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[Social Psych] On Facebook, Emotions and Moods Are Catching

Boredom isn’t the only reason to block a chronic Debbie Downer in your News Feed on Facebook. It turns out that emotions and moods have proven to have a ripple effect on the social network. And it’s not even a slight effect- the spread of negativity among Facebook friends was described as “like wildfire.” Neither […]

Louisiana To Sex Offenders: No Facebook For You

Sex offenders in the Deep South will not be able to legally use social networking sites under a new law set to pass in Louisiana. House Bill 55, which has passed the Louisiana Senate and will become law once signed off by Governor Bobby Jindal, will make it a crime for anyone convicted of a […]

Cost Of A “Promoted Trend” On Twitter Now $120,000 Per Day

Ready to promote your company’s product through Twitter? If you are we would suggest simply handing over a blank check to the social media company who now charge up to $120,000 per day for a promoted Tweet spot on their network. Adam Bain, Twitter’s director of Revenue revealed in an interview with the marketing firm […]