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Couple’s #DivorceSelfie Goes Viral For Winning Reason

So, for a number of people, divorce is instantly associated with gut-wrenching heartache, and dreaded paperwork and legalese, and property wars, and all the nastiness that comes with it. We understand; sometimes the person you once saw as your life partner doesn’t quite turn out to be the life partner you need in your life. […]

Teen Thinks Tape Player is iPhone Dock

Oh, technology. It’s best not to get too attached to any of it. Pummeled by the combined forces of capitalism and Moore’s law, new technologies rapidly spring up and replace existing ones. Even still, we can’t help but cringe when the younger generations interact with our gadgets wrong. ‘What exactly IS a beeper? Or a […]

Juno the Beluga Whale Is the Real Star of This Press Conference

Meet Juno the Beluga. Juno is one of the personalities over at Mystic Aquarium at Connecticut and probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to the Curious George of the cosmopolitan aquatic world, because this cutie just loves to get all curious and social. Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy held a press conference at the aquarium, […]

Diver Dances With Sharks To Protest Shark Killings [Video]

This video went online back in 2014, but we think it’s pretty cool and deserves a spotlight here on SND. This particular video has recently had a number of Tumbler folk oohing and aahing, and with good reason. We see a raven-haired dancer clad in a bikini, leather vambraces, weighted boots, and body paint, gracefully […]

“104-Year-Old” Dapper Granddad Gives Us Life [Photos]

Forget handlebar mustaches, monocles, and canes. Forget everything the hipster gents cruising down Williamsburg on their fixie bikes have taught you about dressing to the nines. This dapper granddad knows what real style looks like. Meet Günther Krabbenhöft. Günther goes about his daily business dressed sportingly sharper than most folks we know. As far as […]

Opal Hair is Newest Trend to Hit Instagram

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to best express your inner pastel goth or softcore punk, here’s the newest hair trend you just might sparkle for. (#aesthetic.) Meet opal hair. Opal hair is the next step in color to last season’s lustrously-silver granny locks, and is a shimmery fairy-forest-daydream low-res delight. Whether you sport long or […]

Fox Reporter Freaks Out Over Hovering Bug On Live TV

Aaah, live morning news TV. Where would we be without you? Early risers love you for your sparks of unexpected comedy and hijinks, and this particular one has got us bugging out. Fox News’ weatherman Brad Willis reported live from one of the waterfronts of San Diego on the extreme heat wave plaguing the city. […]

Grumpy Cat To Be First Animatronic Cat Figure in Madame Tussaud’s; Still Unimpressed

Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat), the sour-faced feline sweetheart that took the Internet by storm a year ago is now given the distinction of being immortalized as Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum’s very first feline animatronic wax figure. (#GrumpyWax) Clearly, she was over the moon with the announcement. (or maybe, just over it?) The historical wax […]