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Cool Priest Rides Hoverboard During Mass, Gets Suspended [VIDEO]

So-called “hoverboards” may take the cake as the most disappointing advancement in getting-to-places-slowly technology since the Segway. They’re prone to exploding, causing accidents, and worse–they look nothing like what we were promised in Back to the Future Part II.

Showry’s Christmas Dance Goes Horribly Wrong

Remember how last month, we covered Korean vlogger Showry and her crazy dance antics? Well, she’s back to trim her tree, make it snow, and deck the halls with fire, mayo, and blood. Blood. So much blood. But this is Showry, that cheeky, crazysexycute girl (emphasis on the “crazy”) who loves making viral videos and […]

Earthquake-Proof Bed Is Way Scarier Than Earthquake Itself [VIDEO]

Earthquakes can be terrifying experiences; just ask anyone who has lived through one. The powerless feeling of suddenly, irreversibly losing all sense of direction and stability is reportedly an unpleasant one. But it pales in comparison to this freaky (though probably effective) “earthquake-proof” bed. Here, just watch this animated demonstration if you don’t believe me.

Netflix Has Designed Socks That Detect When You Fall Asleep [VIDEO]

Movie streaming service Netflix has a cheeky solution to falling asleep while watching TV: snooze-detecting ‘smart socks.’ That’s right—it’s now possible to start your mid-TV show nap without worrying about missing those important plot points. The gadget pauses your Netflix program when it detects someone dozing off. This isn’t only a victory for television viewers, […]

Pottery Painting Viral Video Mesmerizes Viewers

Painting can certainly be one of the most relaxing activities known to humanity. In fact, some doctors are keen to enroll for adult painting classes and mark the enrollment fee down their tax computations as recreation and stress management exemption.” However, painting can also become one heart-stopping feat. This viral video of a master artisan […]

Shelter Sells Cats Like Used Cars, Wins Big

Are you lonely? Stressed? Dying for companionship? Are you in the market for the best deal of your life? Oh boy, do we have this once-in-a-lifetime offer for you, and it’s all right here at this animal shelter! Wait, animal shelter?! The Calgary Humane Society housed more cats than they could almost manage in their […]

Watch the Best Holderness Thanksgiving Mashup Ever

The Holderness Family are at it again with a brand-new video that’ll have you bopping and chuckling along as you pass the green beans, sweet potato pie, and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, folks: Thanksgiving — and the pre-event epic meal-prepping for dinner — is no small feat. It has you minding and […]

Metal Baby, or BabyMetal? Cast Your Vote!

Heavy metal music is often seen as born from the very bowels of hell, wallowing for endless hours in the murky pits of ancient despair and other dark forces. It’s the music you turn to when you want your soul to scream bloody murder and rail at the world as you wage war for your […]