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Reddit Thinks Adam Sandler’s Netflix Deal Is Brilliant

Way back in 2014, actor and director Adam Sandler announced he had signed a four-film deal with streaming service Netflix. “When these fine people came to me with an offer to make four movies for them,” Sandler said, “I immediately said ‘yes’ for one reason and one reason only… Netflix rhymes with ‘wet chicks’. Let the […]

Swarm Intelligence UNU Takes Over Reddit, And It’s Terrifying

On Wednesday, the artificial (but human-powered) “hivemind” called UNU hosted a Reddit AMA session, and the results are just a little bit creepy. “You might have heard about me because I’ve been challenged by reporters to make lots of predictions,” UNU said. “For example, Newsweek challenged me to predict the Oscars (link) and I was […]

Can You Solve This Reddit Mystery?

It is a Reddit mystery that has had many people scratching their heads for just over five years. It all started back in 2011, an anonymous Reddit account began a new subreddit, r/A858DE45F56D9BC9 (also, known as r/A858 for short). As the world of the Internet, as people began to discover the secret group, it began […]

Axe Steals Reddit’s Shower Thoughts In New Commercial [Video]

Reddit’s subthreads are goldmines for hilarious jokes, memes and comments, but that doesn’t mean they are up for grabs. One Reddit user is seeking compensation after he says Axe deodorant used one of his comments, word for word, in their newest commercial. This one to be exact… The body wash giant promoted this advertisement as […]

Reddit Asks: Who’s The Worst Internet-Famous Person?

On Wednesday, a Reddit user posed the question “Who is the worst Internet-famous person?” over at /r/AskReddit. We thought we’d take the opportunity to elaborate on some of the top answers and better explain why these internet stars are the worst of the worst. Food Babe “Food Babe for spreading absolute horsesh*t about food safety,” […]

Reddit Is Publishing A Book And It’s Awesome

Reddit is called the front page of the Internet for a good reason, it offers hilarious, insightful and unique stories, photos and videos from all corners of the web. Whether you want to get updated on world events or kill a few hours, Reddit is where you go. With thousand of subreddits for every topic […]

One Reddit User Finds Harsh Christmas Message On Train

A Christmas card is meant to be filled with warm wishes and cheers for the holiday season and into the new year. However, one Reddit user posted a very different message. Reddit user, burritobattlefield explains how he found a ripped up Christmas card on the train in Melbourne, Australia. Instead of simply ignoring it, he […]