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Armpit Tattoos: The Seemingly (Not So) New and Painful Trend

There has been much talk about armpit tattoos online lately. Seems since people have begun posting themselves getting them done on Instaham, everyone who has never seen it before seems to think it is a new trend. It isn’t, though it was never quite as popular as it seems to be getting now. Matter of […]

Glastonbury Using People’s Pee To Power This Year’s Festival

The Glastonbury Music Festival is one of the world’s major music festivals, and is a highly popular and sought after event. Like many festivals, it is a days long event that features music from many famous bands and musicians from all over the world. While normally the festival makes the press in passing, this year […]

New York Now Has Flying Manhole Covers to Dodge

Man hole cover explodes during interview While doing a random interview in new York a man was quite shocked to see (and hear, as you will see in video below) a flying manhole cover that seemingly exploded off the street due to built up pressure and launched itself high in the air, like some hovering […]

5 Snap-Happy Cities To Spend Some Time In According to Social Media

With social media providing a window into some of the most photogenic destinations to visit, it’s no wonder we allow social media to influence our travel plans. As we follow and admire, captivated by the Wanderlust of social influencers, we also gain some glimpses into the types of lifestyles that could be experienced in different […]

Video Captures Man Driving 120 MPH on ‘The Isle of Man TT’ Motorcycle

If you have ever wondered what 120 MPH looks like whizzing by from the side of the road, check out this insane footage someone captured of someone doing 120 MPH on the amazing “Isle Of Man TT” Motorcycle which none of us will ever be able to afford, but that all of us are drooling […]

Jelly Belly Teaming up With Krispy Kreme For New Jelly Bean Flavors

You know what are fantastic? Jelly Belly jelly beans. Reaching into a bag blind and then guessing the flavor is one of the 250 most fun things you can do with food. You know what else is freakin’ fantastic? Krispy Kreme donuts. They are like eating sugared, fried clouds of pure delight. So imagine my […]

How Much Is Jack Sparrow Really Worth?

Everyone’s favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow is back for another Pirates of Caribbean installment. As the newest film gets ready to hit theaters, our friends and jewelry specialists, F. Hinds is taking a look at how much Jack Sparrow and all his jewels are really worth. Captain Jack Sparrow’s jewelry has been revealed to be worth […]

Sparkly Unicorn Nipple Patches: Another Head Scratching Trend

Unicorns seem to be the big fad these days. Drinks, desserts, clothing… where will the madness end? Apparently, not anywhere in the near future. The newest unicorn fad to hit the market: sparkly nipple patches. We are as confused as you are… Marketed as “magical unicorn nipple pasties,” we aren’t sure exactly what the retailer, […]