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Model Loses Thousands of Instagram Followers for “Getting Real”

Hot on the heels of Essena O’Neill’s Instagram uproar, another model is starting to shake Instagram up a few notches further with some changes she’s making in her daily posts. Stina Sanders is a London-based model who enjoys running, spending quality time with her frenchie, and posting the occasional selfie. she has also posed for […]

Nutscapes: The Photo Trend You’ll Drop Your Pants For

[Caveat: this post contains potentially NSFW images for, well, testes, but your mileage may vary. A little bit of skin never really hurt anyone. ] Picture this: In one of your travels, you come across a landscape so gorgeous, so breath-taking, it just makes time stop. you just have to take that moment of perfection […]

Man Dresses As Kim Jong Un; Comments Abound

Sometimes when one of your friends gets dressed as a famous person and goes out to public spaces on a lark, it can be a lot of fun just hanging out with them, just to see (1) if anyone does end up recognizing who your friend’s dressed as, (2) any sort of reaction the get-up […]

Student’s Prank Reveals Teacher Doesn’t Read Test Answers

Being a teacher just isn’t all fun and games. It’s hard work, dedication, thinking on your feet, and a tonne of patience from sunup to sundown. It’s score charts and quizzes, special projects and exams, sometimes to occassional essay too. And homework. Tonnes of homework. Though if you do at some point decide to slack […]

You Won’t Believe This High School Girl’s Shocking Secret

Here at SocialNewsDaily, we’ve covered our fair share of high school students — their feats of bravery, their astounding advocacy and creativity, even sometimes their unbelievable luck. This time, we’ll talk about this high schooler with a deep, dark secret. See that girl up there? This fresh face has drawn much attention and amazement online. […]

“Most Beautiful Bride” Interrupts Own Shoot To Save Drowning Man

Some brides can get real persnickety about anything concerning their own weddings. Get one detail out of order — whether its the boutonnieres gone missing, the wedding cupcake delivery team arriving late, or even the wedding favors turning up the wrong color — and it only takes so much for a blushing bride to turn […]

Teen Thinks Tape Player is iPhone Dock

Oh, technology. It’s best not to get too attached to any of it. Pummeled by the combined forces of capitalism and Moore’s law, new technologies rapidly spring up and replace existing ones. Even still, we can’t help but cringe when the younger generations interact with our gadgets wrong. ‘What exactly IS a beeper? Or a […]

“104-Year-Old” Dapper Granddad Gives Us Life [Photos]

Forget handlebar mustaches, monocles, and canes. Forget everything the hipster gents cruising down Williamsburg on their fixie bikes have taught you about dressing to the nines. This dapper granddad knows what real style looks like. Meet Günther Krabbenhöft. Günther goes about his daily business dressed sportingly sharper than most folks we know. As far as […]