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Homemade Batman Suit Stands Up To Stress Test [Video]

Everyone wants to be Batman. One college student took his dream a little further by creating a Batman suit complete with chest plating. He then decided to put it to the test by getting a friend to punch him with combat gloves complete with Kevlar knuckles. The suit seems to get the job done. The […]

A Week In The Life Of A Tokyo Salary Man [Video]

We can all relate. The work week can take its toll on our physical and emotional wellbeing, especially when working 80 hours a week. One video chronicles the life of Stu as he adjusts to his life in Tokyo. During what he calls the “busy season” at work, he works 80 hours a week. He […]

Skydiving Instructor Saves Trainee In A Seizure [Video]

Sheldon McFarlane had no idea what was going to happen the day he jumped off a plane flying 12,000 feet above the Pinjarra landscape of Western Australia together with his trainee, Christopher Jones, and the rest of their skydiving class. The Perth resident Jones, 22, decided to take a skydiving course at the Western Australia […]

Alex Boye Sings “Uptown Funk” With Dancing Grannies, Goes Viral [Watch]

Singer Alex Boye might not be a name you are familiar with, but he is doing very well on the social media platform YouTube. As his YouTube description states, “I take pop songs and Africanize them.” Boye has covered hits from Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Lorde, Frozen’s “Let It Go” and now his latest masterpiece […]

4 Recent Clips That Rocked Hollywood

Part of being a celebrity is the amusement they give us through trending clips – planned or not, video collaborations or solo.  It’s always daunting when an attempt for greatness fails, but we’re not talking about those; Social News Daily rounds up some clips from Tinseltown that made it to viral status! 1. LADY GAGA’S […]

Octopus Attacks Crab On Camera, Attack Goes Viral

A woman by the name of Porsche Indrisie thought she was filming a harmless crab who was probably trying to get a sun tan in Yallingup, Western Australia. Sadly, this crab was getting warm for the octopus lurking below the water who waited for the right moment to jump out and eat him. The unsuspecting […]

Drunk Moms Talk About Their Kids In Viral Video [Watch]

“Sometimes, we all need a little ‘mom juice.'” Gotta love drunk moms right? Buzzfeed Video hands the internet another cute and laughable video with moms who have definitely enjoyed a few glasses of wine before being asked classic parenting questions. The following questions with one of the better answers, are down below. You will see why […]

YouTube Mother Esther Anderson Shows Why Moms Get Nothing Done [Video]

Mom, blogger, and YouTube enthusiast Esther Anderson is back with another video featuring her adorable little girl named Ellia called “Why Moms Get Nothing Done.” Esther Anderson has created many videos highlighting the honest, cute, and not so fun parts of parenting on her channel, where a majority of them immediately went viral. Esther records […]

Jeep Leaves Accidental Ice Sculpture In North Carolina Parking Lot

Some works of art are created with paint brushes. Others, like this accidental ice sculpture in North Carolina, was created by the front end of a jeep. The front of a Jeep left behind an ice sculpture in the parking lot of a medical center near Greenville, NC — Toɴy D’Elια (@Tony_DElia) February 19, […]

Zack Snyder Posts First Photo Of Jason Mamoa As Aquaman

When Zack Snyder first announced that Aquaman would appear in the new Superman Vs. Batman movie, many fans laughed at the idea of a big screen version of one of DC’s most incompetent superheros. I’ve got an idea of how to make an Aquaman movie work. Basically, you take an Aquaman movie, remove Aquaman, and […]

Contestant On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Solves Puzzle With Only One Letter Visible [Video]

What the… Tuesday night’s contestant on Wheel of Fortune completely owned a puzzle when he guessed the entire thing correctly with just the letter ‘T’ showing. Rufus, the brilliant or super lucky contestant, solved the puzzle “championship match” with the one letter and the hint “event.” With this sweet competition, Rufus went from $1,700 to […]

Dad Tells Son ‘Special’ Car Button Ejects Him Into Space If He Misbehaves

Super cute and smart or just plain evil? Maybe a mix of both: evil genius. Looks like the original cute kid named Charlie with an adorable accent who’s finger was bit has some competition. Another boy named Charlie, 4, finds himself in a tricky situation. His father, Jonny Corbett, told his son that if he […]

Frozen Niagara Falls Photos Go Viral

It’s that time of year again. Niagara Falls has frozen over. Well, not really. Niagara Falls isn’t completely frozen but these photos are still pretty amazing. Jay Wynne explains the temperature drop that caused #NiagaraFalls to freeze: SabP — BBC Weather (@bbcweather) February 18, 2015 The views at Niagara Falls are pretty spectacular during […]

89-Year-Old Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates, Reactions Are Painful And Hilarious [Watch]

Ah, the age of online dating. The main struggle? Wondering if the picture is accurate and up-to-date. Tinder’s new slogan should be “All ages and relationship statuses welcome. Even married 89-year-old grandpas.” YouTube channel Slow Clap posted a painfully awkward, yet funny video of 89-year-old Joe going on Tinder dates with multiple women. Joe’s grandson, […]

Ithaca Surrenders To Winter, Tells Tourists To Visit Florida

Are you thinking about traveling to Ithaca, New York? Well, according to the city’s tourism board, you might want to reconsider. The official Visit Ithaca website put up an interesting message over the weekend. Instead of asking potential tourists to come and visit the wintry wonderland, they offered up another suggestion for a winter vacation: […]

Ariana Grande Debuts “One Last Time” Music Video [Watch]

Apocalyptic Ariana Grande is here. No seriously, this video has the world coming to an end. “One Last Time” is Ariana Grande’s latest single and the music video is catastrophic. Literally. Directed by Max Landis, most of the video is Ariana’s backside, which, depending on your feelings towards the 21-year-old might make the video even […]