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Selfie Responsibly: Pizza Hut Releases Spoof PSA [Video]

Oh, selfie sticks. you have revolutionized the way we take photos of ourselves. Thanks to you, we’ve gone from uncomfortable angling, re-arranging, and cramming as many people as we can to take a photo at an arm’s length, to smiles, poses and happiness galore with awesome backdrops and space to spare. You’ve let us take […]

Peter Dinklage Sings An Homage To All Dead ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

When most people bring up the fantastic fantasy show Game of Thrones, they tend to bring up the character of Tyrion Lannister (played by the always brilliant Peter Dinklage). He is smart, snarky, and has a whole lot more personality and soul than most of the people in Westeros. Easily a crowd favorite, can you […]

Some Jaw Dropping Extreme Frisbee Catches

When you normally think of a game of Frisbee, you imagine two guys standing in a field across from one another throwing a disk back and forth. And in most instances, you would correct in that assumption. But what about extreme Frisbee? All I can is, if you think you have seen Frisbee before, prepare […]

Twitter Gives Sneak Peek Of Suicide Squad’s Joker And Harley Quinn [Video]

The popularity of social media means that even the most sensitive material can be made public… very quickly. Of course, Twitter is the go-to source for all things movie spoilers and sneak peeks. The latest look gives an inside view of the production of the much anticipated Suicide Squad. It seems one Twitter user got […]

These Millipedes Glow in the Dark When Stressed Out

We all exhibit certain behaviors when stressed out or nervous. Some people bite their fingernails. Some people have a penchant for pacing back and forth. Other people reach for crutches, like booze and drugs. But the insect kingdom has produced some very interesting reactions to stress that perhaps we humans could learn a little bit […]

5 Coolest Celebrity Cameos in Comics

Comics have changed so much over the past decade. Writers are now sticking less to the tried-and-test plotlines of their grandparents’ superheroes, and are now more adventurous in recreating characters’ origins, back stories or personalities to best fit the changing times and culture. From Spiderman’s tribute to the firefighters of 9/11 and Northstar’s nuptials as the […]

Japanese Try Marmite; Watch the Reactions [Video+ Poll]

Marmite has become (in)famous the world over for its rather impressively unique flavor, and its in-bred ability to polarize public opinion of the foodstuff: you either are head-over-heels in love with it, or you just downright hate it. Chris Broad lives and works in Japan, and regularly creates new videos for his Youtube channel Abroad […]

Glyn Davies Thanks “Penis Artist” For the Vote

So, when you’re running for public office, and a voter turns in their ballot with a rather detailed drawing of a penis that the machine actually counts as a vote in your favor, is that an insult, or a compliment, or… ? This didn’t seem to be a problem for candidate Glyn Davies, as he actually […]

A Look at the Exciting Cast of Mad Max: Fury Road

One of the most highly anticipated films of the year is finally coming to our screens – the 4th instalment of the Mad Max franchise and it’s fair to say there’s been a lot of buzz and speculation about a number of its components. Perhaps the question burning hardest on everyone’s lips was whether Mel […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Influenced By Grateful Dead

Game Of Thrones author and creator, George R.R. Martin confessed in a recent interview that his love of the Grateful Dead inspired many aspects of his popular series. “I’m certainly a fan of the Grateful Dead,” Martin told Salon’s Laura Miller last fall. “My wife Paris is perhaps more of a fan of the Grateful […]

Mayweather Open to #MayPac Rematch [Poll]

A lot of folks may have found the #MayPac match to be both a snoozefest and a disappointment, but it seems Floyd Mayweather enjoyed it so much, he’s open to another round with Manny Pacquiao. Reason? Perhaps the fact that (1) Mayweather won, and (2) he earned $180 million from that match alone. Money, after all, […]

Celebs Tweet their Support and Reactions for #MayPac

From our last post, we covered what the Twitter- and Tumblr-verse had to say about the big #MayPac fight. Now, let’s hear what hollywood celebs have to say. Many stars expressed their excitement and anticipation over social media, and weren’t shy about rooting for their champions. Floyd Mayweather had Justin Bieber, P. Diddy, and 50Cent […]

Social Media in Uproar Over #MayPac Match

#MayPac is on fire. May 2 marked the what was dubbed the “fight of the century” between welterwight champions Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The world seemed to stand still for fans of both sportsmen and had them glued to their screens at home, in movie theaters, in public spaces, and more. In […]

Man Hangs up on “Pope Prank Caller”, Finds Out It’s Actually Him

It’s no secret that Pope Francis is a pretty nice guy. He takes the time to keep in touch with the Catholic faithful, whether it be in person, via social media, or over the telephone. He’s also quite good-natured and tenacious, as one unsuspecting person found out. Pope Francis not only makes it a point […]

Jon Stewart Buys A Farm — Literally

Jon Stewart has recently announced that his 16th year as host of The Daily Show will be his last. Fans are sad to see him go and wishing him well, and Trevor Noah is well aware he’s got pretty big shoes to fill. As for Stewart, what are his plans for the future? It’s pretty […]

Alice Eve Makes Transphobic Comment, Apologizes

Alice Eve is a fierce and very vocal feminist, but her comments have shed some light on one of the biggest misunderstandings in feminism. Earlier this week, Eve left a scathing comment on her Instagram page and accused Bruce Jenner of “playing at being a woman” over his coming-out interview as a transgender woman last […]