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The DNC Bad Lip Reading Is One Of The Best Yet

We all remember the NFL bad lip reading videos that had us rolling on the floor in fits of giggles, and now the group behind those videos has put out a DNC bad lip reading video that’s everything you want it to be. There are great Bernie moments, great Bill moments and of course, great […]

How Social Media Is Causing A Beauty Revolution

Social media has become an important tool for businesses and brands of all kinds. However, the beauty industry has been the most successful in harnessing the power of social media and spurring a beauty revolution. The major cosmetic brands’ target demographic just happens to be made up of the same young women that make up […]

#NakedTrump Takes Over The Internet While Naked Statues Take Over Cities

The presidential race just got a lot more controversial, if that is even possible. Five statues of a naked Donald Trump appeared around the United States. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Seattle, and New York City became social media hotspots as photos of the naked Republican presidential hopeful went viral. The anarchist collective INDECLINE quickly […]

My Face When Usain Bolt Turns Into a Meme

Usain Bolt isn’t just the fastest man alive on land according to the Olympics, but he might also turn out to be the most memeable. Recently, a photograph of Usain Bolt killing the 100-meter dash competition with a winning smile went viral, and ho can it not? Folks on Titter soon saw they’d struck gold, […]