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A One-Two Punch with Some Tumblr Laughs

You think you’re so tough? you think you’re too tough for some silly Tumblr jokes?! How dare you! You came to the wrong neighborhood, you mothertucker. Now sit down and take all of these jokes. Take it, take all of it! We got more where this came from, come back next week. For starters: I […]

Kids Name 90’s Wrestlers; Hilarity Ensues

LET’S GET READY TO RRRRRRUMBLEEEEEEEE! (an hour before bedtime.) Sean Leahy is a children’s-book author and a dad who, according to his Twitter profile, “eating pasta by myself makes me canneloni”. Sometimes, (and just like most writer-parents who struggle with writer’s block), he turns to his three-year-old for inspiration. The days’ special was to have […]

Chill With These Tumblr Laughs For The Weekend

Happy weekend! We can now (… okay, maybe most of us?) can kick back and chill, and if possible, not adult for the next two days. Why? Because it’s the weekend. Some of us have some difficulty relaxing or chuckling at some totally random humor. Luckily, Tumblr has you covered. Because in food, responsibility, and […]

Twitter LOLs? Yes, Please!

Hey there, Thursday! You’re looking mighty fine, and you’re mine. Let’s keep going and never stop until the weekend hits. And hey, if things get rough, don’t worry. We’ll always have Friday. Now, moving on from our confusing sweet nothings, here’s some fun laughs from Twitter to get your Thursday going! Because Googling can be […]

Happy Friday! Have Some Tumblr Randomness

Hey ho, it’s Friday! Time to kick off your weekend shoes, order some pizza, and settle into your favorite couch and get your wi-fi on. What? You thought we’d go on a Friday night-out? Are you kidding?! We have Tumblr! Aaaaah, yes. Summer. Thighs, meet Chair. Now Kiss. Hard. “Confound it! They’ve blown our […]