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Super Fly Irish Guy Achieves Meme Status

He’s a super fly Irish guy, and boy, does the Internet know it. Ivor Noyek knows what he’s about — trees; long walks along a windy, winding road; shades; that cool effortlessly put-together don’t-give-an-eff attitude. Little did he know that changing his Tumblr profile picture would open the gates of memedom immortality to him. Here he […]

Meanwhile, Black Friday in Britain is Absolute Terror (Not Really)

No one — and I mean, no one — could ever prepare us for the sights of Black Friday in Britain. With Black Friday in full swing, queues — I mean, lines — of hundreds upon hundreds of people flocking to shopping malls to avail of the outrageously slashed prices and drop-dead deals. Flat-screen TVs, […]

“Thanks, Haters!” Ugly-Cute Girl Feeds Off Troll Tweets

This ugly-cute girl could be the new face of positivity — and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This young lady, only known to the rest of cyberspace as @_5m91, gained a boom in her follower count — all 3,000 new followers in record time. The reason? Her epic before-and-after snap. 1万RTありがとう( ゚σω゚) — まあたそ@本郷奏多愛が止まらない (@_5m91) December […]

#CondomChallenge Makes A Splash On Twitter

#CondomChallenge is a new stunt craze sweeping teens on Twitter, and it’s all so splasharific, rubberific good fun. The goal of this stunt is to get your friends to drop a tied-off condom filled with water on your head, and to get it to stay there. Sure, you might end up looking rather unflattering on […]

Prank Black Friday Offers at Target Are 100% Win

Black Friday — intense, high-pressure, manic, violent shopping. And that’s sometimes just the first few minutes of the mall’s opening hours. However, every now and then, someone comes along and pranks shoppers, and leaves them befuddled and dumbstruck. these pranksters certainly make the world a better place. Jeff Wysaski, who gives you internet greats such as […]

This Office Lady Comic is All Of Us

Being an office lady is the business of hard work, juggled tasks, and multi-directional efficiency. Often, multi-tasking is the name of the game. In the US and other parts of the world, women in the workplace have begun to get the respect they deserve, and the effort to close the wage gap is well under […]

Thanksgiving By The TV: Here Are The Must-See Specials

Whether you are trying to escape the flood of family taking over your home or simply need something to watch while you fight off a turkey coma, there is some must-see television for this Thanksgiving. Maybe, you family has some traditions of what to watch during turkey day festivities, like football games. Of course, there […]

#APECHotties Get Manila Thirsty

Are these heads of state too sexy for the hashtag #APECHotties? Many Filipinos seem to think so. Hot on the heels of the #Aldub sensation to sweep the international scene, comes a brand-new hashtag that’s got Manila all hot and bothered. The 2015 APEC is hosted in Manila, Philippines, and the city has left no […]