Single Text Can Crash Your iPhone

Apple fans beware; findings have reported that a single text can crash your iPhone. It’s not a particular word, an image, or an emoji, even — all it takes is a string of seeming Arabic characters sent on SMS for the phone to crash and send itself into a loop. Panicking? While it does seem […]

“Tinder” co-founder Whitney Wolfe Creates “Feminist Tinder”

Tinder, everyone’s favorite matchmaking app/ part game/ hottie scoper has just met its feminist match. Meet Bumble, the newest matchmaking app where ladies go first. On Bumble, ladies get to send the message first to their matches. If the woman doesn’t initiate a conversation with the next 24 hours, the connection disappears forever. It works […]

Hyperlapse: New Instagram App Makes Time-Lapse Videos Easy

In order to make a cool looking time-lapse video you need patience, a good plan, and some nice photo-editing software… Or Instagram’s new app Hyperlapse. Well, Hyperlapse doesn’t actually create a time-lapse videos (time-lapse videos typically use an immobile camera and are taken over long period of time) but the new app does create a […]

Tom Hanks Launches Typewriter App ‘Hanx Writer’ To Rave Reviews

If there’s one thing we know about Tom Hanks it’s that he loves typewriters. OK, that and that he’s also a phenomenal actor, an avid glove collector, and all around awesome guy. But mainly the typewriter thing. The actor launched his new app Hanx Writer on the app store earlier this week and it’s already receiving […]

Game of Thrones Emoji: Coming Before Winter Actually Does

The web went gaga over the news that 250 new emojis will be released soon, but I think there’s going to be more uproar over Elite Daily’s announcement that they are working on Game of Thrones emoji, and while they may not be available for use yet, they are probably going to be released before […]

Facebook Officially Releases Slingshot, A More Social Snapchat

Facebook accidentally leaked its own Snapchat competitor a few days back, but now everyone that didn’t pick it up in those  few crucial hours has a chance to play with it. Whereas Snapchat aims to be a private person to person photo/video messaging app, Slingshot hopes to make things a little more social. Released on […]

Next In Stupid Inventions: The Bluetooth Enabled Cup

Just when you thought the internet of things couldn’t get any weirder, welcome to Vessyl, the bluetooth enabled cup. As well as supporting Bluetooth 4.0, Vessyl can also tell you (via your phone) that the Coke you’ve just poured into your Vessyl is……Coke! OMG Amazeballs. The company producing the product any sane person would never […]

Mozilla To Launch $25 Firefox OS Smartphone in India, Indonesia

  Mozilla has announced that a new $25 Firefox OS smartphone will be released in India and Indonesia later this year. Mozilla Chief Operating Officer Gong Li confirmed the details in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, explaining the decision: “One U.S. dollar means a lot of things to consumers in emerging countries,” he […]