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This Yoga Studio Wants to Make “Yoga with Cats” a Thing

NORTH CAROLINA, United States (SND) — A yoga studio in Asheville, North Carolina wants to keep the ancient art of stretching and meditation from getting too stale, and they’re doing it with cats. The Little Volcano yoga studio will host their first “Yoga with Cats” session July 12th, and all proceeds will go directly to the local Brother […]

Disney Bans Selfie Sticks, Employee Explains Why

CALIFORNIA, United States (SND) — Selfie sticks are no longer allowed in Disney theme parks, the company confirmed yesterday. A Disney spokeswoman cited safety concerns, and one current Cast Member took to reddit to detail exactly what led Disney to prohibit selfie sticks in their parks. “Hey there! I’m a cast member at Disneyland in California.” The […]

Meet the Guy Who Wowed the Internet with His Cover of ‘Beat It’ [Interview]

MADRID, Spain (SND) – Two days ago, composer and guitar teacher Miguel Rivera uploaded his solo acoustic performance of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ to YouTube. It quickly went viral after being posted to reddit’s /r/videos. Since we initially reported on the story, Rivera’s music video has garnered an additional 510,000 views. The video, in which Rivera plays all […]

#EndAlzheimers: ‘I Lost Two Grandparents to this Horrible Disease’

The world turned purple today in honor of #EndAlzheimers, an awareness campaign currently trending on Twitter. People were urged to wear the color and post to social media in support of research organizations attempting to better understand (and eventually cure) the disease. Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that slowly eats away certain brain functions. Sufferers may […]

#EndChildMarriageNOW: A Former Child Bride Shares Her Story

The human rights organization Unicef arranged a “Youth Takeover” of their Twitter account in honor of International Day of the African Child (#DAC2015), an annual event dedicated to raising awareness to the plight of impoverished African children. This year, the focus is on the exploitation of young girls in parts of Africa where child marriage is still practiced. Unicef’s […]

Stephen Hawking: Zayn Malik Still in #OneDirection… In a Parallel Universe

Directioners, rejoice. Science is on your side, and Stephen Hawking says so. Saturday last week, luminary astrophysicist Stephen Hawking appeared at a talk in the Sydney Opera House in holographc form. He was streamed in live from Cambridge University in the UK, and were joined onstage in the flesh by both science communicator and his […]

Inventor Of The World Wide Web Does Reddit AMA

In the midst of NSA revelations, app security mishaps, and the SXSW Snowden interview, is Tim Berners-Lee’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit. By the way, it’s the World Wide Web’s 25th birthday! On March 12th, 1989 Tim Berners-Lee proposed the idea for the World Wide Web, and 25 years later it has drastically changed the […]

Here’s Why Facebook Hoaxes Spread So Quickly, And What You Can Do To Stop It

Facebook hoaxes are about as old as Facebook itself, and the advent of social news came with one fantastic benefit — the ability for signals to transmit like wildfire across people interlinked socially on the internet. Facebook hoaxes are a natural flipside to this new virality. In 2014, information not only spreads faster, but across […]