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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has A Thing For Your Mom

Joseph Gordon-Levitt can be added to the list of celebrities that have hosted a Reddit AMA session. Just like his hit movies, the session did not let us down. First, Gordon-Levitt talked about his Emmy award-winning show, Hit Record On TV. The season 2 premiere is now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. It […]

Hilary Duff Hosts Reddit AMA, Why Were Fans So Disappointed? [ICYMI]

Hilary Duff, the name alone makes people who grew up in the late 90’s reminisce of Lizzy McGuire and teen pop music. Oh, the memories. The Disney actress, turned singer/song-writer took to Reddit to publicize her newest album, “Breathe In, Breathe Out.” Just like the tons of other celebrities who have hosted their own sessions, […]

Norwegian Navy Offers Beard Request Form For Soldiers

Members of the Norwegian Navy can grow a beard if they want, but there is one catch: the beard request form. A simple paper form that gives the soldier the opportunity to have facial hair. Posted by Redditor “aellgutta”, the post explained the purpose of the beard application. Thanks to the handy translation, the post […]

Reddit Gave Users A Chance To Hassle The Hoff [ICYMI]

Don’t hassle the Hoff… unless you are taking part of a Reddit AMA. If you want to hassel the Hoff the time is now! Live! @reddit @reddit_AMA — David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) May 8, 2015 David Hasselhoff took some time out and hosted an AMA session on Friday evening. As most celebrities that participate […]

“Half-Drunk” Chris Pratt Answers Fan’s Questions, So Many Coincidences

Actor and heartthrob, Chris Pratt spent some time with the Internet today during a Reddit AMA. Pratt is a leading Hollywood actor with roles in both television and films. Best known for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt hasn’t always been a leading man. Working various jobs from salesman to stripper, he ended […]