#Boobment: College Girls Show Of Cleavage, Team Spirit On Twitter

For years, college girls have had to make an impossibly tough choice: They could either show off their team spirit or their cleavage. Well, there’s a no #boobment afoot. Girls from colleges across the country have figured out that if they wear low cut shirts, stick shot glasses in between their breasts, or cover their […]

Social Media Winners And Losers In Sports

Social media is full of network active sports teams and a new infographic examines sports biggest winners and losers in social networking. The infographic was put together by Eventility, a platform for organizing and promoting events, clubs, groups, communities or places. Here are the most liked sports teams on Facebook: Barcelona – 38 million Real […]

WWE Updates Fans On Jerry Lawler’s Condition Via Social Media

Ever since Raw commentator and wrestler Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on air, World Wrestling Entertainment has been keeping fans updated on his condition with posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The WWE’s use of social media has provided relief for Lawler’s fans, and has demonstrated once again the ability of sports and entertainment […]

Social Media Integrates With Sports, Creates Better Interaction [Infographic]

If you want your sports team to grab the attention of fans these days the best means for doing so is social media. Yesterday we reported that Google+ Hangouts were being used to converse with the NFL’s top two pics (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III) and now a new infographic from sports medicine company […]