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Love Their Looks? Get Them for Less

Our favorite stars are living the life in more ways than one. They not only grace the red carpet with their presence and turn into visions of elegance and style in their haute couture gowns and suits, but also have all the luck of wearing wonderful wardrobes their stylists have hand-picked for them in their […]

Spylight App Lets You Shop For TV Fashion In Real Time

Couch potato fashionistas, something really rad is about to happen to your phones. Stop me if you’ve heard this: you’re snuggling into your favorite TV show, popcorn bowl in arm, and this really magical dress comes on screen. You’re dying to know exactly how to snag It Girl Jess‘ look, or how to to be […]

Hello Barbie Sparks Controversy [Video & Poll]

Barbie has had a lot of careers over the years: police, doctor, pilot, engineer, programmer, … but an eavesdropper? The Hello Barbie might just make her step into this new role. Mattel has just released the Hello Barbie, its very first interactive doll. Kids can engage it in conversations, play games with it, and and […]

The ’64 Mustang is Back

Vintage lovers and Mad Men fans, rejoice! Florida startup Revology is bringing back the 1964 Mustang to consumers everywhere to make their wildest retro dreams come true. Revology has its roots firmly set in Ford soil. Its founder, Tom Scarpello, was former marketing chief for ford Special Projects, the skunkworks arm that gave you innovative classics […]

Every Baby Needs A Li’l Lager

Parents, are you tired of drinking by yourself? Well, now you can share your questionable parenting with your baby with the Chill, Baby Li’l Lager baby bottle. The unique bottle looks like a miniature beer bottle, allowing your little one to kick back with their favorite formula, milk or juice. If you ever wanted people […]

ModCloth Employees Rock Swimsuits for Body Diversity

ModCloth is best known for its indie, vintage and vintage-inspired apparel, accessories and home furnishings. It’s become a household name in its own right, and is always on the up-and-up in the name of fun classiness. Their employees decided to kick it up in promoting their latest line of swimwear by donning the items themselves. […]

List of Stores that will be Closed on “Black Thursday”

In recent years “Black Friday” has turned into “Black Thursday” as retailers inch further and further into the territory of Thanksgiving to entice eager shoppers. It’s an aggressive trend where stores are constantly trying to “one-up” each other and open just a little bit earlier than their competitors, to lock down a solid stream of […]

How Social Media Affects Your Shopping Habits

Consumers can easily be influenced by external factors when it comes to how they spend, what they spend on, and how often they spend. The Internet has certainly had an impact on how we, as consumers, part with our money. But have you thought about how, specifically, social media affects shopping habits? If you are […]

Social Media Is Taking Over E-Commerce [Infographic]

If you want to succeed in an increasingly crowded e-commerce market, you need an online presence that is likely to drive massive traffic. In order to compete, more e-commerce companies are turning towards social media. According to a study by Mobstac, the most significant impacts of social media for business are the building of trust […]

Valve Developer, Aaron Nicholls, Leaves For Oculus Dev Team

Valve developer Aaron Nicholls has announced via Twitter that he is leaving Valve to join the Oculus development team. It's been exciting working on VR at #valve; can't wait to continue working on the future with Atman, Michael, and the #oculus crew tomorrow. — Aaron Nicholls (@AaronHelloWorld) March 31, 2014 Prior to his time with […]

American Airlines Is Giving Away Miles For Social Media Participation

American Airlines has launched a new social promotion that allows Facebook and Twitter users to earn up to 350 miles. Participants can earn 25 to 50 miles per activity. That participation includes following American Airlines on Twitter, watching a company video, and sharing the video with friends. The company is also offering 700 miles (500 […]

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Is Highest Rated Chief Of 2014

Glassdoor has released its “Highest Rated CEOs 2014″ list and at the top of that survey is LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. The Glassdoor survey is based on employee answers to various questions. Among those questions is, “Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading your company?” It shouldn’t come as a surprise that […]

Pinterest ‘Gifts’ Feed Makes Platform Shopping A Breeze

Pinterest users looking to shop via the visual social platform can now do so with the company’s Gifts Feed. The feed grabs Pinterest pins that feature product information and pricing, making it easy to see which items are available for purchase. The Gifts Feed which debuted last week is populated 100% by Pinterest Products Pins, […]

Gwynnie Bee Review Wrap-Up, Now With Jeans!

As Social News Daily‘s resident boobs-haver, cis-female, and Officer Of Trunk Junk, Gwynnie Bee has intrigued us (and by us I mean me) by being a pioneer of the newish intersection of social media and shopping. SND earlier covered Gwynnie Bee‘s free trial period, in intro and midway point posts. Now our first month of […]

Pinterest Job Posting Hints At More Ads In The Near Future

In late 2013 the team at Pinterest began experimenting with “Promoted Pins,” and a new job posting for a front-end ad engineer seems to point at an increased number of new ads for the social networks near future. Many of the world’s most popular brands have taken to the visually-inclined social network, which meant it […]

Gwynnie Bee’s Curated Social Shopping: The Good, The Bad, And The Awesome!

Remember our earlier post about the social shopping experience offered by Gwynnie Bee? If you’re not familiar, the service provides a novel approach to closet curation with a neat social element, encouraging users to share and interact as they move garments through the crowd-rated system. What Gwynnie Bee‘s biggest strength is, of course, is their […]

Popular On Pinterest Today: Valentines! [February 13]

Today’s popular on Pinterest picks are to be expected ahead of the most “Hallmarketed” holiday of all — Valentines, Valentines everywhere. Valentine’s Day is probably the most Pinterest-y holiday there is, and the social pinning site is awash in all things frilly, red, and sweet. Among today’s popular V-Day themed pins are: Stephanie’s pin on […]

Tweethearts On Twitter: Create Customized Sweethearts Candy For Valentine’s Day

The team at Necco candies is taking sweetheart customized messages to an entirely new level. Twitter users can now ask for a specialized message via Twitter and then pay for delivery of their personalized Valentine’s Day treat. Users can try out the program at The platform works by allowing users to send their personalized […]

Marc Jacobs Barters Fragrance, Gifts For Social Shares

Social shopping is a relatively new frontier, but the Marc Jacobs brand is disrupting the space with a newish idea for high-end brands — social shares that convert to real, live purchases. Marc Jacobs isn’t the first big name to get into the social currency game … but the brand is one of the first […]

Gwynnie Bee: A Social Closet For Curvy Girls

Oh my God, Gwynnie Bee. I fell in instant love when I received an invite from this service (which falls neatly in the middle of social media, shopping, and sharing), and it’s kind of like Pinterest mated with your closet, and fabulousness resulted. To be honest, I’ve yet to try Gwynnie Bee — but I’m […]