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Watch This Incredible 95-Foot Christmas Tree Come To Life [Video]

The 95-foot Christmas tree at Dallas’s Galleria mall is known throughout the country. It isn’t just its impressive size that makes it famous, it’s the intricate decorations and the huge amount of labor that goes into its inception every year. This 95-foot tree is the largest indoor Christmas tree in the nation. Overlooking the mall’s […]

Woman Complains About Crafting On Train, Gets Trolled

Let’s face it folks: trains just aren’t safe anymore. Every day, millions of commuters worldwide risk their lives to get from Point A to Point B and face the many horrors and dangers on the trip — sleazy books! Microbes! Crafting! Crafting?! Concerned Singaporean citizen Tan Lay Hoon sent in a complaint to the press about […]

Model Loses Thousands of Instagram Followers for “Getting Real”

Hot on the heels of Essena O’Neill’s Instagram uproar, another model is starting to shake Instagram up a few notches further with some changes she’s making in her daily posts. Stina Sanders is a London-based model who enjoys running, spending quality time with her frenchie, and posting the occasional selfie. she has also posed for […]

Essena O’Neill: “Social Media Is Not Real Life”

A precious handful of celebrities have quit Instagram for a bevy of reasons; Australian fashion and beauty blogger Essena O’Neill is sending a message with her own departure from the image social site. O’ Neill could have just chosen to delete the account and walk away from Instagram, but she went a few steps further. […]

Watch the Best Holderness Thanksgiving Mashup Ever

The Holderness Family are at it again with a brand-new video that’ll have you bopping and chuckling along as you pass the green beans, sweet potato pie, and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, folks: Thanksgiving — and the pre-event epic meal-prepping for dinner — is no small feat. It has you minding and […]

Beard Enthusiasts Mistaken For Da’esh Terrorists

Hipsters. Love them or hate them, they’ve come and gone (sort of?), leaving behind a wake of ironic clothing, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans, and a commendable amount of beard styling. True, they may be conceited, angsty, maybe a little bit delusional at times. But never, EVER for once accuse them of being terrorists. Bearded […]

Metal Baby, or BabyMetal? Cast Your Vote!

Heavy metal music is often seen as born from the very bowels of hell, wallowing for endless hours in the murky pits of ancient despair and other dark forces. It’s the music you turn to when you want your soul to scream bloody murder and rail at the world as you wage war for your […]

Pornhub Traffic Plummets the Day Fallout 4 Released

Fallout 4, created by Bethesda studios, has become the most anticipated and sought-after first-person shooter video game this side of 2015. It’s such a hot commodity, it’s not just caused a wave of “sick” days all over the globe, it’s also caused a goodly portion of players to disengage for a day from their other… […]