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Landmarks All Over the US Go Purple For Prince

The world still mourns the passing of one of the most influential, prolific, and beloved icons of the music industry, Prince. Doves (and humans) cried, and while purple rain may not have fallen from the heavens, certain landscapes across the United states turned on the Purple lights to nor the timeless singer-songwriter. 35W Bridge in […]

These Creative Promposals Will Blow You Away

Dear teens, you are just some of the most complex, unpredictable members of our human society. Sometimes, you sleep through the hugest commotions. Sometimes, you wrestle with old tech. and sometimes you blow us all away with something really amazing. With prom rolling in, highschoolers are abuzz with their promposals, and each one just keeps […]

Visitor Has Face-Swapping Spree at the Museum

A day trip to a museum may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some will love it, some will hate it, some will be bored out of their minds with it. And then you’ve got people like Imgur user JakeMarshall91 making the best of it and face-swapped with many of the statues on display at […]

Woman’s Before-and-After Photos Show the Truth of Anxiety Attacks

Living with Anxiety is not easy. It’s constantly second-guessing yourself, from things such  as picking up the phone, placing an order at a restaurant, or even receiving a compliment. Anxiety is like a big slimy monster who clings to you, and knows how to use all your insecurities and fears to ruin your day in […]

Photo Of Hotel Shocker is Making Tourists Think Twice

Picture this: You and your partners are tourists checking into what seems like a decent hotel. You find it a little too expensive for your liking, but hey, if they service and cleanliness is top-notch, why not? You tip the bellboy with a nice round figure after he unloads your luggage. You go around to […]

Swoon Over These Two Pitbull Rescues and Their Ducklings

Meet Patty Cake and Pikelet, two pitbull rescues who have endeared themselves to the internet just by being their sweet, charming selves. Love is Love 💜💙💚💛❤️ ———————————————– Happy Mardi Gras!!! 🌈 #sydneymardigras #loveislove #mardigras #lifeofpikelet #love #rainbow #equality #sydneymardigras2016 #❤️ A photo posted by Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll (@lifeofpikelet) on Mar 5, 2016 at 12:49am PST […]

“Female Anatomy Expert” Disses Thigh Gaps, Gets Owned

Let’s get one thing straight: thigh gap =/= wide-set vagina. Got that? Good. Because it seems this guy doesn’t want to. Oh god no, please stop, we don’t want to hear about your concern for vaginal tightness. *shudder* Look, we’re not doing a 180° and saying striving for a thigh gap and hurting yourself in […]