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[Breaking] Zynga Files for $1B IPO

Who knew virtual farming could be so lucrative? Well, many people in the social gaming space know that Zynga is sort of a big deal, but how big took some people by surprise today as the company filed for a $1 billion Initial Public Offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As the […]

Twitter Report: 200 Million Tweets Per Day

With the help of the Pope and President Obama, Twitter is now reporting that more than 200 million tweets are sent per day. 200 million is an impressive number on its own, but when you look at Twitter’s growth rate, it’s astonishing. A year ago, users sent about 65 million tweets per day. In January […]

Mark Zuckerberg Profile Shows Up On Google +1 [Pic]

Google +1 has been explored by early adopters over the last several days, including myself and our own Kim LaCapria and Dan Evon and now we’ve learned that Facebook’s own CEO Mark Zuckerberg has joined the network. The photo of Zuckerberg doesn’t look all too happy, unlike his smiling Facebook profile photos and his network […]

Digg Founder Kevin Rose Doesn’t Use His Own Social Aggregation Platform

In 2004 Kevin Rose founded, one of the first and largest news aggregator websites in the world. At the height of the company’s success they were witnessing almost 16 million unique visitors per month but now with just 8.2 million monthly unique visitors Rose has revealed that he doesn’t use the site for his […]