Redditor Re-Enacts Profile Pictures Of Facebook Users, Sends Them Friend Requests

The title explains it all, but we’ll talk about Redditor CasinoRoy just a little bit so we can say we did our jobs. As the title says, and as the pictures below reveal, this mischievous individual re-enacts profile pictures of random Facebook users, makes the re-enactment his profile picture, and then tries to add his […]

The Amazing Birth Of Reddit Involved Sandwiches, Booze, And Dumb Luck [Video]

How was Reddit born? Reddit Founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian explain the origins of the social forum in the video embedded above. These charming and surprisingly candid fellows created Reddit in 2005 alongside Paul Graham and with the help of Y Combinator. “Reddit was not created to do good works,” Ohanian says. “But I […]

Facebook Friends Annoying? Give A Time Out With Defriendtion

Facebook friends can get annoying and a free app by the name of Defriendtion helps deal with them. How the app works is simple. After a friend gets on your nerves by starting arguments on your posts, inviting you constantly to games, etc. you simply install Defriendtion. After you single out that friend a detention […]

Bill O’Reilly Is Totally Confounded By This ‘Gangnam Style’ Thing [Video]

You’d think that someone on The O’Reilly Factor set would have called host Bill O’Reilly over to a laptop or smartphone and gone “Hey, have you seen this yet?” sometime ago. But the pundit has only just discovered the internet craze known as “Gangnam Style,” and is totally confused by it. O’Reilly is dumbfounded by […]

Macy’s Twitter And Facebook Feeds Overflow With ‘Dump Trump’ Messages

Mega-retailer Macy’s is probably busy prepping for the holiday season so much that they can’t be bothered to get to anything else, but that hasn’t stopped customers from inundating their social network profiles with messages to “Dump Trump.” Some background: Donald Trump is (and has long been) a spokesman for the retailer, but his insistence […]

Donald Trump Not Apologizing For Twitter Tirade Following Obama’s Win

Donald Trump is not apologizing for the Twitter tirade he unleashed following the announcement that President Barack Obama won Tuesday’s election. While part of Trump’s tirade has been deleted, he has added critiques of NBC’s Brian Williams in their place. Trump began his Twitter tirade before the election was called, calling it “a total sham […]

Badminton Player Lee Chong Wei Invites Fans To Wedding With Facebook

If you want to attend the wedding of Malaysian badminton player and Olympian Lee Chong Wei then you could be one of 10 lucky fans to win an invitation by posting on his Facebook page. The Olympic silver medalist is getting married to his long-time sweetheart Wong Mew Choo on November 9 and he is […]

Brandon Marshall Calls Out Lions Opponent On Twitter Over Brutal Hit

Did you catch Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh’s brutal hit on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler Monday night? Suh came up on Cutler from behind and brutally body slammed him. Afterwards, seemed to brag on his own brutality while Cutler rocked in pain on the field. Once Suh realized what he had done, he […]