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The KFC Hot Dog Double Down Is Not A Hoax, But It Is Disgusting

The KFC Hot Dog Double Down is… it’s… it looks disgustingly delicious. Photos of the Hot Dog Double Down started circulating around the internet this week. According to Business Insider, the “does that really exist” menu item is currently being served in limited quantities in the Philippines. I need an adult RT @andytoddcook: Wut? […]

The 5 Coolest Photos From #Snowmageddon2015

With snowfall pummeling the northeast, there’s really only one thing that people can do: Share photos on Twitter. Twitter has been lighting up with #Snowmageddon2015 photos all day. And judging by the forecast, we should see quite a few more this week. Bread ✓ Milk ✓ Eggs ✓ Northeast residents prepare for #Snowmageddon2015: […]

Rare Frilled Shark Caught In Australia

OK, are you ready for your daily nightmare? A rare 300-toothed frilled shark was recently caught off the coast of Victoria, Australia. The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association called it a living fossil. Sky News simply called it a “terrifying deep sea monster.” Terrifying deep sea monster (aka ‘frilled shark’) turns up in Aussie […]

Wall At Morton Salt Collapses In Chicago

When it rains, it pours. A wall at the Morton Salt building in Chicago collapsed on Tuesday afternoon. The incident caused an avalanche of salt which covered about a dozen cars in the Acura lot next door. Building collapse. Elston and Potomac Morton salt — Chicago Fire Media (@CFDMedia) December 30, 2014 The exact […]

Play-Doh Toy Looks Like A Penis, Hasbro Apologizes On Facebook

Parents were a little surprised this Christmas when their children opened up Play-Doh’s Cake Mountain toy and grabbed a hold of what appeared to be a big plastic penis. Angry parents have been complaining on Play-Doh’s Facebook page for awhile now but the complaints really picked up after Christmas. Most of the complaints were accompanied by a photo […]

Hamish Blake Takes His Own ‘Humans Of New York’ Photo

Hamish Blake was a little disappointed after visiting New York. The Australian comedian said that he stood on a corner for more than 6 hours hoping that Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind “Humans Of New York,” would come by and take his picture. When Stanton didn’t show, Blake decided to take matters into his own […]

Cards Against Humanity Bullsh*t Edition Is Really Full Of Crap [Photos]

Yes, Cards Against Humanity really sold bull poop to customers this holiday season. The game makers held a special holiday promotion this season for a special “bullsh*t” edition of Cards Against Humanity. The company cleared stated that this special edition was just a chunk of poop wrapped in a box but many people bought it […]

Most Expensive Photo: Peter Lik Sells “Phantom” Photograph For $6.5 Million

Peter Lik made history this week when he sold his photograph “Phantom” for an incredible $6.5 million. Lik said: “The purpose of all my photos is to capture the power of nature and convey it in a way that inspires someone to feel passionate and connected to the image … Certain textures and contours found in nature lend […]

Shark Photobombs Surfing Contest In Australia

A surfing contest in Australia was briefly halted after an unwanted guest popped up out of the water. Amateur photograph Steph Bellamy captured a photograph of a shark photobombing a group of surfers off the coast of New South Whales.  According to the Associated Press, the Coffs Harbour Boardriders club was hosting an event for mothers and […]

Cop Hugs Ferguson Protester At Portland Rally [Photo]

There’s been a lot of tension, violence, and hatred in the wake of Mike Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri. Fortunately, there have also been a few beautiful moments. A photographer captured an emotional hug between a police officer and a protester this weekend. According to Oregon Live, 12-year-old Devonte Hart brought a “free hugs” sign […]

13 Perfectly Timed Photos that will Blow Your Mind!

We love perfectly times photos. There’s just something that makes us stop and wonder “Wow – what are the chances of that?” Of course, there are the classics like a bullet shooting through an apple or a wine glass shattering on the ground. Perfectly timed photos don’t have to be scripted, planned, and taken by a professional, […]

Paralyzed Dog Found On Beach Gets A New Home

Sure, the internet can be a very mean place. But that doesn’t mean that great, heart-warming things don’t also happen on the World Wide Web. Leo, a paralyzed dog that was found on a beach in Thailand has finally found a new home. Canadian Meagan Penman found the dog, whom she named Leo, while vacationing […]

6 Breathtaking Photos of Famous Cities at Night

Some of the most densely populated cities also happen to look breathtaking at night. Check out these six photos from famous cities at night. 1. Tokyo Home to over 13 million people, Tokyo is the capitol of Japan. It contains 23 wards, houses the Japanese Imperial family, and is one of the largest metropolitan cities […]

‘Sad Face’ Mugshot Goes Viral After Taco Bell Arrest

Gabriel Harris looks so sad in his mugshot that it’s almost too depressing to laugh. Almost. Harris, 33, was arrested on Sunday night after he attempted to order from the Taco Bell drive-through in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The restaurant wouldn’t serve Harris and when he refused to leave they called the cops. That’s when […]

Bus Fire On Lake Shore Drive Causes Traffic Delays In Chicago [Photos]

It has not been a good week for travel in Chicago. A plane crashed at the Windy City’s Midway Airport last night and this morning a bus caught fire on Lake Shore Drive. According to the CBS, a CTA buss caught fire this morning between North Avenue and Division Street on Lake Share Drive. A […]

Mother Furious at “Questionable Answers” on Son’s Homework on Islam

A photo snapped by a North Carolina mother recently went viral, along with her heated rant. Apparently her son, a freshman at Porter Ridge High School in Union County, brought home a worksheet on Islam with some “questionable answers. The mother immediately contacted both the school and her local news station after reviewing her son’s worksheet […]

Japanese Children Draw on Textbooks to Create Hilarious and Disturbing Scenes

The Japanese educational system has often been accused of destroying the creativity in children through forced “group mentality” exercises and an avoidance of allowing individuality. On the other hand, you see things like this. Some textbooks just aren’t meant for studying, it appears. They’re meant to be drawn on. And it says something about people who can […]

5 Japanese Male Cosplayers you need to Follow on Twitter

Every once and a while, you see a cosplay that completely blows your mind. As you might imagine, Japan has quite a few A-list cosplayers, especially male cosplayers, who portray effeminate, vampiric, or androgynous characters with relative ease. While men who wear makeup and dress in an androgynous fashion are often looked down upon in […]

#Pointergate: Mayor Betsy Hodges Accused Of Flashing Gang Sign In Old Photo

A photo dug up by KSTP 5  purportedly shows Mayor Betsy Hodges flashing a gang sign. But here’s the thing: It doesn’t. She’s just pointing at the man she’s posing with. KSTP 5 writes: “EYEWITNESS NEWS has obtained a photo of Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges posing with a convicted felon while flashing a known gang sign.” […]

Top 5 Adorable Pet Costumes this Year’s Halloween

Halloween 2014 came and went without too many surprises. I, for one, saw quite a few pet Halloween costumes this year. The best costumes were when the pet and owner did a collaboration… although those were few and far between. And for those of you who missed Halloween this year, now is the perfect time […]