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[Social Gaming] Hanging With Friends, Reviewed

I’ll cop to the fact that while I love certain social media services, like Facebook, I never really jumped on the social gaming bandwagon. I hated the idea of haranguing my friends for a plank for my barn or some kibble for my virtual pet, and I also thought that it would look kind of […]

[Social Intelligence] British MoD Warns of Overshare Dangers

Think of it as the “loose lips sink ships” of the modern era. The British Ministry of Defence has taken to the internet to warn social media users of the dangers of casually Twittering, Facebooking or Foursquare-ing about potentially sensitive information. The agency posted a series of YouTube videos illustrating hypothetical situations wherein inadvertent sharing […]

Facebook Credits Goes Global, 13 Countries Being Added In July

Facebook has announced that their Facebook Credits system will be offered globally in July, expanding their virtual currency into 13 countries throughout Latin America and Asia. Facebook Credits are used to purchase in-game and in-app add-ons and for other purchasing purposes on the social network. The system, launched in 2010 in the United States has […]

Social Media Sites See Record Number Of Visitors And Engagement In May

We hear all the time about Facebook and their 700 million users and massive number of pageviews, however it’s not just Facebook that has received massive visitor increases over the last 12 months, in May Linkedin, Twitter and Tumbler all witnessed record months in terms of visitors. Check out the newest comScore report based on […]