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[Protip] Don’t Advertise Illegal Things on Facebook

A woman in Washington State is in hot water after it was discovered via Facebook that she was committing welfare fraud. The woman, who was not identified, reportedly used the social network to sell food stamps. (The sale of food stamps is a prohibited practice.) Tipsters- meaning the woman’s friends on Facebook- alerted the relevant […]

[Social Psych] On Facebook, Emotions and Moods Are Catching

Boredom isn’t the only reason to block a chronic Debbie Downer in your News Feed on Facebook. It turns out that emotions and moods have proven to have a ripple effect on the social network. And it’s not even a slight effect- the spread of negativity among Facebook friends was described as “like wildfire.” Neither […]

Louisiana To Sex Offenders: No Facebook For You

Sex offenders in the Deep South will not be able to legally use social networking sites under a new law set to pass in Louisiana. House Bill 55, which has passed the Louisiana Senate and will become law once signed off by Governor Bobby Jindal, will make it a crime for anyone convicted of a […]

Cost Of A “Promoted Trend” On Twitter Now $120,000 Per Day

Ready to promote your company’s product through Twitter? If you are we would suggest simply handing over a blank check to the social media company who now charge up to $120,000 per day for a promoted Tweet spot on their network. Adam Bain, Twitter’s director of Revenue revealed in an interview with the marketing firm […]