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This Little Girl Thought Big Sis Was Dying Because She Was On Her Period

/when you’re a big sis, you’ll often find yourself having to explain a lot of things to your little sis — changes in the weather, changes in life, even changes in your body. Because hey, these are also changes they may find themselves facing one day, right? Also, it certainly helps to clear up a […]

This Trump “Commercial” Is Too Kawaii For You

Get ready for the sugar rush you never imagined you’d actually want to experience. Sorta. Kinda. MikeDiva of Youtube has got his video editing game on, and how. This director and visual FX artist styles himself the “maker of videos/ music/ memes and dreams”, and has thousands of followers on his Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram […]

‘Kinky Boots’ Cast Wants You To ‘Just Pee’ Vs. The Bathroom Bill

“Just pee, with dignity! Go relieve yourself triumphantly!” Ladies! Gentlemen! And those who have yet to make up their minds! The fun and funky cast of the Broadway smash hit “Kinky Boots” puts a new, whimsical spin on the North Carolina ‘Bathroom Bill” with a new take on one of their songs. “Just Pee” is […]

Watch These Japanese High-School Students Hatch a Chick OUTSIDE Of Its Egg

A viral video showing Japanese high-school students hatch a chick outside of its egg is turning a lot of heads online. The video, recently fact-checked by Snopes, does indeed depict a real chick incubation technique that allows observers to watch every stage of the animal’s development—though the claim that this is the “first time” such […]

Tasteful Terms for Female Masturbation, Courtesy of Refinery29

Happy May! May is International Masturbation Month, so we do sincerely hope you gave yourself some good lovin’ on the down-low sometime this month. What’s the big deal about masturbation? For starters, it’ safe, healthy, totally free, and is a great way to get better acquainted with your on body’s needs and sexual responses. It’s […]

Live TV Broadcast Interrupted by Windows 10 Upgrade Request

A weather reporter in Iowa was, like so many of us, interpreted by a Windows 10 update request. The segment was being broadcast live on Iowa’s KCCI 8 News. Meteorologist Metinka Slater was startled by the pop-up. “Microsoft recommends upgrade to Windows 10,” she said, bemused. “What should I do? Don’t you love when that pops up?” After […]

This Is What Underwater Anger Sounds Like

Fishing is one of the calmest, most serene, and relaxing pastimes known to man. But when a fish decides to get smart about where and how to get its next meal around humans, you can be sure there isn’t much relaxing to be done around these waters. A video was posted on Reddit feature the […]

Watch Bernie Sanders Literally Drop the Mic on Ted Cruz [Video]

Bernie Sanders is in the fight of his life to win New York state, but he still found time to drop by The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and school both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump on the real meaning of “New York values.” After Wilmore played a clip of Cruz bashing so called “New York […]