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Hashtags Get Their Own Song: “You Only Talk In #Hashtag”

You Only Talk In #Hashtag from Dave Audé vs Luciana is obtaining a lot of online buzz...and why wouldn't it: it's a song about Hashtags. The song was released April 9th, however only started to trend following strong promotion from Perez Hilton. Hilton wrote: First we got the Selfie song. Now ...

Instagram Personalizes ‘Explore’ Tab

Instagram introduced the "Explore" tab in June 2012, and has made a big change that now displays personalized results. First hinted at by Co-Founder Mike ...

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Tumblr More Popular For TV Than Twitter, Study Finds

Twitter is a great companion to TV, and recently the social network acquired two social TV analytics companies. According to a new study though, Tumblr sees more TV-related activity. The study was commissioned by the Yahoo-owned, GIF heavy social network with the help of Pulsar, a social data intelligence company based ...


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Goodbye Kylizzle: Kylie Jenner Says She’s Done With Vine

Kylie Jenner is done with Vine. The reality star sent out a message to her fans today saying that it was time to say goodbye to Kylizzle. Jenner didn't give a specific reason for her departure from Vine but it may have had something to do with the platform's app. Jenner's fans ...


just for laughs

Crazy Grandma Photo Prank Will Have You Questioning Your Sanity [Video]

Redditor Rojugi wrote "the best pranks don't scare or annoy, they make the victim question their own sanity" with the above video, submitted to r/videos today. To that, we say: The clip originally comes from Just for Laughs: Gags, a Canadian Candid Camera-style prank show on the air since 2000. Here's the description of ...


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Google Social Login Use At Highest Level In Over 3 Years [Report]

Social login data from Gigya yesterday revealed Facebook was still in first place, and the latest trends report from Janrain helps to support that data. However, according to Janrain, Google isn't nearly as far behind at 38 percent market share, compared to Facebook at 42 percent. Here's the complete breakdown for the ...