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Facebook Users Are More “Socially” Aware Than Offline Friends [Social Psych]

Facebook users are more “socially aware” of their environment, at least that’s what a new survey found for Pew Research Centers Internet American Life Project. The survey phoned 2,225 American adults and found that Facebook users tend to be more trusting of other people, have a larger group of friends and on average they tend […]

[Infographic] If Twitter Users Renamed American Cities

Those who tweet don’t always give up their real location in their profile, but inboxQ culled location data from the 66% of users who are coy about where they Twitter from. The map that resulted shows some common aliases for American cities, and is pretty interesting. Where do you say you tweet at? [via TNW]

[Photos Leak] Facebook iOS Photo Sharing App

In response to Twitter’s photo sharing and hosting service and programs like Instagram and Path’s new With Facebook is planning a new iOS photo sharing application and today TechCrunch released photos of the new program. The iOS app at its basic route is simple to use, just take a picture or a few pictures at […]

[Social Precedent] Juror Faces Jail For Facebooking Defendant

One of the interesting aspects of social media moving into every area of our lives is the setting of legal precedent based on social media interaction. Social media has opened the proverbial can of worms when it comes to the law. Are social network activities legally protected under the First Amendment? The Fourth Amendment? In […]