Colorado City Goes Dark for Stargazers

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Russian Women Create “Wrinkle Selfies” In Protest

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6 Top Celebs That Have a Samsung Phone

Even if you’re not mad into social media, it’s hard to miss celebrity selfies. Let’s face it: Kim Kardashian’s selfie skills are the stuff of legend and draw thousands of social media interactions. Smartphone makers are taking notice, too. Legendary marketing guru Mitch Kanner partnered with Samsung to promote its new line of Galaxy phones […]

Thief Leaves Apology Note After Stealing Prized Birdbath

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy birthday, Mom! … Err, kind of? A desperate thief broke into a 82-year-old widow’s home in Hawkshead Court, Newcastle, and stole a birdbath in her garden, leaving behind an apologetic note scrawled on a piece of cardboard. The note reads: “I am so very sorry. I wouldn’t in a million years have done […]

ISIS Opens Luxurious Hotel

Ninawa International Hotel is a luxurious four-star hotel that has rave reviews on travel sites around the web. But, before you book your next vacation there are a few things you should know. The newly reopened hotel is owned and operated by ISIS. It is located in Mosul, Iraq and comes with a warning from […]

Yet Another Billionaire Playboy Strives To Be #KingOfInstagram

The battle for the title of #KingOfInstagram is getting a little larger. We’ve all seen the decadent social media displays of wealth from Dan Bilzerian and Tony Toutouni, two billionaire playboys who love to show off their plethora of money, women and ultimate luxuries. Well, it seems one Australian man is looking to claim the […]

Video Game Explores the Experience of Alzheimer’s [Video]

Imagine waking up to what seems to be an unfamiliar yet cozy living room. the grandfather clock chimes the hour, and a fire crackles with warmth in the hearth. You decide to get up and explore the place for clues — sympathy greeting cards on the lintel, wedding photographs of couples, a voice message recording […]

A New Service Allows Customers To Send A Fart In A Jar

It’s the gift they didn’t even know they wanted, and hopefully a gift you’ve ever given before. Move over glitter bombs, introducing ‘Send A Jart’, the service that allows you to send a fart in a jar. The process is simple, just visit the Jart website. Once there, you can choose what type of fart […]

Starbucks Introduces the Mini Frappucino

Starbucks has always been thinking of new ways to indulge your coffee addiction and sweet tooth. There’s been the cookie straw, the vast array of flavored brew and frapps (there’s been S’mores, Birthday Cake, and let’s not forget the ever-hallowed seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte), holiday gift cards and annual planners… the list goes on and […]

Russell Brand Kisses Politics Goodbye After Conservatives Win [Video]

Perched on the edge of his bed and his hair in a man bun, Russell Brand dropped some harsh predictions for the Conservatives’ administration. “We will have no shortage of meanness over the next five years,” he states. “There’s going to be meanness to old people, there’s going to be meanness to immigrants, there’s going […]