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“Shelter Dogs Dangerous”? These Pictures Say Nay

An article from the Roanoake Times ruffled more than a few feathers saying that shelter dogs were dangerous and that rescue centers seemed to have more suspicious and sinister motives than they were letting on. Although the article targeted pit bulls, it cautioned readers against adopting any kind of shelter pet. There’s a stigma against […]

Thailand Erections Plead for Rain

BAAN NA TRAKUT, Thailand (SND) — A small village in northern Thailand hopes X-rated clay sculptures will bring rain. As part of a tradition that’s been passed down for more than a hundred years, villagers in Baan Na Trakut molded a group of three clay people posing in risque positions. To the right, “Miss Rain” and “Mr. Fog” […]

#TurnAroundJustin: Bieber Goes Butt-Naked for Instagram Selfie

There is domestic unrest across the United States as racial tension returns to the public sphere. There is perpetual war in the Middle East. The fragile mold of economic tyranny has shattered in Greece. But never mind all that, have you seen Justin Bieber’s naked butt yet? No? Well then ‘boy, do we have a treat […]

‘HoNY’ Picture Captures Hearts, 550,000 Likes Strong

Chin up, little guy. It gets better. The photography project “Humans of New York” (HoNY) has been around for most of the aughts, and has made our daily jaunts across Facebook a little more persona, thoughtful, and… well, human. One recent photograph and its accompanying caption, however, captured the collective heart of the Internet. Its […]

Daring Duo Takes Beautiful Illegal Photos of Landmarks

Vadim Mahora and Vitali Raskalovym are a pair of photographers who see the beauty of high places — the kind of high that makes it all worth the risk. They’ve been working together, scaling well-known bridges, monuments, buildings, and even billboards just to capture breath-taking shots of the city below. Photographing sprawling views, eye-catching details, […]

Bullied Teen Designs Epic Prom Dress; Gets First Red Carpet Commission

Teens are mad-talented. Two weeks ago, teenager Kyemah McEntyre wowed the internet with am astounding dress she designed and created  herself for prom. The senior student, studying at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts in New Jersey, wore it to the main event — needless to say, heads turned, jaws dropped, and she won the Internet… […]

Creatives Recreate “The Shining” Scenes With Food

Come eat with us, Danny. Come eat with us, forever and ever and ever. Okay, so the immortal lines from “The Shining” didn’t exactly come out like that, but this creative duo recreated iconic scenes from the movie that may as well set it in a foodie alternate universe. Photographer Davide Luciano and Food Stylist […]

Indian Artist Highlights Potholes with Crocs and More [Photos]

Potholes have long been a problem in India, and sometimes the local government can take a while to pay attention to them and have them fixed. The long-suffering people of Bangalore have accepted potholes to be a fact of life when the rainy season comes, and do their best in their daily commute to get […]