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#PlanetEarthBingo Could Win You A Trip To Costa Rica

Many were anxiously awaiting the premiere of BBC’s newest series Planet Earth II. With even more stunning displays of mother nature, this series is sure to fascinate. However, one adventure company is hyping the new series in a big way! To celebrate the BBC’s newest series, Exodus Travel is letting a lucky viewer win big! […]

Australians Are Disappointed With The Supermoon

On behalf of the rest — okay, most of the world: we’re really, really sorry, Australians. about 24 hours ago, the Supermoon was quite literally an overnight sensation all over the world. Why? Well, it’s just this is about the closest and brightest the moon will ever get to the surface of planet Earth (barring […]

Yoko Ono ‘Speaks’ Her Mind on Trump’s Win

Yoko, Oh no, oh no. You spoke your mind, and quite possibly the minds of millions of democrats across the United States at the overnight win of president-elect Donald Trump. Yoko Ono, the champion of all things artistic, activist, and obscurely abstract, issued a rather thought-provoking statement over the resulting turnout of the 2016 US […]

The World Isn’t Going To End With Trump As President

Whether you voted for President-elect Donald Trump or not, we must realize that he our next leader and commander-in-chief. If you say you love this country as much as you do, you have to respect the vote and the position of president. As much as might hurt, now is not the time for division. Let […]