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Justin Bieber Surpasses 10 Million Twitter Followers

Towards the end of 2010 it was determined that Justin Bieber and his 6 million+ followers made up 3% of all Twitter conversations (based on statistics at the time) by mentioning the pop stars name and retweeting his thoughts, today Justin Bieber has reached over 10 million visitors. The pop star is only the second […]

Next Tech Bubble Disaster? Social Media Valuations Are Out Of Control [Infographic]

LinkedIn rakes in revenue of $200 million per year, yet the company was recently valued at $9 billion when their IPO was made available to investors. On the private market SharePost has recently reported Twitter to have a $7.7 billion valuation on just $150 million per year (50x valuation), while Facebook is valued at an […]

Vodafone Invents Giant Device Charging Truck for Festivals

One of the more prevalent worries a smartphone user faces is the “20% Battery Remaining” warning that pops up when your device is getting ready to lame out on you. Basically, from the minute you think about leaving your house, the calculations begin about how much juice you can spare to text a friend, find […]

MorningPics: Receive An Instagram Everyday, Keep Your Memories Fresh

MorningPics is an ingeniously simple idea, the program allows users to connect to their Instagram account and then it sends them one of their photos everyday. The program is intended to allow users to relive their memories by not only sharing photos with users, but also displaying all of the comments their photos have received […]