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Can You Make Moonshine From Vegemite? [Hoax]

Vegemite, Australia’s favorite breakfast spread, may see a sudden drop in its sales if Australian government officials have their final say. Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion expressed concern over news that indigenous communities were brewing homemade alcohol using Vegemite, and has since been considering to ban the popular spread from ever gracing store shelves and […]

Burglar Urinated on Couch and Left Racist Notes, Gets Caught from DNA on Beef Jerky

A man who broke into a shared student house and urinated on a woman’s couch has been identified from DNA found on a half-eaten piece of beef jerky. student attending Swansea University  awoke to find her house absolutely trashed by a burglar, who had urinated on her couch and stolen some of her clothes, along with leaving a […]

4000-Year-Old Mystery Skull Found; Proof of Alien Life? [Hoax]

A 4,000 year old skull has just been unearthed around Russia’s Stonehenge, and enthusiastic UFOlogists are quickly staking a claim on it as evidence of alien life on earth. Instead a rounded head commonly seen in regular human skulls, this one sported a conical ovoid shape. Could these be indeed the remains of aliens that […]

The 15 Most Ridiculous Hoaxes Spread Through Social Media

Social media sites make it easy to keep in touch with people across the globe, but they’ve become so much more than mere message boards. The ability to reach an audience of millions is now at the fingertips of anybody who logs in—including lots and lots of nefarious pranksters—perpetrators of the internet hoax, deliberately crafting false […]

“Queen Elizabeth Death” Spreads On Social Media [Hoaxed]

“Queen Elizabeth has died.” No, she hasn’t. This incorrect announcement was tweeted out by misinformed BBC reporter, Ahmen Khawaja. Despite being quickly deleted, the rumor began to spread like wildfire through social media. After deleting the tweet, Khawaja tweeted several more messages conveying that it was a silly prank and a huge mistake. Major media […]

#WelcomeBackTo1DZayn Trends; Twitter Reacts

Is he, or isn’t he? The hashtag #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn has taken Twitter over by storm, and has sparked hope in many a grieving fangirl’s heart. It has even the most neutral person wondering: this is all actually happening, or is this simply wishful thinking? Either way, it’s churned so much drama on the Internet, we can’t […]

Could Homeless Man Viral Video Be A Scam? [Video]

Back in December, we covered a story on YouTube star, Josh Paler Lin, giving $100 to a homeless man. He then secretly followed the man to see what he would do with the money. We see the man enter a liquor store and immediately assume he will blow the cash on alcohol. To our surprise, the […]

5 Facebook Hoaxes to Avoid Being Fooled By

It seems that it’s all too easy to get caught up in a Facebook hoax — at least, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Anyone can post anything to the social media service, and once it’s on there it’s liable to be shared around again and again. Here are a few Facebook hoaxes […]