Twitter Refuses To Verify Ana Gasteyer Account

Poor Ana Gasteyer, despite starring on Saturday Night Live and Suburgatory she simply can’t catch a break from the folks at Twitter. The SNL star has been trying since August to get her account verified and Twitter simply won’t do it. News of her failing Twitter battle started on Tuesday when Max Read of Gawker […]

[#GoogleBeckham] David Beckham Hosts First Google Hangout

Soccer star David Beckham has had a busy week, first he signed a new two-year contract with the LA Galaxy and then he headed over to Google’s headquarters where he hosted his first Google Hangout. Beckham’s Google+ profile currently features nearly 465,000 followers, far shy of his 15 million Facebook Likes and Google was hoping […]

Johnny Carson Gets Very Own YouTube Channel

Johnny Carson has been given his very own YouTube channel, the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Channel will feature weekly videos from his successful run on the Tonight Show. According to the official YouTube Blog site visitors will also be able to request clips they would like to be submitted and even submit playlists to […]

Soulja Boy Claims ‘Hackers’ Posted Offensive Facebook Rants

While Anthony Weiner didn’t get away with a claim his social media accounts had been hacked, perhaps the explanation will work for Soulja Boy- who has currently offended a boatload of fans after a rant on his Facebook page some say is racist and homophobic. Soulja Boy railed against some perceived “haters,” and THG quoted […]

Gowalla Teams Up With “Owl City” For Music Giveaway

Location based service Gowalla has teamed up with singer Owl City for a new merchandise discount and giveaway program that involves Twitter and Facebook. The company will provide one lucky checkin use with a VIP trip to see Owl City play at ACL Live on July 27 while other Gowalla users will receive pins to […]

Glenn Beck’s Pay Network To Offer “Virtual Rewards” Through Facebook Interaction

Glenn Beck is busily working on his new “subscription TV Network” and while I personally can’t stand the guy, his new “virtual rewards program” which will help supplement the networks $4.95 to $9.95 per month fees is actually quite smart. The “GBTV” network is currently using MLB Advanced Media technology to power subscriptions, while Clear […]

Wayne Rooney Tweets Photo of New Hair Transplant

Wayne Rooney just got a hair transplant, and I mean just got a hair transplant. Rooney, the Manchester United football star, tweeted a photo of his fresh hair transplant, blood and all. Rooney said on Twitter: “Hi all there’s my head. It will take a few months to grow. Still a bit bloody to. But […]

Rapper “The Game” Has Twitter Account Hacked, Slang Tossed Around

Rapper “The Game” watched as his Twitter account was hacked this weekend and messages about his sexuality and other rappers were spewed from his account. During the hack messages pertaining to Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were all posted and even Game himself was attacked. One tweet read: “im gay as hell,” and […]