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Get Thrills and Chills with This Makeup Artist’s Halloween Skills

Just when you thought you’d seen all there is to see of Pinterest-worthy Halloween makeup artists getting their paint pots and brushes, here comes this makeup artist who just wows us to no end. Sarah Mudle is one talent that won’t be ignored on social media. She’s been hard at work with her 31 Faces of […]

Would You Want To Spend Halloween Night In Dracula’s Castle?

Still looking for the perfect Halloween plans? Here is one idea that will definitely beat handing out candy to neighboring children or wearing an uncomfortable costume while making small talk at a friend’s party. What if we told you that you could spend the night in Dracula’s castle? Not just in the castle, but in […]

Teach Them How To Say Goodbye: Ad Has Obama Fans In Tears

We’re not going to deny it, Barack Obama, we’re really going to miss you. History has its eyes on you — as well as the teary-eyed ones of millions of your fans all over the world. You and your family have brought dignity and true warmth back to the White House, you and Michelle becoming […]

Pixar Animators Tug At Your Feelings With Dark Viral Video

Pixar Animation Studios is no stranger to introducing dark and heart-wrenching themes in their work. The toys holding hands and ready to consign themselves to a fiery fate in a smelting furnace in Toy Story? Bingbong’s sacrifice and goodbye to Joy in Inside Out? Ellie Fredericksen’s life montage up to that painful single balloon at […]

The Newest Donald Trump Modern Art Piece Just Showed Up In Brooklyn

A few weeks ago we reported on the Donald Trump modern art statues that were popping up all over the country. I was fortunate enough to see one of them in person before it was removed and the pictures really don’t do those statues justice. The veins, the hawkish look, it was terrifying. And yet…I […]

This Gorgeous Aussie Photo Campaign Will Make You Feel The Love and #Respect

As the song goes, “If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you?” this photo campaign aims to not only paint its subjects in strokes of black and white, but in life, compassion, and #respect. Melbourne-based home builders Porter Davis launched this beautiful campaign on social media to show how wonderful […]

Letting Small Businesses In On The New World of Video

People love watching videos. In fact, watching videos has recently become the most popular online activity. From drunk people to furry animals, we seem to just really enjoy seeing and hearing moving things. People are now spending more time watching digital videos than they do on social media. According to eMarketer, as of 2015, users […]

Anonymous Person Drops $8,000 In SPCA Donation Box

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is experiencing what they are calling a ‘true miracle.’ The staff shared in a recent Facebook post that they were shocked to discover that someone had visited the donation box in the Neely Cat Center and anonymously left a donation in their collection box. The Facebook post reads: “Seeking […]