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Report: Facebook to Release Long Awaited iPad App

Using Facebook on an iPad is a bit awkward right now, as you know if you’ve attempted it. Currently, all that’s available in Apple’s App Store is the iPhone version of Facebook, which is frustrating to use on the iPad. The mobile site is also an option, but the lack of a dedicated iPad app […]

[Update] Eight Months in Jail For Juror Who Facebook Friended Defendant

The woman who found herself facing serious charges after befriending a defendant on Facebook while serving on a jury in the woman’s trial has been sentenced. 40-year-old Joanne Fraill, the mother of three children and three step-children, sobbed and panicked as the eight-months-long jail sentence was handed down by a judge after the contempt of […]

Twitter News Aggregator Paper.li Gets Optimized For Mobile Use

Paper.li has done a great job since it’s launch to bring aggregated stories from around the web to their interface via Tweets and now the company has announced fully optimized versions of their daily newspaper program for iPhones, iPods and Android phones. According to Kelly at Paper.li: Our new mobile site will make users’ content […]

Facebook Users Are More “Socially” Aware Than Offline Friends [Social Psych]

Facebook users are more “socially aware” of their environment, at least that’s what a new survey found for Pew Research Centers Internet American Life Project. The survey phoned 2,225 American adults and found that Facebook users tend to be more trusting of other people, have a larger group of friends and on average they tend […]