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Anonymous Person Drops $8,000 In SPCA Donation Box

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is experiencing what they are calling a ‘true miracle.’ The staff shared in a recent Facebook post that they were shocked to discover that someone had visited the donation box in the Neely Cat Center and anonymously left a donation in their collection box. The Facebook post reads: “Seeking […]

You Have To See These Epic Entries To The 2016 National Beard And Moustache Competition!

The annual National Beard and Moustache Competition isn’t just for who can grown the best facial hair. The competition has evolved into who can create a facial hair masterpiece. Spoiler alert, the contestants that do the best have usually created some pretty bizarre looks. This year’s event was no different. Thankfully, professional photographer, Greg Anderson […]

The Reason This Man’s Chest Has Become A Viral Sensation Is Absolutely Hilarious

One body builder wanted to become a online sensation, but I don’t think this is what he had in mind! Going by the nickname Scooby, he posted a video of his strict workout regime. However, it wasn’t his exercises that got the Internet’s attention. A screenshot of Scooby’s chiseled chest quickly went viral, but it […]

Meet The 25-Year-Old Cancer Patient That Has Decided To Live-Blog His Own Death

Dmitrij Panov may look like your normal 25-year-old but his story is much different. The 25-year-old is making headlines for a very controversial reason and once you find out why you’ll be shocked as well. Dmitrij Panov started a blog back in February. His first entry started off with a shocking confession: “Hello, my name […]

Australia’s #ItsOkayToTalk Theme Is Better Than The Ice Bucket Challenge

A few years ago we Americans devised the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS and it was a good idea, but Australia’s #ItsOkayToTalk themed challenge makes another, probably more powerful statement. The real problem that a lot of people had with the ice bucket challenge is that there was no real result. You didn’t donate money […]

This Bag Reveals Something Important About Islamophobia

Islam has become a topic of contention for many politicians. Trump and many of his ilk have railed against it, have pinned many crimes and wrongful accusations against Muslim people. There’s a lot of fear-mongering happening around this religion. Though just how bad can it get? Just take a look at this bag. How does […]

This Badass Grandma Shows Us How To Live Like a Bawse

When you’re a grandma who gives no effs and lives life like an ultimate bawse, nobody can hold you down. If you know your way around the inernet and love to go ‘sploring, chances are you’ve probably come across this feisty gran. Helen van Winkle, or Baddiewinkle to her friends and Baddie fans, has taken the […]