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Facebook Music Dashboard [In The Works]

Facebook may soon add yet another new tab to user accounts, a music dashboard. The company is reported to be creating relationships with several music services which will allow users to add a tab to their profiles which will show which songs friends have recently listened to and see what music services they are subscribed […]

[Infographic] The Social Web Every 60 Seconds

Ever wonder how a slice of social traffic for a set period might look in infographic form? Wonder no more- in 60 seconds, here’s a metered breakdown of how your fellow social media users are updating Facebook, streaming music, Googling… Is the breakdown accurate for your web usage? Any of your favored social media activities […]

Gowalla Introduces New ‘National Parks’ Badges

Back in April location based service Gowalla introduced a set of National Park badges that can be earned when users check in at popular destinations such as Yellowstone National Park and now the company has rolled out a new set of badges for parks that were originally left off their list. Here are some of […]

[Infographic] The Best Times to Interact on Social Media

What time is best for optimal interaction on different social media services is hotly debated, but this infographic from Kissmetrics illustrates “social timing” and can help determine when best to publish content for maximum impact. The blog also breaks down some of the finer points of the data: 5PM Eastern Time is the best time […]