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10 Reasons Puppets Hate Facebook [Funny Video]

Mario and Fafa the Groundhog, a group of renegade hand puppets hate Facebook and they have 10 very real reasons for their hatred. People are always posting pictures of their babies (ugh, who needs that?). Nobody cares about what you ate for lunch and nobody wants to see a picture of it! Fafa doesn’t care […]

Facebook Code Snippet Reveals Possible Music Service Called “Vibes”

When preparing to use Facebook video calling users must install a small bit of Skype code to run the program and now it appears that the code is pointing to an upcoming music service called “Vibes.” While Facebook has not confirmed the addition of a music service, they have been in talks with European music […]

[Infographic] Why People Interact With Brands on Social Media

While many social media users hate being advertised to, it seems engagement on Facebook is a total win for companies and brands. Perhaps the “voluntary” aspect plays in, or perhaps the friendly-feel of the medium influences engagement. GetSatisfaction put together this neat infographic about user behaviors and brand engagement on Facebook, and the stats are […]

Top Source of Social Traffic? StumbleUpon Overtakes Facebook

Sure, Facebook has some impressive numbers, and there have even been studies to find out just how much a Facebook share is worth, but StumbleUpon is the new king of social traffic. A new study by Stat Counter shows that StumbleUpon generates more views than Facebook. StumbleUpon accounts for about half of all social media […]