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Meet Shabani, Japan’s Newest Zoo Hunk

George Clooney, move aside. There’s a new hunk in town, and he’s got Japanese women swooning. Meet Shabani, the newest celebrity to grace the enclosures of Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, Japan. He’s got everything you might want in a man: a strong jaw, strong muscles, even that killer look that can send […]

Was Zayn Malik Around On Filming 1D’s New Fragrance Ad?

One Direction has just come out with an ad for their brand-new fragrance, “Between Us”. According to the official site, the words “invigorating”,”sensuality”, “seductive” ad “outstanding were used together in the same description: Juicy mandarin and apricot nectar are both energizing and invigorating. The floral heart of the fragrance opens full of solar jasmine flowers […]

Twitter Commemorates #6YearsWithoutMichaelJackson

Six years ago today, pop superstar Michael Jackson passed away in his Los Angeles home. The King of Pop’s death prompted widespread mourning and tributes from artists, politicians, and other public figures. Today, Twitter is buzzing with posts in memoriam of the late pop culture icon. When Michael Jackson Broke the Internet In 2009, […]

Remembering James Horner, Film Score Composer of Braveheart and Titanic

LOS ANGELES, California (THR) — James Horner, prolific composer of iconic film scores like Braveheart and Titanic, died Monday in a plane crash near Santa Barbara. Officials said Horner was piloting a small aircraft when it went down in a remote area near Cuyama, approximately 60 miles north of Santa Barbara. He was 61. His death was first reported by […]

Long Hair, Don’t Care! Celebs Defy Body Norms with Underarm Fuzz

Celebrities are taking the body positivity movement to the red carpet, much more specifically with the issue of body hair and shaving norms. Recently, Jemima Kirke of Girls fame flashed the paparazzi with her underarm fuzz on the CFDA red carpet earlier this first of June. Her au naturel look earned some cringes at the […]

The World Pays Tribute to Sir Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

Sir Christopher Lee, one of the most recognizable villains in the world of entertainment, has passed at the age of 93. For this generation, he is best known for his role as Saruman, but he has brought us more than that. While his roles show a hard, tough act, he was a softer guy in […]

Heir Buys Apple Watches for His Dog — Because He Can

This dog is one lucky and kinda confused dog — and people across China are shaking their heads. Keke the husky found himself to be the owner of two Apple Watches — and these aren’t the regular kind. The best of pampered pooches deserves only the best, the gold-plated kind, fetching the dizzying price of […]

#KingOfInstagram, Dan Bilzerian Is Running For President

Dan Bilzerian may be known as the #KingOfInstagram, but he would like to be known as the President of the United States. Yes, he may be an expert when it comes to being a millionaire and picking up women, but we don’t think he would make a very good leader of the free world. The […]