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Islamic State Hijacks #JustinBieber to Spread Execution Video

Yes, Islamic State, it is too late now to say sorry. A Twitter account posted a gruesome execution video to spread terrorism on Twitter, prompted bythe hashtags #ISIS, #ISIL, … and #JustinBieber. Nope, Justin Bieber had nothing to do with this. However, his 21-million strong follower count on Twitter will be exposed to this video. […]

Tributes to David Bowie That Will Touch Everyone’s Heart

Damn BBC news app and its notification of breaking news! I don’t normally say this, but a few minutes ago, a glance at my phone showed me “David Bowie passed away…” To my chagrin, a quick search of authoritative news sites confirmed that it is not a hoax. His son has also confirmed his father’s […]

J.K. Rowling Speaks Her Mind on Black Hermione Casting, And It’s Perfect

Britain will be seeing a black Hermione Grainger very soon onstage, and it’s causing quite a stir among the Potterheads online. The production team for the upcoming musical Harry Potter and The Cursed Child has just announced their final cast for the Big Three. Thespians Jamie Parker, Noma Dumezweni & Paul Thornley are set to play […]

Kanye West Gives Weird, Rambling Speech at Shoe Event

Award-winning recording artist and self-certified genius Kanye West stopped by a fashion-industry awards ceremony on December 2nd. His shoe, the Adidas Yeezy Boost, was to be honored at the Footwear News Achievement Awards—practically the Golden Globes of the cobbler world. Kanye, having found himself at such a prestigious event, and among such esteemed colleagues, opened up and […]

Adult Actresses Accuse James Deen of Assault

Hey, James Deen. you know, we really appreciate you as an adult entertainer. you’ve got that adorable “boy next door” appeal; guys want to be you, and ladies want to be in bed with you. You’ve got some of the coolest moves in porn. But there’s one move of yours we think ain’t cool, and […]

Dear Richard Dawkins, Are You Okay?

Hi, Mr. Richard Dawkins. How has life been to you? Good? Sunny? Excellent. There’s something real important we’ve got to talk about, Richard. It’s the way you’ve been tweeting, and it’s giving me great cause for concern. C’mon, man, I want people to like you, but the way you tweet just isn’t helping. Okay, let’s […]

Why Did Shia LaBeouf Livestream #ALLMYMOVIES?

Shia LaBeouf has changed considerably from his days as a Disney channel child star. Louis Stevens, as his Even Stevens character was known, was a quirky, good-hearted goof whose biggest concerns were hanging out with friends and impressing his on-again off-again crush, Tawny Dean. Oh, and keeping Beans out of the house. How does that […]