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The Best Presidential Trump Memes We’ve Seen So Far

Congratulations, America; Donald Trump. Okay. As we quietly come to terms with the fact that Multi-millionaire Tycoon Donald Trump is to be the next President of the United States of America (deep breath, deep sigh), this of course does not mean the memes about him are about to come to an end any time soon. […]

Go Bananas This Friday; Tumblr-Style

Oh look! We’re practically a coouple of days away from the end of the work week, and that happy weekend is sorta-kinda so close, you almost-sorta-kinda smell it. You just may even find some of these post a-peeling! Get it? A-ppealing? Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad. Anyway! On to the lols! Be careful […]

7 Memes that Show the Pure Value of Gold

I’ve always been a big follower of the stock market, gold and precious metals in general. Thanks to the power of the internet, it’s never been easier to track different economies, global trends and where money is flowing in and out of. This is especially true with social media and everyone using hashtags and stock […]

Google Maps Blurred This Cow’s Face And The Internet Is Losing Sleep Over It

There are some things that just keep you up at night. For some, the latest reason for a night of tossing and turning is the latest Google Maps’ discovery. Google street view fanatics discovered a snapshot out of Coe Fen, U.K. The photo featured two cows walking down the road. However, the first cow’s face […]

These Pokemon Groove To Ariana Grande’s ‘Into You”

Ariana Grande better watch out, because these two Pokemon might just prove to be the better dancers in this clip found on Twitter. Twitter user Adam Wiles combined the pop princess‘ summer single “Into You” with some smooth moves, brought to us by Charizard and Dragonite. The results will amuse you: This fit perfectly! #IntoYou […]

It Does Compute! Today Calls for Twitter Humor

Humor is what makes the world a whole lot more palatable to live in. (At least, most of the time, as long as you have the right sense of humor.) It’s been a while since we last did a post on Twitter Lols, so we’re back with more to help your day! Aaah, yes. Nothing […]

The DNC Bad Lip Reading Is One Of The Best Yet

We all remember the NFL bad lip reading videos that had us rolling on the floor in fits of giggles, and now the group behind those videos has put out a DNC bad lip reading video that’s everything you want it to be. There are great Bernie moments, great Bill moments and of course, great […]