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This Bag Reveals Something Important About Islamophobia

Islam has become a topic of contention for many politicians. Trump and many of his ilk have railed against it, have pinned many crimes and wrongful accusations against Muslim people. There’s a lot of fear-mongering happening around this religion. Though just how bad can it get? Just take a look at this bag. How does […]

This Badass Grandma Shows Us How To Live Like a Bawse

When you’re a grandma who gives no effs and lives life like an ultimate bawse, nobody can hold you down. If you know your way around the inernet and love to go ‘sploring, chances are you’ve probably come across this feisty gran. Helen van Winkle, or Baddiewinkle to her friends and Baddie fans, has taken the […]

Artist 3D-Prints Replicas of Art Pieces That Were Destroyed By ISIL

“To control people, you have to control culture, the context on which civil society is built. “ — Jared Keller, for The Daily Dot It is a harrowing fact to dwell upon: ISIL continually visits horrors on humanity in many forms, which includes the destruction of timeless artifacts and heritage sites that future generations may […]

Radiologist Recreates Celeb Photos To Help Cancer Patients

Cancer. The Big C. One of the most horrible diseases known to Man. Many a charity drive and kickstarter has been, well, started to fight Cancer. One of these, Dry July, is celebrated in Australia by encouraging people to abstain from drink and use the proceeds to donate to anti-cancer charities. This is all well […]

Can Real-Life Pets Actually See Pokemon? [Pokemon GO]

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and it’s just been a little over a month since its release. Of course, you need a smart phone (and a powerful battery and a power bank, we hear) to catch ’em all — or do you? Because a bunk of Twitter users just tweeted images of […]

‘Fashion Dads’ on Instagram Puts Spotlight on Dad-Fleek

Aaaah, yes. Dads. No matter what kind of relationship you have with them, Dads are always and forever going to do what they do best — Dad. They’ll cook for you by ordering takeout or pizza, make terrible puns and crack the corniest jokes, and just meander about in the most Dad way possible. And […]

Koffing Pokemon in Holocaust Museum Is Super Awkward

Pokemon GO, the pinnacle of social gaming, has taken us to so many places, met new faces, and experienced things (for better or worse) its players will not be forgetting any time soon. Unfortunately, some of the Pokemon you find at certain spots just make it downright awkward and kinda inappropriate. What do we mean? […]

This Pokemon Surprise At A Brother’s Grave Will Break Your Heart

Sometimes, surprises come in the most unexpected ways. Like, for example, Pokemon GO. Despite the crazy, harrowing, and unexpected experiences players have had thanks (or no thanks?) to this game, there are certain moments that are simply meant to pluck at your heart-strings. A Tweet was spotted recently that went viral on Japanese channels. One […]