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Did Reddit Predict Jared Fogle’s Demise?

Nobody expected Subway’s Jared to be involved in child pornography, but those who met him probably aren’t surprised. hen Jared Fogle’s home was raided by police on suspicion of possessing child pornography, it seems Subway executives were holding their breath. The sandwich chain‘s upper management reportedly told their stores to cover up any signage featuring Fogle, […]

Questions For Stephen Hawking’s First AMA Are Pouring In

As we told you last week, this week Stephen Hawking embarked on his first Reddit AMA. Normally, participants will answer questions posed in a few hour time span. Due to Hawking’s health problems, his AMA will be a bit different. Reddit users are able to ask questions over the span of a week, then Professor […]

Nichelle Nichols Delivers Best Reddit AMA in Years

Redditors lauded Star Trek alum Nichelle Nichols for delivering an engaging and satisfying AMA session amidst complaints the feature is declining in quality. hings have been rocky at Reddit, and they’ve been especially rocky over at /r/IAmA. The month of July saw the firing of Victoria Taylor, the wrongful condemnation of CEO Ellen Pao (turns […]

Is it Time for Minions to Just Go Away Forever?

Some people love the goofy yellow sidekicks from Despicable Me a little too much. hey’re everywhere. Your mom is probably posting memes of them. Your gran is probably forwarding them to you in emails. Grandpa thinks your generation is weird because everyone seems so obsessed with these little yellow balls of weirdness. He fought for his […]

Stephen Hawking Embarks On Week-Long Reddit AMA Session

When Stephen Hawking does something, he has to do it big. The brilliant mind is the latest Reddit AMA participant, but his session has a bit of a twist. Instead of just a hour or two, Hawking will take questions all week long! Beginning on Monday, July 27 at 8 AM ET, you can ask […]

Kidnapping Victims tell Their Stories

From being abducted by family members to dragged out of a hotel in the dead of night and accosted by a drug kingpin, the survivors of kidnappings tell their stories on /r/askreddit.   t’s every parent’s worst fear, and every traveler’s worst case scenario. Whether the motive be ransom, sexual thrill, or lost somewhere in […]

The Reddit Fiasco, as Explained by Taiwanese Animators

The recent developments at Reddit get the Taiwanese animation treatment. The internet moves at a breakneck pace. Online, it seems like a year’s worth of information can surface in just a matter of hours. When it comes to breaking news, this can leave you a bit overwhelmed. Case in point: the situation over at Reddit […]