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Anton Yelchin, Star Trek Actor, Dies at 27

Dying young isn’t cool.  Anton Yelchin, a young up-coming actor who portrayed Anton Checkov in the new “Star Trek” films, died in freak car accident early Sunday according to police and publicists. Yelchin was on his way to meet two friends for a rehearsal. He got out of his car for a short while, and […]

This Precious Grandmother’s Google Search Has Gone Viral

I’ve said for years that there should be a show about the elderly using the internet and featuring some of their hilarious internet hijinks, and this grandmother’s google search could be the headlining act on the show. The grandmother typed in please and thank you on the search, as if she thought that there was […]

Euro 2016 Tournament Is Underway And It Has Changed A Lot

As the 2016 UEFA Euro soccer tournament is underway, all eyes are on the events in France. The tournament is already making headlines already for more than just the sport. With fans turning violent and tensions running at an all time high, some teams could face expulsion if their crowds don’t get it under control. […]

Donald Trump ‘Asks the Gays’ and It Backfires Gloriously

So, remember that time when Trump made it look like the LGBT community adored him from head to toe? And actually wanted his help? Well, there’s only too many times you can stick your foot in your mouth before it backfires, and it just did. Take this video, for example. He just kept saying “Ask […]