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Vadim Mahora and Vitali Raskalovym are a pair of photographers who see the beauty of high places — the kind of high that makes it all worth the risk.

They’ve been working together, scaling well-known bridges, monuments, buildings, and even billboards just to capture breath-taking shots of the city below. Photographing sprawling views, eye-catching details, and the unique energy of the landscape is what feeds their passion, and they’re doing it one country at a time.

However, the shots they take also imply they go beyond the boundaries of not just their fears, but even those of the law. A few years back, Mahora and Raskalovym gained notoriety through a couple of illegal photos they snapped from the top of a pyramid in Giza that went viral in mere seconds. Today, they highlight the fruits of their uncanny exploits on their website, On The Roofs.

The photo above is a birds-eye view shot of the Cologne Cathedral, the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The duo also climbed 650 meters (2,130 feet) to take this shot of the Shanghai Tower. Sure, the building’s elevators take visitors up to an observation platform, but the photographers preferred to take to the cranes for a much more hair-raising shot.
Much of what makes up their photography exploits involve a lot of patience and timing. Their Shanghai Tower project took them a total of twenty hours — entering the building at night, scaling the cranes at daybreak, waiting for the light to rise just at the right time to capture this dreamy shot of the Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center.
billboards are certainly no exception -- in fact, they provide one of the best views to a city. In this photograph's case, it gives us a fantastic view of the Shanghai seaport.
Billboards are certainly no exception — in fact, they provide one of the best views to a city. In this photograph’s case, it gives us a fantastic view of the Shanghai seaport.
This dizzying view of the Sagrada Familia was taken from a crane 50 meters (164 feet) above the building itself.
This dizzying view of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, was taken from a crane 50 meters (164 feet) above the building itself.
One of the photographers takes a shot of the Eiffel Tower few tourists have had the pleasure of seeing first-hand.
One of the photographers takes a shot of the Eiffel Tower few tourists have had the pleasure of seeing first-hand.
And i that wasn't enough, there's always the option o dangling from one of the tower's legs to take this aerial shot of Paris below.
And if that wasn’t enough, there’s always the option of dangling from one of the tower’s legs to take this aerial shot of Paris below.
Say Hello: climbing the roofs of the Notre-Dame Cathedral finds them a welcoming verdigrised figure among the spires.
Say Hello: climbing the roofs of the Notre-Dame Cathedral finds them a bemused verdigrised figure among the spires.
From across the water, the daredevils take a time out and relish the serene lights of the Stockholm’s City Hall in Sweden.
From across the water, the daredevils take a time out and relish the serene lights of the Stockholm’s City Hall in Sweden.

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Reddit’s iAMA And Other Popular Subreddits Are Offline After Admin Conflict Fri, 03 Jul 2015 05:41:18 +0000

What are we going to do without Reddit ask me anything sessions??

Several popular subreddit pages have been taken offline and made private, including our favorite, “ask me anything.” Other closed pages included videos, todayilearned and Askreddit.

It seems there is something brewing behind the scenes over at Reddit. Today the popular site posted a message to users that explained the shakeup. It confirmed that a key member of the reddit team, Victoria Taylor was no longer with the company.


Victoria Taylor served as Reddit’s director of talent and was key in bringing many of the big celebrities to host ask me anything sessions. She also helped out with sessions when those said celebrities weren’t too keen on using a computer (cough, Bill Murray, cough). Her dedication to the site continued even after she was terminated. In fact, other iAMA admins were overwhelmed with work without her and she volunteered her own personal time to help them out. Taylor has refused to comment on the situation.

The reasons are still unknown, but it appears that her termination came as a surprise to the admins of reddit. Her absence is bad news for iAMA, as she was the main contact for many of the upcoming sessions, several of which are still up in the air.

Apparently, the website hasn’t been the best about communicating with their staff. The overworked admins are tired of it. In an act of protest and solidarity, the admins changed the settings on several subreddits to private. What started out as just the AMA page, the protest now includes 11 subreddits dedicated to gaming, history, movies, and other subjects. Some have also stopped taking submissions.


It also held a special message from the fed-up admins:
“We believe that for reddit to succeed, it needs to communicate with its moderators and users. For a long time, reddit has been notably bad at communication, and today, many of us are just fed up with it.”

Reddit user, Karmanaut was the first to break the news of Victoria’s departure. “We have been really blindsided by all of this. As a result, we will need to go through our processes and see what can be done without her,” Karmanaut explained in the post.

His full post explained the admins’ decision:
“Today, we learned that Victoria was unexpectedly let go from her position with Reddt. We all had the rug ripped out from under us and feel betrayed.

Before doing that, the admins really should have at least talked to us (and all the other subs that host AMAs, like /r/Books, /r/Science, /r/Music, etc.) (Edit: not to suggest that we expect to know about Reddit’s inner workings. Just that there should have been a transition in place or something worked out to ensure that Victoria’s duties would be adequately handled, which they are not) We had a number of AMAs scheduled for today that Victoria was supposed to help with, and they are all left absolutely high and dry (hence taking IAMA private to figure out the situation) She was still willing to help them today (before the sub was shut down, of course) even without being paid or required to do so. Just a sign of how much she is committed to what she does.

The admins didn’t realize how much we rely on Victoria. Part of it is proof, of course: we know it’s legitimate when she’s sitting right there next to the person and can make them provide proof. We’ve had situations where agents or others have tried to do an AMA as their client, and Victoria shut that shit down immediately. We can’t do that anymore.

Part of it is also that Victoria is an essential lifeline of communication. When something goes wrong in an AMA, we can call and get it fixed immediately. Otherwise, we have to resort to desperately try messaging the person via Reddit (and they may not know to check their messages or even to look for these notifications). Sometimes we have to resort to shit like this (now with a screenshot because I can’t link to that anymore for you) where we have to nuke an entire submission just so that the person is aware of the problem.

Part of it is also organization. The vast majority of scheduling requests go through her and she ensures that we have all of the standard information that we need ahead of time (date, time, proof, description, etc.) and makes it easier for the teams that set up AMAs on both ends. She ensures that things will go well and that the person understands what /r/IAMA is and what is expected of them. Without her filling this role, we will be utterly overwhelmed. We might need to scrap the calendar altogether, or somehow limit AMAs from those that would need help with the process.

We have been really blindsided by all of this. As a result, we will need to go through our processes and see what can be done without her.”

Understandably, Reddit fans and users are pretty pissed and there are taking to social media to share their anger.

Could Reddit really be shooting itself in the foot? We have to wonder what crazy thing happened for them to fire one of their most high profile employees. Only time will tell if Reddit will be able to pick up the pieces from this fallout.

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Sarah O’Connor Tweets About Deadly Robot, Twitter Goes Crazy Fri, 03 Jul 2015 03:51:12 +0000

Sarah O’Connor is one of the most notable action film characters of all time. The Terminator character also shares her name with a Financial Times correspondent.

Sarah O’Connor, the journalist was simply doing her job when she shared a headline news story, but it went viral. For a very good reason too.

With the name and a story about killer robots, Twitter just couldn’t handle the irony. Instantly, O’Connor’s Twitter feed was pleas to save John O’Connor.

And warnings to run from Skynet.

Even more hilarious is the fact that O’Connor admits she has never even seen the Terminator movies.

Eventually, she admitted her mistake in not thinking of the outcome this tweet would bring. She also warned people not to follow her on Twitter simply because of this one instance. She explained that she normally just tweets about boring things.

All jokes aside, it is important to remember the real story here. A German VW plant worker was killed by a robot on the assembly line. Reports say he was hit in the chest and pinned against a metal wall. Pretty intense stuff.

It is safe to say, Sarah O’Connor will be a little more careful about what she tweets, but she will be back. Hasta la vista.

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Thanks To KFC, Pizza Fried Chicken Is Now A Thing Fri, 03 Jul 2015 02:54:38 +0000

Fried chicken is pretty amazing. Pizza is great too. So, a combination of the two is enough to make your taste buds explode. Well, KFC has answered our food prayers and created crispy pizza fried chicken.

Yes, you read that right. KFC restaurants in Hong Kong are now serving Napoli Crispy Pizza chicken. Advertised as crispy fried chicken with pizza-flavored breading and stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Holy crap…


How amazing does this sound? Now, I know what some of you are thinking. This sounds like a fast food twist of chicken parmesan. Nothing special. Yea, right. Don’t pretend like that would make you rethink eating this for a second.

There is even rumor of marinara sauce being in the chicken. Call a doctor now, because this sounds like a heart attack on a plate. Hey, at least we would die happy.

Now, KFC is no stranger to crazy food creations. Have you tried their double down chicken sandwich. It’s like a sandwich, except instead of bread substitute two fried chicken breast with cheese and bacon nestled in between.

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Adult Coloring Books Are The New Stress Busters [Video] Thu, 02 Jul 2015 19:15:51 +0000

Has it been a rough day? Traffic got you late, boss getting you down, a ton of paperwork to wade through, and let’s not even start with the list of chores that need doing when you get home. If you want a time out from all the chaos, sit down, take a deep breath, and grab your crayons. It’s coloring time.

Nope, you’re not lost in preschool class. Adult coloring books are flying off the shelves and turning into the new chic way to destress and unwind. The idea might seem childish or juvenile at first glance, but it’s lauded as one of the quickest routes to pocket-friendly art therapy.

“I think it probably speaks to people’s enjoyment in doing this kind of relaxing hobby or distraction from everyday life,” says Sarah Deaver, president of the American Art Therapy Association. “It creates an object of focus, and it creates something that’s beautiful and that’s satisfying.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.09.56 PMcover

The illustrations often seen in grown-up coloring books range from the immensely intricate and ornate to the wild high-energy-charged and lush. First-timers may rely on their faithful crayon box of 8’s or 24’s and go to town on the pieces; other avid artsy folk can up their color game with markers, color pencils, watercolors, or even watercolor pencils. Some coloring books even come with perforations so you can rip them away from the binding carefully and frame your masterpiece for your cubicle block to enjoy. Themes can range from plants, landscapes, animals, and abstract illustrations to characters from your favorite media or fandom.  (“Game of Thrones” coloring book, anyone?) and when you’re all tuckered out coloring in your page, take some time to go hunting for quirky details throughout the piece.

You may enjoy “hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun, creative expression” with the delicate patterns of the “Adult Coloring Book”. Or why not unleash your wild side with the hyper-detailed doodle art of Kerby Rosanes’ “Animorphia“, if you’re so inclined?


Peek at more sample pages from Kerby Rosanes’ “Animorphia” here:

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Stephen Colbert And Eminem Take Over Public Access Show Thu, 02 Jul 2015 15:56:12 +0000

MICHIGAN, United States (SND) — Talk show host and political satirist Stephen Colbert surprised the Michigan town of Monroe with a temporary takeover of the local public access show “Only in Monroe”. The hilarious 41 minute program originally aired at midnight on Michigan’s Mpac station, but went viral on YouTube soon afterward.

The show began with Colbert chatting with the show’s regular hosts, Michelle Bowman and Kaye Lani Rae Rafko Wilson. Topics included pedicures and an ongoing feud between a restaurant owner and a mysterious Yelp user known as “Mark M”. Around 22:00 minutes in, Colbert welcomes “a local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music.” The local Michigander? Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem.

You can watch the full episode here:

Lance Sottile, the program director of Mpact, spoke to the New York Times on Wednesday.  He gave some background about the station and how the Colbert take-over came about.

What kinds of programming are typically shown on your channel?

“We’re a local public-access TV channel and radio station, and we promote Monroe. The community members can become volunteers of our facility and use it for the programs they come up with. We air on a cable channel, through the local cable companies, and also on YouTube as well. What you saw on ‘Only In Monroe,’ that’s pretty much how the shows go. Talking about local events and interviewing people from the United Way, Red Cross. The college, for instance, does a show about education. We have a cat doctor, a veterinarian, that comes in and talks about cat health. It’s a wide variety of shows that we run.”

How did this particular show with Stephen Colbert come together?

“Stephen Colbert wanted to host the show with Kaye Lani and Michelle, the “Only in Monroe” show, and they were happy to give up the hosting duties to him.”

I take it this is not a common occurrence.

“Oh, no. It was pretty awesome.”

How long ago did they reach out to you about this? Did you think you were being pranked?

“It took some time to figure it out and see what the plan was. And then we realized it was real, and we were, like, ‘Hey, definitely, man. We’re all about it.'”

When was this episode taped?

“This was taped yesterday and it was aired last night, at midnight, for the first time and it’s been airing all day. Our policy states that a program that’s produced here at Mpact has to be aired on our channel before it can be distributed in other means. So they had to air it last night before we could share it with the world on YouTube.”

Were you able to do any advance publicity or promotion for this?

“The biggest part of it was that it was supposed to be a surprise. And it was a surprise. It was a surprise for all of us. We didn’t know that the guest was going to be Eminem until the day of. It just sort of happened and we were like, ‘Oh – oh my gosh.'”

Did the Colbert people request any special accommodations or amenities while they were there?

“We made it happen. That’s the best I can say. And it worked.”

Do they have ratings for public-access broadcasts? Is there any way to know how this did?

“Not specifically. We’re not terribly concerned with that as a public-access facility. We’re not commercial, so we don’t worry about getting the advertisers.”

What could happen after this that will ever surpass this? Do you worry that you’ve peaked?

“Do you mean me, personally?”

I mean for the station – is this as good as it could get?

“You never know what the future may hold, apparently. We found that out.”


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Great White Sharks Surround Surfers in California [Video] Thu, 02 Jul 2015 14:16:57 +0000

CALIFORNIA, United States (NATGEO) — Surf’s up! A video posted Friday shows some great white sharks surrounding a group of paddleboarders.

How could anyone be that calm when surrounded by one of the ocean’s top predators?  Gregory Skomal, a marine fisheries scientist and shark expert, chimes in: “I think where these guys were and what they were doing was probably fine.”

Wait, what? We are talking about great white sharks, right? The big, scary aquatic monsters from Jaws?


Well, not exactly. According to National Geographic, the sharks you see in the video are actually juveniles, and they’re not yet big enough to take on human-sized prey. At this stage in their life, they dine mostly on fish and dead carcasses. “The sharks in the video are probably checking the paddlers out, with a level of curiosity but also a level of caution because they don’t know what they are looking at,” said Skomal.

Though adult great whites have been known to take a bite out of paddle and surfboards, Skomal said sharks this young “are very unlikely to bite.” When they grow up, they’ll eat “other sharks, seals, dolphins, and whatever else they can catch.”

Sharks may be scary, but they aren’t a problem for most of us—even if we frequent the beach. Each year, humans kill more sharks than vice versa, and statistically speaking, you’re more likely to be crushed under a vending machine than killed by one. Colin Lecher, writing for Popular Science, put it this way:

“Sharks have been mythologized in our culture as ruthless brutes and hunters, but the truth is humans are way, way more of a threat to sharks than sharks are to us. About 100 million sharks are killed annually, mostly related to “finning” (when the shark fins are sliced off and sold, often for soup).”

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Dead in Eight Seconds: Body Cams Capture Police Shooting Thu, 02 Jul 2015 11:34:43 +0000
Warning: this article contains disturbing content, including graphic video.


PALESTINE, Texas (SND) — James Bushey moved to Palestine, Texas after “losing everything”. He had been through a divorce, was abusing alcohol, and needed a job. “He was just a good guy and down on his luck,” Said his brother, Jeff. The Bushey brothers had been living together while James tried to get on his feet. He was looking for work, attending a rehabilitation program, and—according to Jeff—he was doing better.

James Bushey video
Pictured: James Bushey, age 47.

But now, James Bushey is dead, and his family still can’t understand why.  “He would have never done something like this, but he had a lot going through his mind.” Said Jeff. “I guess it messed with his head. I’ll never understand why he did it.”

“You just never get over the hole losing a child puts in your heart,” Said Bushey’s mother, Linda Camardie. “He was a good boy and I don’t understand why the officers had to shoot him six times. He wasn’t a bad person. He just made a bad decision.”

The Incident

What happened to James Bushey? On May 31st, 2015, he walked into the local Walmart store and shoplifted a case of beer. Loss Prevention reported the theft to police, who followed Bushey into the nearby Applebee’s restaurant. There, the two responding officers—Sgt. Gabriel Green and Kaylynn Griffin—found Bushey hiding in a bathroom. They waited patiently while he washed his hands and calmly escorted him outside.

Nobody expected Bushey to pull a gun. He died eight seconds after brandishing an air-pistol designed to look like a Colt 1911—shot to death by police amidst screams of “Gun! Gun! Gun!”. A grand jury declined charging officers Green and Griffin with any crime, and the use of deadly force against Bushey was ruled justified. The Anderson County Criminal District Attorney’s Office released this statement:

“After reviewing the evidence, including body camera videos worn by the officers, and testimony in the investigation, the Grand Jury decided to take no action against the officers as they determined the use of deadly force was justified. Therefore, no criminal charges will be filed against Sergeant Gabriel Green and Officer Kaylynn Griffin.”

But at a time when the public is demanding more transparency within law enforcement, the word of the Anderson Grand Jury may not have been enough to convince the residents of Palestine that deadly force was warranted.  One month after the incident occurred, the Palestine Police Department released the body cam videos from both of the involved officers.

The Videos

The videos captured the incidents from both Sgt. Green and patrol officer Griffin’s perspectives. The footage depicts Bushey’s death and is extremely graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Officer Griffin

Sgt. Green

The Reaction

Public response to the police shooting has largely been supportive of officers Green and Griffin, as well as the Palestine PD’s decision to release the body cam footage.

“These officers do not deserve one bit of criticism.” Commented Ricky Minton, a resident of Palestine. “Don’t get me wrong, anytime police take a life it should be investigated, but people in this town jumped to a lot of conclusions and this video is the final part of this story. Look how fast that happened.”

On reddit, where Officer Griffin’s body cam footage was posted to /r/videos, several users noted how the officers’ training impacted the incident.

police shooting reddit


Some, however, expressed concern that Bushey’s family would be traumatized by the videos of his death.

police shooting


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This Yoga Studio Wants to Make “Yoga with Cats” a Thing Wed, 01 Jul 2015 17:43:11 +0000

NORTH CAROLINA, United States (SND) — A yoga studio in Asheville, North Carolina wants to keep the ancient art of stretching and meditation from getting too stale, and they’re doing it with cats. The Little Volcano yoga studio will host their first “Yoga with Cats” session July 12th, and all proceeds will go directly to the local Brother Wolf animal shelter.

So, what exactly does cat yoga entail? Hint: it doesn’t involve felines striking poses.

Pictured: When it comes to flexibility, cats routinely outperform humans
Pictured: When it comes to flexibility, cats routinely outperform humans.

According to the company, the class combines “felines, adoption, yoga, snuggles and happiness.” The purpose has less to do with exercise, and more with spirituality and “healing”.

“Since we view our style of yoga as a healing process more than a workout,” co-founder Rosie Volcano told Mountain XPress, “we try to incorporate the healing tools that have helped us the most.”

“We don’t know of any history of yoga with animals or cats specifically, but animals have been used in healing since the beginning of time,” She continued. “Have you ever had a dog or a cat or any pet who knows when you’re upset? Or knows when you’re sick and puts its paw right over the spot that hurts?”

Taking the Bulls–t Out of Yoga

I spoke with Rosie this morning. She told me more about their mission to heal the soul with humor and felines.

“We learn how to take the bulls–t out of teaching yoga.” She said. “We are not going to tell you that you should be happy and peaceful and ‘one with the universe’ if your life is in shambles and you’re full of sadness, grief and rage. What we can do is help you process your sh-t so you can turn it into fertilizer and use it to heal your spirit and your body.”

The Little Volcano also incorporates costumes, masks, wigs, and glitter into their classes, which Rosie told me puts people at ease.

“The idea behind it is to make people comfortable.” She said. “Many people are intimidated to walk into a new space, especially one where your bodily skills (or lack thereof) are on display. By adding in an element of play, you take away some of the fear and intimidation of doing yoga.”

“It’s almost as if the sheer ridiculousness of the costumes and masks puts people’s guards down.” I said.

“That’s exactly what we’re going for!”

A Good Cause

I turned the conversation to the Yoga with Cats class. I had spent the morning emailing Rosie and reading about her studio, but one question burned in the back of my mind: what the hell is cat yoga?

It's hard to feel self-conscious when everyone is wearing animal masks.
It’s hard to feel self-conscious when everyone is wearing animal masks.

“Yoga with Cats is our first ever attempt at bringing in the element of Animal Medicine to the studio with the added bonus of supporting the local no-kill shelter Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.” She told me. “This organization is beloved by all of Asheville and is where almost everyone finds their 4-legged friends. We’re working on getting donations for food, drinks and raffle prizes to raise even more money for the animals.”

After briefly explaining the concept of animal medicine (in short: snuggling with animals makes you feel good), she elaborated further.

“The way it works is Brother Wolf will drive over about 15 adoptable cats about an hour before the class. They’ll set up food and littler boxes, let them get comfortable. Then people will arrive and we’ll do a simple 90 minute yoga class where the cats can roam free and cuddle on people’s mats, play with their pants and generally be the cute creatures that they are. After class, we’ll give people an opportunity to get to know the felines a little better, and possibly adopt one! This part of the day will include raffles and drinks, with all the proceeds going to Brother Wolf.”

If the turnout is good, the studio may add Yoga with Cats to their roster of regularly scheduled events.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only feline-related yoga program out there. The YouTube channel Sho Ko is dedicated to Shorty and Kodi, a couple of kittehs who practice yoga with their owners.

As a few YouTube commenters have pointed out, that’s one remarkably docile cat.



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Bullied Teen Designs Epic Prom Dress; Gets First Red Carpet Commission Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:26:13 +0000

Teens are mad-talented.

Two weeks ago, teenager Kyemah McEntyre wowed the internet with am astounding dress she designed and created  herself for prom. The senior student, studying at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts in New Jersey, wore it to the main event — needless to say, heads turned, jaws dropped, and she won the Internet… and the title of Prom Queen for the night.

Not only did her sense of style and grace amaze us, she also delivered a heart-felt message on her instagram account:

As an artist I have a completely different point of view compared to most individuals. I am extremely analytical and observant. Throughout the world, we have people who do not notice each others essence and humanity. We Stunt our collective spiritual growth by allowing assumptions and stereotypes to cloud our mind and thus our physical reality. We let these negative ideas get the best of us, and in turn a world of isolation is manifested by our lack of sensitivity and desire to sympathize with each other. This results in a world in which people live within the confines of their own space, isolated from each other and separated from the rest of the world. Sometimes we get trapped in our own prejudice ways. We don't notice how the idea of a particular type of person changes the way we live our lives. The most creative people are the ones who step out of their comfort zone and take advantage of the world around them. My abilities as an artist allows me to experience the benefits that versatility fosters. Being exposed to all kinds of people and cultures is the muse for my artwork. I am an aspiring artist who is very passionate about the connection between art and the world. I believe that in order for society to gain a wider horizon, we have to be willing to acknowledge other people from differences, beliefs, morals, and values. #kyebreaktheinternet I love you guys, because of you all I continue to keep pushing no matter the circumstance. Let's try this again ✊🏾💕💕

A photo posted by Kyemah McEntyre (@mindofkye_) on

A budding self-identity activist, we can see she takes a lot of pride in her heritage and expresses it through her craft. Unfortunately, not everyone saw this in the same light, and chose to throw spiteful comments her way. she takes them and treats the situation with so much grace: ““This is for always being labeled as, ‘ugly’ or ‘angry’. Thank God, stereotypes are just opinions,” she responded via another instagram post.

However, this wasn’t quite the end of Kyemah’s story, as her creation would soom take her skills and genius to the red carpet. Singer-actress Naturi Naughton, former member of 3LW and star of the Starz drama “Power”, emailed her right away for for her first big-event commission just three days after her graduation.

“Naturi contacted me through e-mail, and we talked over the phone about her ideal dress,” Kyemah shared. “She explained to me that she wanted to connect with her African roots as well. I explained to her that my prom dress was my first design ever and that her design would be my second. So, of course, I asked her to bare with me. Naturi and her beautiful soul welcomed me despite my experience with Fashion Designing. She wanted to shed light on young people from her community [East Orange, New Jersey] and that she did. I enlisted a local seamstress by the name of Markell Mockabee, who brought my design to life.” This lady just keeps getting lovelier and lovelier.

And the dress is just as astounding. Naturi wore it with pride to the BET Awards last weekends, and it slayed so hard on the red carpet.

Kyemah is grateful for all the acclaim and praise heaped on her creations. However, this has not steered her away from her main focus as an artist. “As a result of going viral, my mailbox has changed in numbers, but my faith and my drive has not changed. People ask me all the time how does it feel, and I tell them it’s just amazing to be celebrated for just being myself. I consider myself to be an artist, fashion designer, and self-identity activist. I actually planned on people to recognize my dress locally, because I wanted to inspire little girls to be themselves, however, this has definitely exceeded my expectations.”

We feel this is not the last we’re going to hear of her. Hats off to you, Kyemah! The world needs more brave, passionate artists like you!


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