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Facebook Acquires Top Designers From Buyout Of Mac Development House “Sofa”

Dutch based Mac development house Sofa announced on Friday that they have been acquired by Facebook. Sofa is best known for their Mac apps: Kaleidoscope, Versions, Checkout and Enstore. Announced on the Sofa company blog, the acquisition isn’t about Mac apps, but rather about acquiring the company’s design talent. According to TechCrunch: “Terms of the […]

Iceland Crowdsourcing New Constitution to Facebook

What better way to find out what the people want than to, you know, ask them? Iceland is opening the floor to anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account in order to help draft its new constitution. Iceland is recovering from a massive financial collapse that shut down its banks and government. Now that the […]

BinCam Guilts You Into Recycling By Sending Pictures Of Your Trash To Facebook

BinCam has to be the most unique way I’ve ever seen Facebook utilized. The program, as the name suggests involves placing a camera (cam) inside a garbage bin (bin). As users throw away their garbage the camera takes pictures of the users trash and then automatically posts the contents of their trash on their Facebook […]

Coventry First Sues Anonymous Twitter Critic, About To Discover Streisand Effect

Pennsylvania based secondary life insurance company Coventry First is suing an anonymous Twitter user who has set up a fake Twitter account criticizing the company. The Twitter user with the fake Twitter profile @coventryfirst first posted on May 27, and Tweets among other things that “the faster people die the more coventry first profits!” and […]