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Watch this Student Parkour Her Way To Class

Quick! You’re back in high school, just walked through the gates of your school, and the bell rings. you know that your teacher for first period locks the doors  on latecomers, and you’re five minutes away from a one-way ticket to detention. What do you do? A) Get stuck to your spot like a deer […]

Woman Runs and Flows in London Marathon To Protest Period-shaming

Kiran Gandhi, a drummer for M.I.A. and Thievery Corporation, has been training for a whole year to participate in the annual London Marathon. On the day of the event itself, Auntie Flo came to visit. The Communists had arrived at the palace. She was surfing the crimson wave. It was the start of Shark Week. […]

Mo Farah Denies Using Performance Enhancing Drugs

British long-distance runner Mo Farah took to Facebook this morning to deny using performance enhancing drugs. His statement follows widespread speculation in the media after it was reported he missed two drug tests before the 2012 Olympic games. It reads as follows: “I have never taken performance enhancing drugs in my life and I never […]

Some Jaw Dropping Extreme Frisbee Catches

When you normally think of a game of Frisbee, you imagine two guys standing in a field across from one another throwing a disk back and forth. And in most instances, you would correct in that assumption. But what about extreme Frisbee? All I can is, if you think you have seen Frisbee before, prepare […]

Mayweather Open to #MayPac Rematch [Poll]

A lot of folks may have found the #MayPac match to be both a snoozefest and a disappointment, but it seems Floyd Mayweather enjoyed it so much, he’s open to another round with Manny Pacquiao. Reason? Perhaps the fact that (1) Mayweather won, and (2) he earned $180 million from that match alone. Money, after all, […]

Social Media in Uproar Over #MayPac Match

#MayPac is on fire. May 2 marked the what was dubbed the “fight of the century” between welterwight champions Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The world seemed to stand still for fans of both sportsmen and had them glued to their screens at home, in movie theaters, in public spaces, and more. In […]

Controversial Football Players on Social Media

Social media has provided us with a lot of entertaining moments, with brands, movie stars, sports celebrities, and Internet sensations joining the fray. There are some (many?) instances, however, when social media amplifies the naughty side of people – celebrity or not. The world of sports has had its fair share of social media mishaps, […]

Stephen Curry Shows Why His Nickname Is The ‘Baby Faced Assassin’ [Video]

Time after time, Golden State Warrior, Stephen Curry has proven himself on the NBA hardwood. During Sunday’s matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers, Stephen Curry did it again. After watching this play, you will agree Curry deserves to be called the ‘baby faced assassin.’ Surrounded by four Clippers defenders, Stephen Curry doesn’t even flinch as […]