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Facebook Nears 700 Million Users As Site Loses 6 Million U.S. Visitors In May

Facebook may be closing in on the 700 million users mark but the site actually managed in lose U.S. users in the month of May. According to reports 6 million U.S. visitors left the site, the first time the social network has lost users in the country since 2010. Facebook users also left the site […]

Facebook Launching IPO In Q1 2012, $100B Valuation Expected [CNBC Report]

CNBC is confident that social network Facebook will officially launch their initial public offering (IPO) in Q1 2012 and the financial network is estimating a company valuation of $100 billion. According to the network the site at the time of the IPO will have 500 private shareholders which will require the SEC to demand a […]

Twitter As An Educational Tool? This Teacher Proves It Works

A recent survey found that nearly 2,000 teachers thought of Twitter, Facebook and other social networking tools as nothing more than a distraction to their students, calling it a “harmful experience towards learning,” however Los Angeles teacher Enrique Legaspi not only disagreed with those educators, he decided to implement social networking into his classroom as […]