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5-Year-Old Boy Unearths Rare Fossil on the First Try

What a glorious day for Science! When 5-year-old boy Wiley Brys went out one fine afternoon to bond over exploring an excavation site on a fossil hunt, his dad Tim had no idea what the day had in store for them. Tim and Brys regularly dug for fossils behind a Mansfield, Texas shopping center, their […]

Lucille Ball Statue Horrifies Fans

They’re not loving this Lucy. Not even one bit. The residents of of Celeron, New York want a statue of their hometown hero Lucille Ball removed from the area. The unfortunate sculpture has sparked many a harrowing comparison, from Conway Twitty to an extra from The Walking Dead to Steve Buscemi, and the even the […]

Photos Of Abandoned NASCAR Track Provide Glance Into Americana Decline [Video]

The checker flag no longer waves over the North Wilkesboro Speedway in North Carolina. The one bustling racetrack now sits abandoned and decaying. Daily Mail UK photojournalist, Seph Lawless captured some eerie photos of the current state of the once spot. Opening in 1949, the track was used for many of the top professional […]

Little Girl Recreates Iconic Black Women’s Photos

Janine Harper wanted her daughter to learn about black women she could look up to. How’d she do it? dress her daughter up as them. Ms. Harper found an online photography project that had made the rounds online virally. Ms. Jaime Moore felt that it was important her daughter learn about a new brand of […]

Photographer and Gran Recreate Fashion Runway Styles

Sasha Frolova, a photographer and actress based in NYC, has created a series of photographs featuring her grandmother recreating fashion runway looks. The colors, the styles, and the mood of the photographs are all fun and games at first, but the message soon hits you in the gut, and makes you ask questions about ageism […]

Quokka Selfies Make Waves in Australia

The tiniest resident of Australia’s Rottnest Island is getting its spot of Internet fame right now — all thanks to a number of enterprising individuals, their steady hands, and their cameras. Tourists to Rottnest Island have begun posting selfie after selfie including the adorable ball of fluff that is known as the quokka. This sweet-faced […]

Octopus Grabs Camera, Snaps Its Photographer

When Ben Savard took snapshots of an octopus at Middlebury College in Vermont on Monday, he had no idea just how smart and cheeky this critter could be. Savard, a digital media producer, placed a GoPro in a plastic casing to take underwater shots of the cephalopod the school’s neuroscience students had been studying. “… […]

Jeep Leaves Accidental Ice Sculpture In North Carolina Parking Lot

Some works of art are created with paint brushes. Others, like this accidental ice sculpture in North Carolina, was created by the front end of a jeep. The front of a Jeep left behind an ice sculpture in the parking lot of a medical center near Greenville, NC — Toɴy D’Elια (@Tony_DElia) February 19, […]

Zack Snyder Posts First Photo Of Jason Mamoa As Aquaman

When Zack Snyder first announced that Aquaman would appear in the new Superman Vs. Batman movie, many fans laughed at the idea of a big screen version of one of DC’s most incompetent superheros. I’ve got an idea of how to make an Aquaman movie work. Basically, you take an Aquaman movie, remove Aquaman, and […]

Frozen Niagara Falls Photos Go Viral

It’s that time of year again. Niagara Falls has frozen over. Well, not really. Niagara Falls isn’t completely frozen but these photos are still pretty amazing. Jay Wynne explains the temperature drop that caused #NiagaraFalls to freeze: SabP — BBC Weather (@bbcweather) February 18, 2015 The views at Niagara Falls are pretty spectacular during […]

Ithaca Surrenders To Winter, Tells Tourists To Visit Florida

Are you thinking about traveling to Ithaca, New York? Well, according to the city’s tourism board, you might want to reconsider. The official Visit Ithaca website put up an interesting message over the weekend. Instead of asking potential tourists to come and visit the wintry wonderland, they offered up another suggestion for a winter vacation: […]

Rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox Spotted At Yosemite For First Time In 100 Years

The rare Sierra Nevada red fox has been spotted in Yosemite National Park for the first time in nearly 100 years. Yosemite National Park superintendent Don Neubacher said in a news release: “We are thrilled to hear about the sighting of the Sierra Nevada red fox, one of the most rare and elusive animals in the […]

The KFC Hot Dog Double Down Is Not A Hoax, But It Is Disgusting

The KFC Hot Dog Double Down is… it’s… it looks disgustingly delicious. Photos of the Hot Dog Double Down started circulating around the internet this week. According to Business Insider, the “does that really exist” menu item is currently being served in limited quantities in the Philippines. I need an adult RT @andytoddcook: Wut? […]

The 5 Coolest Photos From #Snowmageddon2015

With snowfall pummeling the northeast, there’s really only one thing that people can do: Share photos on Twitter. Twitter has been lighting up with #Snowmageddon2015 photos all day. And judging by the forecast, we should see quite a few more this week. Bread ✓ Milk ✓ Eggs ✓ Northeast residents prepare for #Snowmageddon2015: […]

Rare Frilled Shark Caught In Australia

OK, are you ready for your daily nightmare? A rare 300-toothed frilled shark was recently caught off the coast of Victoria, Australia. The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association called it a living fossil. Sky News simply called it a “terrifying deep sea monster.” Terrifying deep sea monster (aka ‘frilled shark’) turns up in Aussie […]

Wall At Morton Salt Collapses In Chicago

When it rains, it pours. A wall at the Morton Salt building in Chicago collapsed on Tuesday afternoon. The incident caused an avalanche of salt which covered about a dozen cars in the Acura lot next door. Building collapse. Elston and Potomac Morton salt — Chicago Fire Media (@CFDMedia) December 30, 2014 The exact […]

Play-Doh Toy Looks Like A Penis, Hasbro Apologizes On Facebook

Parents were a little surprised this Christmas when their children opened up Play-Doh’s Cake Mountain toy and grabbed a hold of what appeared to be a big plastic penis. Angry parents have been complaining on Play-Doh’s Facebook page for awhile now but the complaints really picked up after Christmas. Most of the complaints were accompanied by a photo […]

Hamish Blake Takes His Own ‘Humans Of New York’ Photo

Hamish Blake was a little disappointed after visiting New York. The Australian comedian said that he stood on a corner for more than 6 hours hoping that Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind “Humans Of New York,” would come by and take his picture. When Stanton didn’t show, Blake decided to take matters into his own […]

Cards Against Humanity Bullsh*t Edition Is Really Full Of Crap [Photos]

Yes, Cards Against Humanity really sold bull poop to customers this holiday season. The game makers held a special holiday promotion this season for a special “bullsh*t” edition of Cards Against Humanity. The company cleared stated that this special edition was just a chunk of poop wrapped in a box but many people bought it […]

Most Expensive Photo: Peter Lik Sells “Phantom” Photograph For $6.5 Million

Peter Lik made history this week when he sold his photograph “Phantom” for an incredible $6.5 million. Lik said: “The purpose of all my photos is to capture the power of nature and convey it in a way that inspires someone to feel passionate and connected to the image … Certain textures and contours found in nature lend […]