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Fans Stick Hodor To Elevators and Things to Commemorate Hodor

Hodor, Hodor. Gone, but not forgotten. People love you, and they will never look at an ajar door the same way again. Season 6, episode 5 of Game of Thrones broadcast Sunday and crushed the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. It wasn’t enough to grieve on cyberspace — people had to take it well […]

Twitter Goes Nuts Over These Zany Trump TV Proposals

While half (more than half?) contemplate a potential Trump presidency in abject terror, a a more optimistic portion chooses to cope through laughter. The great and merciless George R. R. Martin did write, “laughter is poison to fear”, and in times like these, it helps keep the panic and horror of the Trumpmaggedon at bay. […]

Airbrush Artist Cheers Little Patients With Badass Temp Tattoos

Do you ever remember sporting those temporary tattoos as a kid? You know, the ind that your mom carefully cut out of the sticky sheet, warned you not to lick it as she slapped it on your arm and wetted down with a sponge, and then peeled the limp aper off when it wasy dry-ish? […]

This Real-Life Instagram Rapunzel Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Becky With The Good Hair has nothing on this real-life Rapunzel. Dashik Gubanova knows how to take good care of her hair. This Russian Instagram star has tresses that reach all the way down to her calves, and her 135,000 followers are loving every inch of it. A photo posted by Дашик Губанова Веснушка (@dashik_gubanova) […]

Tasteful Terms for Female Masturbation, Courtesy of Refinery29

Happy May! May is International Masturbation Month, so we do sincerely hope you gave yourself some good lovin’ on the down-low sometime this month. What’s the big deal about masturbation? For starters, it’ safe, healthy, totally free, and is a great way to get better acquainted with your on body’s needs and sexual responses. It’s […]

Guy Takes Their Cat To Prom And The Internet Loves Him For It

A good number of you readers out there have had to go through the nerve-wracking anxiety of asking someone out to the prom. And, if as misfortune would have it, no one gives you their “Yes”, it’s either a) go stag, or b) stay home and soothe yourself with a whole pizza/ a movie marathon/ […]

The Internet Can’t Get Enough of GoT’s Denaerys This Week

GoT, behold your Queen. This week’s episode of Game of Throne delivers so much punch, fans the world over are reeling from all the epic action. Denaerys Targaryen was no exception as she ruled with fire. Twitter was definitely feeling the burn. Yaaaas kween! Epic slayage: Daenerys / Khalessi be like: #GameofThrones — SomeGirlfromCanada […]