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UFC Superstar Conor McGregor Just Retired With A Tweet

For the last few years, Conor McGregor has been the wonderboy of the UFC, he wrecked everybody in his path until going up a weight class to fight Nate Diaz in early March when he lost by submission. Even if you don’t know anything about the UFC, you might recognize him, he’s on SportsCenter all […]

Eddie Izzard Runs 27 Marathons in 27 Days for Charity

Eddie Izzard is one brave soul who doesn’t compromise. Izzard, a British stand-up comedian, has been one to wear women’s clothing openly and discuss this in his shows, long before life outside the gender binary became a thing. He also speaks his mind about politics, and certainly puts his money where his mouth is. He […]

Shelter Dogs Serve as “Ball Boys” at Tennis Open to Raise Adoption Awareness

Do you love tennis? How about dogs? If you can’t get enough of both of them, you’ll love what went down in Brazil’s most recent tennis open. Tennis athletes  Roberto Carballes Baena of Spain and Gastao Elias of Portugal shared the limelight of the game in Sao Paolo last week  with four surprise guests who […]

‘Catman’ Gets A Ticket To The Super Bowl, Thanks To Social Media

This Sunday, The Carolina Panthers will face off against the Denver Broncos for the much anticipated Super Bowl 50. Tickets for the big games sell for top dollar every year, so it’s safe to say most of us can only afford to watch from home. But, what happens when your team makes it to the […]

Amazing High-Res Photo Clearly Shows Every Fan at Patriots Game

An amazing high-resolution image reveals the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium in astonishing detail.  Fans of the New England Patriots have been immortalized in a “Fancam”, a composite of hundreds of images which create the illusion of one super high-definition picture. See it for yourself below: Wondering how this amazing image was created? Fancam’s official website has […]

A World Divided: Football Or Soccer? [Video]

Football, football, futbal, soccer…? No matter where you live, everyone loves to cheer on a team sport. But, that’s where our questions arise. It’s a world divided: football or soccer? Maybe you’ve never gave it much thought, you can appreciate both football and American football. Maybe your a diehard fan of one of them. Wherever […]