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Mario is one of the most well known video game characters, some would even say more so than Mickey Mouse. With a huge fan following, it is not a surprise that this video exists. While most Nintendo video games follow a storyline, take for instance Zelda, it is said that Mario does not. Well, that is all about to change.

Uploaded by Scorpigator Films, the 9-minute video puts every Mario game in chronological order and we mean every game, including Kart, Smash, Party and RPG game. Piecing together these games takes quite the story.

For those that can’t sit through the video, let us break it down for you.

The birth of Mario and his green brother, Luigi, begins with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Yoshi’s New Island, Yoshi Island DS and Yoshi’s Story.

The video says it is then that Mario and Luigi have to leave mushroom island for unknown reasons. By this time, they are grownups and live in Brooklyn, where Mario has a pet gorilla named Donkey Kong. The gorilla escapes and kidnaps Mario’s girlfriend, Pauline. (Hence Donkey Kong and Wrecking Crew games.) Once Mario recovers Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Jr. hears about his father’s mistreatment and breaks him out once again. This adventures brings us through Donkey King, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3 and, ultimately, Mario Bros..

Mario party

At this time in the story, Mario is introduced to Bowser, which inspires many of the Mario games as Bowser attempts to defeat Mario, kidnap Princess Peach and rule distant lands. The video goes on to explain the games through the defeat of Bowser into the Kart and other party games. Then, bringing the story full circle back to Mario and Luigi’s adventures.

The video suggests that Mario’s adventures are over, but reminds us that Mario can always return for more adventures.

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Rare Lamborghini Crashes Into Lake, Caught On Camera [Video] Fri, 30 Jan 2015 19:26:42 +0000

Warning, car lovers, this video is hard to watch.

A rare customized 2000hp Lamborghini was caught on camera losing control and crashing into a lake by the ThatRacingChannel. The car sports 2000 units of horsepower and as you can see, has some tons of get up and go.

The heartbreaking video was filmed during the WannaGoFast half mile drag race event in Ocala, Florida at the Jumboair residential aviation community. Onlookers were stunned to see the one-of-a-kind hypercar lose control and spin into the water. Fortunately, no one was hurt, except for the very expensive car.

Lamborghini’s are known to go fast, but this certain model had been modified. This certain model is a Lamborghini Gallardo that has been heavily modified with more than four times the normal horsepower of a standard Gallardo. The car is valued at more than $225,000.

The Huffington Post has the details on witness’ firsthand accounts of the accident.

“You can hear it spun a little in the first two gears. It spun in 3rd, spun in 4th,” Jason Heffner told Road & Track.

“At some point he went over to the left, in between lanes. In there you’ve got rocks and sand and debris that’s kind of blown to the side, and then you’ve got a car that makes over 2,000 horsepower to the tires, with rocks on the tires, the car just spun.

“These half-mile events, they’re not held on racetracks, they’re held on runways.

“They don’t have debris blowers, they don’t have a system to prep the racing surface, they’re not even level typically. It’s pretty common to have a lot of surface irregularities.”

Despite, the surface irregularities, another heavily modified Lamborghini Gallardo was at the event and able to handle the course. That car won the WannaGoFast speed record at 225 mph.

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A Wiener Bull? Pit Bull, Dachshund Mix Goes Up For Adoption Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:57:25 +0000

Rami is an interesting looking dog. The Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society recently put up photos of a Dachshund / Pit bull mix on their Facebook page in order to generate interest in her adoption. And, well, the photos of this “wiener bull” have definitely generated interest.

The shelter said that it received tons of applications after posting photos of Rami on its Facebook page, but since this is a small shelter, don’t expect to adopt this Dachshund / pit bull mix unless you live in Georgia.

Of course, some people doubted that Rami was real. I mean, the dog does look… interesting. After posting a few initial photos…


… The shelter had to post a few videos to prove that the dog was real.

The shelter says that 1-year-old Dachshund Pit Bull mix is full of energy. She also doesn’t listen well, doesn’t like walking with a leash, and is a little hyper. But the shelter promises that she’s a sweetheart.

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Shakira Makes Baby Announcement On Facebook Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:39:51 +0000

Shakira is a mom again.

The singer announced the news this morning on her Facebook account and her website, saying that she gave birth to Sasha Piqué Mebarak at 10 PM in Barcelona.

We are happy to announce the birth of Sasha Piqué Mebarak, son of Shakira Mebarak and Gerard Piqué, born January 29 at 9:54pm, in Barcelona. The name Sasha is of Greek and Russian descent and means “defender of mankind” and “warrior.” The hospital confirmed that both mother and child are in excellent health.

The birth of Sasha Pique Mebarak is great news for Shakira and Gerard, but it’s also good news for UNICEF. Shakira, who is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, held an online baby shower asking fans to buy gifts for children in need.

Our second son is arriving soon and we would like you to celebrate with us by taking part in our World Baby Shower. This is more than a shower, it’s a global movement to save lives. You can be part of it by buying an inspired gift from UNICEF. Inspired gifts are real life-saving items that are delivered to vulnerable children around the world.

Shakira hasn’t shared any photos of Sasha yet but here’s a snap of the family before baby # 2.

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Affleck, Damon Tackle ‘Deflategate’ On Kimmel Fri, 30 Jan 2015 16:45:18 +0000

The road to the Super Bowl has been paved with controversy for the New England Patriots. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick insist that they didn’t cheat by deflating footballs during the AFC Championship and it looks like some of their most famous fans, including Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Steven Tyler, believe them.

If you haven’t been following the Deflategate scandal, a video surfaced earlier this week showing a lockerroom employee taking a bunch of footballs into the bathroom before the AFC Championship game. We don’t know exactly what the employee did with those balls, but the Patriots look pretty guilty.

Still, Damon, Affleck, Tyler, and John Krasinski don’t think that we should be too hard on this locker room employee. After all, aren’t we all a little bit like the locker room guy?

On Jimmy Kimmel last night, some celebrity fans of the Patriots explained what really happened to the deflated balls.

Of course, not everyone believes that it was the “locker room guy’s” fault. Joe Montana said that the balls were clearly deflated because Tom Brady likes the football a certain way.

Montana said: “I mean, it’s easy to figure out who did it. I mean, did Tom do it? No, but Tom likes the balls that way, obviously, or you wouldn’t have 11 of them that way without him complaining because as a quarterback, you know how you like the balls.”

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Porn Filmed In Library At Oregon State University Fri, 30 Jan 2015 16:01:03 +0000

Oregon State University’s Valley Library got a lot of attention in the media recently.. and not for its 340,000 square feet of space with a state-of-the-art computer lab.

It became famous because of a former 19-year-old student named Kendra Sunderland who filmed a solo porn video inside the library. A 17-minute long video, shows Sunderland touching herself and stripping. The video was uploaded to Pornhub, viewed more than 260,000 times before the site took it down.

sunderland in library

Sunderland’s Facebook profile says she lives in Oregon but did not enroll in a Fall semester for 2014. She was cited Tuesday evening for public indecency because of the video, using Valley Library as the backdrop for her pornographic/adult video last year.

Kendra Sunderland was released, according to Steve Clark the Oregon State vice president of university relations. She will have to appear before a judge and could face up to a fine of $6,250 and a year in jail if found guilty of a misdemeanor.

sunderland kendra

“The university does not condone such behavior. This type of behavior does not represent the values of the university. And it definitely does not represent the values of the more than 30,000 students and 5,000 employees that make up Oregon State University,” said Clark.

Well, that is one way to get people to visit the Oregon State University library more.

[Photo credit: Kezi/CNN]

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Suge Knight Involved In Another Death, Twitter Reacts Fri, 30 Jan 2015 12:03:17 +0000

Rapper, Suge Knight is making headlines again for another deadly incident. The notorious troublemaker is accused of running two men over after a argument at a film set in Compton,  California. The alleged incident happened around 3 p.m. Thursday. The rapper, legally known as Marion Knight got into a verbal altercation with two unidentified men while on the set of “Straight Outta Compton,” a biopic about the group N.W.A. According to Capt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detectives unit, the incident escalated about twenty minutes later.

The L.A. Times reports after the initial argument, the victims were at Tam’s Burgers near Central and East Rosecrans avenues. That’s when authorities say Knight is believed to have followed the men in his truck and run them over in the parking lot. Witnesses at the restaraunt say Suge ‘s truck hit the two men and then proceeded to back over them as it fled the scene.

Suge Knight crime scene
One of the men died from his injuries, while the other is in the hospital. His condition is unknown. Capt. Corina says at least one of the men was part of the film crew.

Suge Knight turned himself into authorities at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in West Hollywood for questioning around midnight. He is being interviewed by a homicide detective as a person of interest in the case.

This crime will go on the rappers ridiculously long rap sheet. His most notorious incident happened in 1996, when Knight was behind the wheel of a BMW in Las Vegas when passenger and popular rapper Tupac Shakur was shot by gunmen in another vehicle. Shakur died a week later, and the case has not been solved.

Tupac and Suge Knight

In later years, Knight served time in prison for an assault case and violating probation and parole. He has also been arrested on drug charges. In 2006, he was forced to file for bankruptcy.

In fact, just last August, Knight was shot during a Hollywood nightclub at a party thrown by singer, Chris Brown.

Knight’s latest brush with the law has social media buzzing. Many have commented on the irony that the rapper is in trouble yet again. Celebrities, fans and others tweeted their reactions to the news, most poked fun of Suge Knight’s ability to find trouble.

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Disney Reveals New Latina Princess Fri, 30 Jan 2015 02:45:52 +0000

It’s official, Disney finally has a Latina princess. Meet Elena of Avalor.

Disney News23 tweeted out the news and a picture of the newest princess. Elena will make her grand entrance into the Disney world in 2016. She will be introduced during a special episode of the hit animated series, Sophia The First. In the episode, Princess Sophia will have to help Princess Elena find her way back home. The episode will focus on Elena and lead to a spinoff of a different show. Elena of Avalor will center around the “confident and compassionate” hispanic princess. According to Disney Junior, Elena’s kingdom will be inspired by “diverse Latin cultures and folklore” – a first for the media franchise.

In a statement, Disney Junior Worldwide Executive VP and General Manager, Nancy Kanter, wrote, “What excites us most is the chance to use distinctive animation and visual design to tell wonderful stories influenced by culture and traditions that are familiar to the worldwide population of Hispanic and Latino families and reflect the interests and aspirations of all children as told through a classic fairy tale.”

Elena will be voiced by Aimee Carrero, known for her work on the Young and Hungry. Other characters will consist of her grandfather Tito, grandmother Cici, and a royal advisor named Duke Esteban. There will also be a wizard-in-training named Mateo and a magical flying creature named Skylar. Critics are saying the show sounds a lot like Sophia The First.

While Elena is being called the first Latina princess, many are saying Sophia is really the first princess with hispanic roots, says the show’s executive producer, Jamie Mitchell. But Disney princess fans criticized the light skinned, blue-eyed and auburn-haired character.