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[Social Studies] Researchers Use Twitter to Test 150 Friends Theory

In the 90’s, British anthropologist Robin Dunbar discovered that our ability to connect in groups tops out at about 150 people. Sounds like a lot, but these innate limits have been seriously put to the test by the inception of online social networks. In the past, people came and went from the landscapes of our […]

Twitter Unveils New Photo Feature

At D9 today, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo gave a preview of the new Twitter photo-sharing service. The new photo-sharing service will be rolled out over the next few weeks, and will coincide with new improvements to Twitter’s search feature. Here’s a screen cap of what the new feature looks like. Photos will be hosted by […]

Twitter Announces New Search Functions, Partners With Photobucket

Twitter is jumping into the photo hosting and sharing arena full force, on the same day that the company revealed their new photo setup they have also announced two new search capabilities, the first which improves overall search capabilities and the second which allows for photo searching. The first bit of good news is a […]

Foursquare and Groupon Get Cozy

This should be interesting- location-based, deal-offering mobile game Foursquare and group-buying app Groupon are reportedly hooking up, according to “several sources.” AllThingsD first reported the liaison between the two niche services, and if it takes off, the collaboration could be hugely beneficial to both services and bridge a big gap in each. While Foursquare has […]