TJ Lang’s Tweet About NFL Replacement Refs Could Set Twitter Record

T.J. Lang, along with most NFL fans, voiced his frustration with the NFL replacement refs on Twitter after Monday Night Football. Lang’s tweet has been retweeted more than 80,000 times and could soon become the most retweeted tweet in history. Fuck it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs. — […]

Who Are Pop Stars Following On Twitter? [Infographic]

Twitter has become a huge platform for pop singers, rappers and other musicians to communicate with their followers. Artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Rihanna have developed millions of followers, allowing them to stay constantly connected to their fans. As it turns out many of Twitter’s top celebrities follow one another. Ticketing site […]

Adolf Hitler Gets ‘Gangnam Style’ Remix On YouTube [Video]

Korean rapper PSY’s tongue-in-cheek mega-hit “Gangnam Style” has seen YouTube video nods and remixes from just about everyone imaginable, so a Hitler version was only a matter of time. Uploaded by user depromme on September 18, “Gangnam Style Hitler Ver.1 [Best Remix Version]” takes clips from the meme-staple Hitler film Downfall and remixes it to […]

WWE Updates Fans On Jerry Lawler’s Condition Via Social Media

Ever since Raw commentator and wrestler Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on air, World Wrestling Entertainment has been keeping fans updated on his condition with posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The WWE’s use of social media has provided relief for Lawler’s fans, and has demonstrated once again the ability of sports and entertainment […]

MTV Movie Awards Has Viewers Tweeting Votes For “Real Hero” Category

The MTV Movie Awards is taking a new approach to its “Real Hero” category in 2012, allowing potential viewers to vote for their favorite hero using Twitter. Twitter user will be able to cast their vote for “Real Hero” by simply using Twitter hashtags. Voting has already begun and will run through the night of […]

Stephen Colbert Joins Reddit Gifts Exchange For The Troops

The official Reddit Gifts for the Troops campaign received the support of a big celebrity name on Monday when Comedy Central funnyman Stephen Colbert announced he would be the programs first gift giver or “santa.” The initiative is part of the RedditGifts program which allows users to swap goods with each other in a secret-santa […]

Social Media Integrates With Sports, Creates Better Interaction [Infographic]

If you want your sports team to grab the attention of fans these days the best means for doing so is social media. Yesterday we reported that Google+ Hangouts were being used to converse with the NFL’s top two pics (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III) and now a new infographic from sports medicine company […]