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Could Homeless Man Viral Video Be A Scam? [Video]

Back in December, we covered a story on YouTube star, Josh Paler Lin, giving $100 to a homeless man. He then secretly followed the man to see what he would do with the money. We see the man enter a liquor store and immediately assume he will blow the cash on alcohol. To our surprise, the […]

5 Facebook Hoaxes to Avoid Being Fooled By

It seems that it’s all too easy to get caught up in a Facebook hoax — at least, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Anyone can post anything to the social media service, and once it’s on there it’s liable to be shared around again and again. Here are a few Facebook hoaxes […]

Hoax: Stores will NOT being fined $1,100 an hour for closing on Thanksgiving

Recently, there has been a photo circling around the internet claiming that certain stores who refuse to stay opened on Thanksgiving for “family reasons” will be fined $1,100 per hour.   Like most other things that sound too outrageous to be true, this is indeed a hoax. And, despite the fact that this is a […]

Facebook To Start Charging Monthly Fee? Old Hoax Is Still A Hoax

There’s a rumor going around that Facebook will start charging a monthly fee. But don’t worry, it’s completely untrue. The Facebook monthly fee hoax has been going on for years. According to, the first instance of the hoax came at the end of 2009. It keeps popping up every now and then and it still […]

A Thigh Bone On Mars? Nope, Sorry Alien Hunters

Another day, another Mars conspiracy theory. A photo from the Martian surface went viral this week because it appeared to show an alien thigh bone. But don’t get too excited. It isn’t real. Well, it’s real. This is an actual photo taken by the Curiosity Rover. But an alien thigh bone? No, it’s just a […]

Alien Spotted Walking On Moon? Strange Shadow Goes Viral

Is that an alien? A human? Some sort of robot? A photo of a strange looking shadow on the surface of the moon is going viral today and many conspiracy theorists believe that it could be some sort of alien creature. The image reportedly came from a collection of NASA images. Some people initially thought […]

Coca-Cola Recall? Hoax Spreads Around Internet

It’s OK, you can still share that Coke with Michael. That story about a Coca-Cola recall was a hoax. The story was published by Empire News, a website dedicated to lies and rumors, and quickly spread around the internet. The hoax claimed that Coca-Cola bottles labeled “Share A Coke With Michael” were contaminated. The article quotes […]

White Flags On Brooklyn Bridge? Hoax Tweet Confuses Reporters

Who replaced the American flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge with two white flags? We don’t know who did it but we know who didn’t do it: The Bike Lobby. The Bike Lobby, a parody Twitter account, claimed responsibility for the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this morning. The tweet was picked […]

Miley Cyrus Dead? Smilers Freak Out Over Fake Report

Miley Cyrus hasn’t tweeted in two days and that can only mean one thing… she’s dead! Smilers freaked out today when a death hoax circulated around the internet about idol. The fake report claimed to have “SHOCKING” information about the singer’s demise. The report reads: “Miley Cyrus Found Dead in Her Los Angeles Home! Country […]

Fried Chicken Oreos Are Gross (And Fake)

If you were excited to try fried chicken Oreos (you were? Seriously?) we’ve got some bad news for you: They don’t exist. Social media sites were buzzing this week with news that Fried Chicken Oreos were on their way to stores. The flavor combination may seem strange but the cookie company has put out some […]

Jeremy Meeks Death Hoax: Attractive Mugshot Guy Gets Killed On Twitter

Congratulations Jeremy Meeks, you’ve truly made it. A Jeremy Meeks death hoax has been circulating around the internet lately, claiming that the attractive mugshot guy was killed by his wife as soon as he got out of prison. The fake story, which originally appeared on the website Huzlers, reads: “According to jail records, Jeremy Meek […]

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cancelled? Netflix Responds To Hoax

Orange is the New Black is getting cancelled? Despite grabbing a few handfuls of Emmy nominations this week several people believed that the hit Netflix show was getting axed. A rumor started this weekend that Netflix was cancelling OITNB. The rumor started on the website Empire News, which has made a name for itself with death hoaxes and […]

Steven Spielberg Triceratops Hoax Is The Dumbest Hoax On The Internet

OK, internet, listen up. Steven Spielberg did not kill a triceratops. Yes, apparently some people were fooled by a photo of Mr. Spielberg sitting next to one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.  They thought that the director actually brought dinosaurs back to life and that he was hunting them on a secret island. Seriously? The internet […]

29 Voices? Viral Video Fools The Internet

Did you see that amazing viral video last week of that guy using 29 celebrity voices to sing his song “Perfect?” Well, it turns out that the guy, Rob Cantor, isn’t that great of an impersonator. He is, however, fantastic at lip-syncing. Cantor scored a viral hit last week when he released the video for […]

Peter Dinklage Grumpy Cat Photo Is A Hoax

Internet, stop doing whatever it is you are doing and listen up. This is important. Peter Dinklage has never met Grumpy Cat! I know, I’m devastated too. A photo of Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat went viral today. The internet absolutely freaked out when they realized that the Game Of Thrones star and this cat are […]

Oprah Bailing Jeremy Meeks Out Of Jail? Hoax Fools Thousands

Jeremy Meeks has had an interesting week. He became an internet sensation after he was arrested on felony weapon charges. His attractive mugshot went viral and soon the internet was calling for Meeks to take up a career in modeling. Well, Oprah is about to make that happen. The talk show host reportedly posted bail […]

KFC Hoax: Restaurant Still Donating Money To Cover Medical Expenses

Did you hear the story about the young girl who was kicked out of KFC because she had scars on her face? Yeah, apparently that was one big ol’ hoax. The story went viral earlier this week after Kelly Mullins started a GoFundMe page to raise money for her 3-year-old granddaughter’s medical bills. Mullins claimed that Victoria Wilcher […]

Drinking Age To 25? Hoax Circulates Around Twitter

Did you hear that the United States will be raising the drinking age to 25 this August? Well, you heard wrong. The news story floating around the internet today is actually a hoax. The story first appeared on a website made to look like ABC News. The story reads: “As of August 2, 2014 legal age […]

Creepy Doll Terrorizes Singapore Citizens

We don’t know if this doll is really cursed or not. What we do know is that it’s pretty creepy looking. A creepy and reportedly cursed doll has been terrorizing the people of Singapore. The doll was reportedly found wearing a blindfold next to a tree this week. The photos were posted onto Reddit along with […]

Sylvester Stallone Dead? Hoax Circulates On Twitter

Sylvester Stallone is not dead. A rumor started circulating this morning that Sly was killed in a snowboard accident. It’s the same cut and paste death that has claimed several other celebrities over the last few years. Sylvester Stallone Dead? shine the truth upon this. — ArJay Anas (@PapaJayCoolAko) June 13, 2014 Here’s a passage […]