You’ll Never Guess Where Uber Is Releasing Self-Driving Cars

In a unpredictable move, taxi super-company Uber is going to begin releasing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. That’s right, the steel city is getting intelligent cars. Uber posted a press release on their website a few days ago about the new development that began “if you’re driving around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks you might see […]

How to Make the Best Out of Your Social Media Platforms

There are about 1.6 billion Facebook users, 325 million on Twitter, 430 million on Instagram and 420 million on LinkedIn. To put that into context, there are currently 7.4 billion people in the planet, 22% of that is on Facebook. Even accounting for bogus accounts, that is still a pretty high percentage. So you would […]

This Craft Brewer Has The Perfect Response To Budweiser’s Name Change

Beer giant Budweiser recently announced they’re temporarily changing their name to “America” as a marketing stunt. Our own Alex covered the story on May 10. But while Budweiser beer is indeed brewed in America, the company itself is owned by a Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate. The irony hasn’t gone unnoticed—or unparodied. The craft beer community likes, to borrow a […]

New Old Navy Ad Causes A Stir On Social Media

What seemed like a simple advertisement for a popular clothing company turned into a social media war. Old Navy introduced a new advertisement for their #ThankYouEvent, but it wasn’t the 30 percent off sale that garnered all the attention. The photo featured an interracial couple and child and the social media trolls came out to […]

Dark Souls Kickstarter Game Raises $70,000 in 3 Minutes

In less than two hours, a board game based on Dark Souls has raised more than $200,000 on Kickstarter. They were only asking for $70,000, and it was funded in three minutes. Two days later, they’ve raised $1,784,675. Dark Souls: The Board Game is being designed by Steamforged Games and it’s officially licensed. Described as a […]

Why Windows XP Is Still So Popular

There comes a time when even the most stubborn computer user decides to upgrade their system. But when it comes to Windows XP, the prevailing logic seemed to be “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” As it turns out, that logic might be better expressed as “I’m broke, so I can’t fix it.” Windows […]