and smoothly challenges her to do a Celine Dion impression of the theme from Disney’s “Beauty and the […]

Mating Tortoises Interrupted, Slowest Chase Ever Begins [Video]

During a recent National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition to the Seychelles, explorer, Paul Rose came across two giant tortoises in the middle of a mating session. In the middle of Assumption Island, the couple did not kindly to the interruption. Rose writes that as the crew was exploring the island he heard a loud grunting […]

Popular ‘Uptown Funk’ Treadmill Dance Will Make You Want To Exercise [Watch]

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” has been taking over airwaves, headphones, and stereos for awhile now. But you haven’t heard or seen “Uptown Funk” like this. There have been covers, like Alex Boye’s ‘Africanized’ twist, parodies like YouTuber Mikey Bolts’ ‘Family Guy’ voices, and people who cannot sit still while listening to this […]

Thai ‘Semi’ Celebrity Posts Complaint About Chinese Tourists, Goes Viral [Video]

Thai celebrity Duangjai Phichitamphon posted a two-minute rant of her complaining about the lack of manners from a group of Chinese tourists at the airport. With more than 130,000 followers on social media, the video has gone viral. It is currently a trending Reddit thread. Recorded at a Korean airport, Thai native, Phichitamphon loudly complained […]