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#APECHotties Get Manila Thirsty

Are these heads of state too sexy for the hashtag #APECHotties? Many Filipinos seem to think so. Hot on the heels of the #Aldub sensation to sweep the international scene, comes a brand-new hashtag that’s got Manila all hot and bothered. The 2015 APEC is hosted in Manila, Philippines, and the city has left no […]

Showry Gyrates, Makes Fruit Juice, and Other Wacky Videos

Showry is without a doubt cute as a button. She’s got a killer body and amazing dance moves. She’s the kind of girl you’d probably want to buy a drink or ask for her number — and then you watch her videos. With this level of zaniness, you know she’s definitely the kind of gal […]

#APECHotties Get Manila Thirsty [Twitter Reacts]

The 2015 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit welcomed many influential world leaders to the heart of Manila. These heads of state spent a few days engaged in peace talks, discussed weighty world issues, and renewed vows to aid each other. The summit passed with nary an untoward incident, and the summit have come to their […]

Pornhub Traffic Plummets the Day Fallout 4 Released

Fallout 4, created by Bethesda studios, has become the most anticipated and sought-after first-person shooter video game this side of 2015. It’s such a hot commodity, it’s not just caused a wave of “sick” days all over the globe, it’s also caused a goodly portion of players to disengage for a day from their other… […]