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Watch the Best Holderness Thanksgiving Mashup Ever

The Holderness Family are at it again with a brand-new video that’ll have you bopping and chuckling along as you pass the green beans, sweet potato pie, and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, folks: Thanksgiving — and the pre-event epic meal-prepping for dinner — is no small feat. It has you minding and […]

Metal Baby, or BabyMetal? Cast Your Vote!

Heavy metal music is often seen as born from the very bowels of hell, wallowing for endless hours in the murky pits of ancient despair and other dark forces. It’s the music you turn to when you want your soul to scream bloody murder and rail at the world as you wage war for your […]

Shake It With the #Candybowl Dance Craze for Halloween

Hey parents, check this video out, and you may find yourself dancing the #Candybowl all Halloween. The Holdernesses, the First Family of viral videos who brought you greats such as “All About That Baste” and “#XMAS JAMMIES”, is at it again with another video to get your parental groove on, and it trending like fun-size […]

What You Really Agreed To When You Signed Up For Tinder [Video]

Oh, Tinder. Some use you in a quest for the love of their life, while most use you to find the hookup for the day. Whatever you reasons are for using the dating app, there are a few things you are agreeing to. Just like any downloaded app, Tinder comes with a terms and agreements […]

Rainbow-Pooping Unicorn Goes Viral For Awesome Reasons

You’d think the last thing you’d ever want to see would be a rainbow-pooping unicorn gracing your screens. If that’s so, why can’t we stop watching this one? First, a briefer: Squatty Potty is a bathroom stool dedicated to helping people squat at the perfect angle for optimum eelimenation comfort and speed. Yes, good friends, […]

Driveway Moose Fight Videos Go Viral

When it’s Moose Mating season in any place where these majestic creatures find fit to roam, there’s really only one rule to follow: Get out of the way. A video uploaded to Youtube earlier this month has gone viral within last week. It features a moose fight that gets too close for comfort. Just how […]

Russian Man Takes Bear for Car Ride, Police Say It’s OK [Video]

Apparently, it’s perfectly legal to take a bear with you on a car ride in Russia. So long as that bear has its seat belt on, of course. Russian drivers were shocked to see a brown bear stick its head out of the passenger-side window, casually cruising down the road. You don’t have to take […]

Guy’s Tantrum For Macaroni And Cheese Goes Viral [Video]

Maybe he was just really craving some macaroni and cheese? One UConn student was suffering from severe ‘hangriness’ (more like severe inebriation). Luke V. Gatti was caught on camera trying to purchase macaroni and cheese at the Storr campus’ Student Union. However, he was refused service because he openly carrying and drinking an alcoholic beverage. […]