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Elephant Takes an “Elphie”, Goes Viral [Photos]

It seems animals have a thing for selfies, too. We’ve had Quokka selfies, polar bear selfies, octopus selfies — now, how about an “elphie”? One elephant all the way in Thailand seems to certainly have invented it. Christian LeBlanc, 22, is a Canadian who loves to travel with his girlfriend, and soak in the richness […]

Russian Women Create “Wrinkle Selfies” In Protest

Selfie trends have come and gone — from the infamous duckface to the selfie olympics — but this one particular trend has got Russian women fighting for their rights. As a matter of fact, they’re dominating Instagram with heir very own “wrinkle selfies” as protest to an eyebrow-raising statement an official said a week ago. It […]

Little Lost Bunny Searches for Owner; Goes to Eurovision [Viral]

This bunny has crossed oceans, visited museums, danced at concerts, and is now well on its way to one of the biggest European music events — all in the name of searching for its owner. The stuffed toy, nicknamed Lost Bunny, is now the newest viral sensation of Ridgeway, an Oxford, UK-based car hire company. […]

Curious Polar Bear Cub Takes Selfies [Photos]

And now, here’s your Friday dose of Cute: A sweet-faced polar bear cub was keen to explore a boat full of wildlife watchers, just as much as it did exploring the camera lens attached to the prow. Kyriakos Kaziras, a professional wildlife photographer, was out in the water with his colleagues when the curious cub […]

Fiji’s Floating Pizzeria Will Blow your Mind [Photos]

If you’re looking for your next great escape, and you’re itching for some R&R out in the big blue, there’s one place we’d love to show you right now. Imagine this: water, water, gorgeous clear blue water everywhere. It’s absolutely warm and lovely. You decide it;s finally time to take a break, and your tummy […]

Professor Soothes Crying Baby, Saves The Day

You’ve seen the viral picture on Facebook, now get to read the whole story behind this picture of this A+ professor and the baby in his arms. Many students come in to soak up a lot of learning in Professor Sydney Engleberg’s class at the Hebrew University at Jerusalem. A good percentage of them are […]

Thief Leaves Apology Note After Stealing Prized Birdbath

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy birthday, Mom! … Err, kind of? A desperate thief broke into a 82-year-old widow’s home in Hawkshead Court, Newcastle, and stole a birdbath in her garden, leaving behind an apologetic note scrawled on a piece of cardboard. The note reads: “I am so very sorry. I wouldn’t in a million years have done […]

Photo Series of Man’s Trips With ‘Little Butterfly” Is Heartbreaking

Song Bo, a middle-aged man in China, was diagnosed with a serious mental illness that left him struggling against crippling headaches and intense depression spells. He resigned himself to the thought that his illness would never let him have a good marriage or family. his life changed one day as he was browsing through an […]

Clown Gives Melbourne Commuters The Creeps

This clown seems to have come out straight from a Creepy Pasta thread. Karen, a Melbourne, Australia resident, was going about her own business as she got on her train headed from Ballarat headed to Southern Cross station Saturday morning,  when she noticed another passenger whose presence seemed to herald trouble. “I sat back expecting the […]

Kermit Doppleganger Discovered; Kermit Reacts

Kermit The Frog may just have met his long-lost twin. A newly-discovered frog deep in the heart of the Amazon rain forest is not only causing quite the stir in the Science world. It’s also creating a big buzz in Jim Henson’s fuzzy muppet world, too, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Meet Hyalinobatrachium dianae, or […]

5-Year-Old Boy Unearths Rare Fossil on the First Try

What a glorious day for Science! When 5-year-old boy Wiley Brys went out one fine afternoon to bond over exploring an excavation site on a fossil hunt, his dad Tim had no idea what the day had in store for them. Tim and Brys regularly dug for fossils behind a Mansfield, Texas shopping center, their […]

Lucille Ball Statue Horrifies Fans

They’re not loving this Lucy. Not even one bit. The residents of of Celeron, New York want a statue of their hometown hero Lucille Ball removed from the area. The unfortunate sculpture has sparked many a harrowing comparison, from Conway Twitty to an extra from The Walking Dead to Steve Buscemi, and the even the […]

Photos Of Abandoned NASCAR Track Provide Glance Into Americana Decline [Video]

The checker flag no longer waves over the North Wilkesboro Speedway in North Carolina. The one bustling racetrack now sits abandoned and decaying. Daily Mail UK photojournalist, Seph Lawless captured some eerie photos of the current state of the once spot. Opening in 1949, the track was used for many of the top professional […]

Little Girl Recreates Iconic Black Women’s Photos

Janine Harper wanted her daughter to learn about black women she could look up to. How’d she do it? dress her daughter up as them. Ms. Harper found an online photography project that had made the rounds online virally. Ms. Jaime Moore felt that it was important her daughter learn about a new brand of […]

Photographer and Gran Recreate Fashion Runway Styles

Sasha Frolova, a photographer and actress based in NYC, has created a series of photographs featuring her grandmother recreating fashion runway looks. The colors, the styles, and the mood of the photographs are all fun and games at first, but the message soon hits you in the gut, and makes you ask questions about ageism […]

Quokka Selfies Make Waves in Australia

The tiniest resident of Australia’s Rottnest Island is getting its spot of Internet fame right now — all thanks to a number of enterprising individuals, their steady hands, and their cameras. Tourists to Rottnest Island have begun posting selfie after selfie including the adorable ball of fluff that is known as the quokka. This sweet-faced […]

Octopus Grabs Camera, Snaps Its Photographer

When Ben Savard took snapshots of an octopus at Middlebury College in Vermont on Monday, he had no idea just how smart and cheeky this critter could be. Savard, a digital media producer, placed a GoPro in a plastic casing to take underwater shots of the cephalopod the school’s neuroscience students had been studying. “… […]

Jeep Leaves Accidental Ice Sculpture In North Carolina Parking Lot

Some works of art are created with paint brushes. Others, like this accidental ice sculpture in North Carolina, was created by the front end of a jeep. The front of a Jeep left behind an ice sculpture in the parking lot of a medical center near Greenville, NC — Toɴy D’Elια (@Tony_DElia) February 19, […]

Zack Snyder Posts First Photo Of Jason Mamoa As Aquaman

When Zack Snyder first announced that Aquaman would appear in the new Superman Vs. Batman movie, many fans laughed at the idea of a big screen version of one of DC’s most incompetent superheros. I’ve got an idea of how to make an Aquaman movie work. Basically, you take an Aquaman movie, remove Aquaman, and […]

Frozen Niagara Falls Photos Go Viral

It’s that time of year again. Niagara Falls has frozen over. Well, not really. Niagara Falls isn’t completely frozen but these photos are still pretty amazing. Jay Wynne explains the temperature drop that caused #NiagaraFalls to freeze: SabP — BBC Weather (@bbcweather) February 18, 2015 The views at Niagara Falls are pretty spectacular during […]