The Best Presidential Trump Memes We’ve Seen So Far

Congratulations, America; Donald Trump. Okay. As we quietly come to terms with the fact that Multi-millionaire Tycoon Donald Trump is to be the next President of the United States of America (deep breath, deep sigh), this of course does not mean the memes about him are about to come to an end any time soon. […]

‘Stranger Things’ Meets ‘Peanuts’ In This Epic Mash-Up Video

You’ve heard of the Great Pumpkin, but what about the Great Upside-Down? ‘Merry Christmas Will Byers’ takes the classic iconic ‘Peanuts’ and the Netflix hit, ‘Stranger Things’ and turns it into one awesome video. Created by YouTuber, OnlyLeigh, the animated video follows ‘Stranger Things’ Will Byers as he tries to figure out the source of […]

Go Bananas This Friday; Tumblr-Style

Oh look! We’re practically a coouple of days away from the end of the work week, and that happy weekend is sorta-kinda so close, you almost-sorta-kinda smell it. You just may even find some of these post a-peeling! Get it? A-ppealing? Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad. Anyway! On to the lols! Be careful […]

President Obama Gets Trolled By Daughter Sasha via Snapchat

Sasha, you win the Internet right now. With less than 100 days to the ed of his presidential term. President Barack Obama is still up for making himself and his family the most memorable one — this time, it’s thanks to his daughter Sasha.  Folks, you know how it is: when a teenager schools you […]

Chris Hemsworth Pokes Fun at Divorce Rumors On Instagram

Picture this: You’re Chris Hemsworth. You’re living the life, working in the career of your dreams, and married to the love of your life. And then out of the blue, you suddenly hear you’re actually on the brink of a divorce?! The brink of divorce, with your lovely wife basking in the sun in all […]

#SavePepe: When Did Pepe The Frog Get So Angry?

#SavePepe is the campaign recently launched by Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the Frog. For those of you who aren’t Tweeting, Pepe the Frog has become the calling card for many Twitter users who are biased toward Trump (most of them have the word “deplorable” before their name). But he’s also being misappropriated by […]

Are Instagram Fashion Bloggers Killing Style?

Instagram fashion bloggers have become pretty much a staple of our modern-day pop culture landscape, most specially when it comes to fashion. The couture-minded among us follow our favorite fashionista’s every pose, every pout, every new “lewk” and #OOTD. However, through the glitz and glamour of this fresh, hot niche carved into the side of […]

7 Ways To Ditch Cable And Still Enjoy Your Favorite Movies And Shows

As the cost of cable soars and many begin to become more careful on how they spend their money, paying for cable service is something that many are cutting out of their budget. Before you take the plunge and cut the cable, you might be worried about missing out on your favorite TV shows and […]