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‘Fashion Dads’ on Instagram Puts Spotlight on Dad-Fleek

Aaaah, yes. Dads. No matter what kind of relationship you have with them, Dads are always and forever going to do what they do best — Dad. They’ll cook for you by ordering takeout or pizza, make terrible puns and crack the corniest jokes, and just meander about in the most Dad way possible. And […]

Smashed iPhones in China to Protest Spratlys Ruling

China has not been a happy camper these past few weeks. An international tribunal has just recently ruled that their claim to ownership of a group of tiny islands it has been tussling over The Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia over has just been declared not legitimate. Filipinos were just all too glad to send them […]

Twitter Romance Turns Into Wedding Bells For This Couple

Time and time again, we’ve shown how love finds its way in the most unexpected means. From romance stories hidden in a painting, to even some wisdom from real-life couples, love always finds a way. So, I think we can say it’s a lovely thing when love does tie together two people, quite unwittingly, through […]

Koffing Pokemon in Holocaust Museum Is Super Awkward

Pokemon GO, the pinnacle of social gaming, has taken us to so many places, met new faces, and experienced things (for better or worse) its players will not be forgetting any time soon. Unfortunately, some of the Pokemon you find at certain spots just make it downright awkward and kinda inappropriate. What do we mean? […]

This Pokemon Surprise At A Brother’s Grave Will Break Your Heart

Sometimes, surprises come in the most unexpected ways. Like, for example, Pokemon GO. Despite the crazy, harrowing, and unexpected experiences players have had thanks (or no thanks?) to this game, there are certain moments that are simply meant to pluck at your heart-strings. A Tweet was spotted recently that went viral on Japanese channels. One […]

This Little Girl Thought Big Sis Was Dying Because She Was On Her Period

/when you’re a big sis, you’ll often find yourself having to explain a lot of things to your little sis — changes in the weather, changes in life, even changes in your body. Because hey, these are also changes they may find themselves facing one day, right? Also, it certainly helps to clear up a […]

Professional Pokemon Go Trainers Making Money Off The New Craze

So, you are obsessed with the new Pokemon Go game, but things like a job and family just keep getting in the way. No worries, professional Pokemon Go trainers are willing to do the hard work for you, but of course, it comes with a price. One of these professional trainers is sharing her story […]

Lonely Newlywed Goes on Honeymoon Alone, Copes Through Photos

Going on your Honeymoon should be fun, romantic, and memorable. Operative word being “should”. Unfortunately for Huma Mobin, things didn’t quite turn out that way — but she did get one out of those three requirements right. Mobin had just tied the knot with her husband, and was all set to fly off into a […]