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The Entire NZ Is Doing a Secret Santa

You know whena country is pretty awesome? It’s when they have a nation-wide Secret Santa everyone’s excited to participate in. A long time ago in the merry, ever-clear land of New Zealand an enterprising, spirited fellow named  Sam Elton-Waters thought what a grand idea it would be if everyone in the country aimed to exchange […]

20 Images That Capture The Most Hilarious Things Said In The Car

The regular family spends a lot of time riding in the car on the daily basis. In fact, some parents admitted that all of the taxiing their children around can cause some stressful situations. From school, extracurricular activities and trips, all that time spent in the car can lead to some pretty hilarious stories. “It’s […]

Adorable Dogs Form Pop Group All In The Name Of Akita Tourism

A viral video promoting tourism to North Japan features a pop group made up of adorable Akita dogs and it is all in the name of “Akita Tourism.” You might not be familiar with the term “Akita Tourism,” but once you check out the video below you will definitely want to know more. Which is […]

Office Creates Epic ‘Power Drill Foosball’ And You Have To Check It Out

When their regular games of office foosball began to get a little boring, the guys at SGS Engineering thought of a way to bring the fun of friendly competition back. Of course, it involved power tools. After all, this is the same gang that brought us leaf blower billiards. Of course, the big idea started […]

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Wine Scented Toilet Paper

You catch the whiff of mulled wine and are reminded of the holiday season. But then you suddenly become confused. There isn’t any mulled wine around. In fact, you are in the bathroom. Apparently, Tesco wants to make sure you are in the holiday spirit no matter what you are doing with their mulled spiced […]

Celebrate #NationalCandyDay With These Creative Uses For Leftover Halloween Candy!

What better time for #NationalCandyDay than a few days after Halloween? You know, you still have tons of Halloween candy leftover. No? I’m sure you can find somebody that can spare a couple of fun-sized treats. Of course, you could binge your favorite sweets to celebrate this day. Or, you can get creative. Here at […]

Celebrate In 90 Seconds: Lady Liberty Turns 130!

The Statue of Liberty is turning 130 years old and America is taking a moment to remember the massive sculpture. Time reported on how Lady Liberty came to stand as a symbol for the promise of the American dream: “Designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and inspired by French law professor Édouard René Lefèbvre […]

Do You Know The Origin Of These Strange Christmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated around the world. However, different parts of the globe celebrate the major holiday extremely differently. There are literally hundreds of different traditions and many of them may seem completely bizarre. So, do you know where some of the most popular strange Christmas traditions come from and why they exist? Here a few […]