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OUR Walmart Workers Organize Black Friday Strike

Every year, as Thanksgiving draws closer, you hear rumors of strikes for Walmart on Black Friday. So far, it hasn't happened (at least to the scale that people expect), but this year there might actually be significant strikes, thanks to OUR Walmart. The group, Organization United for Respect at Walmart, or ...

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13 Perfectly Timed Photos that will Blow Your Mind!

We love perfectly times photos. There's just something that makes us stop and wonder "Wow - what are the chances of that?" Of course, there are the classics like a bullet shooting through an apple or a wine glass shattering on the ground. Perfectly timed photos don't have to be scripted, planned, and ...



Macklemore Marches To Protest Ferguson Decision

Many celebrities took to Twitter last night to voice their disappointment with the Ferguson decision. Macklemore took to the streets. The "Thrift Shop" singer was spotted last night in Seattle marching with a group of protesters. Macklemore is marching in Seattle. #Ferguson — Complex (@ComplexMag) November 25, 2014 Macklemore sent out two Tweets ...


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FAMU Marching Band Uses Kermit Meme During Halftime Show [Video]

If anyone ever tells you that being in a marching band is lame, show them one of the FAMU band's routines. During halftime of the Florida Classic game between Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman, the FAMU marching band positioned themselves into the Kermit drinking tea meme. I'm not exactly sure how FAMU is using ...



List of Stores that will be Closed on “Black Thursday”

In recent years "Black Friday" has turned into "Black Thursday" as retailers inch further and further into the territory of Thanksgiving to entice eager shoppers. It's an aggressive trend where stores are constantly trying to "one-up" each other and open just a little bit earlier than their competitors, to lock ...