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Why Did Shia LaBeouf Livestream #ALLMYMOVIES?

Shia LaBeouf has changed considerably from his days as a Disney channel child star. Louis Stevens, as his Even Stevens character was known, was a quirky, good-hearted goof whose biggest concerns were hanging out with friends and impressing his on-again off-again crush, Tawny Dean. Oh, and keeping Beans out of the house. How does that […]

Ozzy Osbourne Apologizes for Urinating on Alamo

Ozzy Osbourne might be seen as nothing more than a fading reality TV star to the current generation, but in his heyday he was a true hell-raiser. Christian groups across the country protested his music as “demonic,” in 1982 he bit the head off a live bat, and in that same year he took a […]

Tila Tequila Posts Instagram Picture of Daughter Dressed as Hitler

There seems to be a collective groaning about D-List celebrities, but they’re actually the more interesting kind to follow. While Brad and Angelina are off somewhere “breaking up for good” for the fifth time, people like Tila Tequila are out there hustling every day. In other words, they’re really working for their money. That leads a […]

“Princestagram”: Prince Returns to Instagram

… And yes, that’s exactly what he’s calling it: Princestagram. I guess he just saw the opportunity, and got up and took it. The rare, mythical creature known as Prince (who also at some point was TAFKAP — “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” — because times change) has returned to Instagram, and whoever is […]

50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy; Poses with Wads of Cash

So recently, rapper 50 Cent just filed for bankruptcy, joining the ranks of celebs who lost everything. This Grammy winner has reported estimated assets and debts in the whopping $10 million to $50 million range, as well as 1 to 49 creditors. Statement from @50cent's lawyers on him filing for bankruptcy protection — Ryan […]

These 4 Celebs Lost Everything

When people dream of leaving their boring, ordinary lives behind and becoming rich, famous celebrities, they often fail to imagine all of the inane details that go into maintaining such a lifestyle. In particular, people tend to assume that once you’re rich, you’re pretty much rich for life. While it’s true that being poor is […]

These Celeb Halloween Costume Wins Will Inspire You

Yesterday, we covered some of the worst, most offensive celeb Halloween costumes. Now let’s take a moment to appreciate the brave, the proud, the bold who ventured forth to wow at Halloween with wit, poise, and creativity. If they can do it, we can do it, too! Let’s kick off these celeb halloween costume wins […]

The Top 5 Offensive Celebrity Halloween Costumes Show Us How NOT To Do Halloween

Oh, celeb-dom. With Halloween practically around the bend — admit it, you can practically smell the pumpkin spice and the candy in the air already — and you’re revving up to make a big splash at your next Halloween party. Sometimes your costumes are just made of pure Win — and sometimes, they’re just massive […]