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Can You Spot The Six Words In These Picture Puzzles?

Sometimes, all you need to take a quick break and treat your brain to something fun is a cute puzzle. We here at SocialNewsDaily understand what it’s like to be a grownup: it’s not exactly everything we had hoped for as kids, there’s bills to pay, and we’re not quite yet where we’d planned to […]

This Shih Tzu’s Hairstyles on Instagram Will Thrill You

Glamorous dogs make the grade in many different ways: menswear, hairstyles, accessories, the works. This new pup on the block is here to make waces with her locks, and is killin’ it on Instagram. Meet Kuma. Kuma is a Shih Tzu and Pekingese mix who enjoys a new hairstyle everyday — as well as 20,000 Instagram followers. […]

Couple Takes Gorgeous Engagement Photos During Blizzard

While Tinder became one of the busiest places on the Internet during the blizzard, one couple kept each other warm and cozy throughout the snowstorm, and came out with a wonderful set of photographs to match. Felicia Sam and David Nartey, together with their photographer Dotun Ayodeji, braved the impending snowpocalypse and made for Fort […]

What Is This Crazy ‘Cloud Surfing’ Figure Seen Over Europe?

On a flight from Austria to the UK, passengers looked out the window and saw something odd: it appears to be a humanoid figure “surfing” on the clouds somewhere above Europe. “I was on the window seat with two work colleges,” one of the passengers told The Express. “They were talking like crazy and I was gazing out […]

Yes, You’re Looking at a Tortoise Photobomb

We’ve all seen our fair share of “animal photobombs.” There’s that classic stingray pic, of course, and many others–involving everything from dogs and miniature horses to penguins and seals. Way back in 2014, we told you about a shark that photobombed a surfing contest. Well, ladies and gentlemen (and gender-fluid individuals), we have a new […]

Artists Recreate Scenes From “The Shining” In Gingerbread

So: “The Shining” + gingerbread houses, because nothing really says Christmas quite like Murder. I mean, REDRUM. Imgur user agkeeling posted a gallery of photos on the social image site of what could possibly be one of the best Christmas celebrations of Kubrickesque insanity and murder. I mean, we’ve seen scenes recreated from the horror classic […]

You Won’t Believe This Guy’s Crossplay Skills (Yes, That’s a Guy)

There’s cosplay skills, there’s crossplay skills, then there’s Crossplay Skills. While Japan is not without its treasure trove of extremely skilled male cosplayers, China, Taiwan, and Thailand won’t be found wanting for excellent cosplay. They’re quite the masters at wearing a character like second skin — and then there’s also a whole ‘nother breed of […]

Runaway Reindeer Frolicks Away From Event, Goes Viral

You know, sometimes when you hire reindeer for a special event, you got to keep them entertained, or else they might get bored. Like this guy did. Bjorn the reindeer was up for a special booking at a local Tesco Christmas event, when he decided it was time to go for a walk. And go […]