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The KFC Hot Dog Double Down Is Not A Hoax, But It Is Disgusting

The KFC Hot Dog Double Down is… it’s… it looks disgustingly delicious. Photos of the Hot Dog Double Down started circulating around the internet this week. According to Business Insider, the “does that really exist” menu item is currently being served in limited quantities in the Philippines. I need an adult RT @andytoddcook: Wut? […]

The 5 Coolest Photos From #Snowmageddon2015

With snowfall pummeling the northeast, there’s really only one thing that people can do: Share photos on Twitter. Twitter has been lighting up with #Snowmageddon2015 photos all day. And judging by the forecast, we should see quite a few more this week. Bread ✓ Milk ✓ Eggs ✓ Northeast residents prepare for #Snowmageddon2015: […]

Maker’s Mark Turns #DeflateGate Into Whisky Ad

Twitter has been using the hashtag #DeflateGate to mock Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots for allegedly cheating as they made their way to the Super Bowl. Marker’s Mark used the hashtag to sell whisky. Always start the game fully filled. #DeflateGate — Maker’s Mark (@MakersMark) January 23, 2015 Maker’s Mark may not […]

Penmanship Porn: One Person’s Handwriting Stuns The Internet

Today is #NationalHandwritingDay and to celebrate we want to share with you the greatest penmanship we’ve ever seen. It’s cursive, it’s print, it’s loopy and rigid. And it’s all written by the same person. Reddit user oddacious (who also goes by the handle “Handwriting Chameleon”) shared their unique talent last year, writing that they have the ability […]

Rare Frilled Shark Caught In Australia

OK, are you ready for your daily nightmare? A rare 300-toothed frilled shark was recently caught off the coast of Victoria, Australia. The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association called it a living fossil. Sky News simply called it a “terrifying deep sea monster.” Terrifying deep sea monster (aka ‘frilled shark’) turns up in Aussie […]

Lady Lives On Luxury Cruiseship, Dances Every Night [Video]

Lee Wachtsetter has made a home out of an interesting location. The 86-year-old woman has made the decision to live on the Crystal Serenity, a luxury cruiseship. Known by ship crew and cruise guests as ‘Mama Lee’, the spunk senior citizen sold her Florida home and moved into the cruiseship in 2008. USA Today says she […]

Driver Survives Crazy Encounter With Semi, Captures It On Film [Video]

Sharing the road with semi trucks can be scary, especially with wet road conditions. One driver found out how dangerous it can be firsthand. Amazingly, he caught it all on video. YouTube user, MrLegolize, was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike, an extremely busy road. He just happened to catch this encounter on video when he […]

Betty White Gets Flash Mob For 93rd Birthday [Video]

How can you not smile when you see Betty White smile? She is the epitome of amazingly cute. Betty White turned 93 on January 17 and her friends, cast and crew of TV Land, at Hot In Cleveland wanted to make this birthday the ultimate hula extravaganza by giving her a flash mob. As the YouTube […]

Hamster Gets X-Rayed While Eating, Video Goes Viral [Watch]

Ever wonder how hamsters can fit all of that food in their cheeks? Well, that little golden hamster can show you. Thanks to a new BBC series called “Pets – Wild at Heart.” All of us humans can now understand how a tiny hamster can fit a surplus amount of food in his mouth without […]

Fireworks And Fishing: Just Another Day in Sweden [Video]

Playing with fireworks is fun, no matter what the climate. A couple of Swedes have found a way to combine the national pastime of ice fishing with the pyrotechnic pastime. Check out what happens when the two are mixed together. It’s just another day in Sweden, I suppose. This video has gone viral and is […]

Angry, Angry Hippo Chases Speedboat [Video]

You may picture hippos as large, lazy creatures, but this video captures one showing the very angry side of the giant animal. Actually, the hippo is a very fast creature. According to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), they kill nearly 3,000 people every year. This video was posted to YouTube on Sunday and has since gone viral. This certain […]

Punk Goes Pop Cover Goes Viral, Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” [Watch]

“Blank Space.” Perhaps you have heard the song recently. If not, what is your secret?? Kidding, I love that song. But here is another version you may find intriguing. The band I Prevail uploaded their own Taylor Swift “Blank Space” cover to YouTube on December 1, it has gotten close to 2 million views. Not […]

So That’s How You Catch Piranha [Video]

In case you were wondering, catching piranha in Brazil is apparently pretty easy. One YouTube user uploaded a video of how some Brazilians catch tons of fresh piranha for dinner. The video shows a lady dipping a chicken carcass into the water. The piranha immediately attack the meat. She lifts the bait out of the […]

Viral Star Sophia Grace Releases Music Video, Sorta [Video]

Sophia Grace is no stranger to the spotlight. The viral video star is back with a new music video, if you want to call it that. The pop song, entitled “Best Friends”, features Sophia Grace singing about being a great friend surrounded by a gaggle of other little girls. At 11 years old, the viral star […]

Three Rhinos Escape Zoo In Tel Aviv [Video]

This is why you always have to remember to lock the gate. Three rhinos, including a young female named Rihanna, escaped the Ramat Gan Safari Park in Tel Aviv this week. According to Abroath, the guard responsible for closing the gate had accidentally dozed off and didn’t realize that the rhinos were heading for the […]

Parents Discuss Sex With Children, And It Gets Awkward [Video]

It’s time for the sex talk, get ready to cringe. Buzzfeed Video captured the awkward moments of parents teaching their small children about the birds and the bees. The group is made up of five children and their parents. Some are traditional families, but there is also single parents and a lesbian couple. Which proves, […]

Bill Gates Drinks Water That Used To Be Poop Just To Prove A Point [Video]

When Bill Gates puts his stamp of approval on something, he really takes it all the way. Bill Gates’ latest charitable undertaking is helping solve the clean water crisis in underdeveloped parts of the world. Gates says more than 2 billion people don’t have access to proper sanitation the way the first world citizens do. Excess […]

Mac Sabbath: Rocking Out In The Drive-Thru [Video]

One rock band is creating a niche in the world of McDonalds themed heavy metal. Mac Sabbath rocks out with their McDonald’s themed spoofs. With jams, like Frying Pan, Sweet Beef, Pair-Of-Buns and Chicken For The Slaves, the band turns Black Sabbath hits into “drive-Thru metal.” Clad as Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese, the group has […]

Nicole Kidman: The One Who Got Away From Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon discovered he let one of the hottest woman in Hollywood go. Nicole Kidman was a guest on Tuesday’s episode, when Kidman revealed they once went out on a date. Apparently, Fallon had no clue. Nicole reveals that she once had a thing for Jimmy Fallon […]