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Airbrush Artist Cheers Little Patients With Badass Temp Tattoos

Do you ever remember sporting those temporary tattoos as a kid? You know, the ind that your mom carefully cut out of the sticky sheet, warned you not to lick it as she slapped it on your arm and wetted down with a sponge, and then peeled the limp aper off when it wasy dry-ish? […]

David Bowie and Sea Slugs Go Well Together On This Tumblr

David Bowie may just met his flamboyant match in an unexpected family of critters. The iconic pop star has lived his life to the fullest as one of the most prolific, moving, and influential artists in our century. He created memorable characters such as Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and The Thin White Duke, and has composed song that […]

A One-Two Punch with Some Tumblr Laughs

You think you’re so tough? you think you’re too tough for some silly Tumblr jokes?! How dare you! You came to the wrong neighborhood, you mothertucker. Now sit down and take all of these jokes. Take it, take all of it! We got more where this came from, come back next week. For starters: I […]

In A Super-Cool Move John Stewart Adopted A Pony Hit By Paintballs

When we hear his name most of us think of John Stewart the comedy talk show host, we rarely think John Stewart the awesome guy, we might think John Stewart is hilarious, but we probably don’t think John Stewart adopted a pony. Because that’s what just happened. You might have heard about Lily the pony […]