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joan rivers

Joan Rivers In Critical Condition After Surgery [Report]

Joan Rivers is in critical condition at a hospital in New York. Rivers was undergoing a procedure on her vocal chords at a clinic this morning. She stopped breathing during the procedure and was rushed to Mount Sinai hospital in New York. Prayers for Joan Rivers. 81-year-old comedy legend was having surgery ...

Amazon Buying Twitch For $970 Million

Amazon announced today that it will be acquiring live-streaming gaming site Twitch for $970 million. The move will help Amazon solidify itself as a major player for ...


Diesel blowing bubble dog

Golden Retriever Blows Bubbles In Swimming Pool [Video]

Jessica Nichols has one cute dog. Diesel, the 95 pound golden retriever, loves to spend his summer days in the pool... blowing bubbles. Not only can this pup blow bubbles flawlessly in the pool, he can do it on command. Diesel's talent went viral on YouTube recently, grossing over half a million ...


johnny jamboogie

Meet Johnny Jamboogie: Johnny Manziel’s Snickers Commercial Goes Viral

If Johnny Manziel can't make it as "Johnny Football" in the NFL, he can always fall back on his fitness persona Johnny Jamboogie. The Cleveland Browns backup quarterback teamed up with Snickers for another "You're not you when you're hungry" commercial. Apparently when Johnny Manziel is hungry, he turns into a ...


iphone 5s

IPhone 6: Apple To Unveil New Products On September 9

Apple sent out invitations today for a big event on September 9. The company didn't say what the event was for but the general consensus is that Apple will unveil the new iPhone 6 as well as the iWatch. The invitation simply reads: "Wish we could say more." The event will be ...

The trouble with crowd-funding

fuding puzzle
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years or so, you're probably aware of crowd-funding and how this supposedly phenomenal ...