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Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss aren’t going away after all. We reported on Thursday that the twins were dropping their second lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook but apparently they were just changing tactics. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently told the wins that their “litigation must come to an end” and they were ready […]

Facebook Milestone: 750 Million Active Monthly Users

Three quarters of a billion users now sign into their Facebook accounts at least one time each month, a milestone that seemed ridiculous even two years ago. While recent reports have shown some fall off in Facebook users, for example the website lost 6 million users in May throughout the United States, they have continued […]

Foursquare, AmEx Team Up to Offer User Discounts

Foursquare began, and succeeded, by basically offering digital merit badges to users for multiple check-ins at local places and offering a nice little competitive game with little other benefit than bragging rights. Still, it caught on pretty hard. The site has exceeded 10 million users, and eventually expanded to offer discounts and incentives for frequent […]

The Worth of a Facebook Fan

Just how much is a Facebook fan worth? Most companies know that social networking sites like Facebook are important to building their brand, but the ROI of Facebook advertising has never been exactly clear. But new research from UK internet data analysis company, Hitwise, has determined just how much a Facebook fan is worth. According […]