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‘Sons Of Guns’ Stars Arrested For Child Abuse

Stephanie Hayden and Kristafor Ford from the show Sons Of Guns were arrested in Louisiana this week for child abuse. According to WAFB, Ford is being accused of striking a 9-year-old with a leather belt. He is being charged with cruelty to a juvenile. Hayden was also arrested. Hayden did ...

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Are Facebook Apps Keeping Track of More Than They Should?

Your privacy while you use your smartphone has become even more of a hot button issue over the course of this year — and it seems like Facebook might be the next company to step into the firing lines. A Reddit user has found evidence that both the company's flagship app ...


robin and zelda williams

Zelda Williams Gets Tattoo In Memory Of Robin Williams

Zelda Williams recently got a hummingbird tattoo on her hand in honor of her later father Robin Williams. Zelda shared a photo of her new ink on Instagram this morning, writing: "For poppo. Thank you to the incomparable @dr_woo_ssc for so beautifully bringing my reminders to life. I'll always put my hand ...


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Brick Flicks: 15-Year-Old Recreates Movie Scenes With Legos [Video]

Do you like The Wizard Of Oz? E.T.? Breakfast At Tiffany's? What about Legos? If you like any of those things you'll probably love Morgan Spence's "Brick Flicks." According to Mashable, the 15-year-old was tasked by Lego artist Warren Elsmore to create a promotional video for his upcoming book. What Spence created was a ...



First Snapchat Ad Is A ‘Oija’ Movie Trailer

Snapchat has entered the advertising game. The social media company started showing advertisements to users over the weekends but Snapchat has a slightly different approach than Facebook and Twitter. Tech Crunch notes that the Snapchat ads (in this case, a trailer for the movie Oija) will show up in the Recent Updates section. Users are ...