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“50 Nerds of Grey” Makes Your Inner Goddess Roll a 20

We have no idea why it took us this long to shine the spotlight on this twitter account, but at last, here we are. 50 Nerds of Grey is a parody twitter account that rewrite choice lines or scenes from the notorious E.L James’ “50 Shades of Grey”. It takes the work into unchartered territory, […]

Life According to Neat Freaks, In Tweets

Nothing brings a neat freak more peace and satisfaction than achieving a spotless, immaculate household, a space so clean you can (quite literally) eat off the floor. Of course, Life sometimes just isn’t fair, and will at some point or another set off this impeccable order, and set the neat freak’s nerves on edge. As […]

Pizza Kiss Cam Girl is Twitter’s Newest Hero

Look, when you got a game with no date and two equally gorgeous slices of pizza in both hands, the pizzas are your date, no questions asked. If you’re put on the spot for the whole stadium to see, go ahead and bit into all that hot, melted cheesy goodness and show the world your […]

Here’s What Happens when Tumblr Folks Come Back From The Real World

It’s no surprise that Tumblr users, those delicate, rare, nocturnal creatures that subsist on a steady diet of fandoms, art, and pizza, tend to behave oddly when they’ve been indoors for a bit too long. When faced with unfamiliar realities of the outside world, the response systems veer to either abject terror or over-stimulation — or […]

Dad Tweets Family’s Hilarious Conversations Daily

Oh, Dad, you never fail to see the funniest sides of the family. It’s amazing how you always manage to see it in everyday situations and share it with the rest of the world, just like this one dad has done every single day of the year. With n online handle like Exploding Unicorn, how […]

This Twitter Joke Is Seven Years In The Making

Remember your first tweet? Me neither. But if you’re anything like me and tend to forget actually having a Twitter account, it can get pretty easy to slip up on updating it. How long? Maybe a week, or a month. (Not gonna lie, mine went dusty for about a year and a half. Life happens.) […]