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4 Recent Clips That Rocked Hollywood

Part of being a celebrity is the amusement they give us through trending clips – planned or not, video collaborations or solo.  It’s always daunting when an attempt for greatness fails, but we’re not talking about those; Social News Daily rounds up some clips from Tinseltown that made it to viral status! 1. LADY GAGA’S […]

Octopus Attacks Crab On Camera, Attack Goes Viral

A woman by the name of Porsche Indrisie thought she was filming a harmless crab who was probably trying to get a sun tan in Yallingup, Western Australia. Sadly, this crab was getting warm for the octopus lurking below the water who waited for the right moment to jump out and eat him. The unsuspecting […]

Drunk Moms Talk About Their Kids In Viral Video [Watch]

“Sometimes, we all need a little ‘mom juice.'” Gotta love drunk moms right? Buzzfeed Video hands the internet another cute and laughable video with moms who have definitely enjoyed a few glasses of wine before being asked classic parenting questions. The following questions with one of the better answers, are down below. You will see why […]

YouTube Mother Esther Anderson Shows Why Moms Get Nothing Done [Video]

Mom, blogger, and YouTube enthusiast Esther Anderson is back with another video featuring her adorable little girl named Ellia called “Why Moms Get Nothing Done.” Esther Anderson has created many videos highlighting the honest, cute, and not so fun parts of parenting on her channel, where a majority of them immediately went viral. Esther records […]

Contestant On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Solves Puzzle With Only One Letter Visible [Video]

What the… Tuesday night’s contestant on Wheel of Fortune completely owned a puzzle when he guessed the entire thing correctly with just the letter ‘T’ showing. Rufus, the brilliant or super lucky contestant, solved the puzzle “championship match” with the one letter and the hint “event.” With this sweet competition, Rufus went from $1,700 to […]

Dad Tells Son ‘Special’ Car Button Ejects Him Into Space If He Misbehaves

Super cute and smart or just plain evil? Maybe a mix of both: evil genius. Looks like the original cute kid named Charlie with an adorable accent who’s finger was bit has some competition. Another boy named Charlie, 4, finds himself in a tricky situation. His father, Jonny Corbett, told his son that if he […]

89-Year-Old Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates, Reactions Are Painful And Hilarious [Watch]

Ah, the age of online dating. The main struggle? Wondering if the picture is accurate and up-to-date. Tinder’s new slogan should be “All ages and relationship statuses welcome. Even married 89-year-old grandpas.” YouTube channel Slow Clap posted a painfully awkward, yet funny video of 89-year-old Joe going on Tinder dates with multiple women. Joe’s grandson, […]

Ariana Grande Debuts “One Last Time” Music Video [Watch]

Apocalyptic Ariana Grande is here. No seriously, this video has the world coming to an end. “One Last Time” is Ariana Grande’s latest single and the music video is catastrophic. Literally. Directed by Max Landis, most of the video is Ariana’s backside, which, depending on your feelings towards the 21-year-old might make the video even […]

Weatherman Jim Cantore Really, Really Loves Thundersnow [Video]

Jim Cantore really, really loves thundersnow. While most of the Northeast was waiting out the snowstorm in their houses this weekend, the Weather Channel meteorologists was basking in its glory. Cantore even saw some thundersnow and, well, he was really excited about it. The meteorologist instantly transformed into a little kid and was absolutely amazed […]

A Gerbil? ‘Family Feud’ Answer Shocks Steve Harvey

Name something that a doctor may pull out of you. Did you answer a gerbil? Well this Family Feud contestant did. Earlier this week a Family Feud contestant gave an answer that may go down as one of the most ridiculous in the show’s history. When asked to name something that a doctor may pull out of […]

Tiny Hamsters Go On A Tiny Date For Valentine’s Day [Video]

If two hamsters on a Valentine’s Day date doesn’t bring out a small amount of love and warmth in your heart, I am not sure what will. This video will melt your tiny heart. The YouTube channel HelloDenizen is at it again with tiny hamsters doing tiny things. With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, […]

This Hozier “Take Me To Church” Ballet Routine Is Breathtaking [Watch]

Instead of just enjoying Hozier’s infectious hit “Take Me To Church” for being beautifully sung and writtin, you will be thinking of this tattooed ballet dancer Sergei Polunin and this choreographed number. “Take Me To Church” gets a new and astonishing breath of fresh air with Sergei’s performance. Talk about a phenomenal athlete. Sergei Polunin […]

Celebrities React To Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Half Time Show Performance [Video]

The 2015 Pepsi Super Bowl Half Time show included just about everything from bright lights to dancing sharks to an enormous mechanical lion. Pretty sure that covers most possibilities. How could anyone prepare for that intro? Katy Perry was the headliner playing “Roar,” “Teenage Dream,” “California Gurls,” “Firework” and others accompanied by Lenny Kravitz for […]

Rare Lamborghini Crashes Into Lake, Caught On Camera [Video]

Warning, car lovers, this video is hard to watch. A rare customized 2000hp Lamborghini was caught on camera losing control and crashing into a lake by the ThatRacingChannel. The car sports 2000 units of horsepower and as you can see, has some tons of get up and go. The heartbreaking video was filmed during the WannaGoFast half mile […]