Chris Hemsworth Pokes Fun at Divorce Rumors On Instagram

Picture this: You’re Chris Hemsworth. You’re living the life, working in the career of your dreams, and married to the love of your life. And then out of the blue, you suddenly hear you’re actually on the brink of a divorce?! The brink of divorce, with your lovely wife basking in the sun in all […]

Are Instagram Fashion Bloggers Killing Style?

Instagram fashion bloggers have become pretty much a staple of our modern-day pop culture landscape, most specially when it comes to fashion. The couture-minded among us follow our favorite fashionista’s every pose, every pout, every new “lewk” and #OOTD. However, through the glitz and glamour of this fresh, hot niche carved into the side of […]

ISIS Forces Michael Caine to Rename Himself ‘Michael Caine’

Meet the new Michael Caine. His name? Michael Caine. You aren’t having a stroke. Sir Michael Caine officially renamed himself ‘Michael Caine’ to prevent holdups with airport security. The beloved English actor was born Maurice Micklewhite, heretofore the name which appeared on his passport. Increased security due to terroristic threats from ISIS and affiliated groups has […]

Did That Just Happen? Melania Trump ‘Rickrolls’ Audience at RNC

Donald Trump Is Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down The web is aflame with commentary after potential First Lady Melania Trump apparently plagiarized a large portion of her keynote speech from one delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008. But astute viewers may have noticed something else. This Twitter user points it […]

Stephen Colbert Kicks Off RNC; Gets Kicked Off Stage

But not without the last laugh! Stephen Colbert, when not being the helmsman of his own late night comedy news show, has been known to show up at the most unexpected places. This time, he’s made an appearance, bringing along his Ceasar Flickerman-like character from his “Hungry for Power Games” segment, at the Republican National Convention just […]

Are These Three Celebrity Couples Star-crossed Lovers?

Being involved in a relationship always leaves you exposed to observation by others. Usually it’s just what your friends and family make of you and your partner, but if you’re a celebrity couple, the whole world has an opinion.

Instagram Star Is Being Called A Real-Life Incredible Hulk

One look at Sajad Gharibi and you notice he doesn’t look like normal people. In fact, he gives new meaning to the word “big.” Due to his larger than life appearance, the 24-year-old man has become an Instagram superstar. With more than 100,000 Instagram followers, the powerlifter is being called a real-life Incredible Hulk, or […]

10-Year-Old Lyanna Mormont is The Newest Badass of GOT

If Lyanna Mormont still isn’t your favorite Game of Thrones character, she’s going to be now. Ever since her debut, she has been kicking ass and taking names with her level of sass. and we just can’t handle this girl’s level of badassery. Seriously, How cool can this 10-year-old get? What were we even doing […]