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Reddit Gave Users A Chance To Hassle The Hoff [ICYMI]

Don’t hassle the Hoff… unless you are taking part of a Reddit AMA. If you want to hassel the Hoff the time is now! Live! @reddit @reddit_AMA — David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) May 8, 2015 David Hasselhoff took some time out and hosted an AMA session on Friday evening. As most celebrities that participate […]

“Half-Drunk” Chris Pratt Answers Fan’s Questions, So Many Coincidences

Actor and heartthrob, Chris Pratt spent some time with the Internet today during a Reddit AMA. Pratt is a leading Hollywood actor with roles in both television and films. Best known for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt hasn’t always been a leading man. Working various jobs from salesman to stripper, he ended […]

Frank Miller Talks ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ During Reddit AMA

Are you ready to go a little deeper into Sin City? Frank Miller unveiled a new trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For today during an AMA on Reddit. Miller hit on a bunch of topics during his Reddit AMA but most of the questions, unsurprisingly, were about the new Sin City movie. Miller writes: “We’re coming […]

Reddit’s Secrets Revealed In R/AskReddit Tell All

If you’ve ever wanted to know Reddit’s secrets — dramas, mod collusion, even tips and tricks — there’s a thread of interest blowing up today over in r/askreddit, titled “What Are Some Interesting Secrets About Reddit?” Yeah, it’s meta, but the thread has some interesting nuggets of advice and information regarding the secrets of Reddit, […]

NASCAR Dogecoin Car Unveiled Ahead Of Talladega

Dogecoin is an increasingly popular cryptocurrency among the likes of Bitcoin, and recently its community raised enough to sponsor a NASCAR racecar. That car is number 98 from Josh Wise, who gladly accepted the generous $55,000 donation to sponsor his car, and revealed the special wrap Sunday afternoon. Here it is! Thanks to all that made […]

Meet Jessica: The Soon To Be Virally Famous Tame Hippo

A tame Hippo from South Africa is due to become virally world famous shortly following a post to Reddit’s r/pics. The submission, which at the time of writing has 2,704 upvotes (net 1834) shows a range of photos featuring an actually tame hippopotamus called Jessica. According to the submission at Reddit: In March 2000 Tonie […]

Han Solo Himself Responds To ‘Who Shot First’ In Reddit AMA

Harrison Ford sat down with the internet yesterday for a fairly candid Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session and fielded questions about his early life, his movies and what kind of Cheese he enjoys (Manchego) It took longer than you would expect, but eventually someone asked the actor who famously played Han Solo, the question […]

Reddit Rolling Out Trending Subreddits

Trending is, for lack of a better word, the new trend in social media (did I really just write that? Someone take away my keyboard before I hurt myself and others). While it seems like ages ago at this point, Facebook added its own trending feature only a few months ago, and now Reddit is […]

Man Posts Vine Of Child Smoking Pot, Reddit Reports Him To CPS

A California man is in hot water after uploading a Vine of a toddler taking a hit of a marijuana joint while people crack up laughing in the background. Uploaded by user Niko Wavy, the video has since been deleted, but was also uploaded to another account by the name of ChiefSmokes (pictured above). Early […]

Reddit Introduces Headdit, Possibly Free Reddit Gold

Have you seen Reddit’s Headdit? A blog post on the official site has announced the “new feature,” which enables you to experience a truly hands free Reddit browsing session. According to Reddit’s Headdit blog post, the features of the “revolutionary hand equivalent action detection” add-on can be activated by clicking the main page’s “Headdit” graphic, seen in the bottom […]

‘Instant Karma’ Road Rage Video Viral On YouTube, Driver Arrested

Last week, a YouTube video about an “instant karma” road rage incident involving a Florida man and the slow-driving woman in front of him filming the encounter went viral on Reddit’s r/justiceporn — with users as annoyed at the iPhone wielding driver as they were with the man aggressively tailgating her. In the clip above, […]

Redditor Eats His Hat (Literally) After Losing $1,000 Bitcoin Bet [Video]

If you don’t know much about Bitcoin yet, you can read about it here. But if you’re not really interested in the cryptocurrency market, just understand that it’s something that some people take very seriously. So seriously, that a redditor literally ate his own hat after losing a $1,000 Bitcoin bet. Redditor Anndddyyyy pledged to […]

Interviewly Cleans Up Reddit AMAs For Easier Reading

Here at Social News Daily, we take a special approach to Reddit AMAs, digging down for the most interesting, controversial, or otherwise notable quotes — but a new site called Interviewly has a slightly different tactic. Interviewly expressly publishes the discussion from Reddit AMAs, framing the whole of Reddit as the “interviewer,” and the AMA […]

90’s Gamers On r/gaming Always Be Like … [Video]

Fellow 90’s gamers, you know exactly what we sound like on social media, gaming boards, YouTube comments and r/gaming. We sound like pretentious douches. But it’s all for the love. The love of a time when staying up until 4AM with a bag of Doritos, a 12-pack of Mountain Dew, and Ocarina of Time in […]

Reddit Bots Ranked! Seven Of Our Favorite Fakeish Reddit Accounts

Reddit bots — accounts that autoreply to certain types of content with specific replies — are a source of amusement, humor, and sometimes annoyance on the popular social aggregation site. If you’ve never seen Reddit bots hard at work, let us first get an ELI5 on what the accounts actually do most of the time, […]

Reddit’s Amazon Prime Hack: Lock In Your Rate Before Increase

Over on Reddit, Amazon Prime‘s planned rate hike is hitting r/frugal right in the wallet-balls. Of course, Reddit’s most frugal redditors and Amazon Prime are a natural match — with the former in constant search of dough hacks to make their spending smarter, and the latter offering a comprehensive, to your freaking front door service […]

Reddit’s R/FacebookCleavage Is Where Your Facebook Friends Violate You Repeatedly

A Daily Dot post today directed a bright light at the subreddit r/FacebookCleavage, where anonymous Reddit users creeptastically save and share their Facebook friends’ semi-private information. First, you should know that r/FacebookCleavage is not at all new — it’s been on Reddit for at least a year. Furthermore, the sub isn’t technically taking information that […]

Archos’ Water Resistant Phone Is Soaked In Bad Publicity By Reddit

Le directeur d’Archos casse un smartphone censé…by Spi0n If you are the CEO of a company that produces durable phones meant to survive harsh conditions, it is probably a good idea to be aware of the differences between “water resistant” and “waterproof” especially if you are about to showcase your new phone’s capabilities. Archos CEO […]