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#KingOfInstagram, Dan Bilzerian Is Running For President

Dan Bilzerian may be known as the #KingOfInstagram, but he would like to be known as the President of the United States. Yes, he may be an expert when it comes to being a millionaire and picking up women, but we don’t think he would make a very good leader of the free world. The […]

Mariah Carey Slams ‘American’ Idol Calling It Fake

All rumors point to the fact that Mariah Carey is an awful person to be around. From claiming diva status about everything to always finding something to complain about, she does not have the best working reputation in Hollywood for such behavior. Well, she is about to be respected even less because it seems she […]

Peter Dinklage Sings An Homage To All Dead ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

When most people bring up the fantastic fantasy show Game of Thrones, they tend to bring up the character of Tyrion Lannister (played by the always brilliant Peter Dinklage). He is smart, snarky, and has a whole lot more personality and soul than most of the people in Westeros. Easily a crowd favorite, can you […]

5 Coolest Celebrity Cameos in Comics

Comics have changed so much over the past decade. Writers are now sticking less to the tried-and-test plotlines of their grandparents’ superheroes, and are now more adventurous in recreating characters’ origins, back stories or personalities to best fit the changing times and culture. From Spiderman’s tribute to the firefighters of 9/11 and Northstar’s nuptials as the […]

Celebs Tweet their Support and Reactions for #MayPac

From our last post, we covered what the Twitter- and Tumblr-verse had to say about the big #MayPac fight. Now, let’s hear what hollywood celebs have to say. Many stars expressed their excitement and anticipation over social media, and weren’t shy about rooting for their champions. Floyd Mayweather had Justin Bieber, P. Diddy, and 50Cent […]

Jon Stewart Buys A Farm — Literally

Jon Stewart has recently announced that his 16th year as host of The Daily Show will be his last. Fans are sad to see him go and wishing him well, and Trevor Noah is well aware he’s got pretty big shoes to fill. As for Stewart, what are his plans for the future? It’s pretty […]

Alice Eve Makes Transphobic Comment, Apologizes

Alice Eve is a fierce and very vocal feminist, but her comments have shed some light on one of the biggest misunderstandings in feminism. Earlier this week, Eve left a scathing comment on her Instagram page and accused Bruce Jenner of “playing at being a woman” over his coming-out interview as a transgender woman last […]

Stephen Hawking: Zayn Malik Still in #OneDirection… In a Parallel Universe

Directioners, rejoice. Science is on your side, and Stephen Hawking says so. Saturday last week, luminary astrophysicist Stephen Hawking appeared at a talk in the Sydney Opera House in holographc form. He was streamed in live from Cambridge University in the UK, and were joined onstage in the flesh by both science communicator and his […]

David Blaine Freaks Out Harrison Ford with Magic

Harrison Ford. The man who played one of the most iconic space pirates and gunslingers of all time, had a Wookie for a best friend, and made us swoon with two simple words: “I know.” The man who had us holding our breath as he dodged rolling boulders, plunged the depth of wondrous and mysterious […]

Ricky Gervais Goes On Twitter Rant, Speaks Out Against Animal Cruelty

British comedian Ricky Gervais has been very busy on Twitter recently after a public photo of American hunter Rebecca Francis smiling and lying down next to a dead giraffe she killed back in 2010 went viral. Gervais tweeted out the photo to his 7.64 million Twitter followers with the following message, “What must’ve happened to […]

Dennis Quaid Has A Meltdown On A Movie Set, Real or Fake? [Video]

Do not mess with Dennis Quaid. Legit freak out or staged meltdown, his voice never breaks and the anger is real. Where was this anger in The Parent Trap? Amiright? According to a post on Reddit, Dennis Quaid loses his sh*t when an unknown person interrupts a scene where Quaid is in the acting zone. […]

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Welcome A Baby Boy!

Well, it’s the day we have all waited for. Jessica Biel gave birth to Justin Timberlake’s son and the talent Gods opened the heavens and the angels sang. It was a glorious moment… In all seriousness, fans have been waiting for this day. The couple welcomed Silas Randall Timberlake into the world. Details are being […]

Taylor Swift Reveals On Tumblr That Her Mom Has Cancer

Taylor Swift posted on Tumblr earlier this morning, April 9, some very sad news to her fans. The message revealed her mother, Andrea, has been diagnosed with cancer. The post was titled “Just so you know…” and was directly from Taylor herself. “I’m writing to you with an update I wish I wasn’t giving you, […]

Meghan Trainor: “Stop Photoshopping My Body”

Hi, Meghan. It’s us again. When we had a few things to take up with you with Dear Future Husband, we want to congratulate you on walking your talk, both in the recording studio and on the glossies. Your hit single All About That Bass graced the airwaves, and had us shaking our booties and […]

David Bowie Co-writes for A New Stage Piece In the Works

David Bowie is currently working on something that takes him back to his Ziggy Stardust beginnings, and we honestly couldn’t be more excited. Bowie is working together with Tony-award winner Enda Walsh for a project entitled Lazarus. Walsh returns to the New York Theatre Workshop after his award-winning success with the musical Once. Lazarus itself is […]

Norman Reedus Rocks With Breastfeeding Women

Norman Reedus wants you to “free the nipple”. In the streets! On the bus! In the cafes! He wants you to free that nipple and show your support for breastfeeding moms the world over. Last week, Tammie Hamed and Libby Dalton queued up to meet him at the HorrorHound Weekend Convention in Cincinatti. They asked […]

Taraji P. Henson to Host SNL on April 11

“Empire” fans may still be suffering from withdrawal symptoms at the two-hour finale of the series. (Au revoir, Cookie. you gave us them haute couture dreams, and we’re still not over it.) But take heart! Taraji P. Henson will be hosting Saturday Night Live this coming April 11. Mumford & Sons will also appear on […]

Will Ferrell Sings “Star Trek” Theme Song on The Late Late Show [Video]

Will Ferrell, one of our favorite funny men, wowed the Internet when he hit the high notes on late-night TV. Ferrell dropped in on The Late Late Show with James Corden with his costar Kevin Hart to promote their new comedy “Get Hard“. Talk turned to Ferrell’s early years in stand-up comedy, and he confessed […]