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Bad Lip Reading Takes On NFL For 2015 [Video]

The epic lip reading videos are back and this time they have a special edition for the NFL, NFL 2015: A Bad Lip Reading. As always, the video is hilarious with many NFL favorites saying some strange things. Cam Newton, Tony Romo, Chip Kelly, Dez Bryant, Ed Hochuli, Andy Dalton and many others make appearances saying […]

10 Pictures to Help You Celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day

Did you know that today is Squirrel Appreciation Day? Since 2001, January 21 has been the one day of the year that’s dedicated to giving back to one the all-time greats of the rodent family. Today, squirrels of both red and grey varieties can come together and bask in the warm glow of human appreciation […]

The Life Of A Clash Of Clans Addict [Video]

YouTube user, Esther Anderson, created a video to show just how real the struggle is for a Clash of Clans addict. If you aren’t addicted to Clash of Clans yet, chances are you have at least seen their television commercials. This free mobile application game lets players create and build a village that they must defend […]

Mac Sabbath: Rocking Out In The Drive-Thru [Video]

One rock band is creating a niche in the world of McDonalds themed heavy metal. Mac Sabbath rocks out with their McDonald’s themed spoofs. With jams, like Frying Pan, Sweet Beef, Pair-Of-Buns and Chicken For The Slaves, the band turns Black Sabbath hits into “drive-Thru metal.” Clad as Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese, the group has […]

2014 Razzie Award Nominations Take on the Worst Movies of the Year

Forget the Oscars — the nominations you should be interested in as 2015 begins are those for the awards show that highlights the worst of the year in film; the Razzie Awards. For more than twenty years, the night before the pomp and ceremony of the Oscars has seen the Golden Raspberry or Razzie Awards […]

Side Dude or Boyfriend? Ohio State Couple Goes Viral [Video]

This viral vine shows an awkward moment for one woman at the Ohio State and Alabama showdown on Thursday night. The short video has social media asking all kinds of questions. What is going on in this video? Is that her boyfriend or a side dude, because when the camera pans to them things get awkward. […]

Man Falls For Snapchat Prank Over and Over [Video]

How gullible can you be? Jillian Haker has been tormenting her brother with the same Snapchat prank. Funny thing is, he falls for it over and over. It begins with Jillian asking her brother to pose with her for a Snapchat photo. He obliges and poses, only to realize that she is shooting a video […]

2014 Memes We Can’t Forget [Video]

2014 may be over, but there are images we just can’t forget. Buzzfeed video has compiled a great list of the memes we just can’t forget from the past year. According to Buzzfeed Video, the top memes of 2014 are: The most adorable dog ever, Marnie This adorable rescue dog, Marnie, is a shitzu known […]

Justin Bieber Falls Off Skateboard, Haters Rejoice [Video]

It’s the video that will either make you cry or laugh, depending on your feelings toward Justin Bieber. The Biebs took a shot at skateboarding and it didn’t seem to go to well. He crashes and burns trying to land a trick. This YouTube video has gone viral and is strangely satisfyingly looped over and […]

Lady Just Can’t Figure Out Gas Tank, And It’s Hilarious [Video]

Chances are this lady wasn’t sober when she decided to fill her car up with gas. She just can’t seem to figure out what side her gas pump is on. Fortunately, the entire debacle was caught on camera and the viral video is available for your enjoyment. We have all had moments where we pull […]

What Do Google Searches Say About Your State?

Every state prides itself on something. We have the Sunshine State, the Lone Star State, even the Show Me State. Well, Google is taking a real look at what states are really thinking about. According to Estately, Google gathered the top trending searches for each state. The results are pretty telling. For example, Texas and […]

Machine Gun America: Rambo’s Answer to Disney World

Between Busch Gardens, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida has its fair share of attractions — but the recent opening of Machine Gun America might just be its most high-octane tourist destination yet. The 13,000 square foot park allows visitors to live the life of an action hero, firing live ammunition from fully-automatic machine […]

Meet Hamilton: The Foodie Pig [Video]

As if piglet videos aren’t cute enough, meet Hamilton, also known as the foodie pig. Now pigs are known to enjoy eating, but Hamilton takes it to a whole new level. He enjoys his food the way some humans enjoy fine wines. He savors each and every bite. Soak in all of the adorableness! The […]

Boy Catches Santa On Hidden Camera [Video]

A 7-year-old boy has captured the video the North Pole doesn’t want you to see! Evan, the young boy, decided he needed physical evidence of Santa’s existence. With a little help from his older brother’s GoPro, Evan set up a hidden camera and was shocked at the footage he saw in the morning. His uncle, […]

Whataburger Baby Photo Goes Viral [Video]

A mother’s love for her newborn child and Whataburger hamburgers inspired a very unique photo shoot. #whatababy Megan and Tyler Riddle of Texas spoke with Dallas news station, WFAA, about this viral photo of their baby, Basil. You can also view the full interview here. The mother explains that during her pregnancy she had intense […]

Why Jerry Seinfeld Says Your Christmas Presents Are Garbage [Video]

Jerry Seinfeld makes quite the comedic revelation about Christmas presents during a stand-up segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. After giving his entire audience a flat screen television, he proceeds to explain why the TV is really just a piece of trash. “Most of you were excited,” Jerry jokes after the audience discovers their […]

Move Over Kayne: Comedians Turn ‘Yeezus’ Into The Ultimate Christmas Album [Listen]

Forget about ‘Yeezus’, this is the season of ‘Kreezus’. The hilarious guys over at Local Business Comedy turned the Kayne West album into the ultimate Christmas soundtrack. These guys didn’t just do one song, they remixed the entire album. Check them out below. Not bad, some might even say it is better than real ‘Yeezus’ album. […]

Reactions After Watching ‘The Interview’, Worst Movie Of 2014?

Hollywood rejoiced after the Sony announced it would release ‘The Interview’. Not only was the film released in more than 200 select theaters around the United States, but Sony also released the film to streamed via the website, seethe, YouTube, Google Play and other media on-demand services. Mashable put together a hilarious compilation of […]

Home For The Holidays! The 8 People You Always Run Into [Video]

It’s that time of the year, the holidays. A time to pack up and head home for a visit. A trip back to your hometown always goes the same way. It never fails. You run into the exact same people and have the exact same experiences, as the video below shows. Going home means you […]

Meet the Jenga Master [Video]

It was the ultimate Jenga move. Honestly, they better be glad they caught it on camera because it may probably never happen again. The extremely short video shows the ultimate Jenga power play. With the quick flick of her wrist, this lucky lady knocks out the very bottom block without compromising the rest of the […]