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Merry Christmas! While we’re all enjoying the happy feeling of full bellies, presents, and possibly a glass of wine and some holiday specials playing on TV while lounging in a cozy pair of brand-new festive socks, it also helps to have a laugh or two. And nope, it doesn’t even have to make perfect sense […]

Swish And Pay: Leave Your Wallet At Home With This High Tech Scarf

A UK-based payment company has put contactless payment technology in a scarf to help ease the Christmas shopping queues this festive period. Working the same way contactless debit or credit cards, the Swish and Payscarf is designed for the consumer already laden with bags at the checkout. Rather than rummaging for their wallet or purse, the […]

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Social media has changed a lot of things. Not only has it changed how we connect with millions of people around the world and also instantly receive news as it breaks, it’s also changed the way brands connect with their audience, while also turning regular conversations and content into lead generation machines. Today there are […]

This Epic Map Of All The Star Wars Planets Will Help You Plan Your Fantasy Vacation

What diehard Star Wars fan wouldn’t want to take a fantasy trip through the galaxy that started a phenomenon? Well, it’s time to pack up your fictional suitcase because its time to load up your spaceship… Hey, we already know hoe to build our very own AT-AT… (via This interesting infographic focuses on the […]