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Daring Duo Takes Beautiful Illegal Photos of Landmarks

Vadim Mahora and Vitali Raskalovym are a pair of photographers who see the beauty of high places — the kind of high that makes it all worth the risk. They’ve been working together, scaling well-known bridges, monuments, buildings, and even billboards just to capture breath-taking shots of the city below. Photographing sprawling views, eye-catching details, […]

Bullied Teen Designs Epic Prom Dress; Gets First Red Carpet Commission

Teens are mad-talented. Two weeks ago, teenager Kyemah McEntyre wowed the internet with am astounding dress she designed and created  herself for prom. The senior student, studying at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts in New Jersey, wore it to the main event — needless to say, heads turned, jaws dropped, and she won the Internet… […]

Creatives Recreate “The Shining” Scenes With Food

Come eat with us, Danny. Come eat with us, forever and ever and ever. Okay, so the immortal lines from “The Shining” didn’t exactly come out like that, but this creative duo recreated iconic scenes from the movie that may as well set it in a foodie alternate universe. Photographer Davide Luciano and Food Stylist […]

Indian Artist Highlights Potholes with Crocs and More [Photos]

Potholes have long been a problem in India, and sometimes the local government can take a while to pay attention to them and have them fixed. The long-suffering people of Bangalore have accepted potholes to be a fact of life when the rainy season comes, and do their best in their daily commute to get […]

Designer’s Super-chunky Knits Will Make You Ooh and Aah [Photos]

When we hear the word “knits, a good number of us instantly think of the words “warm”, “chunky”, “pullover“, maybe even “cables”. Now, I want you to think of the words “knits” and “chunky”. Done? Good. Now turn that idea up to eleven. Ukraine-based Designer Anna Mo creates some of the comfiest, wooliest creations the […]

Boy’s Lost Stuffed Toy Goes On Adventure, Returns With Photos

This year, it seems lost toys are going on grand adventures of their own to look for their beloved owners, and grown-ups of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life are there to help them every soft-padded step of the way. Last Saturday, a distraught mother, Amanda Lake, phoned in to the Tampa International Airport’s […]

So Adorabilis! Tiny New Octopus May Get Cute Name

Earlier this year, we said hello to Diane’s Bare-breasted Glassfrog, a brand-new species of frog discovered in the deep Cuban rainforest, which also happens to bear a striking resemblance to Kermit the Frog. Now, say hello to either (a) a real-life Pacman ghostie, (b) an undiscovered Pokemon, or (c) the next big thing in plush […]

Kentucky Fried Rat: Did Los Angeles KFC Serve Up Deep-Fried Rodent?

LOS ANGELES, US — Devorise Dixon recently made a trip to Kentucky Fried Chicken. When he got home, he opened up the box and claims to have found an entirely different fried animal – a rat. He took to Facebook to share the disgusting discovery, posting several photos and a video which quickly went viral. He also claims the […]