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Children May Be Psychologically Scarred After Abuse at Bootcamp

A camp for at-risk kids turned into a nightmare after several drill instructors physically and verbally abused children. Now their attorney says the incident will cause long-lasting physiological scars.    W  hen the small California city of San Luis Obispo approved of the Leadership Empowerment Discipline boot camp, most assumed it would be a relatively harmless […]

Free Android Game Has You Fixing Pots and Getting Zen

So for you Andropoid users out there, you’ve had your fair share of fallout shelter pickup lines and papal emojis, and maybe you’re looking out for the next big thing to hit your mobile-bound entertainment. This new game we’re featuring doesn’t really have all the bells and whistles, nor the flashy graphics or adrenaline-pumping action […]

Four Hospitalized After Massive Bee Swarm Attack

Thousands of bees descended upon an Arizona neighborhood, stinging six people and hospitalizing four.  O  n a warm late-summer day in Gilbert, Arizona, thousands of bees descended upon the town’s residents. The massive swarm stung six people, and four of them were hospitalized. One of the victims of the attack was a local firefighter who endured […]

‘Dog Train’ Takes Rescued Pups on Adventures

An 80 year-old man in Fort Worth, Texas has taken it upon himself to rescue (and entertain) abandoned dogs in his neighborhood.  E ugene Bostick retired nearly fifteen years ago, but he’s been working hard for his neighborhood’s abandoned dogs. “We live down on a dead-end street, where me and my brother have a horse barn,” the […]