Vine Adds Private Messaging, Here’s How It Works

Vine, the six-second video app from the mind of Twitter, is rolling out the ability send private video messages to your friends, even those who don’t use the app. Simply called “Messages” or “VM” for short, the functionality is rolling out now to the iOS and Android app. To send a quick video to one […]

Facebook Messenger For Android Adds ‘Pin Chats to Home Screen’ Feature

Following the high-profile acquisition of WhatsApp for the Facebook portfolio, major changes to the Facebook Messenger have made the client more viable and useful. Included in the Android version of Facebook Messenger update version 4.0, a new “Pin Chats” feature allows for the pinning of entire groups of friends into a single “chat group.” The […]

The New Bebo Launches Blab, A Video ‘Walkie-Talkie’ App

Bebo, the LiveJournal/Myspace variant social media site which was resurrected from the depths of internet obsolescence by entrepreneurs Michael and Xochi Birch last year, has released its first app. Blab is a video “walkie-talkie” for iOS, allowing users to send messages not only between those who use the app, but also to users who have not […]

WhatsApp Suffers Second Major Outage Since Facebook Acquisition

Maybe 64 billion messages in a day is just a little too much to handle. Just hours after bragging about their record breaking day, Whatsapp is suffering another major outage, its second since Facebook acquired the messaging app for $19 billion. Reports of the outage began at around 8:34am EDT today, but reports are still […]

BBM Gets Stickers, But They’re Not All Free

BlackBerry announced BBM hit 85 million monthly active users last week, and the messaging app is rolling out sticker packs to all supported platforms. Unlike Facebook Messenger, users will have to shell out $1.99 for exclusive sticker packs, and each pack contains 20 to 25. Sticker packs can be purchased inside the app through the […]

Tinder Is Invaded By ‘Castle Clash’ Love Bots

Tinder, the location based dating app, has a bit of a problem, making sure that those “users” are actually located anywhere in the physical world. Today, Twitter began exploding with reports that users were being contacted by Tinder accounts that would strangely push the conversation to Castle Clash, a successful Clash of Clans clone. This has predictably led some […]

Add Sound To Your Selfies With Melodigram [Updated]

Updates: Added Information about Android support. I have never looked at a picture and thought, “That is great, but it needs some sound!” or at least, I can’t remember ever thinking that. But Melodigram is going to let you do it anyway, and honestly, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. My first thought upon […]

Smug Messenger Is Like WhatsApp, Rewards You For Inviting Friends

Smug Messenger, created by AppRedeem, is a messenger for iOS and Android that lets you send and receive unlimited text messages, photos, voice messages, and video messages. When you invite friends, you collect points which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. The messenger is designed to work on all mobile devices, iPods, iPads, iPhone, […]

Frontback Updates Profile Pages With New Look, Better Follow Features

iOS app Frontback has revamped its profile pages, making it easier for users to see follows and follow lists from the people they watch. On Monday morning the company updated its iOS app to include a new top-level screen on its profile pages. The new output features a circular photo, the users account handle, their […]

iPhone 6 Said To Hit September, Finally With Bigger Screens

Rumors around the next iPhone release have run hot for months, but a strong story out of Japan today may confirm that we will finally see a decent sized iPhone released in September. Japan’s Nekkei Asian review is reporting that Apple’s LCD screen suppliers are about to ramp up production for the next iPhone, but […]

BBM Hits 85 Million Monthly Active Users

BBM for iOS and Android experienced multiple delays, not launching until late September 2013, and many felt it was too little too late. Today, BlackBerry proved everybody wrong by announcing that BBM now has 85 million monthly active users. The messaging app also has 113 million registered users who have created around 500,000 Channels, more […]

Facebook Messenger iOS App Updated With Forwarding, Speed Fixes

Facebook Messenger 4.0 for iOS has been updated with several new features that give more group-based focus to the popular app. The biggest update comes in the form of group chatting. Facebook users can now name group chats, set a photo for the group, and keep everyone in one chat, all from within the program. […]

Songza Will Now Recommend Music Based On The Weather

Songza is a free music curation app that hooks you up with tunes based on what you’re doing, and today announced integration that factors in the weather. Teaming up with none other than The Weather Channel, users will be able to listen to music that’s ideal for certain weather. For example, if it’s currently raining […]

Popular Facebook App, Game Of Thrones: Ascent Now Available On iPad

Games of Thrones: Ascent is a social Facebook game that lets you play the part of a noble in Westoros, where you will choose a great house, develop your land and reputation, assign sworn swords to quests, and forge alliances with your friends. The game is based on HBO’s show the Game of Thrones. You […]

SocialCoaster Lets You See Everything Happening Around You

SocialCoaster wants to make it easy for you to organize and share your memories with not just your friends, but the entire world. The startups founder Jonathan Burdon says the app will provide the world with a new and exciting way of sharing their experiences through photos. “I think the inventor of hashtags had this […]

Twitter Testing Dramatically Redesigned Profiles On Mobile

Twitter just announced new photo updates today to its iOS and Android app, and it appears the social network is also testing new mobile profile designs. Our friends over at The Next Web spotted the major change, which is reminiscent of the profile design Twitter was testing on the web last month. Profile photos have […]

Twitter Photo Tagging Comes To Android, iOS

Twitter on Wednesday announced two new features for its Android and iOS apps. The first feature is the ability to tag photos, while the second option allows for up to four photos to be included in a single Tweet. In a post on its official blog the company reveals that up to 10 people can […]

Anonymous Group Messaging App Rumr Launches On iOS And Android

Rumr is a new messaging app that allows you to chat anonymously in with friends. Users can chat anonymously and private in real-time in conversations that prevent your identity from being revealed. The startup describes the app as being like ‘having a conversation with the lights off’. Which depending on how you look at it, […]

AirSnap Pairs Two iOS Devices To Help You Take Better Group Photos

What happens when people are taking a group photo? In most cases someone has to step out to take the picture. Well you could always set a timer on the camera and sprint back to the group, but taking a group photo shouldn’t require participation at a track meet. AirSnap is a new way of […]