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Facebook Nearby Friends

Facebook ‘Nearby Friends’ Feature Will Be Used For Ads In The Future

Facebook recently started rolling out a new "Nearby Friends" feature that allowed users to find, as you would expect, friends that are in close proximity physically. It does this by either allowing you to look at a list of nearby friends, or sending a notification when your friends are close by. Thankfully, ...

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british pathe

British Pathé Uploads Entire Historic Archive To YouTube

Former newsreel maker British Pathé has uploaded its entire historic archive to YouTube. British Pathé, originally known as Pathé News, was founded in 1896 and produced news reels from 1910 from 1970. For those who don't know what a news reel was, it was a news broadcast usually played before the ...

A Love Letter To Food [Video]

The University of Minnesota is behind the artful YouTube video that made me feel guilty about throwing away a plate of nachos yesterday. Here in the ...



Drake Has A Love Child? Woman Posts Baby Photos On Instagram

Drake may or may not have a love child in Florida. Rumors started this week after a Florida woman posted several baby photos to her Instagram and Facebook accounts. The woman, Shirdkevia Myrick, posted a photo of her son side-by-side with a photo of Drake along with the message: "He can’t deny ...



Twitter Announces App Install Ads

Twitter App Install Ads
Twitter sees around 75 percent of its revenue from mobile, and in taking a page directly from Facebook, announced mobile app install ads today. The social ...