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James Bond Returns in Teaser Trailer for “Spectre”

James Bond’s been harboring a deep dark secret, and it’s back to haunt him in the teaser trailer for “Spectre“, the newest film feature in the 007 franchise, screening in cinemas November 6 2015. Daniel Craig reprises his role as James Bond, who receives a cryptic message hidden in a box Moneypenny hands him. Freshly […]

Man Pretends To Like One Direction; CBS Airs Video [Watch]

The Directioners, They can’t. They can’t even. This one guy also couldn’t even, after his crying face went live on national TV. In the light of the announcement that Zayn Malik was quitting One Direction, fens the world over have taken their grief to social media. Tweets ran rampant, and the Internet felt the overwhelming […]

Man Releases Rat To Get A Free Meal, Plan Backfires [Video]

People will go to great lengths to get something for free. One man is learning the hard way, sometimes you should just pay. Chris Baker was dining at a bistro when he pulled a rat out of his pocket. He then dropped it on the floor and begin yelling. The commotion alerted the other customers, […]

Ariana Grande + Jimmy Fallon = Celine Dion Impression [Video]

“Thank you for having me; I’m so nervous,” Ariana Grande flusters as she settles into the couch on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It’s her turn in the hot seat as Fallon pulls out two mikes and smoothly challenges her to do a Celine Dion impression of the theme from Disney’s “Beauty and the […]

Mating Tortoises Interrupted, Slowest Chase Ever Begins [Video]

During a recent National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition to the Seychelles, explorer, Paul Rose came across two giant tortoises in the middle of a mating session. In the middle of Assumption Island, the couple did not kindly to the interruption. Rose writes that as the crew was exploring the island he heard a loud grunting […]

Popular ‘Uptown Funk’ Treadmill Dance Will Make You Want To Exercise [Watch]

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” has been taking over airwaves, headphones, and stereos for awhile now. But you haven’t heard or seen “Uptown Funk” like this. There have been covers, like Alex Boye’s ‘Africanized’ twist, parodies like YouTuber Mikey Bolts’ ‘Family Guy’ voices, and people who cannot sit still while listening to this […]

Thai ‘Semi’ Celebrity Posts Complaint About Chinese Tourists, Goes Viral [Video]

Thai celebrity Duangjai Phichitamphon posted a two-minute rant of her complaining about the lack of manners from a group of Chinese tourists at the airport. With more than 130,000 followers on social media, the video has gone viral. It is currently a trending Reddit thread. Recorded at a Korean airport, Thai native, Phichitamphon loudly complained […]

Howie Mandel’s House Gets Trashed With Toilet Paper By Roman Atwood [Video]

Notorious prankster, Roman Atwood, can add Howie Mandel to his list of people he has pranked with this insane toilet paper practical joke. Roman Atwood is known best for his hidden camera pranks and then of course shaming those people by uploading the video to the internet. More specifically, his popular YouTube account. Most of […]

Leighton Meester Sizzles with Robin Thicke in “Somebody To Love”

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester is breaking out into the pop music scene once more in bubbly bling and plush couture in her newest video for her single “Somebody To Love”. The video also features Robin Thicke, crooning a number of response stanzas to her world-weary yet hopeful persona in the song. The video itself views […]

Octopus: Escaping, Or Just Hanging Out? [Video & Poll]

Octopuses are slowly overtaking the Internet. Earlier this week, an enterprising eight-legged critter grabbed a photographer’s camera and started taking snaps of his own. Today, another cephalopod stole the spotlight at its new home. Inky, the newest resident of the Seattle Aquairium, was caught on camera clambering over the lip of its enclosure amid the […]

Homemade Batman Suit Stands Up To Stress Test [Video]

Everyone wants to be Batman. One college student took his dream a little further by creating a Batman suit complete with chest plating. He then decided to put it to the test by getting a friend to punch him with combat gloves complete with Kevlar knuckles. The suit seems to get the job done. The […]

A Week In The Life Of A Tokyo Salary Man [Video]

We can all relate. The work week can take its toll on our physical and emotional wellbeing, especially when working 80 hours a week. One video chronicles the life of Stu as he adjusts to his life in Tokyo. During what he calls the “busy season” at work, he works 80 hours a week. He […]

Skydiving Instructor Saves Trainee In A Seizure [Video]

Sheldon McFarlane had no idea what was going to happen the day he jumped off a plane flying 12,000 feet above the Pinjarra landscape of Western Australia together with his trainee, Christopher Jones, and the rest of their skydiving class. The Perth resident Jones, 22, decided to take a skydiving course at the Western Australia […]