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Zurb Announces FlickrBomb For Developers

Web development company ZURB has released a new program called flickrBomb which allows web designers to create dynamic placeholders for their HTML mockups by performing a simple Flickr search using the HTML based <img> tag. The program is the first to allow for searchable flickr images as placeholders, while creating a dynamic ever changing rotation […]

Zynga Hires Nearly 100 Employees In Dublin

Cityville creator Zynga has amassed more than 250 million monthly Facebook gamers and now the company has made plans to expand their social gaming empire by hiring nearly 100 new employees in Dublin. The nearly four year old company has announced the launch of their European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland a move seen as a […]

[Social Journalism] Is Social Media the Bong of Bad Reporting?

Late last month, reports swirled of a large number of bodies uncovered at a Texas home, several of the deceased being children. As the old saying goes, a lie can run halfway across the world before the truth gets its boots on, and such was the case here- I first heard the sordid story from […]

[Social Gaming] Hanging With Friends, Reviewed

I’ll cop to the fact that while I love certain social media services, like Facebook, I never really jumped on the social gaming bandwagon. I hated the idea of haranguing my friends for a plank for my barn or some kibble for my virtual pet, and I also thought that it would look kind of […]