Are Instagram Fashion Bloggers Killing Style?

Instagram fashion bloggers have become pretty much a staple of our modern-day pop culture landscape, most specially when it comes to fashion. The couture-minded among us follow our favorite fashionista’s every pose, every pout, every new “lewk” and #OOTD. However, through the glitz and glamour of this fresh, hot niche carved into the side of […]

7 Ways To Ditch Cable And Still Enjoy Your Favorite Movies And Shows

As the cost of cable soars and many begin to become more careful on how they spend their money, paying for cable service is something that many are cutting out of their budget. Before you take the plunge and cut the cable, you might be worried about missing out on your favorite TV shows and […]

Letting Small Businesses In On The New World of Video

People love watching videos. In fact, watching videos has recently become the most popular online activity. From drunk people to furry animals, we seem to just really enjoy seeing and hearing moving things. People are now spending more time watching digital videos than they do on social media. According to eMarketer, as of 2015, users […]

Hilarious Office Experiment Uses Mirrored Furniture To Capture Employees’ Vain Ways

One furniture store noticed that its millennial employees were constantly checking their reflection at pretty much every chance they got. So, The Furniture Market decided to do an experiment to see just how vain their employees really were. First, the managers rounded up plenty of pieces of mirrored furniture. “The obvious first step would be […]

Denzel Washington Strangles Aretha Franklin And Nothing Is Like It Seems

According to New York City police, Denzel Washington has finally accepted a plea deal for strangling his mother, Aretha Franklin. Are you as confused as we were? That’s because we aren’t talking about the Hollywood icons, but normal people with serious problems. The official criminal complaint explains that the altercation took place in Franklin’s apartment […]

7 Memes that Show the Pure Value of Gold

I’ve always been a big follower of the stock market, gold and precious metals in general. Thanks to the power of the internet, it’s never been easier to track different economies, global trends and where money is flowing in and out of. This is especially true with social media and everyone using hashtags and stock […]

Engineers Create Real-Life BMW Transformers That You Can Actually Drive

The Transformers franchise is extremely successful, but completely unrealistic. Right? Well, not anymore. A pair of Turkish engineers have developed a jaw-dropping creation: a real-life drivable BMW Transformer! Seriously, it looks like something straight out of the movies, but completely real! The engineers work for a company called Letrons and are responsible for this amazing […]