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Spice Lovers, Rejoice! Sriracha Now Comes In Packets

If you’re all about the hot n’ spicy lifestyle, Tabasco just won’t do, and Sriracha is an absolute Must in your diet, leave the bottle at home. This condiment is now rolling out packets you can stow in your pocket. Spice addicts the world may now break out into song as the heavens open up and […]

Amazon Shopper Gets Phallic Surprise in Shopping Cart

In what could be a great pilot episode for the reality show I’m pitching called “When Customer Service Reps Behave Badly,” an Amazon shopper ended up with a bit of a surprise in his shopping cart after lodging a complaint with the company. It’s all laid out in a hilarious investigative piece by Sebastian Anthony over at […]

Give Someone On your ‘Naughty’ List Coal for Christmas

Christmas is that special time of the year when we all (well, mostly all) get back on our best behavior. We’re mindful to stay on the “Nice” list of most people we’re cool with, true. We’ve got our own “Nice” list going on in our heads, and those are the people we buy presents for. […]

Booksellers Celebrate Civilized Saturday

Is the crush of Black Friday Just not your thing? Civilized Saturday might be just the quiet holiday you need in your life. Civilized Saturday is the answer to the mad, mad dash that is Black Friday. If Thoughts of elbowing your way through throngs of rabid shoppers and fighting tooth-and-nail for the last marked-down […]

The Black Friday Leaks Have Begun With This Major Retailer

The first official Black Friday sale specials have begun to leak. Yea, many smaller businesses have already released their special deals for one of the biggest shopping days, such as Dell and Newegg. But, now we have the first from a major Black Friday retailer, Macy’s. Macy’s 56-page catalog has been obtained by leading Black […]

Obsessed With Snapchat? Then You Need This

We know how many of you are obsessed with Snapchat and we can’t blame you. Snapping and receiving those crazy photos are strangely addicting. Now, you can show your love of Snapchat off without your smartphone. Snapchat is now selling official products, well just two it appears: an official Snapchat beach towel and a plush […]

Donutella Ooh La La! New Donut Treat Wows Aussies

It seems the world is on a roll (har har) with its donut crazes these days. Hot on the heels of the Trinut, a brand-new donut indulgence is making quick converts of Aussies with a sweet tooth. Say hello to the Donutella, a donut creation right from the kitchen of baker couple Mick and Basima […]

Ikea Opens ‘Breakfast In Bed’ Cafe in London

Who DOESN’T like the idea of being served breakfast in bed? Heck, just being served on while you lie in your robe in the comfort of a warm bed is one of the best feelings in the world. But it is also a feeling most people will never know because most people are not kind […]