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Netflix Lands Exclusive Deal With Disney, Marvel, And More: What This Means For You

On Monday, streaming giant Netflix announced their summer line-up for 2016. Tucked away toward the end of their press release, titled Get Ready for Summer on Netflix US, is some exciting news for Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar fans. From September onwards, Netflix will become the exclusive US pay TV home of the latest films from those […]

Elijah Wood Opens Up About Child Abuse In Hollywood

In an interview with the Sunday Times, actor Elijah Wood opened up about child sex abuse in the entertainment industry. Speaking to the UK-based paper, Wood said “You all grew up with Savile – Jesus, it must have been devastating.” Wood was referring to the now-deceased English entertainer Jimmy Savile, who was found to be one […]

Here Are Four Awesome Documentaries On YouTube Right Now

I guess it must just be the nerd in me but I love a good documentary. I’ll watch them about literally anything and YouTube is a haven for great documentaries that you haven’t discovered. If you want a popular or very-well produced piece then you’ll have to head over to Netflix or Hulu, but there […]

A One-Two Punch with Some Tumblr Laughs

You think you’re so tough? you think you’re too tough for some silly Tumblr jokes?! How dare you! You came to the wrong neighborhood, you mothertucker. Now sit down and take all of these jokes. Take it, take all of it! We got more where this came from, come back next week. For starters: I […]

In A Super-Cool Move John Stewart Adopted A Pony Hit By Paintballs

When we hear his name most of us think of John Stewart the comedy talk show host, we rarely think John Stewart the awesome guy, we might think John Stewart is hilarious, but we probably don’t think John Stewart adopted a pony. Because that’s what just happened. You might have heard about Lily the pony […]

Kids Name 90’s Wrestlers; Hilarity Ensues

LET’S GET READY TO RRRRRRUMBLEEEEEEEE! (an hour before bedtime.) Sean Leahy is a children’s-book author and a dad who, according to his Twitter profile, “eating pasta by myself makes me canneloni”. Sometimes, (and just like most writer-parents who struggle with writer’s block), he turns to his three-year-old for inspiration. The days’ special was to have […]

Crew Catches Salmon With IPhone [Video]

It might not be hard to catch salmon off of this Australian beach, but no on thought it would be this easy. Perth’s How Ridiculous stunt crew took fishing to the tech level, by using an iPhone as a lure. These internet sensations have been known to do some crazy stuff, such as dunking basketballs […]