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‘Danger Noodle’ and More: When The Internet Names Animals

The internet is a wild place. It’s the deep, dense jungle habitat of critters who can’t get enough of social media, the hottest bit of pop culture gossip, and more. Oh yeah, and there are also the animals. #TheInternetNamesAnimals is a very real thing on Twitter, and if you’ve had just about enough of 2016, […]

Auctioneer Beats Bring The Heat to The Bidding Floor [Vines]

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rumble! The bidding starts now! Action on the auction house floor on a sought-after item can get really hot and intense, and it’s not just from all the bids flying around. Take the auctioneer, for instance. To be one, you’ve got to have lighting-quick observation skills, presence of mind […]

What Would You Name This Baby’s Mixtape?

Twitter always has that hilarious and witty answer for any cover or mixtape challenge. This one’s going to be as cute as it is funny. (Also: parents, this one’s for you.) Twitter user @MoreandAgain posted this image of one toddler with  whole lot of swag. What's the name of her mixtape? — Cocky McSwagsalot (@MoreAndAgain) […]

Tumblr Is the Place to Be For LOLs

Hi, Internet. It’s still the start of the week, and the world hasn’t been kind to us. It can certainly be a terrible place. I know, I know… with the random frustrations of work, and some name-calling and incredibly silly decisions made by your government, sometimes it all just makes us want to curl up […]

#DesignerProblems: The Real Rough Deal of Clients and Revisions

Dear designers, we feel you. We’d buy you a drink, or some takeout, or some lunch if we could. You do so much to make everything look and communicate a little bit more cooler. Only you folks can combine that perfect hue and that perfect type (not font!) with the right kerning and weight, and […]

When Wikipedia Captions Get Silly

Love it or hate it, for better or worse, Wikipedia is here to stay. Hailed with being one of the main culprits of bringing the demise of the printed encyclopedia (as well as sending their salespeople running for the hills), the esteemed reference site has had its fair share of mishaps and laughs. Yes, laughs. […]